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Adam Clark

Position: Principal
School: North Coffee Elementary School
School District: Coffee County School District
City, State: Manchester, TN

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Adam Clark was nominated by his spouse of 12 years and high school sweetheart, Hollyn Clark.

"I have been able to witness him grow and achieve everything he has put his mind to," said Mrs. Clark. "As his wife, I see firsthand the love, energy and time he puts in his job on a daily basis."

Mr. Clark started out his teaching career as a high school math teacher. He taught math for five years before becoming assistant principal of North Coffee Elementary School. After one year of being an assistant principal, he became principal at the age of 26 years old. He had already obtained his Masters and Ed.S by that point, and is now currently working on his doctorate degree.

One particular way he makes a difference in the lives of his students is by opening his eyes and ears to understand the needs of the children who walk his halls every day. He understands each child has a story to tell, and that every student has unique situations. He gets down to their level and supports and encourages them in their daily walk.

North Coffee Elementary is a Trauma-Informed School, where teachers and staff are prepared to recognize and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic stress. Students are provided with clear expectations and communication strategies to guide them through stressful situations. The goal is to not only provide tools to cope with extreme situations, but to create an underlying culture of respect and support.  Each student starts their morning in a classroom circle so they can talk about their upcoming day, questions or concerns they may have, and understand they are loved by their teacher. North Coffee Elementary has also implemented a "check in/check out" system with the students, which means each teacher has a particular child they check on throughout the day to simply talk to them, encourage them and to be a listening ear. 

Mr. Clark is the type of educator who has an "open door" policy. He and his staff have a wonderful relationship and lean on each other for support. They talk together, pray together and help each other out. When you have that kind of relationship with your staff, the atmosphere is so welcoming! He's not the type to ask anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself. There have been countless times where he has packed up his weed eater, backpack sprayer and blower and has spruced up the school's property. The custodians and maintenance workers can only do so much, so it's to no surprise that he changes out of his button up shirt and tie and into old work clothes after school hours to help out. 

Mr. Clark has been deemed "Manchester's Finest Principal" a couple of times by the entire city of Manchester, and North Coffee Elementary has been nominated as "Manchester's Finest Elementary School" as well. He takes pride in his school, staff and students!

Mr. Clark leads by example and makes it a choice to practice kindness. He is respectful, professional and such a hard worker. He knows each student by name and walks around to each classroom every single day to greet them and say good morning. Mr. Clark is willing to stop whatever he is doing to help whomever may be in need, whether it's a food service worker in the cafeteria or the secretary in the main office. He is in meetings throughout the day, in teachers' classrooms observing lessons, talking with parents, checking e-mails, and returning phone calls, and he shows a level of investment in each task that is set in front of him. 

Outside of the school building, Mr. Clark is a father to two children who are 8 and 10 years old, and he coaches baseball and basketball. He also operates the family farm, which raises grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pastured poultry. He is an ordained deacon within his church, Sunday School teacher and chairman of the stewardship committee. Additionally, Mr. Clark is enrolled at the University of the Cumberlands working on his doctoral degree. He stays very busy in his day-to-day life but keeps a smile on his face and is ready to take on whatever comes at him!

Mr. Clark's mother retired from North Coffee Elementary after teaching there for 32 years. He went to elementary school in the same building where he is now principal. Some of the teachers he had during his elementary school years are still there under his leadership. The love he has for North Coffee Elementary is evident. He considers this school his home!

Comments (107)

Joie Pauley Posted over a year ago

I can not imagine working for any other principal! Mr. Clark is an amazing leader. He shows so much respect and professionalism to everyone in the school. He is a supportive and encouraging principal who has high expectations for faculty, staff, and students. Mr. Clark attended elementary school at North Coffee. His mother taught at North Coffee for many years until she retired, so his love for our school began at an early age. Mr. Clark's love for our school and the students never goes unnoticed. He greets every student by name, he visits each classroom every morning to say hello, and he participates in every crazy activity we put him up for. Mr. Clark works hard in so many ways. He works with students who need help with homework, he leads a club during our club day each month. He delivers meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He checks in with students who need to know someone cares about them and is holding them accountable for being at school daily and being their best. His dedication to the faculty and staff, our students and parents has created strong relationships that run deep. Our school is truly a family and it is because he has created this atmosphere from the beginning. Mr. Clark is truly a LifeChanger!

Andrew Rhoten Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is Awesome!!

Travis Piercy Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark has been my son's principal for 6 years now since Pre-K, and I can't say enough about this man. He always has a smile on his face and knows everyone's name in the school. Wish he was going to the Raider Academy to be with my son, but he shall do great things here for years to come.

Leigh Wells Posted over a year ago

He is the nicest principal I have ever met. He calls every child by their name.

Addie Thomas Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark began as principal when my son started kindergarten and I couldn't be more happy that Henry has had the opportunity to learn and grow with Mr. Clark as the principal. He is kind, funny, and really shows genuine interest in the betterment of these kids. Thank you!

Shelby Myers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing principal. He is always there welcoming my kids with a smile and a happy good morning. My kids know if they ever need anything or just to talk to Mr.. Clark is there happy to help with anything.

Abbie M. York Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing and supportive administration who makes sure to make a personal connection with every student.

Steven Upton Posted over a year ago

Great Person!

Wendy Mahar Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark has been amazing with our son who struggled to want to go to school. He always goes out of his way to make conversation each morning to make him feel welcome.

Heath Mahar Posted over a year ago

He is a great positive role model for our children.

Alexis Hamrick Posted over a year ago


Monica Cornett Posted over a year ago

Wonderful principal!

Cyndee Green Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a very nice man that treats his kids like he would his own.

Christina Dotson Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is a wonderful leader and I am thankful for the example he sets for his students.

Felisha Shelnutt Posted over a year ago

He's Awesome!!

Lindsey Bogle Posted over a year ago

I've known Adam since 3rd grade. He is so sweet. My girls Brook & Alaynah can't say enough good stuff about him. I love how hands on he is with all the kids and I know 100% that if I ever have a problem I can some to him and no problem is too big or too small.

Molly Bennett Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher and principal. Brinley is doing great since she came to Coffee Co vs. Franklin.

Shelley Groce Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a good role model for the children.

Cody Dunn Posted over a year ago

He is a great leader.

Michael Anthony Posted over a year ago

Things look good. Keep up the good work

Heidi Barnes Posted over a year ago

Great Principal!

Beth Penick Posted over a year ago

There is no doubt that God put Adam Clark on this earth to make a difference. I have known Adam his whole life. I was already teaching at North Coffee when he came through as a little boy. Even then, you could tell he was destined to make things happen. He just oozed compassion, determination, leadership, and confidence. Those qualities have only gotten stronger through the years. To have him back at North Coffee as my principal is an amazing thing to watch and experience. He is grounded yet visionary, compassionate yet disciplined, structured yet flexible. He is the whole package! The devotion he has to the children and staff in his care is second to none. He wants for them the best life has to offer and works daily to help them achieve their best. His devotion and love can’t help but spill out to all around him. He changes lives everyday!

Carlan Cotten Posted over a year ago

It is such a joy to work with Adam. As Director of Student Support Services, I have found that he is always concerned about his students welfare and their performance in school.

Sarah Bryan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a phenomenal principal. He comes to school daily with a smile on his face willing to do whatever is necessary to help his students and staff. He knows each student's name by heart as well as their parents. He is fair, consistent, and is committed to the safety and well being of our students. He has created numerous programs for faculty and staff to make sure that everyone is in their best mental health available. He's is genuinely one of a kind and I'm honored to work alongside him daily.

Yvonne Harris Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a amazing principal. He knows all the kids names and the parents too. He goes above and beyond for his students. The students flourish under his care and concern. I’m so thankful for him.

James Logue Posted over a year ago

So glad my grandson attend s this school. Mr Clark is going an amazing job and the students love him. The can count on him to be a lifechanger

Joyce McCullough Posted over a year ago

I have known Adam Clark and his family for many years. He is an honorable young man, dedicated to the education profession. Our community is fortunate to have him in this leadership position.

Amanda Fitch Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is hands-down the BEST principal I’ve ever worked for. He loves each and every student in our school, and knows them all by name. The students both respect and love him. He takes the time to really listen to his staff and his students.

Heather Allen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing Principal. I'm proud to the CORE for him and to be able go into his school and help his staff with their financial retirement! He leads his school with such ease and anyone who goes in there knows he loves each and every student and staff member. He greets everyone by name and always has a smile on his face. Mr Clark exemplifies the meaning of being a wonderful person and principal! He totally deserves the Life Changer award!!

Connie Sekulich Posted over a year ago

I love watching Mr. Clark at work among his people. He does his job with such kindness and dedication! There is a loving spirit at his school that comes from the unity of his staff and security of the students under his leadership. He models excellent leadership and makes himself available to staff, students, and visitors. He is a great father and husband and is an asset to our community and our school system. He is so deserving of this award!

Parent Posted over a year ago

I am a parent of 2 children at North Coffee. I moved my kids here and was hesitant on how they would be welcomed. That all changed very quick. I have witnessed Adam welcome ever student in with arms open. Every morning he makes his rounds to each classroom to tell every student “Good morning boys and girls. Have a great day!” With a smile for each of them. When it comes to a student needing a more defined/visual schedule, he’s all ears ready to learn(if needed) and to put in his opinion to help each and every child strive to be their absolute best. He, hands down, is deserving of this award.

Kassandra Spencer Posted over a year ago

It has been so encouraging to witness the unconditional positive regard towards students and parents exhibited by Mr. Clark and the staff at North Coffee. I am so thankful for the confidence and support my son has received throughout his time at North Coffee! Thank you

Leon Bates Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is definitely worthy of this award. He is a fantastic teacher/principal.

Pat Bates Posted over a year ago

Adam is simply a “good person”. He is kind, honest, passionate, caring, hard-working plus many more superlatives that could be used to describe him. It’s so impressive to know that he knows each student’s name & their parents; things that make a child feel important. Since I am Adam’s aunt, I have known him all of his life & know what a quality person he is. He is very deserving of this award.

LeChelle Ferrell Posted over a year ago

To say that Adam goes above and beyond is such an understatement. He knows the name of every child in our school and most of their parents! He knows where they live and something about their home life! He introduced us to the Trauma Informed School program so that we can learn more about how to meet our kids where they are and how to get the most out of them. He doesn’t hesitate to jump in to whatever situation is thrown his way even if that means helping a child with his homework every morning or teaching a class while a teacher has a moment to “check out.” He has an open line of communication with teacher, students, and parents. He also has a gift for noticing what people are good at and making that stand out! That is what he did for me personally as a teacher! He noticed what I was good at and put me in a position to best utilize that gift. It made me want to work that much harder to be better. He brings out the best in us!

Skye Collins Posted over a year ago

Mr. Adam Clark should get this award because, he is a fantastic principal, he cares about how the students in his school are doing, and he is just naturally a wonderful person. He deserves this award.

Vaden Collins Posted over a year ago

You are the best teacher/principal ever you are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and I chareish you.

Elizabeth Price Posted over a year ago

My love for North Coffee runs deep. I went to elementary school at North Coffee. My mother taught kindergarten there for 40 years. I went to school with Adam and his mother was my 1st grade teacher. Now I am the school counselor at North Coffee. Working for and with Adam is such a blessing. It is a sigh of relief to have an administrator that "gets it" and has as much passion about your school as you do. I am excited about the direction he is taking our school and could not be prouder to be a Charger for for my kids to be Chargers!

Tina Crews Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing man. My grandchildren go to his school. He has always made me feel welcome at all the functions there. He really does care about all his students. Just an awesome human being.

Tiffany Collins Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing principal! My children no longer go to North Coffee Elementary as we moved to a different state but he is one of the things they miss the most. Three of my children where fortunate enough to get to know him and after a year and a half at a different school they still tell me on a weekly basis how much they miss him being the principal. The other principals they have had do not compare. They all still have so much love for Mr. Clark. He is very deserving of this as award!!

Shawnda Hensiek Posted over a year ago

The title of this award is a true statement of Adam Clark. Although my children attend a different elementary school due to location, I have been able to witness first hand Adam's character. He is a man that stands up for what he believes. He cares greatly for those around him, friend or stranger. He strives for excellence, both for himself and others. He is an extremely hard worker and finds great value in teaching others while still educating himself. He is trustworthy and honest. He is a highly respected, a humble leader and I am grateful to call him friend.

Miranda Branch Posted over a year ago

Adam is a real pleasure to work for. He gives his all to his staff and the children in the building. He makes it a goal to know every child’s name and he also greets every class and teacher every single day. He go above and beyond to make sure our school is the best! I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.

Marissa Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is incredible person. He is a true example of a leader ! He takes the time to get to know every student and parent by name . He always willing to lend a hand in time of need . I’m happy my sons are with North Coffee !

Brittany Posted over a year ago

Hmm what to say about mr. Clark he is an amazing principle. He knows alot of the parents by name. He knows every kid in the school by name and if he doesn't he makes sure to learn it..He truly does care for every student that is under his care. He goes above and beyond any school principle I have ever seen. Just today I drive by during recess and saw him out throwing the ball with some of the students. Whenever i need to express concerns to him about something his door has always been open. He deserves this so much. Thank you Mr. Clark for always being there for my kid.

Cambridge Howard Posted over a year ago

Amazing man. My kids live him I live working for him couldn't be a better person for this award

Parent Posted over a year ago

Adam strives to make his school at its best in every way. Anytime he learns if something new or hears a way to improve he tries to do it or better. He is already a life changer in many of the children's eyes and community's as well.

Andrea M Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is hands down one of the best principals, and it's an honor for my children to have him. He is kind, attentive, and goes out of his way to make sure every child in his school feels like they are heard, appreciated, and accepted.

Monica Saine Posted over a year ago

I’m on my 3rd kid going through grade school & this is the first time I’ve ever seen a principle work the school drop off line every morning! Makes me feel safe to know that he is so hands on & greets every student as they enter the school each day. He has created a positive & safe environment at North Coffee Elementary.

Andrea Posted over a year ago

Adam definitely deserves this award!

Jennifer Swack Posted over a year ago

Where do you even begin to find the words to describe such a deserving person? Our students, faculty, & staff at North Coffee are so blessed to be under his leadership. He truly cares for & wants the best for each & every person that walks through our doors. Students look forward to him opening our classroom door each morning to tell them hello. If he doesn't, they are asking where he is! They notice his presence & miss him when he's not there. Adults in the building, as well as parents & visitors, know that he is also there for them when needed. Our students may be too young at this time fo understand what a difference he's making in their life, but just ask them again when they are older. I guarantee that they will remember the strong role model they had during some of their most important years. If anyone deserves this award, it is definitely Mr. Clark!

Alicia England Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark goes above and beyond the expectations of any elementary school principal. He makes every effort to acknowledge each student that walks through the doors of North Coffee Elementary and has never failed to greet them by name. He is respectful, kind, professional, and always friendly. His involvement with the students is indescribable as he brings encouragement and inspiration to each student on a daily basis.

Patrick Sherrill Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is a true example of a leader. He is always smiling and willing to lend a hand in any situation. Through social media, I enjoy keeping up with North Coffee and everything they have going on there.

Juanita Haymond Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a great principal! Every time I visit North Coffee Elementary School, I always see him. Where North Coffee students are, Mr. Clark is right there showing his support for the students and he is their #1 supporter, and I say we should all support Mr. Clark in his nomination for “Life Changer of the year!”.

Bryan Sizemore Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an incredible principal and is very deserving of this award and recognition. He is the kind of person who no matter what the day brings, will always greet you with a smile and a handshake, and open ears to listen if you have any concerns. He is a great leader for the school, mentor to his staff and peers, and role model for the children at his school.

Dianne Vaughn Posted over a year ago

Having known Adam and his family his entire life, I could not say enough good things about him. He has achieved much in his young life (20s) that many of us strive to achieve by our 40s and 50s. His achievements are due to his Christian upbringing, motivation, and striving for excellence always in his career, family life and all aspects he sets his mind too. I highly recommend him for this honor he is seeking as he is very deserving.

Christy Baker Posted over a year ago

Each day that I drop my son off at your school, I feel blessed beyond measure to know that he is safe, he is learning, and he is truly loved at his school. Adam, you have created a truly beautifully healthy environment for all the children and Staff at North Coffee. You constantly serve not only as a leader, but as an example of a servant to others for our children to model. Your dedication, passion, and amazing attitude is reflected in the spirit of the children. Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration to staff, parents, and especially the children. You are definitely changing lives.

Ashley Posted over a year ago

I work at the District office and want to say how enjoyable it is to work with Adam Clark. He is professional, prepared, and easy to communicate with. He does a fantastic job leading North Coffee Elementary!

Dawn Elkins Posted over a year ago

I've never met a principal like him. He makes a point to learn the name of and take interest in every student at his school. I count my son lucky to have grown up with Adam Clark as an influence in his life.

Anthony Posted over a year ago

Adam is a tremendous asset to the Coffee County School System. He is professional, a hard worker and compassionate. So honored to know him.

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is a person you want on your team. He knows what being a team player means first hand. He is professional, kind and willing to help in any way possible! So blessed to know him!

Alexis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is awesome! I've never seen such a actively involved principal. I was amazed that he already knew my kindergartner by name on her second day of school!

SRO Alethia Rawn Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark goes above and beyond for all students and staff. I have never met a more compassionate, calm and friendly administrator. The love he has for North Coffee is clearly evident and we are very fortunate to have him!

Kay Patterson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing Principal. He is caring, honest and fair. North Coffee is blessed to have such a caring Principal.

Heath Mahar Posted over a year ago

Outstanding man and I'm very proud my son goes to his school. You would be hard pressed to find a better role model for kids to look up to.

Taylor Rayfield Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark's servant leadership exudes in every facet within his school building. During his tenure as Principal of North Coffee, he has built and cultivated a strong and inclusive school community where differences are accepted, innovative learning is developed and challenged, and both students and faculty are celebrated. Mr. Clark is the epitome of an effective 21st century school leader. Mr. Clark goes above and beyond to ensure his school takes every measure possible to meet students and families where they are. This is done through effective relationship building, empathy, and system of supports for not just students, but also their families, and the school community. Each morning and afternoon, you will find Mr. Clark greeting each and every student and parent as they load/unload into their car/bus -- something he takes very seriously and knows every students name within his building. You will also find Mr. Clark taking the time to go into every classroom at the beginning of each day to say good morning; eating lunch with students in the cafeteria; riding school buses to welcome kids; and visiting homes of new students to welcome he or she to the North Coffee family. Mr. Clark leads by example and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and support his school, staff, and students at all cost. Building a strong culture, Mr. Clark and his staff are a part of the Tennessee Department of Education's (TDOE) Trauma-Informed Schools cohort, one of 78 schools across the state, and have been recognized for effectively implementing Trauma-Informed practices by TDOE in a mandated discipline policy guidance document (one of five schools). Where we realize the increasing demand for school-based mental health supports and adverse childhood experiences are on the rise, Mr. Clark and his staff were committed to proactively addressing the epidemic and continue to center a heavy emphasis around childhood trauma. Mr. Clark's passion, dedication, and outside-the-box leadership continues to impact the lives of many on a daily basis. We are beyond grateful for Mr. Clark to be leading the helm at North Coffee Elementary, and is a distinct example of what a Life Change of the Year recipient should be.

Tonya Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark works very hard to make sure the students and faculty at North Coffee Elementary know that they are priority number one. He implements programs for the school that creates important relationships with students, faculty and the community. The environment at his school is very welcoming. He definitely deserves the Life Changer of the year award

Amber Vazquez Posted over a year ago

For a man to take the chance on a school that is not in the greatest location and to show that there is beauty in it and that there is more to offer out of the valley is amazing to me! Well done!

Aly Barry Posted over a year ago

I have only known Adam for a little while, however, during that time he has reflected the great qualities that a principal should have. He cares about the parents and students tremendously and strives to make North Coffee better each year. He goes the extra mile in not only caring about academics but students' lives as well. He greets every single class in the morning and that truly makes a difference with the students. He is so involved that the students not only view him as a principal but also as someone they can come talk to at any time. His positive energy and caring nature truly are making a difference in each student that walks through our doors every morning!

Bobbi Gilley Holt Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Adam Clark for several years. He is one of the best principals I have ever worked with and always has his door open for his staff. This is clearly an award created for a person like Adam Clark. I had the pleasure of working with his mother for several years and his morals and values are a true example of his dedication to his family at home and his family at school. He is loved and admired by many....especially me.

Cindy Gilliam Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing principal who works hard every day, He is dedicated to North Coffee and it is obvious to students that he loves them and has their best interest in mind. He works hard to make connections with each student and is interested in their lives. He truly cares about the students, teachers, and families at North Coffee. He is very deserving of the Life Changer award.

Mary Bullington Posted over a year ago

Adam I have not had the pleasure of working with you but my daughter does. Your leadership and dedication to North Coffee School is unsurpassed and I thank you. You are a life changer.

Donna West Posted over a year ago

Adam is a such a great kind and hard working Principal. Students at North Coffee know who their Principal is without question. He has developed and cultivated amazing relationships with the students, parents, and teachers.

Sara Marshall Posted over a year ago

He is an awesome teacher that really cares about his students. He goes above and beyond to make sure his students are doing well in not only school but life in general.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

He’s a great guy!

Linda Anderson Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is a wonderful husband, father, son in law and I could add several more names that he upholds. This school is so blessed to have him as their mentor, principal and friend. We are blessed that he is leading our grandchildren in the right direction and you can see it in their daily walk. We think he deserves this award and will wear it proudly!

Judy Jones Posted over a year ago

Adam treats students and adults with respect and kindness, even those who disagree with him. Hes an awesome young man, raised by two awesome parents

Sonya West Posted over a year ago

I’ve never seen another principal who not only knew every child’s name, but says good morning and calls them each by name every morning. He has made such a difference in the lives of so many. He truly cares about each and every child and they can sense that he cares.

Nancy Bush Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is truly amazing, you don’t have to be around him long at all to witness his compassion and love for his students and his school. It blows my mind that he knows the name of every student and also knows the family members that go along with that student! I went to North Coffee as a child, and I’m so proud to send my daughter there under the leadership of Adam Clark! He deserves an award such as this more than anyone I know!

Kim Quick Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is a great leader. He has tremendous character, sound morals and an unwavering spirit. His passion for helping EVERY child reach their greatest potential is unmatched! He has not only changed the lives of the many children he has encountered in the hall over the years, but also the parents and teachers he works with on a daily basis. Mr. Clark is truly changing lives!

Randi Kesling Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Clark since he was 5 years old. Our mothers taught together at North Coffee Elementary for 25 years. Even as a “teacher’s kid” he was a prime example of true kindness. He has always been the kind of person who would take time out of his day to show you he cared. Even during difficult times in his life he has listened to others problems and shown great compassion. Now he is the principal of the school he grew up in and my kids have the privilege to have him as their leader. He knows all the kids and is interested in their lives outside of school. He is always keeping tabs on his kids and their adventures even after they leave North coffee. North Coffee and our community are truly blessed to have Adam in our corner.

Desirae Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an absolutely amazing principle. I am simply amazed at how much he knows about his students. It’s very obvious that he takes the time to speak with them all and get to know them. His students know that he cares. For some, especially those that do not feel loved/cared for at home, it can literally change their life. I’m beyond thankful he has been my childrens’ principle!

Linda Johnson Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mr. Clark at Coffee County Central High School where he taught Algebra to ninth graders. He was an exemplary teacher. He was always willing to do whatever was needed to help a student. He is not afraid of work. This shows in all phases of his life. He oversees North Coffee Elementary with great love and wisdom. He takes time for church and family, and he loves to farm. Sometimes I wonder if he is “ Superman.”

Ashley Lanphere Posted over a year ago

Hands down the best principal ever! You can tell he cares about each and every student at North Coffee! He is very kind hearted and a great all around guy! We love you Mr Clark ?

Julia Spence Posted over a year ago

Adam truly loves each student, teacher and staff member at North Coffee . He is supportive of each one and an exceptional example !

Michelle Posted over a year ago

He so deserves this!! He is the best!!

Cindy Sutton Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is the kind of man that stops by every single classroom every single morning to say hi to the students and each teacher. Under his watch the students are loved, fed even on the weekends, warmed by donated clothes and coats. Mr Clark has implemented programs that help parents as well. I have seen him do every possible job at our school from cleaning the gym floors, hooking up speakers and microphones to handing out cookies, hot chocolate and coffee to parents and guardians as they are in the pick up line. Adam Clark is not only an exceptional educator he is an exceptional citizen. He is involved in coaching, mentoring, and volunteering in our county and state. He is the kind of man that people aspire to be like.

Allyson Posted over a year ago

I would not want to work anywhere else!

Amber Varden Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing principal and definitely deserves to win! It's so comforting sending my son to school knowing he'll be heard and taken care of.

Cindy Toneff Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is everything a parent wishes their child’s principal would and can be. Mr. Clark shows love and compassion for each and everyone of his students (I haven’t met one child he hasn’t know by name), parents and school staff as well. He will do everything he can possibly do to help his students thrive and learn in a fun, safe and loving environment. Mr. Clark and his family are very loved by us parents at North Coffee Elem, I include his family because being a principal at our school, he devotes a lot of his time to the school and the community with his family by his side. Thank You Mr. Clark you are a life changer.

Matthew miller Posted over a year ago

Most deserving person of the award that I know. Knows every student by name and about their life.

Tierra Miller Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing principal! You can tell he genuinely cares for the students in his school and takes the time to learn about each one of them personally.

Brenda Talley Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mr. Clark for several years now and have witnessed firsthand his approach to each student and teacher as well. He always has a smile on his face and he’s very friendly and meets you like he’s known you for years. He is a great asset to the Coffee County School system, as well as North Coffee Elementary school and I know they are very grateful to have him there as their principal. I would say he is doing what he was destined to do and I feel he is very deserving of this award.

Komal patel Posted over a year ago

Very caring and understanding principle at North Coffee. He knows the name of every student in school that walk pass by him.

Jeet patel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Adam is best person. I see him best principle.

Chelsey Farless Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is an amazing person! He knows every students name! When my son goes to school Mr. Clark addressed him by his name and he felt so much more comfortable. He makes him feel like school is a safe and fun place. We appreciate him and he deserves this award!

Johnny Lowery Posted over a year ago

My son has went to the same school since kindergarten so the idea of changing schools for his last year of elementary school could have been very worrisome and a tough adjustment for him but Adam was hands on in welcoming our son and instantly making him feel at home . I’m still amazed how easy the transition has been and how happy my son is at his new school . Adam was essential in ensuring that this was a positive life changing event for my son .

Maggie Orames Posted over a year ago

You won’t find a better principal than Adam Clark!

Janice Talley Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is my amazing principal and there’s no one that deserves this more! He is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. He definitely makes us WANT to come to work! Please choose Mr. Clark as Life Changer of the year because he’s definitely changed mine!

Bethany Arnold Posted over a year ago

Mr Clark is definitely deserving of this award. We are blessed to have him guide our 2 children through elementary school. I would best describe him as patient and humble. He is a true leader and has truly created an atmosphere that all students can thrive in.

Katie Swoape Posted over a year ago

Mr Clark is such an amazing educator and administrator. He’s always present at every single school event and knows every child by name. He is very interactive and has been such an example for our students. We feel truly blessed to have Mr Clark leading our school.

Marsha Logue Posted over a year ago


Gina Keasling Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is an incredible young man who represents the teaching profession in a way everyone should. Students and peers can learn much from him.

Patricia Murray Posted over a year ago

He is a very patience man and cares about all of his children in his home and walking up and down the hallways He is very special for all of my crew that went through under his leadership and I would love to give you your flowers while you are living this life change always with a friendly smile

Tammy Anderson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark is the best principal ever! Our kids love him and their School! North coffee rocks!

Gina Keasling Posted over a year ago

Adam Clark is an incredible young man who represents the teaching profession in a way everyone should. Students and peers can learn much from him.

Victoria Toney Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clark Is amazing. I have known him since I was in school and now my daughter has him as a princapal. He's an Amazing person and deserves this award.

Joahna Sizemore Posted over a year ago

I am Adam’s assistant principal. I have had the pleasure of. working alongside him for the last 6 years. Adam is a great leader who is loved by the students, teachers, parents, and community. Building relationships with students and their families is what sets him apart from others and makes him a LifeChanger in my eyes.