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Nancy Torelli

Position: Reading and Writing Teacher
School: Sunrise Elementary School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Boca Raton , FL

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Nancy Torelli was nominated by Liz Dagostino, the parent of a student.

Ms. Torelli is a beautiful human! She has a family and goes into work with a positive attitude every day. Her son has a disability, but that doesn’t stop her from showing her children how to learn. She makes learning fun and has tools in her classroom that the students rave about. She is very active with her school’s activities.

"She deserves to be recognized," said Dagostino.

Comments (79)

Rosani Cassia Jurki Porto Posted 2 months ago

Hi, this is Anthony Porto from Mrs. Torelli's class and I just wanted to say that Mrs.Torelli makes learning fun, and a very great teacher. Mrs.Torelli kept us calm while we were in school during this epidemic, she can be strict but only to help us learn, she is a fun teacher who tries her best to learn in a way that's not boring. I feel that my teacher Mrs.Torelli deserves the LCOY award.

Enza DeVito Posted 4 months ago

What a wonderful, caring teacher. My daughter was a student of Mrs Torelli and the love, caring and support she received daily helped her become a confident well rounded student. Someone who cared about herself and others thank you Mrs Torelli

Samantha Silver Posted 4 months ago

Nancy is an amazing teacher but also an amazing person. When students leave her class they don't just leave with knowledge. They also leave with respect for themselves and others. She creates lasting memories for her students that will withstand the test of time. I am so blessed to be able to work with her each and every day. She is one of a kind!

Sabrina Raciti Posted 5 months ago

Nancy is an amazing person, that is easy to see! She has a beautiful heart. She has a special gift for reaching her students and finding out what is important to them and sharing that love with them??.

Tracie Helbling Posted 6 months ago

Nancy is an amazing teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students. She is a wonderful women who I call my best friend. I’m so proud of her ! She is the definition of a life changer.

Dina Posted 6 months ago

I have the pleasure and honor of being a colleague of Nancy and I love every second of it. Her love for teaching and her kids is positively infectious. Her 5th graders look forward to her lessons and have a love for reading like no others. We are so lucky to have her as part of our school family.

Jennifer beshai Posted 6 months ago

Wonderful person Nancy is. Truly a kind hearted soul. So happy that I can call her my friend.

Dorothy Posted 6 months ago

Torelli is an oustanding teacher and an amazing person.

Joan DeMarco Posted 6 months ago

Nancy Torelli is a very special wife, mother, and teacher, and im lucky to call her my niece. She is dedicated to her family and her students, who she considers her extended family. She is constantly creating innovative ways to attain the supplies needed to enhance her teaching strategies. Nancy Torelli is #LCOY

sydney fish Posted 6 months ago

she is really good with kids and is a great teacher!

Rhonda Falk Posted 6 months ago

Peek into Mrs. Torelli's classroom; engage her in conversation; and seek her advice especially in writing! If you have that opportunity as a colleague, you'll admire her creativity, warmth, and spirit. I am among her many fans who believe that she brings out the best in learners of all ages. An honor so well deserved!

Jessalyn Breault Posted 6 months ago

Nancy is a great co-worker who is always willing to lend a hand. She is down to earth and makes learning fun. Nancy creates a comfortable environment where all students can thrive.

Kelly Moderwell Posted 6 months ago

Nancy is a compassionate, smart, funny teacher who wants her students to be better people not just students. Nancy is just good people!!

Alyson Posted 6 months ago

Good luck with the votes!! Such a great cause

Alia Siddiqui Posted 6 months ago

Being a teacher is not an easy job, but that doesn't stop her from giving her all for her students. It's hard to find a person who cares as much as she does and is as dedicated to creating a fun, educational, and safe environment for her students.

Jaimie Posted 6 months ago

A great teacher that cares about her students can change their future. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and inspiring a love for learning in everyone around you.

Jennifer Posted 6 months ago

I want to say thank you for all you do, I can imagine it’s not easy but I commend you for pushing through the long days and stressful weeks. Thank you ????

Solana Roman Posted 6 months ago

Ms. Nancy Torelli is such an amazing teacher who deserves this win and more! Teaching young students can be such a difficult yet important job and she does it well with much love, commitment, and positivity, all things that children need in their lives even in the school setting especially for those who may not be getting those things at home. Go Nancy!

Moira Apollo Posted 6 months ago

I worked with Nancy at an elementary school in Brooklyn for a number of years. She is an amazing person with a huge heart of gold and always has such a love for her students. Anytime I’ve passed by her classroom and saw her teach while working in the same school, I always saw happy students who were loving learning from Nancy. She has an amazing way with kids. She also is amazing with advice and a great listener.

Allix Regina Posted 6 months ago

Nancy Torelli is not only the greatest aunt who has ever lived but one of the greatest humans to ever live. My aunt taught me from a young age that the sky was the limit and that I could do anything. She meant it. She believes in children like no one I have ever met. When I was 9 she gave birth to a beautiful boy who was born with exceptionalities. It was her perseverance, love and kindness with her son and later every child who was different that made me want to be a special education teacher. My aunt never stopped being my teacher. Everyday she teaches me how to be a stronger teacher, how to be compassionate and how to be the most valuable resource to my special education 12:1:1. I am grateful that Nancy has always been in my corner, has always supported me and has encouraged my dreams the way she does her students. To say she is amazing or the best wouldn’t be saying enough.

LJ Torelli Posted 6 months ago

So! Nancy is my mother and let me tell you, she's a dedicated worker. She loves doing what she does, she's a very attentive teacher, she cares! You'll always catch my mom grading papers at home or just working hard in general. She'll always think of new ways to better teach her students new things. Mom is having me draw her an earth with lungs and a heart, since she has a rainforest in her room now! I'm always helping her out when she needs it. But anyway this isn't about me. The point is, she's a hardworking, dedicated, loving, caring teacher who changes lives every year she teaches. She definitely deserves to be recognized!!

Jodi Waxman Posted 6 months ago

I have had the honor of knowing Nancy for over forty years personally, and the privilege of working with her approximately five years. Nancy loves working with children and helping them reach their fullest potential. Nancy is very hands on and creative in the classroom. There are always incentives and interactive activities prepared to keep the students engaged and interested in their work. Because Nancy is a mother, she is in tune with what her students are “into” at all times. This makes Nancy relatable to her students and sets them at ease. When students are in Nancy’s classroom they know they’re safe, cared for, and their best interest is alway in her heart.

Marcela Mendoza Posted 7 months ago

Nancy is an awesome educator who is not only passionate about teaching but about showing kids to be true to who they are. Each person brings something different to the table and is in those differences that we learn. Her students know that she cares for them not only in the classroom but in their everyday life.

Katie Buckholz Posted 7 months ago

I have the privilege of being in many different classrooms throughout the day. I love seeing Mrs. Torelli teach and being in her classroom! She is kind, caring and passionate. She is flexible and willing to share anything, even her diet cokes! :) Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious! The students know how much she cares about them and how strongly she wants them to succeed in her class and in life. In meetings Mrs. Torelli speaks honestly from the heart and shares relevant data to always make sure we make decisions for what is best for her kids! Congratulations on the nomination! :)

Jorge Alvarez Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Torelli is an excellent teacher and our son is lucky to have her as his teacher. We just moved in from another country and our son is going through a process of adaptation to the new school and he loves Ms. Torelli because she is very sweet and dedicates a lot of time to her students. I believe it is not a surprise that she was nominated for this award. Congratulations to Ms. Torelli.

Nancy Clewner Posted 7 months ago

Wow! Am I lucky to be on a team with Nancy!! She is so kind, caring and passionate about teaching! She has helped me grow as a writing teacher over the past several years, and I am so fortunate to get to work with her every day!!

Carin Gregory Posted 7 months ago

My son was lucky enough to have Mrs Torelli last year. As a parent, and one who works closely with the teachers at this school, I could tell right away how dedicated and compassionate Mrs. Torelli was towards all the students that she teaches. She knows exactly what to say to each one, shows great concern with their specific needs and motivates and helps them in every way, even when they’ve moved on from her class! Congratulations on your nomination, Nancy. Truly deserved!

Lisa Newman Posted 7 months ago

Nancy is the epitome of a life changer. Not only is she a dear friend, she is a colleague and she was my daughters’ fifth grade teacher. As my daughters teacher she instilled a love of reading and writing. My daughter struggled with these skills and once she landed (thankfully, to Mrs. Steiger, who knew exactly who to place my child with) in Nancy Torelli’s class, her fears were diminished and the clouds cleared and out came an amazing reader and writer. She published a book that we treasure; a project Mrs. Torelli spearheaded at our school. I can’t thank her enough for all she did to instill a love of learning in my child. As a friend and colleague I depend on Nancy for advice and guidance. She knows her craft and absorbs as much knowledge as possible and shares it- being humble and gracious. There is no one like Nancy Torelli- in every way. I am truly blessed to know her, work with her, and to be her friend. Nancy Torelli is truly a life changer.

Jeffrey Nimberg Posted 7 months ago

I have known Nancy for over twenty years and from the first time I met her I knew she was a special person. She has always struck me as a person with a huge caring heart who continually wants to make a positive difference in the world. Teaching is a natural fit for someone with her capacity for caring and compassion as well an interest in making people's lives and children's futures brighter. I must say I'm not surprised in the least that she received this award, few deserve it more than she does. P.S. I hope my spelling and punctuation won't get me in trouble. :)

Rima Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Torelli was my 5th grade teacher, and being her student is an adventure. Not only because her lessons inspire to change the world, but also because she makes her students believe they can! And, the best part is, it does not matter how long ago she taught me, she will always be my teacher, the one I admire! Congratulations! -Rima

Danielle Ennis Harbeck Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Torelli is an amazing person. She is an advocate for all of students. I admire her dedication and commitment as a teacher. You impacted my life in many ways and always gave me encouragement and advice!! Thank you!!

Emily Stillings Posted 7 months ago

Both of my children were fortunate enough to have Mrs Torelli as a teacher. Her positive and giving nature encouraged my children to try to do their best in school, but more importantly to be better kids, friends, and students. My kids are in high school now and they both still talk about how wonderful a 4th grade teacher Mrs. Torelli was for them. She was also a great teacher in her willingness, availability, and caring when discussing things with me as a parent. We all feel fortunate and grateful that Mrs. Torelli was their teacher!!

Matthew McClure Posted 7 months ago

I am a lucky kid!! Mrs. Torelli makes everything seem possible. She has changed the way how I learn about things. I like how she interacts with the kids in our class, she teaches reading in a great way!! Good Luck! You deserve to WIN Matthew McClure-5th grade 2019-2020

Vita Alsheikh Posted 7 months ago

I do not really know where to begin.... Kind, friendly, caring, attentive, enthusiastic, creative, passionate, determined, different...there are not enough adjectives to describe how absolutely wonderful Mrs. Torelli is! Since the first sunny day my daughter entered into the great universe called Mrs. Torelli’s classroom, she continues to amaze us with her outstanding excellence, dedication and commitment. She is not just a teacher, she is a friend who takes time to listen and show her students that they matter, that they and their 5th grade problems are important! It is a rare gift. No doubt, she has enriched the live of my daughter and made an impact. All positive. All impressive. All heart, all the time. Her classroom is an epicenter of genuine joy, of important life lessons, and, most importantly, of unconditional love and support. My daughter is in middle school now, and they still keep in touch. Her 5 th grade teacher still finds time to respond to her text messages, to listen and to give advise. My child’s life is changed for the better because of Mrs. Torelli. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Valentina Posted 7 months ago

This truly is the best teacher in fifth grade and she is very nice she gave us positivity at all these kids and you taught me well and now I’m in advanced reading do you do Mr.This truly is the best teacher in fifth grade and she is very nice she gives positivity at all these kids and you taught me well and now I’m in advanced reading to mrs Torelli I miss her so much I hope everyone will enjoy her as a teacher because she is the best

Angela Brent-Harris Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Nancy Torelli is a kindhearted and passionate teacher. I am happy to know Nancy as a colleague and friend. She's so down to earth and genuine. Her students love her over the years and even now. She creates a warm and nurturing environment for her students in her classroom so that they can thrive, and grow. I love her teaching style, and the way how she developed special comfy and unique seating that she uses to ensure that her students are comfortable while learning, and she makes sure that all her students love coming to school. She's always thinking of ways to keep her students fully engaged and happy. Mrs. Nancy Torelli is well loved by all the teachers, staff, and students at our school, as well as in our community. The parents love and adore her for her huge heart. She forms beautiful relationships with her students and in our community. She connects to each of her students year after year in her own authentic way. She makes them feel extra special. She treats them like they're her own flesh and blood. Nancy is kind and compassionate to her students. She is constantly coming up with ways to help her students to succeed. She is clever at differentiating her lessons to constantly meet the needs of all her students. I am very proud of Nancy on being an amazing Lifechanger! My heartiest congratulations to her on a well deserved award. Many blessings always!

ava Posted 7 months ago

mrs.torelli is such an amazing teacher. shes inspired me so much and i still use some of the strategies she taught me. she has an amazing teaching style and her class was never boring. i would look forward to it everyday and the year i had her was the only year i ever looked forward to going to school. shes my favorite out of all the teachers ive had.

Allison Forman Posted 7 months ago

Nancy Torelli is one of a kind! She is an amazing educator and friend! My older daughter was so fortunate to have had her 3 years ago. She made a huge impact on her which will never be forgotten. Nancy helped her gain confidence as a student and person. My daughter was devastated when the school year was over. Although my younger daughter was not as fortunate to have her, she still managed to make a tremendous impact on her life as well! Nancy connects with each and everyone of her students in a unique way. Congratulations on a well deserved nomination!!!

Arthur Posted 7 months ago

She is an Amazing teacher and she is dedicated to her job

Luciano Posted 7 months ago

Best teacher

Parker Cohen Posted 7 months ago

It’s cool how you got this

Audra Posted 7 months ago

Nancy is one of the most dedicated wife, mother and teacher I have ever known. She gives to everyone around her and truly cares. She helped foster my daughters love of reading at a time when she really needed it a few years ago and now my daughter has a positive attitude towards reading which has helped her immensely in school. We love Nancy and she deserves the best of everything!!

Trey Posted 7 months ago

Hi mrs tortellini, it’s Trey good luck!!??

Peri Stein Posted 7 months ago

I am so happy to have Mrs.Torelli as a teacher.... she is so AMAZING!! She is very funny,nice,and she makes every day a super fun day to learn.. And I get good grades because of it. She is definitely preparing us for middle school. And I will definitely miss her. Mrs. Torelli always makes me feel really confident also!

Henrry Posted 7 months ago

I live you teacher your the best

Henrry Posted 7 months ago

Your such a good teacher you teach me a lot of things in class.I love how you make everyone laugh.

Scott Ruback Posted 7 months ago

Not only is Nancy a great friend and a great teacher she is also great mentor! She volunteers her time with the Boy Scouts doing presentations and helping with merit badges.

Charlie Kerzner Posted 7 months ago

Mrs Torelli is the best teacher!She makes learning sooo fun and i appreciate her so much for her effort,love,and time deatacation to us.She deserves this award.In all my years at SPES she has been the one that has impacted my life the most!!! From her student,Charlie Kerzner

Aaron Posted 7 months ago

An AMAZING human being and friend. Need I say more.

Kelly Posted 7 months ago

Nancy Torelli is an amazing teacher and person. She was my daughter’s fourth grade teacher at Palm Beach Public. She is passionate, kind but tough when she needs to be. She cares about her students and only wants the best for them. She inspires them to reach beyond their potential. She is always trying new ways to challenge her students. I am proud to call her a friend after 8 years. She is more than deserving of this honor!

Danielle Ennis Posted 7 months ago

Nancy is an amazing person! She is an advocate for all children and goes above and beyond! Congratulations on the nomination!!

Jaime Walker Posted 8 months ago

I didn’t have Nancy as a teacher. She and I were acquaintances. She was the wife of my boss at the time she and crossed paths. I was a 21 year old mother working in a restaurant barely making ends meet. I was offered an interview at a local financial company by one of our regular customer. I was completely unprepared. I didn’t even have a resume. Nancy’s husband immediately called Nancy to help me and she didn’t miss a beat. She spent hours helping me with my resume and preparing me. I got the job and remained there for 12 years. Today, 17 years later and still working in the financial field, I often think back to those individuals that stepped up and guided me without judgement. If not for them, I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. Nancy is one of those people.

Brian Bruk Posted 8 months ago

Nancy is one of the most passionate, caring and giving people I know! Phenomenal teacher and human being!!

Heather Regina Posted 8 months ago

I worked with Nancy Torelli when she taught ESL in Brooklyn New York. Nancy is one of the most compassionate, dedicated educators I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her students are always her priority!!! She goes above and beyond to make sure the education they receive is stellar!! Nancy is a very deserving candidate!!! I wish more teachers were like her!!!

Louis Torelli Posted 8 months ago

There will be a million stories about Nancy Torelli and other nominees on what makes them great! You’ll hear the hard to reach student stories. The kid who touched your heart story. The story about the kid who was reading below grade level and aced their FSA’s. Here’s a story I can tell about Nancy Torelli that will reflect her dedication to teaching! It is her life’s calling. Nancy worked in NYC as an Executive Assistant, her salary was twice that of what a new NYC school teacher made. It was only 5 days after 9/11 that Nancy and I were married. When we got home from our honeymoon she said, “I don’t want to go back to work in the city. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher”! So this newly married mother of 1 went back to school, finished getting her degree and fulfilled her dream! She became a teacher. That was almost 20 years ago! During that time, whenever we went out we were often stopped by previous parents and students. They would say how Nancy, changed their life, how she was their favorite and how she made a difference in their education. It’s nice to know that after all these years and all those accolades, she is being recognized for this amazing honor. She not only changed students lives, but she changed mine as well! No matter what the outcome here. Nancy is THE life changer of the year!

Samantha Rothbaum Posted 8 months ago

Nancy is one in a million! She has taught all three of my boys who are all as opposite as night and day. Her style, passion, & love for teaching enables her to reach each and every child in her classroom. Her dedication to her students and parents is one I will never forget. Having a teacher like her has enriched my life and the lives of my children. It’s teachers like her that leave a stamp on your heart & life forever. So incredibly grateful to have passed through her classroom. 100% LIFECHANGER!!!

Tammy Posted 8 months ago

Nancy Torelli is Simply the best!!!! xoxo

Jill Rothman Posted 8 months ago

I am so grateful that my daughter has Mrs. Torelli as her reading and writing teacher this year. Not only does my daughter look forward to school, she is always raving about Mrs. Torelli specifically. Mrs. Torelli is approachable, fair, tough when she needs to be tough, but loving and compassionate. She truly sets the bar when it comes to teaching. I am confident that my daughter will not only have a great 5th grade year, but she will be provided with the skills that she needs in order to be successful in middle school due in part to Mrs. Torelli. Congratulations Mrs. Torelli, it is a well deserved nomination.

Brynne Rothman Posted 8 months ago

I'm lucky to be one of Mrs.Torelli's students. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she is very funny, kind, nice and makes every day brighter and better. She expects a lot from her students, but in the end we get good grades while laughing and smiling. I look forward to Mrs. Torelli's class and will miss her when I go to middle school. Having her as a teacher makes me confident that I will be well prepared for next year.

Rachael Komissaroff Posted 8 months ago

I’ve had the pleasure of beginning my career with Nancy as a teacher. I can with hesitation say she has taught me to be a better teacher, mother, and woman. I’m teaching now 21 years and I still call her for advise because she cares! Nancy has definitely changed my life personally and professionally. I also call her my dear friend.

Alejandro Posted 8 months ago

Good luck always looking up to positive things

Juliet Atkinson Posted 8 months ago

Congrats on being nominated Mrs. Torelli! You Rock! Not only is she amazing, but also passionate about teaching her students to read and write. She have earned the respect and admiration by serving as role model for her students and always having the best interests of her students in mind. She treat her students fairly by setting high expectations and being consistent with discipline. Our daughter adores her and was well prepared for Middle School.

Annie Tindel Posted 8 months ago

Mrs Torelli is the best of the best. She is compassionate and brilliant. She connects with the kids in a way that they beg to learn more from her. She worked on writing with my son twice a week for 7 weeks to bring him to the next level. He ADORES her! She also introduced him to a new author Jerry Spinelli. My son has now read every single one of his books. My 13 year old formed a special bond with Nancy two years ago in fifth grade. She is so special.

Robyn McClure Posted 8 months ago

Nancy Torelli is truly the type of teacher that every child should be lucky to have. My son has wanted Mrs. Torelli as a teacher since he was the age of five and we are so happy in his last year at Sunrise Park we are so proud to say he is in her class. She is profound, loving , funny and understanding. As a parent you want your child’s teacher to “get” your child, learn with them and learn about them. It is important to teach them the subjects however Mrs. Torelli goes above and beyond and teaches them to be kind, have empathy and a heart. It is with gratitude that my son I know will be as ready as he can be for middle school. Congrats to the best choice you could of picked for this honor...

Stacy Sadow Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Torelli taught my daughter three years ago and she adored Mrs. Torelli. She really gets to know the individual child and pushes her students to soar! I am also proud to call Mrs. Torelli my friend as well because she is my colleague too! We love Mrs. Torelli!

Justina Romano Posted 8 months ago

Nancy is an amazing human being. She always goes above and beyond for everyone and often forgets about herself. She is a dedicated teacher , with a true love and passion for every child she encounters . This nomination is well over due and well deserved!!!

Jayden (former student) Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Torelli was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. There is so many things that she has taught me that help me succeed in middle school and everyday life. Mrs. Torelli makes learning fun and I looked forward to her class every single day in 5th grade. In 5th grade, I wasn’t the best at writing. Mrs. Torelli taught me everything she knew and she changed my life. I am so grateful that I had her as a teacher.

Michele juceam Posted 8 months ago

I have had the pleasure of teaching along side you for the past 5 years. Each and every day you put your heart and soul into making learning come alive with your creative ideas. You have had a positive impact on so many students through the years. Without a doubt, you leave an indelible mark on all who are lucky enough to be in your class. You deserve this nomination, and I am so proud of you! Fingers crossed xo

Alicia steiger Posted 8 months ago

The Sunrise Park students, staff and community are so proud of Mrs. Torelli for receiving this special nomination. Mrs. Torelli works hard to establish positive relationships with our students and to ensure that students leave elementary school with a true love of reading and writing. Nancy is a valuable member of our SPES team! Thank you for all that you do here at Sunrise! Keep shining!

Christine Kovachik Posted 8 months ago

As a former colleague, I know how much Nancy loves her students and wants the very best for them. She is honest with them and makes learning so engaging!

Chimane Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations on a well deserved recognition! You change lives every day by loving what you do and doing it with your whole heart!

Chimane Posted 8 months ago

So very well deserved. Congratulations on being recognized for what you do with your whole hear5 every day!

Kim landis Posted 8 months ago

Nancy always goes above and beyond what is being asked. She has a love for the students and always has her students best interest. I have worked with Nancy for many years and can honestly say she is an amazing teacher and of course friend.

Beth Quartaro Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Torelli is one of a kind! The connection she shares with her students is amazing and her commitment is long-lasting. Her passion for reading and writing inspires her students to love books and learn about important social issues. My son was very lucky to have her for his teacher last year!

Kim Coombs Posted 8 months ago

Torelli rocks! She’s the teacher that leaves a lasting impression. She works very hard to provide the best education possible to her students, but most important is the relationships that she builds with her students.

Vanessa straub Posted 8 months ago

I was one of the lucky kids to have Mrs. Torelli as a teacher. She is an amazing teacher with a big heart and makes learning fun. If anybody deserves this award, it’s Mrs. Torelli.

Casey Gitlin Posted 8 months ago

Nancy Torelli was the best teacher I ever had she brought me joy every time I walked in her class and she has tought me so much. I am soo proud of her nomination!!!!<3

Sammy Posted 8 months ago

This is the best reading teacher anyone will ever have and the best reading teacher I had and has changed my way of reading for a life time and has given me the best ways to write

Nichelle Tran Posted 8 months ago

I am so proud of Nancy Torelli and her nomination for Life Changer of the Year! She is truly a tremendous teacher and I am so blessed that I get to work with her every day!!! Go NT!!!!