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Kristi Gilley

Position: Fifth Grade Math Teacher
School: Buchanan Elementary School
School District: Haralson County School District
City, State: Buchanan, GA

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Kristi Gilley was nominated by two anonymous students. The following profile contains text from both nominations.

Ms. Gilley makes a lasting impact on the lives of her students. She always makes it a priority to get to know her students on a personal level. She can always tell when they need extra support on a topic, and she always demands excellence from them.

Ms. Gilley is the kind of teacher who knows when to push students to the next level, even when they might be a little stubborn about it. She even takes her personal time to support her students at football and baseball games. She strives to show her students that she really does care. 

"She was not only a teacher, but a cheerleader," said one of her nominators. "She pushed, encouraged, and inspired us to work hard and push on. There was never a time that she made us feel that we were unable. We always knew she thought we could be successful. Even at our worst, she was on our side and cheering us on. She made us realize that she was in our corner."

"Ms. Gilley knows how to teach math in a way that prepared me for my advancement to higher grade levels," said her other nominator. "I always had a blast in her class while also learning everything I needed to know. Whenever I needed help, I always knew I could go to Ms. Gilley."

Ms. Gilley uses her spare time to participate in her school's various teacher leader teams to help come up with events that the students would enjoy attending. If students recommend an activity for their behavior reward, Ms. Gilley will share that idea at her meetings.

In addition to being an inspiration and cheerleader, Ms. Gilley supports students financially. In the past, she has used her own money to pay for a student's lunch, snack, or a special event. Ms. Gilley has paid for students to participate in extracurricular activities. She has paid for dresses, salon visits, yearbooks, etc. It hurts her heart for students to be left out.

"Ms. Gilley has been an inspirational cheerleader and avid supporter for her students," said one of her nominators. "She has changed the lives of many kids throughout the years, including mine. Because of her push for excellence, I am successful and responsible today."

Comments (6)

Misty McCarty Posted 30 days ago

The compassion that Ms.Gilley has in unimaginable. I’m 26 years old and remember her love and compassion for each student that enters her doorway as she was a 4th grade teacher of mine! She was always there to watch her student achieve what was started. I still remember staying after school due to work hours of my mom and we would get popcorn and a diet Dr Pepper while she was still teaching my brother and I after school had let out. She always wanted to make sure we had got our homework done and any questions we may have had. She is a hard worker and goes above and beyond. One teacher I’ll never forget! ??

Darlene Bahr Posted 30 days ago

All of the things that have been said about Kristi is true. She is also a great leader and supporter of peer teachers.

Lance Hardin Posted 30 days ago

I've worked with Kristi Gilley. She puts everything into her lessons for her students. My daughter had her as a teacher and is so glad she did. Ms. Gilley is dedicated to the profession and to her students. Congratulations Kristi on your nomination!

Karen Stephens Posted 30 days ago

Ms. Gilley has taught 2 of my children, one now that is an 11grader and now my youngest is in her class. My 11grader still to this day has awesome things to say about ms. Gilley and my youngest comes home everyday talking about what she learned today and is very excited about it because of Ms. Gilley

Erin Davis Posted 1 months ago

Kristi Gilley goes above and beyond to support her students! I’ve witnessed her help support student families financially, provide shoes and clothing for students in need. I’ve seen her stay after school on multiple occasions to provide small group tutoring for students. I’m proud to work with her and know that any student that crosses her place is loved, supported, and pushed to work towards a higher standard.

Kathy Ward Posted 1 months ago

As a coworker with Ms. Gilley, I can say she is definitely devoted to her students. She is concerned about the children, whether they are her students or not. She always goes above and beyond for the children, and never tries to bring any attention to herself. Ms. Gilley is an exceptional teacher who truly is worthy of this award.