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John Chancey

Position: Principal
School: Wacona Elementary School
School District: Ware County Schools
City, State: Waycross, GA

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John Chancey was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

Mr. Chancey has been an influential leader. He tirelessly and selflessly works to make Wacona Elementary the best for every student and faculty member. He is usually the first to arrive each day, and he stays late almost daily, along with attending required meetings throughout the district. Even on weekends, school holidays, and inclement weather days, he continues to work, whether it's just to drop by the school to ensure things are ready for the next school day/event, or to work on paperwork or attend an event. He goes above and beyond to show his staff how much he appreciates their hard work, but is also steady with his expectations of excellence. He is patient and kind to every student, even when they may be difficult or uncooperative. Mr. Chancey is quick to lend a hand or give guidance when needed to anyone. He has a huge heart for the students, and he tries his best to give them some positivity each day because you never know what lives they have outside of the school walls. He treats everyone with respect and kindness.

Mr. Chancey does not take his position lightly and makes every attempt to make each student and family feel important. Even though the school has nearly 650 students, he knows nearly every student personally!

"As a parent, I am ecstatic to have him as principal of my child's school because of his dedication and passion for his responsibility," said his nominator. "My family approached him about an issue with my child's education, which wasn't anyone's fault, but was affecting their personality, ability to learn, and desire to continue school. He did not hesitate, act rashly, take sides or write off our concern. He was informative and gave us guidance through the process of getting my child better accommodations to meet their educational needs. Even when the process was uncertain, he remained diligent and kept us informed. He made sure the transition for my child was smooth, and today, they are thriving in and out of the classroom. Because of his concern and patience, he has changed my child's life. They are more outgoing, confident in their abilities, and excited to attend Wacona daily! I don't know where we would be without him or the staff of Wacona Elementary. He cultivates a great team through his leadership style of leading by example and humility."

Comments (2)

Keri Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Chancey is a great principal who cares about all the students and staff at his school.

Kylie Carter Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Chancey is everything you would want in a principal. He cares so much about every student and staff member at Wacona Elementary. He has welcomed me at Wacona and worked very carefully to help me in every way possible to create a safe environment for the students, staff and visitors. Mr. Chancey wears many hats proudly. He is a such a great and deserving person.