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Rose Pawlin

Position: Reading Teacher
School: Inlet Grove Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Riviera Beach, FL

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Rose Pawlin received multiple nominations from her community. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

Mrs. Pawlin has faced adversity like no other, from being in foster care, to undergoing open heart surgery at the age of 7. This hasn't stopped her, however, from transforming the lives of her students and colleagues. She has changed so many lives for the better, and is still doing so today.

Mrs. Pawlin's story begins as a child. When she was in foster care, she had a biological brother, Michael, who did everything that she did. Although he was 11 months younger than her, Mrs. Pawlin's brother imitated her every move and word. As a result, he began talking and walking at an early age.

"From the beginning, Rose took it upon herself to be responsible for Michael's ability to adapt to our family and to speak before he was two," said her aunt, Lucy McNiesh, who took care of Mrs. Pawlin before she was formally adopted. "It was fun for us to watch that tiny boy following his sister around, trying to imitate her actions and her words.  It was already the beginning of her teaching!"

Even though she faced adversity, she officially decided that she wanted to change the lives of others when she was 13 years old. She believed the best way to do this would be to become a teacher. She always had a fascination with English and Language Arts. Her 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Fiffe, even allowed her to teach the class one day, which solidified her yearning to become a teacher.

When Mrs. Pawlin was older, she decided to attend Florida Atlantic University to become a teacher in Elementary Education. Due to financial hardship, Mrs. Pawlin had to leave Florida Atlantic University, but this did not deter her from her dream of becoming a teacher. She saved up money and attended Broward College. Once she received her Associate's Degree, she returned to Florida Atlantic University and finally obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She even managed to graduate with a 3.7 GPA.

Mrs. Pawlin was hired by the School District of Palm Beach County, and her dream of becoming a teacher was finally coming to fruition. As a first-year teacher, she struggled, yet she somehow managed to have her entire class of 4th graders raise their scores on the FCAT. Mrs. Pawlin felt, however, that she should reach students at a higher level, ones that could really use her help. With a little push from teachers in her department, Mrs. Pawlin decided to teach high school.

Over that summer, she was hired at Glades Central High School in Belle Glade, FL as a Reading teacher. She traveled over an hour every day to get to work. Sometimes, it would take almost two hours to get home when there was traffic. Some days, Mrs. Pawlin would leave at 6am and do many extra activities at the school, such as Drama Club and coaching soccer. On these days, she wouldn't get home until after 11pm, only to begin the process again the next morning. What makes her unique, however, is that she never complained about the drive or the extra activities. She never seemed to burn out. She loved what she did, and she loved who she worked with.

The school was centralized in a very low socioeconomic area. Many students believed they would have to drop out in order to make money, and a big portion of students felt like they had to be in school because they were required. Because of Mrs. Pawlin, the students loved coming to school. They wanted to be in her class. Mrs. Pawlin made reading fun and enjoyable. Mrs. Pawlin would come home and tell stories about the eccentric students she encountered. She even took up overseeing the Drama Club, which helped students to really express themselves. She became head soccer coach over a short period of time, and the boys’ soccer team broke their losing streak for the first time in years. Some students even began calling her “Mom.” This made Mrs. Pawlin feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

In her pursuit of excellence, Mrs. Pawlin went on to get her Master's Degree in Education.  She did this while she was pregnant, and even had to complete coursework while on bed rest in the hospital.  She gave birth to her son just before one of her final exams, and still managed to pass the class.

After having a baby, Mrs. Pawlin had to leave Belle Glade to live somewhere closer to home. After working in Belle Glade for three years, Mrs. Pawlin found her next opportunity at Palm Beach Gardens High School. She originally began teaching English, but administrators felt that her expertise could be applied in other areas as well. Soon, Mrs. Pawlin taught SAT Prep, Digital Design, and Edgenuity, helping students to graduate.

Mrs. Pawlin adapted well with her students and developed an amazing rapport with them. Students felt comfortable sharing their personal struggles with her. When one of her students attempted to commit suicide because of his mother passing, Mrs. Pawlin reached out and became a mentor for the student, who ended up changing his outlook on life. He began to call her “Mom” and even treated her like a mother. Mrs. Pawlin even helped some students who were having family issues. She bought clothes for some of her homeless students, gave them food, bought them supplies, and even tutored them after school. The students continue to message her and request her to come back to the school because they miss her smiling face every day.

Mrs. Pawlin decided it was time to help students even more and switched schools to Inlet Grove Community High School. She began her journey with Inlet Grove in January of 2019. Even though she has only been there for a few months, she has already developed a rapport with the students and teachers. Many of her students made gains on their FSA test scores. This was partially because Mrs. Pawlin would stay late after school to tutor students in reading. Usually, around 35 students would show up to her tutoring. Previously, only about 6 students on average would attend Reading Tutoring, and it was never full. Ever since Mrs. Pawlin showed up, her tutoring class was often maxed out. Students enjoyed learning from her. She made reading fun. She even found fun ways to teach the students. She developed an escape room to help teach Macbeth for her 10th graders using Google Sites and QR Code Readers. You would never have seen students so excited to learn about Shakespeare.

"Rose had severe ADHD as a child and had a hard time learning how to focus, so she was always aware of how vitally important it was to hold a student's attention," said McNeish. "From the beginning of her career, she constantly read books and searched the Internet in an effort to make things clear and interesting so that her students' minds would not wander.  I recall how she would describe to me her plan to excite her class about Shakespeare, unwilling to accept that high school kids historically have difficulty concentrating on Shakespeare!"

Because of the adversity she faced, Mrs. Pawlin was able to help students in ways that no one else would have been able to help. Students felt like they found a mother figure in her. Even students at Inlet Grove began to call her mom. Students would come to Mrs. Pawlin to vent about situations, boys, or even just to get advice on how to better themselves in school. She continues to do this today.

"Every time I needed someone to talk to, Mrs. Pawlin were always there," said an anonymous student. "She was always helping me with anything I needed help with."

Time and time again, Mrs. Pawlin has proven her ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students. Many of her students feel more confident because she helped them to raise their test scores. They enjoy reading more, and they have changed their overall outlook on life in a more positive way.

Mrs. Pawlin has an ability to positively add to the development of the school’s atmosphere by promoting positive energy around the school. She always encourages students to do her best. She even works one on one with administrators to see how she can make the school a better place. Mrs. Pawlin is always asking everyone around school what she can do to help them, and she never asks for anything in return.

She shows amazing leadership abilities. Whenever possible, she takes charge. She is always offering professional development to other teachers. She always helps her department by providing resources to assist them with planning and teaching. Mrs. Pawlin is always ready to provide advice to new teachers and she is eager to always learn more in order to better herself, not only as an educator, but as a person, as well. She is always attending trainings and bringing back the information for other teachers.

Mrs. Pawlin shows exemplary performance at the professional level by receiving scores of “Innovating” on her Professional Growth Plan. Through utilizing Marzano’s model of teaching, she scores highly on her reviews of the elements of teaching. As a result, many of her students over her seven years of teaching have raised their reading levels and went on to pass their state exams.

Being a mother figure shows her commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere. Students are constantly telling Mrs. Pawlin about their family lives, calling her “Mom”, asking for advice, venting to her, and asking for help. Her students feel like they can ask her for help with anything. She is always letting off positive energy. She even tells her classes about her safe and positive classroom environment. Mrs. Pawlin always tells her students that her room is a positive place, no matter what. And she enforces it. Whenever two students are having miscommunication or there are negative situations between the students, she will pull each of them aside and speak with them to resolve the conflict. She believes that when students come into her room, they can always feel accepted. This helps her develop positive learning environment.

Mrs. Pawlin shows great adherence to high moral and ethical standards. She is always following the rules. She even holds the students to the handbook standards. When she doesn’t feel comfortable with something, she will usually ask an administrator, colleague, or her husband for help. She is always trying to do the right thing.

"Over her 7 years of teaching, Mrs. Pawlin has managed to change the lives of her students and colleagues. She loves watching her kids grow into young adults, and she loves even more to see them succeed," said one of her nominators. "She always encourages people to do their best, and when they do their best and succeed, she gets a sense of accomplishment. Mrs. Pawlin only wants to make a difference in this world, and she has started with our youth. If anyone has been a LifeChanger, it has been her."

"Some people are born teachers.  I believe that Rose is one of those teachers," said McNiesh. "What makes her outstanding is that she continues to work at becoming the teacher who helps and inspires, the teacher who will continue to influence the lives of her students and whom they will remember long after they have left school."

Comments (31)

Marie Dupuy Posted 8 months ago

From day one Mrs. Pawlin has been rolling with ideas that has helped me with my first year of teaching. Her personality makes it hard to not to gravitate towards her which is the reason her students love her class. Mrs. Pawlin is a great mentor and it’s been a pleasure having her around.

Bruce Pauletti Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Pawlin has been an incredibly positive force at Inlet Grove since her arrival. She is always willing to help in any situation that presents itself. She is involved in a variety of projects at school and always puts forth maximum effort. She genuinely wants her students to succeed in life and is instrumental in achieving that goal.

Scott Miller Posted 8 months ago

I have enjoyed working with Ms. Pawlin on our campus. She is willing to share new information and eager to learn new ways to reach students as well. I have been able to collaborate on a few projects with her and hope to work together on many more. Good luck Ms. Pawlin.

Mary P Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Pawlin is a dedicated educator. She goes above and beyond to help her students understand the material. She provides after school tutoring and emotional support to all her students. In addition, she goes above and beyond to help collegiates.

Godson Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Pawlin is a great teacher that not only influences us as a teacher, but as a mother that sees the best for us and our future.

jalon d hickman Posted 8 months ago

ms.pawlin is one of the greatest teachers ive ever had. she made it easier to learn.

xain h lawracy Posted 8 months ago

Ms.pawlin is a wonderful teacher that helps me when i need help. She is always there for me when ever i need.

Matthew Williamson Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Pawlin is the best reading teacher. She helps me with my reading skills and teaches us new ways to answer question and helps me with my writing. I am so happy to have her as my teacher i used to not come to school because i thought it was a waste of time, but now she makes reading fun. I use to hate reading but now i love to read she changed my life in a good way. Thank you so much for everything you done for me.

malachi steele Posted 8 months ago

she is a wonderful teacher she has always been there for us since day one and she means a lot to me and my friends

Matthew Calhoun Posted 8 months ago

she is so generous,kind and loving.apart of the golden girls

jordan gaffney Posted 8 months ago

I love u Ms pawlin u help me throughout your class

Deandre Williams Posted 8 months ago

hopefully you win this Ms.Pawlin good luck

Salica Wiggins Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Pawlin has been an excellent addition to our school! She has inspired me to increase my technological knowledge to improve my teaching. She has trained me to use Google Classroom for the benefit of my students and we have a plan for her to teach me other technologies in the future. I am the sponsor of the Drama Club. I took over the club when the creator left; I do not have a theater education background. On the other hand, Ms. Pawlin possesses fifteen years of theater education training and taught drama for four years. She graciously agreed to co-sponsor the Drama Club with me this year. Students and I are greatly benefiting from her immense expertise. In a very short time she has gone from being a new colleague to a valued and trusted friend.

Candace Graham Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Pawlin is an excellent asset to our school and is always a resource to our students. She goes out of her way to help them succeed and is an inspiration for them. She sacrifices her time to run the after-school program that further assists students outside of the classroom. Her dedication and reliability truly make us fortunate to have her!

Jon Myszkowski Posted 8 months ago

I am Rose's supervising administrator and I can say that I have rarely seen a teacher as highly motivated to improve her skills. It is a real pleasure to see her dedication and commitment to her profession. I wish all of my teachers had her passion for education.

Neriah D Cooper Posted 8 months ago

Ms.pawlin is a wonderful , loving , and caring teacher.

Davelee Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Pawlin is an amazing teacher.

Josue Foureau Posted 8 months ago

The great thing about Mrs. Pawlin is she's a nice teacher, she helps you with everything you have to do in her class, whatever she teaching in her class she always tries to teach the easier way so you can understand it. She always encourages you in everything you do in her class.

xyzirion r jackson Posted 8 months ago

Great story and thank you for motivating me to do great.You showed me an amazing strategy to use when reading an passage

Oliver Saucedo Camacho Posted 8 months ago

She's such an amazing teacher because she treats us as her own kids she definitely changed my life in the a positive way

Jackelyn A Poole Posted 8 months ago

You always keep me the loop, reading has gotten easier for me ,you have great test taking strategies, and you have a good mindset.

Walner Hernandez Posted 8 months ago

He teaches various strategies to read and answer exam questions. Another good thing that Ms pwalin does for us is that he gives us some stickers that we can later exchange for extra credit

Alex Martinich Posted 8 months ago

Rosie is one of the best coworkers and people I have ever met. She puts her all into every little thing that she does, and deeply cares for her students and their success. She is one of the few people who is able to reach some of our students that do not have the motivation or resources that allow them to succeed. Watching her in the classroom and really in her element is truly a great thing to see, and Rosie is still always trying to do even better. She is reflective of her own lessons and how they went, and is always willing to listen to constructive criticism to make her an even more amazing teacher. If anyone ever needs help, Rosie is the person you want to ask because if she does not know how to help, she will find a way.

Katie Grossman Posted 8 months ago

Rose Pawlin is an amazing person inside and out. Always goes above and beyond for friends family and her students. She is always going the distance to make sure her students succeed. Makes me proud to call her best friend! Love you! ??

Jamie Evans Posted 8 months ago

The most committed person I've ever met I'm from the UK good friends but wht she does for her students is nothing but amazing as you can see from the story she does her best and nothing short of a 2nd mother to the young adults in her classroom shes changed my life just through knowing her the potential she has Is unfathomable rosie has helped me from 9000 miles away what she can do with her students in same room I'd not even start to think how she could help them she has the biggest heart of any one I have ever met

Kimberly Latson Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Pawlin is such a great mother to her son Damien... I love the way she parents the needs of her child and support the teacher wholeheartedly... She is willing to help when ever/where ever she can , she is patient, loving and very kind... I thank God for having such loving parents as part of my school family... #Pawlin Family Rocks!!!

Meredith Berry Posted 8 months ago

Such an inspiring story! Mrs. Pawlin goes above and beyond for her students and school community by helping in so many ways. She is an amazing, empathetic, dedicated, and loving teacher. We need more people like Mrs. Pawlin in this world!

Elaine Morgan Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Pawlin is a living Angel; not just to our children but to any team she’s on. I had the pleasure of meeting her in the last quarter of my Childs last year of high school. My child had pretty much given up in school. He was told that he was not on track to graduate and the amount of work that need to be made up would be impossible to complete before the deadline. This as a result cause a lack of desire to even finish school. Each day started with a battle just to get him to there. I turned to his guidance counselor pleading with him asking what could be done, to catch him up. This was such a important event, he would never be able to get back if he misses out on graduation with his class. After some brain storming, The administrators came up with a plan which involved Mrs.Pawlin giving up her free period, along with working with him half of his school day catching him up in all classes. With out hesitation she was up for the task! Mrs.Pawlin work intensely with him for Several weeks while still maintaining her full schedule all white Sacrificing her free period, and still tutoring after school. I’m proud to say she never stop believing in my son which gave him the motivation and the will to Graduate! I thank God this angel touch our lives; truly she’s a LifeChanger!

georsen saint jacques Posted 8 months ago

she is a really nice teacher, is always willing to give second chances and work with you. I love this teacher!

Scott McDermott Posted 8 months ago

Such an amazing teacher and mentor.

Michael Pawlin Posted 9 months ago

I am so proud of you! You are an amazing teacher an person. I love you.