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Danielle Boyette

Position: School Counselor
School: Gardners Elementary School
School District: Wilson County Schools
City, State: Elm City, NC

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Danielle Boyette was nominated by her spouse, Zach Boyette.

Mrs. Boyette has been at Gardners Elementary School for a little over a year, and she is already making a difference. She has created a positive, supportive environment with students and staff. She not only does what is asked of her, but she goes above and beyond. Everything she does at her school is to improve not only the students and school, but the community. She has taken on many challenges and brought a solution and success to everything she does.

Mrs. Boyette has promoted different programs at her school and has run them all very well. She organized Pennies for Patients to raise money for patients in need. Caring for other people is just one of the many great qualities she possesses. She also help set up a show that talked about positive behavior and self worth. She understands that all students are different, and she creates different methods for every student. For many students, she creates a safe escape for whatever troubles they may be going through. She helps them work through their emotions with a positive outcome.

She not only holds herself to high moral and ethical standards, but she holds students and others to the same high expectations. If she sees an issue or problem that has arisen, she will create a lesson to cover the right way to handle that particular situation. The staff and administration constantly let her know how great of a job she is doing and what a positive impact she has had and is having on the students and school itself. She constantly seeks out new ways to better herself as a counselor and better serve the students and school.

"As her husband, she has definitely changed my life for the better, and she is constantly doing that wherever she goes or is," said Mr. Boyette. "Danielle is certainly a LifeChanger in my eyes, and many others' eyes as well. She is that bright light in a dark room; that hand when you need help; that shoulder when you need support, and that inspiration when you need guidance and motivation. I could continue to go about Danielle, but I would be here a while, and what should be an essay would turn into a book. I have nothing but love and respect for her. She deserves everything and I feel like she is a great candidate for this honor."

Comments (5)

Joyce stolpp Posted over a year ago

Great person she deserves the best

Allan daniell Posted over a year ago

Worked with Daniele at Gardners, saw how she developed relationships with the students and cared about their emotional and academic well being. Was a generous and.helpful member of the staff.

Randy McLawhon Posted over a year ago

Danielle, Uncle Randy is so proud of you! You deserve it all!

Elaine Boyette Posted over a year ago

Danielle has a great work ethic. She is determined, strong & caring. Danielle is an inspiration to others. Danielle sets a high standard for herself. She's also a great daughter-in-law! We're very proud of Danielle!

Melissa Wilber Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Boyette is such a blessing to be around. She genuinely cares about all of the students at Gardners ES. I have so enjoyed getting to work with her and getting to know her. She definitely deserves this recognition.