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Kyle Arrowsmith

Position: School Resource Officer
School: Higley High School
School District: Higley Unified School District
City, State: Gilbert, AZ

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Kyle Arrowsmith was nominated by his colleague, James Walker.

Officer Arrowsmith is a devoted public servant whose main priority is keeping students safe on campus. His presence on campus is entirely devoted to building positive relationships. While campus safety is his number one priority, he also devotes his time to relationship building and bridging public safety with the student body. This is evident in all of his interactions, including ones of unfortunate nature.

Office Arrowsmith always treats students with respect and dignity, even if they have made a poor decision. He is committed to fostering relationships, and he demonstrates this by being present in various civics and criminal justice classes on campus. Recently, he was instrumental in helping populate a student represented leadership summer institute for the town. Out of seven participating large public high schools, he brought in a large amount of student representatives from his school. He has been influential in steering both current and former students towards careers in law enforcement and has devoted his time to interacting with not only students, but staff members and families. Officer Arrowsmith is a LifeChanger in every sense of the word!

Comments (60)

Chris Posted 8 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith takes the time to build a rapport with Higley High students and staff. I am honored to know Officer Arrowsmith and feel safer at school with him here.

Jennifer Mota Posted 8 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an amazing asset to our campus! He is friendly, personable, and is great at his job. Thank you so much for keeping us safe and your support with our kiddos at school!

Lisa Virgadamo Posted 8 months ago

Such a well deserved nomination!! Congratulations!! Your presence on campus is such a blessing to all of us. You’re always right there whenever needed and we are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all you do.

Jeff Taylor Posted 8 months ago

I appreciate having Officer Arrowsmith on campus for many reasons. He has a quiet strength that he carries inside himself. I have no doubt that he would stand between us and danger. I am glad he has not had to do that here at HHS. He is easy to talk to and has a surprising sense of humor. I have watched him interact with students during the day and he is easy around them. Students want to be like him and I know he has influenced some students to consider law in forcement. I respect Officer Arrowsmith for being willing to place himself in harms way to protect us here on this campus.

Alicia Gow Posted 8 months ago

Arrowsmith is awesome!!! He is personable with staff and students and is a true asset to our campus. I love that he brings robots to school and drives in the 57 Chevy. He helps educate our students and makes his presence known in an accessible and supportive way. Thank you for making us feel safe and educated at Higley!!!

Brandon Johnson Posted 8 months ago

The best! Student focused, safety oriented, and always visible. Wonderful person and part of the HUSD team!

Meredith R Posted 8 months ago

Amazing and so well deserved! I seriously don’t know what I would do without my neighbor and sounding board! The students are comfortable with him and they know they have another caring adult they can come to on our campus. Thank you sir and congratulations!!

Kent Horstmann Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith has been and continues to be an outstanding person to work with at Higley High School. He is prompt and responsive to our needs. Mr. Arrowsmith demonstrates great integrity in all situations. It has been a pleasure working with him the last several years.

Simber Humphrey Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for always making Higley High School a safe and protected campus. We really appreciate everything you have done for our school!

Marsha Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for everything you do for our campus and for always being there helping our staff in every situation for our students safety. It is a great privilege to work beside you these past years.

Elizabeth Lafayette Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is amazing! He is an amazing human being with a dedication to our school and to our students. He is always so calm about the situations hes had to face on campus. He is professional, positive attitude, sense of humor and caring person. He has always been someone I can come talk to about anything. He is that one person that you will never forget years down the road, a special person that leaves and impression. He loves our kids, he loves our staff and most importantly WE love him! Thanks to Officer Arrowsmith for everything you do for us here and for our community. You are the man!

Macie Thelin Posted 9 months ago

I’ve always appreciated Officer Arrowsmith for allowing me to feel safe on campus! Thank you for everything!

Connor Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an awesome dude that’s great at his job and Higley is very lucky to have him!

Kye Heaton Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an amazing officer and great at keeping higley safe!

kenna Posted 9 months ago

He is amazing and everyone loves and appreciates him!! He is an inspiration and i’m so grateful for him!!

Morgan Mallory Posted 9 months ago

Keep up the good work!

J Brewer Posted 9 months ago

I have watched Officer Arrowsmith over the years as he has tended to the issues on our campus and in our community. He is friendly, approachable, respectful yet compassionate. He always shows leadership and is professional in his words and actions. I appreciate his service and know his work is far reaching beyond high school years.

Brody Carroll Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for everything you do for the Higley HIgh Campus!

Anika Taylor Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an amazing officer to have on school campus. He is always there to make sure everything is safe, and cares about the safety of the kids who go here.

Colbi Clark Posted 9 months ago

Thank you so so much for all you do for our campus! We really do appreciate all the hard-work you have done in making sure our school is safe and protected! You deserve this. Keep up the good work!

Nathan Christensen Posted 9 months ago

I would like to thank Officer Arrowsmith for helping to make this school a safer place. We can be crazy sometimes, thanks for bearing with us!

kirk Posted 9 months ago

yoooo solid work bro keep it up

Jason W. Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for keeping our campus safe and congratulations on being nominated for this award!

Grace Guzman Posted 9 months ago

Higley High School is fortunate to have Officer Arrowsmith on campus. He is very dedicated to his work and making our school the safest it can be. He was easy to communicate with and quick to make a difference when I needed assistance freshman year.

Nicole Nancy Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an amazing asset to keeping our campus safe and sound.

Cole Monsen Posted 9 months ago

Thanks for keeping our school safe from harm! :)

selena Posted 9 months ago

Congrats officer Arrowsmith!!!!! :)

Nathan Crandall Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for your service. I really appreciate you keeping Higley and my community safe. Thanks

Scott Posted 9 months ago

Amazing job Officer Arrowsmith! you definitely deserve this.

Ethan Posted 9 months ago

YOOOOOOOO nice job on the award Officer Arrowsmith! Thank you for all the hard work you put into all you do!

Vanessa Porter Posted 9 months ago

Thank you so much for your kindness and devotion to helping our school stay safe!! We appreciate you!

Sabrina Lingenbrink Posted 9 months ago

Thank you for working to keep our school safe. It makes a huge difference making students feel safe at school. thank you!

Kaylee Bristol Posted 9 months ago

I am so thankful to know that you serve at our school. You always have a smile on your face and you interact so well with the students. It is so inspiring seeing him, almost everyday, watch over our school and bring a sense of calm to a sometimes intimidating atmosphere.

Rhiannon Foley Posted 9 months ago

I don’t see him often however, every time I see Officer Arrowsmith, he always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Thank you for keeping watch of the school.

Cierra Posted 9 months ago

He has a very positive impact on our school every day!

Zach Raehl Posted 9 months ago

Mr Arrowsmith is an officer who is willing to protect this school at all costs. He is someone who goes and helps out with the people and knowing that he is here helps make me feel safe.

Cierra Posted 9 months ago

He has a very positive impact on our school every day!

Cailee Abney Posted 9 months ago

Even though, I don't personally know Officer Arrowsmith, as a Higley High Student I can come to school everyday and feel safe knowing he's present and protecting the student body.

Jarrett Magdaleno Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith came into my class for Criminal Justice and was a very positive source of useful information. Furthermore, he is a very respectful, understanding, and responsible person.

Nathan Posted 9 months ago

Way to go! I am glad to have security on campus. Keep it up!

Kellen Escoto Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith represents everything an officer should be. He is not just an asset to GPD but Higley High School's community.

Nicole Johnson Posted 9 months ago

This is Officer Arrowsmith's 5th year on our campus and 14 years total with Gilbert Police Department. He spent the first 9 years on patrol before his SRO assignment and also is on year 10 as a member of GPD SWAT team. Officer Arrowsmith models daily that his biggest priority on our campus is safety. Officer Arrowsmith works with students, teachers, staff and our community to positively impact school safety. He is easily approachable and can often be found conversing with students at lunch or giving presentations in some of our criminal justice courses. Officer Arrowsmith makes a positive difference in the lives of the students and community in Higley.

Yvonne Warner Posted 9 months ago

My step-sister served as a School Resource Officer for about ten years, so I know the challenges, rewards, and some of the ins and outs of what Officer Arrowsmith goes through on a daily basis here at Higley High School. HE is an amazing asset and we are blessed to have him serve here! Keep doing what you do as we're better (and safer) because of YOU!

Shilo Birnie Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an amazing asset to Higley High. He has great rapport with students, always treating them with respect. His knowledge and insight are invaluable. I am very appreciative that we have Officer Arrowsmith as a member of our team.

Alicia Cowles Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is a lifesaver in every aspect of the word. He makes students and staff feel safe on campus. He goes out of his way to form rapport with students and is always willing to help in any way he can. We are so lucky to have Officer Arrowsmith at Higley High!

Andrew Botsios Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an outstanding professional that is a master at building relationships with the students.

Don Anderson Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith cares about our community. He engages with teachers, administration and students to build trust and help us support a safe and secure school. Recently he requested time to come speak with my seniors Economics classes. He connected well with my students, shared great information and reinforced his relationships with students.

David Nuttall Posted 9 months ago

I have interacted with many School Resource Officers during my career. Most have been friendly and perform their job well. But Kyle Arrowsmith goes beyond the norm. I have never seen an officer make such an effort to get to know the students on campus and become an important part of our educational community. He frequently in classrooms spending time educating students on how they can help keep our campus safe.

Chelsea Trevino Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is truly an outstanding resource officer. He is always building positives relationships with students, staff and families. He works above and beyond to educate our students and keep our school safe. We are so lucky to have him!

Kristen Schell Posted 9 months ago

I so appreciate all the work Officer Arrowsmith does at Higley High School to keep our campus a safe place to work and to go to school! He is professional, while always being friendly and positive!

Aaron Dille Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is a terrific resource officer who is a positive example every day for our students. However, he is much more than that. He is family. Our campus is a better place in every way because he works here.

Col Scott Vaughn, USAF (Ret); Higley AFJROTC Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is the consummate professional, striking the balance between law enforcement and student mentor perfectly. I regularly see Officer Arrowsmith engage with students on a very personal level to help them better navigate their day, their challenges, and their lives. His door is also always open to assist and mentor staff, as well as students. In AFJROTC, we require senior cadets to prepare and present a full, two-day lesson, generally on alcohol, drugs, and/or lifestyle habits and choices. We often refer cadets to reach out to Officer Arrowsmith for current law enforcement details and school-age statistics. The cadets that come back from these engagements are over-whelmed by Officer Arrowsmith's candor, resourcefulness, but most of all -- his genuine interest and enthusiasm in wanting to help. Officer Arrowsmith's caring interest in what the students pays dividends, too. Several of our cadets, based on positive encounters, enrolled in PD explorer programs, as well as PD-offered summer leadership seminars. There are others now pursuing criminal justice degrees in college because of the positive impact Officer Arrowsmith had on their outlooks on life.

Michael Frost Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is a wonderful team member here at Higley High School. He is always positively receptive to our students and is visable throughout passing periods and lunches. He is approachable and willing to come into the classrooms to share his knowledge. We are lucky to have Officer Arrowsmith as a member of the Higley Knight Family.

Sherry Turner Posted 9 months ago

Congrats. You deserve it.

Jason Sixkiller Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is an asset to the Higley High School campus and he always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is well liked by the students, staff, and faculty because he is friendly and fair. Officer Arrowsmith makes the connection from the real world to the class room by bringing in the SWAT truck and the robots Gilbert PD uses. Every year, he has donated his time and resources to demonstrate to my students how he operates the robotics. Officer Arrowsmith, is without a doubt, a lifechanger each day he steps on the campus of Higley HS.

Katie Davis Posted 9 months ago

Office Arrowsmith is am amazing asset to heave here on our campus. We are all lucky to have him....

Alan Fields Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is a tremendous asset to our school community. He has established relationships with students and staff that make our school a better place. He ensures the safety of all on our campus during the day as well as at after school events. Officer Arrowsmith also provides his expertise to the classroom, including our criminal justice program and others. Thank you for your contribution to our school.

Alana Charnofsky Posted 9 months ago

Officer Arrowsmith is a LifeChanger!! He takes the time to interact with students and faculty in so many positive ways and build lasting relationships, as well. He is there to give advice and education to help the students make the best choices, both inside school and out. He has joined me in the classroom teaching different topics on civics to give our students real world examples of lessons that are taught in history. He is caring and compassionate with all members of our school community. Higley High is a better place because of Officer Arrowsmith.

Amber Whiting Posted 9 months ago

I have worked with Officer Arrowsmith for 3.5 years now. He is an amazing resource officer for the school. He truly gets to know the kids and knows what's going on at the school at all times. The students connect with him and I think he helps the kids understand that police officers actually care about kids, not only when they are doing something wrong. It's great to experience him interacting with the students and you can tell they really like him.

Kimberly Brackett Posted 9 months ago

We are so grateful to have Officer Arrowsmith on our campus!! He's an amazing individual in every sense of the word!!