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Mechele Yerima

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Children of Promise Prep Academy
School District: Children of Promise Prep Academy
City, State: Inglewood, CA

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Mechele Yerima was nominated by her superintendent, Trena Thompson.

Mrs. Yerima has been an educator for over 30 years, first as a teacher, then as a school administrator. She recently returned to the classroom after a period of semi-retirement and has worked at the Children of Promise Prep Academy for the past five years.  

"She is an amazing educator! She goes beyond the call by teaching French, violin, and other subjects that are not required," Thompson said.

Mrs. Yerima also demonstrates leadership by working as her school's testing coordinator and as a trainer for other teachers.  Her greatest asset, however, is that she not only nurtures the students, but the parents and teachers as well. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and shares it with all. Her own two children are both Ivy League scholars. She has been an asset and positive role model, and she performs at the highest level of professionalism and ethics.  

"In the past five years, I have never seen her lose her temper or show any inappropriate conduct. She always has a smile and a kind word to give," Thompson said. "Mechele Yerima is a definite LifeChanger for all adults and children that she makes contact with. She leaves her mark wherever she goes and with every life she touches."

Comments (37)

Jonathan Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima is at the zenith of educators and stands as a beacon for brilliance, hope, and compassion. She has influenced me in the most positive way and I know I will be a better person because of her touch.

Stacy zapata Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Yerima is the best educator I have ever had. She never lowered her expectations for any of her students. She went above and beyond with anything that she did for us and it has had a long lasting impact. Her passion towards her students is what led me to become a teacher myself. I will never have the words to explain my gratitude for her but I do hope to show it through my own passion for my students.

Allyson Cobbs Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima's passion to teach has truly been inspiring. Her commitment to educating young scholars and helping them reach their full potential has been amazing to watch. She truly deserves this honor, and I am proud of her in striving to make a positive impact in children's lives.

Grace Cohill Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima taught both of my daughters. Excellent teacher and principal she is! She's the best teacher and deserves all of the praise.

Allyson Liggins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima is a dedicated, committed, and passionate teacher. Her dedication to teaching young scholars and helping them reach their full potential is truly inspiring. There isn't anyone more deserving of this honor and award.

Jess Wamala Posted over a year ago

She is the warmest teacher I have ever had. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without having a teacher like Mrs. Yerima. She believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself.

Seham Areff Posted over a year ago

We need to acknowledge and celebrate those teachers who broaden our minds and lift our hearts.

Achille Tenkiang Posted over a year ago

Ms. Yerima is an excellent teacher! One of the best I've ever had!

Benjamin Posted over a year ago

Mrs Yerima is the best teacher I know

Susan Cope Posted over a year ago

After a quarter of a century in the classroom, I have a fine-tuned radar for those teachers who transcend all norms and expectations and change lives forever--year after year. Mechele Yarima is one of that rare breed. What lucky third graders!

Seham Areff Posted over a year ago

We need to acknowledge and celebrate those teachers who broaden our minds and lift our hearts.

Veronica Greene Posted over a year ago

Michelle is the most loving and giving person I have meet she is always there when a person needs help a loving and supportive mother to her children she really amazes me love you cuz and congratulations.

Fadzai Madzingira Posted over a year ago

The Life Changer award exemplifies what it means to touch the lives of so many across a spectrum. Mrs Yerima has truly touched the lives of so many children and adults and is a prolific teacher. I am ecstatic she is being considered for this award and cannot imagine anyone deserves it more. What a fantastic role model and teacher.

Megan Mumby Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima was my first grade teacher 25 years ago. She has left a lifelong impression on my heart and mind. She is patient, understanding, and dedicated to educating. She greets you with a smile and always finds a way to make every student feel special. Congrats on your nomination Mrs. Yerima! Thank you for all the love and devotion shown over the years!

Ruha Benjamin Posted over a year ago

Ms.Yerima is an incredible teacher!!

Antony Colvin Posted over a year ago

As the then Chair of an endowment that supports Catholic education, it was my obligation to get to know Mrs. Yerima and the other educators at her school, which was the beneficiary of the endowment. That obligation became more and more pleasure and less and less obligation as I got to know her. She is a talented administrator and a caring, compassionate, effective teacher, of students, parents and colleagues. It is a rare educator that combines these skills, and yet remains open and optimistic, and she is certainly one. Mrs. Yerima may never know the extent to which she has changed the world, but I hope one day, she gets a glimpse.

Kourtney Liggins Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Yerima is an incredible master teacher. She is not only teacher but mentor as well. When my son who is now 21 was her student in first grade, she asked students what they wanted to become when they grew up. My son said he wanted to be a dinosaur! Mrs.Yerima did not tell him he couldn’t be one, but told him to talk to mommy and daddy. Now my son works with Kindergarten children, and to get them excited about exercise & being active he wears a dinosaur costume! He sent a picture with caption “living the dream”!....Mrs.Yerima believes in encouraging all children in a society where many do not value the importance of allowing children to have an actual childhood. Keep em dreaming! Great things come from those little dreams!

Asanni York Posted over a year ago

She’s an amazing teacher. I’m ridiculously thankful for amazing educators like her!

Tracy Page Posted over a year ago

Ms. Yerima is a ray of sunshine. She was my son's first grade teacher, 5th grade and Principal while he attended Transfiguration School. Always a smile on her face, the best role model for our children. One of the most supportive teachers my son has ever had, I wish we could have taken her to high school with him. In first grade, she encouraged her students to write in their journals. This encouraged my son's love of writing and he served as staff writer and Editor in Chief of SMC's award winning hard copy and online newspaper. She is a great educator and mother as evidenced by her amazing, beautiful, smart daughter. She treated those students as her kids and truly cared. My son is 23 and still considers her one of the best teachers he has had. Thank you for your dedication to our kids.

Zarah Yerima Posted over a year ago

Mrs Yerima is a pillar of support, an epitome of strength,a loving mother, as strict as a father, as caring as a friend, a disciplinarian, yet always so approachable and warm at heart. She is a beautiful human being. She's precisely what a teacher is, for every student. She is students' role models. Everything they say feels right. Everything about her looks nice. You will be lucky to have her as your teacher.

Albertha M Gibbs Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima's smile is as contagious as her passion of reaching out to others in particular, children. As a member of my parish, I have witnessed kids running toward her with a hug, and parents making comments as to the caring person, teacher and principal she was. If anyway deserves such recognition, it is Mechele Yerima, she has surely made a difference in the life of children.

Quiana Binder Posted over a year ago

Miss Yerima is the best teacher I've come across in a long time. Her wisdom and her drive to teach is impeccable!

Jamilah V. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima was the perfect educator when I met her as my middle school teacher. Her personality shines with the way she gracefully teaches. Her encouraging spirit helped to push the students on a daily basis. This honor is very grateful to witness!

Janiece Brown Spitzmueller Posted over a year ago

I have known Mechele Yerima since college, where she demonstrated her integrity and leadership while a resident assistant. Since then, she has helped her nieces and nephews achieve academic success, and made sacrifices so that her two adult children could enjoy the best medications that they could attain. Mechele doesn't just "keep it in the family." She has devoted her love and appreciation for education by dedicating her professional career to successfully uplifting generations of young minds.

Kourtney Jones Posted over a year ago

I am so thrilled that such an amazing educator, mentor, teacher and principal has been nominated for this award. She has such compassion in all that she does that it pours out into her work. I am proud to know you! Congrats on this well deserved nomination!

Amanda Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima is an outstanding educator, she was my principal when I was in middle school and now to see how she is shaping other young minds it’s astounding. Very proud to have had Mrs. Yerima as a teacher and see her still changing young ones.

Andie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Yerima is such a patient, dedicated, and inspirational educator. She is beloved by her students and with basically everyone she comes in contact with. She understands that learning and growth isn't limited to the classroom, and works hard to help her students and their families succeed in every part of their lives.

Mrs. Jefferson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Yerima is one of the most dedicated and committed teachers I know. She is always there to lend support to a colleague or to spend time with students during non-teaching hours. Ms. Yerima has a deep passion for enriching the lives of not only her students but their families. Ms. Yerima has served as our Data and Assessment Specialist that provided coaching and mentoring to the staff in understanding and using data to drive instruction. She is currently our Enrichment Specialist and ensures that our gifted students are not forgotten and are given the opportunity to be challenged and to shine among their peers. Ms. Yerima is such a hard worker and embodies the true example of a teacher and a leader within our school!

Alyce McLaughlin-Breaux Posted over a year ago

Michele Yerima is truly a jewel. She has shaped so many lives over the years with love and dedication. I am blessed to have worked with her and for her. She is most deserving of this honor.

Sharon Henderson Posted over a year ago

I have known Michelle Yerima for over 20 years. She was my sons 1st grade teacher and he was quite a handful??The love and compassion that she gives to her students is something that they never forget. My son is now 27 years old and to this day he still says that Ms. Yerima was his favorite teacher. Whenever a former student speaks highly of their 1st grade teacher, that teacher made quite an impression on that student. Thank you Ms. Yerima for always putting your students first and for loving them unconditionally.

Sherisse Liggins Posted over a year ago

This is a wonderful honor for such a dynamic teacher! I'm so proud of you Aunt Mechele!!

Hana H EL-Hasan Posted over a year ago

During the two years I worked with Mechelle she was and STILL is a great friend/role model/mentor!! She is truly deserving of this nomination.

Ashlee Marcus Posted over a year ago

Ms.Yerima, is one of the best teachers I have ever had. From being my 1st grade teacher to watching me graduate junior high. She has always been one of the most supportive teachers I have ever met. So happy to have had her in my life!

Gail Jones Posted over a year ago

So proud of you Mechele Yerima, you are such a devoted educator and have always made your teaching experiences positive for your students. I'm ecstatic for your recognition. Keep up the outstanding work. Gail Jones

Nicole Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with her for 4 years. I can't think of anyone else that would deserve this honor. Mrs. Yerima is an inspiration to all!

Gloria Wilkerson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mechele! Considering that you have taught or been principal to half of the Wilkerson grandchildren, I'm not surprised at all! You deserve this award. Way to go classmate !

Teresa Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of you cousin! Congratulations!!!! This just shows hard work truely pays off. ??