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Dr. Hermione Joseph-Orelus

Position: Biology Teacher
School: Lake Worth Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Lake Worth, FL

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Kathy Aguirre Posted 5 months ago

I thank Dr. Joseph so much for being such a wonderful teacher throughout my life. Dr. Joseph is a remarkable teacher, I thank her for showing me that with hard work and dedication you can achieve greater. She has had a great impact on my career goals and has been very supportive of me. Congratulations to Dr. Joseph

Sonia Posted 5 months ago

Ms.Joseph is a well rounded teacher that motivates people with her high hopes for each individuals success.She is someone that i look up to and respect as student. As well as making a good relationship with her students as to make the class and lessons more intriguing and easy to understand.

Dodlee Mosilme Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Jospeh, you are such an amazing person. You strive to push your students to pass the limit. That's what makes you great because, you don't allow us to be average or just to know that the mitochondria is just the powerhouse of the cell, but you push us to be curious and learn more and deeper. Thank you for all you've done

Sonia Posted 5 months ago

Ms.Joseph is a well rounded teacher that motivates people with her high hopes for each individuals success.She is someone that i look up to and respect as student. As well as making a good relationship with her students as to make the class and lessons more intriguing and easy to understand.

Nayely Fuentes Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an outstanding teacher. She is truly very helpful and works very hard to help her students succeed. Thank you Dr. Joseph for having a great sense of humor and being the caring person that you are. I am glad Dr. Joseph provided me with the opportunity to work on experiments. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Joseph makes sure we understand the material she teaches us.

Guillermo Velasquez Posted 5 months ago

Thank you so much for the help

Jazmin Posted 5 months ago

Most caring teacher. All about seeing her students succeed

isabelle belizaire Posted 5 months ago

amazing teacher, love her class

Calvin Time Posted 5 months ago

The most outstanding teacher on campus, she really cares about our learning and instead of giving us the the answer straight away we go deep into our notes and learn from it

Miguel Posted 5 months ago

Dr.Hermione is an amazing teacher she has been the best science teacher i've had, hands down. She find's ways to keep us focused she makes her lessons very interesting and fun.

aliyah Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an amazing teacher. She makes learning fun by incorporating things that capture my attention and keep me attentive which is a minor difficulty of mine. In her class, I actually am learning something for myself and not just tests or quizzes, she also does a great job in making sure each student understands the concepts. She also is great and updating our grades which is highly important to me.

Anthony Sinanan Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Joseph is one of the best science teachers I've had so far throughout all of my years of school. Unlike other teachers she actually gets me involved with things going on in the class and I even like her and her class so much to the point where I actually do her homework, which is very rare for me.

Frankie Posted 5 months ago

I honestly cannot stress how much I love Mrs. Joseph. She's always there for all of us, even when we are struggling. She manages to make topics interesting, and provide information at the same time. I really enjoy her presence in general, she gives off loving and caring vibes.

Renee Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Joseph-Orelus is the best teacher i've ever had. If we didn't understand something she would take time out of her day to help a student.She always made sure we understood our work and is a huge inspiration to everyone. She is by far the best teacher at Lake Worth High.

Ashley Posted 5 months ago

Lowkey this class is hard, but I actually learned something.

soraya Posted 5 months ago

Dr.joseph is an amazing teacher. she knows how to make learning easier and always finding ways to help out her students she is an amazing role model to students and teachers at lake worth

Jasmine Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an amazing teacher who goes out of her way to support her students. Her teaching methods are impeccable, she does an amazing job with helping up understand concepts and push us to do our best. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she is an amazing role model for the kids at this school.

Trinity V Posted 5 months ago

Dr.J is such a outstanding teacher.She goes beyond for her students.She makes sure that we get the help we need in order to succeed.She is a very easy going person and not like most teachers she wants us to really understand the material we are learning and makes sures everyone is good to move on. Thank you Dr.J!!!

john Posted 5 months ago

even though you give out a good amount of work thanks for being such a great teacher

Elana Posted 5 months ago

Congrats Dr. Hermione! Thank you for being a great teacher.

Daniella Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Hermione is a great teacher. She's always finding ways to help us and takes time out of her day if we need help. Her way of teaching is no where near boring which is a big thing for me because I tend to get distracted a lot. She has multiple jobs and is never late to grade or post assignments, always on top of what she has to do. She's not so serious with us so that makes it easy to ask for help and understand the concept of what we're learning.

Jermaine Davis Jr Posted 5 months ago

She is one of the most capable teachers in lake worth high. Her presence presents a strong skill gap between the teachers. Dr. Hermione undoubtedly graced this school with an skill set that fits with the current time. She plays a critical role in the mission of pushing lake worth high to lake worth elegant high. Let's hope that the students will achieve her charm as the critical Dr. Hermione is turning viable teens to critical adults.

Ashton Posted 5 months ago

Your class is a lot of hard work but the information and knowledge i'm gaining from it is worth it. Thank you Dr. Joseph for making this school better.

Cassly Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Hermione is a very inspirational teacher at Lake Worth High School. She is very determined to help us do our work when we need her

mathew Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Joseph where do i even begin....She is the best teacher because she is there for us for example if we don't understand something she will take out of her day to help us understand even if it takes days.she cares about us so much that she treats us like her children which is why i respect her even more because she sees the potential in us even if we don't.

Anitte Jean-Baptiste Posted 6 months ago

When I graduate I can honestly look back and say thanks to Dr.Joseph. She is an intelligent and amazing individual. She has had a great affect in my life and I hope she continues to do what she does best and I know she had a great support system.

Harold Pierre Jeune Posted 6 months ago

I have known Dr. Hermione for almost 20 years. She is truly a model of a hard working teacher. I have to confess that I learned a lot from her as a teacher myself. Her students can always count and rely on her. She always makes sure that every single student understands her teaching so that her satisfaction can be complete.

Kara Posted 6 months ago

You can tag Jesus to everything you say

Jojo Posted 6 months ago

I see you to be in my life forever and j want to let you know that you are what I have been I trying to find my whole life

JAMES Posted 6 months ago

You are a person that I would love to see everyday thank you ??

Laura Posted 6 months ago

Keep up the great work Miss!!

Khloe Posted 6 months ago

Thank you for being a such a great teacher

Sara Posted 6 months ago

You are more like a friend than a teacher

Chubbasco Posted 6 months ago

Congrats on the nomination. I miss having your class and learning about the human body. I'm going to miss you when I graduate from this school. I'm very proud to cal you my teacher. Dr. Joseph-Orelus

Marc Olius Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Joseph-Orelus is one of the most impress teachers I have ever come across. When I first started teaching I observed a number of teachers trying to find someone to model myself after. It didn't take long for me to recognized how amazing Dr. Joseph was. She foster great relationship with her students and go above and beyond to prepare them not just for her class, but beyond.

S. Louis Posted 6 months ago

You're awesome and You deserve this honor. Continue to be an inspiration to your students and others around you. Congratulations!

Kim D Posted 6 months ago

Hermione is an amazing person that inspires me everyday simply through her drive for her personal education, the drive she instill in her children and her dedication to her work.

Christina Damis Posted 6 months ago

Proud to call you my aunt! Congrats and thank you for setting an example for not only the kids, but adults as well. You deserve every bit of appreciation and recognition you are blessed with and much more!

Allison Castellano Posted 6 months ago

Congrats Dr. Joseph! You are so deserving of this honor. I remember your tireless dedication to developing activities for your students. NEVER once did I hear you say that a student didn't belong or that your class was too hard for them. Instead, you searched for ways to break down the content and differentiate for students that were struggling. Wishing you all the BEST!

Gino Haynes Posted 6 months ago

I am grateful for the diligence and hard work, Dr Joseph does each day to uplift, encourage, and motive my son to be a better person and student. Her class has not been easy for him, however she has place all the tools at his reach to be a better student. She has taught him to persevere in the face of challenge. He is a better student from having been in her class. I really appreciate her and the entire Lake Worth High School community.

Carlos Jn Pierre Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations Dr Joseph your success is a kind of motivation for whoever want to move forward.

Faret Estime Narcisse Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations Dr Hermione Joseph.You remind me this quote" Tough time never last, Tough people do". I remembered writing my papers and met with you for final review. You were my teacher before you become known as one. I have witnessed your greatness as well as a better person. I'm glad you're serving our alma mater. Much love my friend.

Shams Posted 6 months ago

Congrats Dr. Joseph, you’re making LWHS a better school.

Wadlee Monard Posted 6 months ago

She is a great teacher and she always works hard. She is a great role model and teaches more then biology, she also teaches life lessons.

Vincent Taormina Posted 6 months ago

Your dedication to our students is indescribable. Your passion for their betterment speaks volumes. Everyday you give them the gift of knowledge and they appreciate you for it. You are an asset to their academic repertoire.

Wadlee Monard Posted 6 months ago

She is a great teacher and she always works hard. She is a great role model and teaches more then biology, she also teaches life lessons.

CarsenMonard Posted 6 months ago

You are a good influence to everyone under you thank you my Ms Joseph

Kherrie Orelus Posted 6 months ago

Thank you for being here every step of my life that's why I love you can't wait to keep walking with you

Kherrie Posted 6 months ago

My Mother, My teacher you can be very stressful but you are strong caring person and we love you for that you deserve this

Karen Posted 6 months ago

You are a good influence to everyone under you thank you my dear teacher

Ruth Posted 6 months ago

I'm so proud of you!

Donald Orelus Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Joseph has a passion educating young people on how to think & not what to think.

Kia Allen Posted 6 months ago

Amazing Teacher and a well deserved honor!! Congrats Dr. Joseph!!

Patrick O Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Joseph is the greatest teacher I have known.

Frida Orelus Posted 7 months ago

My dear sister in law Hermione, you are amazing, you ere important, you are special, you are unique, you are kind, you are incomparable, you are a gifted person come from God, I pray God every day for you so you can stay strong and healthy, may the Lord continues to bless you and your family; I love you.

Benito Jean Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an inspiration to me and to everyone around her. I have known her for quite sometimes and learned a lot from her. She is a wonderful person and I’m blessed to call her my friend.

Gemaline Julceus Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Dr.Joseph ! Thank you for teaching at Lake Worth High .

Hevens Charlesca Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations on work hard and making our school the way it's supposed to be

Hayli Hernandez Sotero Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is a great teacher, i learn a lot from her. Thank you and Congratulations Dr. Joseph for being nominated!!

Esther Louis Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Dr.Joseph.

Benjamin Florvilus Posted 7 months ago

congratulations Dr.Joseph

Carlos Posted 7 months ago

Congrats Dr.Joseph and thank you for working at LWH wish you the best.

exit.63 Posted 7 months ago

best teacher ever !

Hapsha Rahman Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Joseph

Amaya B Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations!!!! you are a pleasure to have at our school.

Wethley Pierre Posted 7 months ago

Thank You for teaching at LWH

isabella chajal Posted 7 months ago

Thank you for being an understanding teacher and for being helpful. Congratulations :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

sammuel Posted 7 months ago

Congrats on being nominated as the #1 life changer at lake worth high school! I appreciate everything that you have done for students in this school! #trojanspride

johanna platel Posted 7 months ago

hello Dr.Joseph i just wanna say thank you for being our teacher and we love you so much god bless you

pedro liccardo Posted 7 months ago

dr.joseph is a great teacher i can see it from how she helps the community and her students congrats dr.joseph....and how we say it in italy ARRIVEDERCI

Virlene Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Dr. Hermione Joseph-Orelus.

jessica renat Posted 7 months ago

congratulation mrs joseph thank you for teaching at lake worth high school

mya Posted 7 months ago

Thank You for teaching at Lake Worth High School ! Congratulations

Ms. Ivey Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is the bream of the crop. She continues to rise above and beyond the needs of our students. She does so with love, joy and integrity. Congratulations, Dr. Joseph.

Cleo May Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an inspiration to all who know her. Her commitment to her students, church and community continues to remind us that we can all do more!

Charles Gilbert Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph stands out by how she treats not only her students but those she encounters in the hallway; the way she speaks with respect and sees them as young adults the kids immediately pick up on that and therefore respond better to meet and overcome their challenges rather than try to avoid them.

Margarita Spooner Posted 7 months ago

It does not take a long time to know Dr. Joseph before you realize that our students and education are a first priority to her. I believe that we are blessed to have such a wonderful and dedicated teacher in our school. Thank you Dr. Joseph!

John Weatherspoon Posted 7 months ago

I am so happy for Dr. Joseph who is my former student and now, my colleague and friend. She demonstrates her care for her students daily. Here commitment to their success is demonstrated in many ways. One of these is by the commute she makes from the county above just to teach the students at her alma mater. Dr. Joseph could give to many different schools along her route but chooses to sacrifice in order to give back to the community which gave to her. Bravo on this nomination Dr. Joseph. I am so proud of you.

Ruth Orelus Posted 7 months ago

I am happy to have her as my aunt she tries every one fair and is very kind and loving

Julie Rainford Posted 7 months ago

I have known Dr. Hermione for almost six years and throughout these six years she has proven to be an extremely dedicated teacher and friend and colleague. She is very compassionate towards her students and her main goal for them is becoming successful as a student and as an individual. I was a first year teacher when I met her and had no idea how to be a teacher but she took me under her wings and moved to from a chaotic place to a more stable place as a great teacher. She has mentored me in so many ways and taught me how to move and grow into the teacher I am today. She has taught me teaching strategies that I still use successfully. She has taught me how to be more understanding of the diversity in our students and how to become a successful teacher. She is always there to help critique a new idea I have for my lessons and never is afraid to say yeah or nay and for that I appreciate and respect her immensely. Her mentoring is one of the major reason I am one of the top Biology teacher at my school. She deserves all outstanding recognition as a mentor, teacher, colleague, woman and friend. Thanks Dr. Hermione

Dr. Lois Smith Posted 7 months ago

I was impressed with how Dr. Joseph go the extra mile to encourage her students, when she prepared survival packets(filled with chocolates, granola bar, water, etc.) for her students as they were preparing to take a school wide computer exam. It encourage me as her colleague to keep encouraging our students with little surprises.

Joyel Loiz Posted 7 months ago

Game Changer is who Dr. Joseph is! She is driven, dedicated, kind, compassionate, and simply committed to training and educating all that she encounter for greater. I applaud you Dr. Joseph.

Kepler Joseph Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is an amazing mentor, teacher, mother and sister. She is dedicated to teaching and further her education.

J. Cassamajor Posted 7 months ago

It's a privilege to have her at Lake Worth High. Dr. Joseph is a very dedicated teacher. Congratulations.

Abbe Gleicher Posted 7 months ago

She is a pleasure to have at our school. She is caring, and I love her sparkling smile!

Jill Grunwald Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph has had a tremendous influence on me as a new teacher. My first year teaching I was lucky enough to have Dr. Joseph as my neighboring teacher and throughout the entire year (and years to follow) she has mentored me into becoming the educator I am today. She has shared numerous teaching strategies, explained various protocols, and each year she has built my confidence as a professional educator. Dr. Joseph is a teacher every student deserves and a colleague that is loved and appreciated. Thank you Dr. Joseph for all your support and have inspired me both professional and personally. Sincerely, Jill Grunwald

Franchesca Rodriguez Posted 7 months ago


Jeanette Rivera Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Joseph is a teacher that really care about her profession. She makes sure she understands her students in order to serve them better.

Dr Kadie Goodwin Posted 7 months ago

Dr Joseph is currently mentoring me (I’m a first year teacher). She has shown me nothing but positivity, enhanced my learning and professional skills, and her students love her so much! I would like to be just as giving, caring and kind! She gives me hope for my future as an educator, and it is my absolute pleasure to support her in any way that I can.

Rick Harlowe Posted 7 months ago

Lake Worth High School is just so proud of our Dr. Jospeh-Orleus who not only is an outstanding Biology teacher who is loved by her students but also a graduate of Lake Worth High School Good luck in your quest for the LifeChanger Award. YOU GO GIRL!

Whitney Petit-Bien Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Hermione deserves this award. Nobody works harder and loves to teach more than she does. She’s passionate and it shows! Way to go keep it up!

Mistral Joseph Posted 7 months ago

Hermione J Orelus is just an all around great person. She is the best teacher, she expect 100% out of her student. She thrive for execellence in and out of her classroom. She bring back the old school approach to teaching, when teachers genuinely care about teaching because they want to teach the youth, and inspire the future of tomorrow. I am very proud of you Mrs. Orelus keep up the good work.

TINA BUCHANAN Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations!!!!!! To God be the glory! We are so happy for you! We love and miss you.

Cedrick Charles Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Dr. Hermione! She is such a hard working person. I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves this nomination more! The lessons you teach your students today, whether it be science related or a life lesson, will stick with them forever. Again, congrats!

Ruth M Buchanan Posted 7 months ago

I'm so VERY proud of you!

Joseph, Schneider Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Hermion Joseph-Orelus is one of the strongest people I know. She is the most perfect her there is. She have the best smile & her outlook on life is amazing. Question: She just lights up the room! True or False ? Answer: True (Facts). She make's a bigger impact than she realizes and don't even know it! Her inside is even more beautiful than your outside (thats a compliment). I love the way she brings out the best in people. She is ALWAYS so helpful & our family/school/community/church is better because she is a part of it. Dr HJO inspires me. Nothing can stop her. I am a better person because of her. She has taught me so much just by being an example. I love the way she is. She is also a great parent. You can tell just by looking at how thoughtful her kids are. She has a great sense of style. I hope she is proud of herself, because I am! She is one of the bravest people I know & is so trustworthy; I always believe what she says. Everything seems brighter when she is around. She always have the best ideas & if she ever makes a mistake, she fixes it. Which helps make her a great example to others with her great leadership skills. She has amazing creative potential & I admire that she knows who she is. She is the reason why I am smiling today. She is gift to everyone she meets. Also, has a gift for making people comfortable. I enjoy spending time with her and I'm really glad we are family. I'm gratefull to be on here commenting & telling everyone how amazing she is.

Pascal joseph Posted 7 months ago

Hermione Joseph is such a blessing I’m happy Lake Worth High school took advantage of her gift and talent, she’s a wonderful Daughter, wife, Mother, Sister, Auntie, most of all a terrific outstanding remarkable Teacher I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. God bless her heart what an amazing soul very precious proud to have her in my life.

Addy Joseph Posted 7 months ago

Congrats to my sister-in-law Dr Joseph Orleus!!! You truly deserve this because you truly love what you do. Anyone can teach but it takes a special teacher to make a difference in their students in lives and that I know you strive to do everyday. I pray God continues to bless you and gives you the strength to keep teaching for as long as you can.

Nicole Lange-Figueroa Posted 7 months ago

Being new to Lake Worth High as a freshman this year was quite scary at first, since I was new to the crowd and did not know many people. But walking into Dr. Joseph’s class, I felt comfortable and welcomed. She not only makes class a comfortable environment, but something to look forward to every day. The passion she shows while she teaches and her concern for our understanding of the material allows me to know that I am truly learning and growing. Thank you Dr Joseph for continuing to give me a wholesome high school experience. I wish you the best in everything you do.

Jonnithan White Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Hermione is a great teacher. She has a unique way of teaching and that unique way of teaching creates an amazing way of learning. I've had an amazing year in her class so far, she has prepared the class to go through test with knowing all we have to know and more, she has us do multiple activities and interactive sessions that helps us get a much greater understanding of a subject. Thank you for everything you have taught me so far, your an amazing teacher, and you deserve this.

Ruth Saget Posted 7 months ago

She is a very good teacher, who breaks down the topic that she speaks on, to make her students understand the topic more and helps me as a student pass her tests with good grades!! ????

Trinity Posted 7 months ago

Dr.J encourages me and inspires me to do my very best and made me realize I'm capable of more than what I’ve thought I was capable of. Congratulations Dr!!!!

Lakisha Robinson Posted 7 months ago

Wow, I am sending you a huge congratulatory hug!!!! I am so proud of you. You are truly an inspiration and role model to all educators. Even though, you are extremely talented and gifted in the realm of science and teaching, you manage to exercise a tremendous amount of humility, and your generosity goes beyond your students in the classroom, you are such an asset to your colleagues as well. You have achieved so much and I know your future will be a representative of the greatness you demonstrate daily as a phenomenal teacher, wife and mother. Thank you for showing all of us what true success looks like, when intellect, talent, character, dignity and integrity has the opportunity to be fully expressed as a vehicle to give back to others. Dr. J-keep soaring!!!!!......xoxo

Rafael Estrada Posted 7 months ago

Ms Joseph, This is the way I remember her. I still remember the time she came to our school (Lake Shore Middle) and made our Haitian student population's lives much easier. She inspired them to work hard, be respectful and go to college. I knew, someday, her dedication to help others and her devotion for education will pay off. Now it's the time to enjoy your success. Congratulations my friend, You deserve it!

Marie-Romie Alexis Posted 7 months ago

Dr. J, how I call her, is one of the most smart and inspiring colleagues I have ever had a chance to work with. She inspires all people from all ages she comes in contact with. For her, mediocrity is not an option. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. Keep going higher and I know you will take others along for the ride toward excellence.

Genevieve Godin Posted 7 months ago

Dr. Hermione :) Congratulations on this nomination - well deserved :) Your students are so lucky to have you! I'm sure the difference you've made in their lives will live long in the lives of others too.