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Gregory Stokes

Position: School Resource Officer
School: Ormond Beach Middle School
School District: Volusia County Schools
City, State: Ormond Beach, FL

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Gregory Stokes was nominated by his assistant principal, Troy Kent.

Officer Stokes is someone who many would call "The Best in the Business."  He's a true leader and mentor for the students and staff at Ormond Beach Middle School.  He's in his current role for the right reasons; he loves people, and he has a positive, infectious personality.  He loves the students, not only at OBMS, but at surrounding schools.  Officer Stokes takes his job of safety/security very seriously.  He is constantly patrolling campus and alerting administration to any weaknesses in the security plan.

Officer Stokes is always connecting with students and staff alike.  Students can be heard yelling his name and giving him a high five or fist bump during every class change. The staff love to talk with him about college football, and they have a sense of calm when he is around.

"I have told Officer Stokes on several occasions that he missed his calling and should have been a classroom teacher," said Kent. "Officer Stokes has a way of captivating those who are around him with his stories and personality. He's also an incredible role-model for our student population.  He's there for students in many ways, not only when they get in trouble, but before they make a poor decision.  Officer Stokes can be seen around campus mentoring students about their choices and the effect they have on the big picture. While he is mentoring students, I have heard him talk about his life choices as a child and how he wishes he had made some different decisions."

"Officer Stokes goes above and beyond the call of duty of a school resource officer every day at OBMS.  Our students and staff look to him as a mentor, leader, friend and police officer," Kent concluded. "We are fortunate to have Officer Stokes share his talents with us every day."

Comments (10)

E.D.Counts Posted 6 months ago

He is a personable young man of character & an exemplary police officer that is well-respected in the Ormond Beach community! He interacts extremely well with children & youth groups & appears to have their respect & administration! I am deeply impressed with him as a professional, police officer & a man!!! I believe him to be worthy of awards, commendations & acknowledgments deserving of his devotion & commitment to his community & profession!!! May JEHOVAH, ABBA GOD BLESS this community with more young men of his caliber & personality!!!

Terry curry Posted 6 months ago

How lucky that this community is to have an officer Stokes involved in it

Chris Beatty Posted 6 months ago

I worked together with Officer Stokes during my 15 years at OBPD. He played a key role in the lives of DARE students, PAL students and anyone else who crossed paths with him. He has a contagious smile that he shares with all. Officer Stokes not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He is a true role model for the young people he is in contact with and the impressions he makes on their young minds will be lasting. He is a great example of a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer but I believe more importantly he is an individual who truly cares for others and that others do well. There is no one more deserving of this recognition. Love & miss you Gregory. Chris

Horatio Lynch Posted 6 months ago

Officer Gregory Stokes is a fine Young man, he have a very caring heart for others and is a true Professional in what ever task he may have to handle and I am very proud that he is my cousin. Job well done fam!

Lois Posted 6 months ago

I know Officer Stokes on a personal level. We grew up in the same neighborhood and he’s always been a happy go lucky guy and got along with everyone. We were both big fans of the Detroit Pistons NBA team back on the day. I’m sure he won’t own the fact that I beat him a few times in a friendly one on one basketball game at the local rec. I’m rooting you on Greg and best wishes sugah??

Julia mcgee Posted 6 months ago

Officer Stokes is a great community, role models. Till this day i can still remember my dare class now I’m 18 and and senior at Halifax academy. I remember getting the ???????????? donut when he came to ormond beach elementary. And when you seen him you all say hey officer stokes. Ormond beach police department and community is great to have him on are time. Julia mcgee

Patricia Ford Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations home team continue the good work.

Loretta Foster Posted 6 months ago


tina Posted 6 months ago

the best person for this position the kids love and respect him he is approachable and kind and always has time to give OBMS is lucky to have him Ormond Beach is fortunate to have such a great example for our young kids

Sara Jacks Posted 6 months ago

As a former OBMS teacher I can attest that not only is Officer Stokes a force for good during the school day though out our campus by supporting school staff, teachers and students. He also goes well beyond his required duties, spending his own time to support our Food Bring Hope students. Swinging by to check in, keeping updated on their social, behavioral and academic progress providing encouragement for all. He’s also participated as a guest speaker to educate students in this program on his career, interactions in the field, and addressing ranges of concern for students from on campus safety, classroom achievement, to important life lessons. He is not only a role model but advocate for our students. Considering their social emotional and physical wellbeing’s. His positive influence is felt not only with in our student population but in the teachers as well.