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Jessica Lucas

Position: Special Education Paraprofessional
School: Audelia Creek Elementary School
School District: Richardson ISD
City, State: Dallas, TX

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Jessica Lucas was nominated by her colleague, Auburn Hood.

"I had the pleasure of working with Jessica for about two years," said Hood. "Jessica is not only an assistant in the special education department, but she is also the PTA coordinator for the school. I remember when Jessica first came to our school. She was working in the mail room, but she did so much more than that. She would volunteer to cover lunches. Jessica would be a substitute teacher when her school was short-staffed. She helped organize multiple events at the school."

In addition to being available for any department or teacher that needs her, Mrs. Lucas truly loves the students. She has made countless connections with children and their parents. She is known across campus because she is more than present on so many levels.

"When I was a cheer coach at the school, she would show up to games just to support our girls," said Hood. "She is such a calm, guiding force of positivity. She knows so many students from kindergarten to sixth grade due to her willingness to cover classes and be additional support at any given time.  Audelia Creek is so lucky to have such a dedicated person on campus. I truly miss her energy in my daily life."

Comments (6)

Nivia Posted 6 months ago

She’s always smiling and my daughter say she is very motivating.

Esperanza carreon Posted 6 months ago

She good at talking things out and putting her Situation as a relation to us

Meghan Wendler Posted 6 months ago

She deserve this 100%!

Nelly Cuenca Posted 6 months ago

Absolutely deserving and kind individual. Her leadership skills are incredible and her commitment to the community is phenomenal.

Kaleigh Shinal Posted 6 months ago

She’s a great teacher.

Duane Driver Posted 6 months ago

Thank you for all that you do for our students here at The Creek! You have a calming way of reaching the unreachable. :)