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Loretta Sanchez

Position: Counselor
School: Dr. William Long Elementary School
School District: Pharr San Juan Alamo ISD
City, State: Pharr, TX

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Mrs. Sanchez is always thinking about the well being of the students and staff at her school. She nurtures student needs by providing individual and group counseling. She uses different activities to teach children about the importance of being safe, nice, inclusive, and accepting of others. Mrs. Sanchez uses her skills to make sure that all students are safe at her school.  She is also involved in putting together the curriculum for her district. She is an advocate for all students and their welfare. 

Mrs. Sanchez is an advocate for the wellbeing of staff, as well.  She hosts Wellness Wednesday at her school, which involves different activities every week.  She was also instrumental in creating a wellness room for staff members, where they can go during their conference period to de-stress and have a cup of tea/coffee.

Comments (6)

Sandra Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Sanchez is an advocate of the well being of students and staff. Thank you for you all do!

Connie Ipina Posted 7 months ago

Loretta, you are the BEST. You always have the child/adults interests in mind. You help anyone that asked for your help. Thank you for making a BIG difference in our students and Staff. We love your wellness Wednesday’s. Keep up the great work. Love you.

Katia Roman Posted 7 months ago

Loretta Sanchez have my complete support! She is great at what she does and will always be there for you when you need her. She is someone you could look up to and will make you feel safe and comfortable. She is someone to be trusted and will always will make your day special. She is a great problem solver and positive thinker. She is creative and always make things fun. Congrats in all you do Mrs. Sanchez! Keep it up!!!

Maribel Marin Posted 7 months ago

Mrs Sanchez is instrumental in the well being of our students and our staff at Dr William Long Elementary. Congratulations Mrs Sanchez well deserved.

Juan Galvan Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Sanchez is a great motivator and having 3 boys (Jalen, Kaleb, and Luke) attend Dr. Long elementary I have seen her dedication to the kids first hand. I especially enjoy when she conducts the "Super Star" parades! The parents and kids enjoy them very much. Great job Mrs. Sanchez and keep doing what you're doing.

Itzel Hinojosa Posted 7 months ago