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Kathleen Gipperich

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Buder Elementary School
School District: Ritenour School District
City, State: St. Ann, MO

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Comments (36)

Tara Gniadek Posted 2 days ago

Dr. Gipperich is the most dedicated teacher I know. She is always advocating for what is in the best interest of all her students. She is both a colleague and friend. She is very deserving of this award!

Kristen Tegerdine Posted 2 days ago

Katie provided my son with an excellent start in school, and has been a supportive, collaborative colleague for many years. She definitely deserves recognition!

Tisha Posted 3 days ago

Well deserved. Always putting students first and such a positive educator!

Emily Gabrisch Posted 4 days ago

Well deserved! I've known Dr. Gipperich for years and she does wonders for our littles in our school!

Nancy Powers Posted 4 days ago

Katie is a wonderful teacher whom I have had the privilege to have had worked with at Buder Elementary. Congratulations my friend!

Karen Perry Posted 4 days ago

Dr. Gipperich is an awesome educator! She is truly an expert at early childhood education, helping each of her students learn and grow! I teach many of her former students and they have fond memories of the poetry and music she uses in her classroom!

Jennifer Singleton Posted 4 days ago

Dr. Gipperich is an amazing educator who puts students first in everything she does! It is a privilege to serve alongside her! Incredibly well-deserved!

Janene Toso Posted 5 days ago

Katie was my now 16 year old son's kindergarten teacher. Phenomenal teacher, and person all around! Such a kind lady!

Emily Walk Posted 5 days ago

Katie is an extremely kind and caring person who is very deserving of this award!

Jennifer Carcagno Posted 7 days ago

I have known Katie for 15 years and completely agree that she is a life changer. She is a phenomenal teacher who makes a difference in the lives of her students everyday. Way to go Dr. G! Super proud of you!

Susan Porter Posted 7 days ago

She is very deserving. Very dedicated and loving teacher!

Nancy Posted 8 days ago

Well deserved!

Shelli Mosher Posted 8 days ago

Congratulations Katie!! You have a heart of gold... I’m so proud of you and the passion you pass along to your students. ??

Sonja Myers Posted 8 days ago

Way to go Katie! Changing the world one child at a time

Jessie Resimius Posted 8 days ago

Congratulations on a well deserved award. We know incoming Kindergartners are always the great unknown. You have always been a wonderful first step into Elementary School for those youngest of learners. Appropriate hands on learning with lots of guidance and love for those new little ones learning the ropes. Always kind and generous, the best first teacher children canpossibly encounter.

Betty Powers Posted 9 days ago

Congratulations Katie. Way to go.

Mark Cohen Posted 9 days ago

I worked with Dr. Gipperich a while back and I always remember her dedication not only to the school but the community as well. Her connections to students and their families is not something you always see. Very deserving!

Heather Gehner Posted 9 days ago

Katie is such an amazing educator and leader! I’m blessed to work with her and learn from her. Well deserved teacher for this award!!!

Crystal Francis Posted 9 days ago

Dr. Gipperich is an amazing and loving teacher!

Mrs. TW Posted 9 days ago

Congrats! You "Worked for this!"

Nicole Reep McClain Posted 9 days ago

Congratulations Katie!!! What an honor!

Faith Gayden Posted 10 days ago

Congratulations! You were both my girls first teacher! You deserve it! We appreciate all you do!

Marie br0wer Posted 10 days ago

Katie you are the best congrads on your nomination those kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher!

Linda Bruck Posted 10 days ago

Sounds like you are a chip off your Mommas shoulder. Congrats

Jolene Lytle Posted 10 days ago

Congratulations Katie.

Pat Mosher Posted 10 days ago

Congratulations, Katie!! Very well deserved honor to be nominated.

Betty Posted 10 days ago

As a friend and neighbor, I know how hard Katie works, how dedicated she is, and how much she cares. Congratulations, Katie! xoxo

Meggan Bruner Posted 10 days ago

Great teacher!

Lori Tate Posted 11 days ago

She was my daughter's kindergarten teacher. She is the best.

Adrienne Draper Posted 11 days ago

Dr. Gipperich is a true reflection of love. She is a model educator who communicates effectively with parents and ignite a passion for students to come in ready to learn. Even with decades of experience teaching, she’s still open to learning new concepts and strategies. I have four children and she’s taught one but has a relationship with all. This is a well-deserved nomination for an educator who continues saturate the community with her smile and genuine drive to excel students.

Megan Baker Posted 11 days ago

Dr. Katie Gipperich is so wonderful and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more. She truly does change lives!

MARY Kay Nolen Posted 11 days ago

Katie has never backed away from a challenge. I have known her since she began teaching. She is amazing.

Katie Mondy Hughes Posted 11 days ago

Katie, this is such an honor!! You are a wonderful person and you touch so many lives. Congratulations on this beautiful nomination.

Cynthia Egyed Posted 11 days ago

What a great teacher! I worked with Dr. Gipperich myself and I support this nomination.

Margie Moore Posted 11 days ago

Wonderful person to be nominated.

Laura Grubb Posted 11 days ago

Congrats Dr. Gipperich!!! Well deserved nomination. She fights to get what her kids need!!!!