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Lisa Johns

Position: Eighth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Bethune Middle School
School District: Charlton County Schools
City, State: Folkston, GA

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Lisa Johns was nominated by her colleague, Larry Carter.

Mrs. Johns is an eighth grade ELA teacher. She is the team leader for the eighth grade hallway. She cares deeply about her students. Mrs. Johns is a veteran teacher of 25 years and is now teaching children of former students. 

She has students return to her school on a regular basis to check in with her. She is loved by current and former students. Mrs. Johns has excellent test scores for the GMAS test. She is in charge of the middle school MORP (prom), end of year cook out, and many other activities to enhance her students' middle school experience.

Comments (19)

Casie Causey Posted 4 months ago

She was one of my best teachers at CCHS she was always nice and understanding with me and my anxiety and all.. She is a great person ??

Susan Passieu Posted 4 months ago

Lisa is a very positive teacher and colleague. Lisa goes the extra mile to make eighth grade a special year for the eighth grade students. She does an excellent job with organizing with her colleagues and parents every year to make MORP a fabulous night that the students enjoy getting dressed up in formal wear. She just organized a great ELA night with our ELA staff in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to allow students, parents, and staff to participate in a community service project for our local nursing home. Thanks for all you do Lisa!

Savannah Johnson Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Johns is an amazing teacher. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Shannon Kruschwitz Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Johns is a wonderful teacher and leader. The passion she has for students is astonishing.She has changed so many life’s in her years of not only teaching, but coaching cheerleading. Often times the best teachers never receive any recognition. Mrs. Johns is one of those teachers. I can’t think of a better recipient.

Tiffany Posted 4 months ago

One of the most amazing teachers ever!!

Amanda Knox Posted 4 months ago

Beautiful woman inside and out been wonderful with our children very genuine we absolutely love her

tinaknowles Posted 4 months ago

Great teacher and a good friend

Tracey Johnson Posted 4 months ago

Awesome teacher! Lisa Johns has changed so many lives and our school system is so lucky to have her.

Hi Dube Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Lisa was 1 of my son's favorite teachers!!! He learned so much from her and truly loved her as his teacher!!!!

Natalie Newvine Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Johns is an incredibly carinv teacher. I have known her since she worked as a paraprofessional in the media center when I was a high school teacher. Mrs. Johns worked hard to receive her teaching certificate and has spent every day of her career doing her best to help her students to become successful. She believes all students can achieve greatness, and she helps the students see it, too! She is very deserving of this award!

Chloe willinger Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Johns is amazing! She is so kind and loving, I was so blessed to have her as a teacher !

Caleb Shelton Posted 5 months ago

I love Mrs Johns with everything in me, I mean who couldn’t, she’s very wholesome and such a good hearted person! Also and amazingly teacher she’s not only a ELA teacher, she’s someone to talk to, someone to bond with and just a genuine person!

Noah Prescott Posted 5 months ago

Best teacher I’ve had and hands down the most influential! ??

Andrea Duke Posted 5 months ago

I had Mrs.Johns when I was in ith grade I'm a junior in highschool now. I have no idea if I would have gotten this far without her class and creative way of teaching.

Michael Register Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Johns is an amazing teacher, she helped me through a tough time and improved my knowledge by many folds.

Kelvin Henderson Posted 5 months ago

Out of all the teachers I've had in middle school Mrs. Lisa Johns was my favorite. I meet Mrs. Johns before she became my 8th grade back then. She'll check on me from time to time to see how I'm doing.

Nancy Brooks Posted 5 months ago

Lisa's students love and depend on her for encouragement. She is a kind hearted person who goes the extra mile to show kindness to the "least of these". I know from personal experience that she finds the time to speak to people that others may try to avoid. Also, she helped rescue and return some old family photos to me that were found quite randomly, and these would otherwise have been lost or discarded. She is thoughtful and goes the extra mile. Congratulations on your nomination Lisa!

Robert Phillips Posted 5 months ago

Lisa is a very conscientious teacher who loves her students! She has devoted her time and energy to her students while raising her on family and now supporting her grandchildren in their endeavors! Good luck to Lisa!

Kayrhoden Posted 5 months ago

She is a wonderful teacher who cares very much for her students and other teachers. My grand babies have had her as a teacher and loved her??