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Colby Sullivan

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Mize Elementary School
School District: USD 232
City, State: Shawnee, KS

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Colby Sullivan was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mr. Sullivan is a passionate educator who displays out-of-the-box thinking every day. This is demonstrated by his enthusiastic approach to physical education. Mr. Sullivan's excitement about physical activity is contagious to his students and colleagues alike. Team Run is a great example of his commitment to make exercise a way of life for his students. He has put in countless hours of his own time planning for training sessions and the ultimate goal of letting students participate in a local chip-timed 5K run.

Mr. Sullivan also sees the importance of his content area outside the walls of his school. On a monthly basis, he has activity calendars available to students to check off doing a good deed or physical activity for each day of the month. This promotes the importance of kindness, good citizenship, and physical activity at home and in the community.

Mr. Sullivan's work ethic and positive attitude make him a great role model for students and staff. He started Hawk Patrol a couple of years ago, which gives fifth grade students a leadership role in helping out with morning drop-off. He is also the first person on staff to lend a hand, cover a class, or brainstorm ways to make any process better.

"We're very fortunate to have Colby on our staff. He's making a difference in the lives of our students, as well as our staff," said his nominator.

Comments (13)

Cristy Toburen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan has such a positive influence on all the students at Mize Elementary. He makes getting active and staying healthy a fun part of students daily routines. He always has a smile on his face and is very involved in the school in a variety of ways. He is a great motivator and really encourages each kid to be the best they can be! I am thankful for his leadership at our school and believe his is very deserving of this award!

Monica Toepfer Posted over a year ago

It is truly obvious that Mr. Sullivan pours his whole heart into everything he does at Mize Elementary! He’s continuously going above and beyond and teaching our kids lifelong skills on how to be healthy and active.His positive personality resonates to all who are around him!

Trilby Haller Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is the most helpful, creative, energetic physical education teacher I have ever met! To me, Colby really truly deserves to be nominated as life changer of the year!!!!

Desree smith Posted over a year ago

We love Mr. Sullivan!! An example of the impact he has had... my daughter Brea brought home her November challenge sheet and out 6th grader Kora seen it. She had Mr. Sullivan all her years at Mize. She wrote a note and taped it to the back saying she missed him and he was her favorite!!! So very thankful for him being my girls teacher all these years!

Jessica F Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan seems to encourage all students in their physical activity. He is always smiling and I am appreciative he is a leader at my child's school! Thank you Mr. Sullivan!

Lori Lovegren Posted over a year ago

My daughter said “Mr. Sullivan is the best!” She went on to say he does very fun warmups and activities. Mr. Sullivan is creative, having the classes earn points and then receiving free days to do as each child chooses, gymnastics, jump rope, scooters,basketball, rope climbing. My daughter participates in Hawk Patrol and loves the opportunity to give back. Mr. Sullivan does a great job getting kids up and encourages Jump Rope for Heart, another great opportunity to teach kids to take care of their hearts and again raise money and give back.

Jill Reynolds Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is incredible! From being out front to greet the kids in car loop with fun music playing in the mornings, to all the crazy games he plays in Class to run club, his energy is endless. My kids get so excited when they have PE and my son has said he wants to be a PE teacher when he grows up just like Mr. Sullivan when he grows up. We so appreciate all that you do!

Keil Hileman Posted over a year ago

Colby is truly and amazing teacher! I have had three daughters he inspired to stay healthy and learn about staying in shape. His smile is infectious. His passion for keeping PE fun and enjoyable is never ending. We are in a nation of obese children. Colby has so many strategies to fight this I can't begin to list them all here. He changes lives every single day! Keep up the great work!

Gerri Balthazor Posted over a year ago

Colby is our wonderful PE teacher at Mize. His dedication and love for his students and their physical wellness is amazing! He is always checking in to see if anyone needs anything and is quick to jump and assist in any way possible. Colby’s upbeat and positive attitude carries throughout the building with staff, parents, and especially our students. Colby is truly a fabulous educator!

Shara Reilly Posted over a year ago

Colby Sullivan is very deserving of this recognition. He works hard to support both students and staff at Mize Elementary. Students love to be with him and appreciate his positive energy. He goes above and beyond, always looking for new and different ways to engage students in physical activity. He works with just as much passion to support adults in our building. Colby consistently shares knowledge, ideas, and tools with classroom teachers so we can better support our students and provide them the physical activity their bodies and brains need to do their best learning. Colby is the first to volunteer to help a colleague. He regularly devotes extra time to students outside of school with his Hawk Patrol and Team Run programs. I am thankful I have the opportunity to work with and learn from Colby Sullivan. I am extra grateful he has been a teacher and role model for my personal children.

Mimi Leuszler Posted over a year ago

Yes, Mr. Sullivan is fantastic!!

Sizanne Posted over a year ago

Congrats Colby! Well deserved.

Lainee Graham Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is so deserving of this nomination! He is passionate, humble, generous with his time, and hardworking - all because he wants to do what is best for kids. Not only is he enthusiastic about teaching students the value of an active lifestyle, he is passionate about helping staff understand how to integrate physical activity into the classroom to more effectively prepare students to learn. He is constantly thinking of ways "outside the box" to get our students more physical movement throughout the day, and volunteers his time and energy before and after school to serve our community and students. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work alongside amazing teachers like Mr. Sullivan, and grateful that my students and personal children get to know him as a role-model.