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LaDonna Oates

Position: Math Instructional Facilitator
School: Little Rock School District
School District: Little Rock School District
City, State: Little Rock, AR

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LaDonna Oates received multiple anonymous nominations. The following profile contains text from all nominations.

Ms. Oates is an amazing educator! She is hard and structured with students because she wants what is best for them. Students know, however, that she always has their back.  She attends games, allows them to job shadow her, and makes herself accessible to students on the weekends. In her classroom, she creates a culture of learning and safety that makes it easy for students to succeed. Her students become more confident because they're given the space to struggle, and she supports them while they're doing their work.

"My son struggled with attending school and being motivated to do the right thing. When he got to fourth grade, Ms. Oates was his teacher, and I spoke to her about his struggles," said an anonymous parent. "She immediately told me not to worry because he'd come out of it. I wasn't sure, but I trusted her. There was something about the way she looked at me and rubbed my shoulder.  Every morning when I dropped my son off, she stood at the door and greeted each and every student.  When she came to my son, she smiled ever so brightly and said, 'Good morning. Today is going to be a great day.'  Slowly but  surely, he opened up."

"On the fifth week of school, he was eager to attend school and would even brush his hair without having to be told," the parent continued. "One day, he came and asked me 'Do you know why I'm going to school happy now?' I told him to tell me and he said, 'because Mrs. Oates said she wanted to see me today!'...My son just wanted someone to not be influenced by what they had heard and not judge him on he behaved with others.  To my knowledge, Ms. Oates never said one word to my son about his past behaviors.  She treated him like the most perfect child.  I can never thank her enough for seeing the potential in my son."

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Nora Cooney Posted 9 months ago

Such a honor to be recognized! You have already won whether you officially get it or not! Why you may ask? Because someone seen and thought enough of you to nominate you! That alone speaks volumes! Just keep making a difference! Be Encouraged Stay Motivated Keep Investing in Education!

Letitia Metcalf Hune Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations on your nomination. You've always been a high achiever and your accomplishments are admirable

Joycelyn Posted 9 months ago

Congrats on your nomination. You deserve it and your efforts are being acknowledged. Continue the fight it is soooo needed.

Beverly Howard Posted 9 months ago

LaDonna has always been devoted to doing what’s best for students and learning, very hard and dedicated worker and loves what she does . I am very proud of you!!!

Beverly Howard Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations so proud of you!!!!

Leonard Smith Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Oates is am amazing educator. She is a pillar in her community and always gives back. She connects with the students as well as staff and parents. She is truly one of the best! I am glad to see her on this platform.

Tara Ponds Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations on your nomination. A very much deserved honor.

Cindy Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Oates was my very best friend in high school. It is no surprise to hear that she is so influential to everyone she encounters. Her mother was/is the same way. Congratulations LaDonna!! Thank God for educators/people like you. I love you!

Reymond Posted 9 months ago


Angela Barton Posted 9 months ago

Continue allowing God to use you with the anointing gift He has given you to teach His children. Teachers like you is what makes life-changes in our youth today is truly a blessing. When you teaches from the heart, it reaches the heart. Best wishes and I pray that you are chosen with this awesome honor.

Nicolas Williams Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations on your honor. You deserve it. You have touched so many lives, both colleagues and students.

RaiMundo Holloway Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Oates is most definitely a GAME CHANGER. She is the best of the best. She is a great leader in education, following in the footsteps of her parents. She prides herself in making sure that every child's needs are met. She has a kind, loving spirit and strives every day to motivate, encourage, and teach her students to give their very best at all times, in and out of the classroom. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis making sure that her fellow educators have the tools they need to make sure no student is left behind and every student succeeds. CONGRATULATIONS, Mrs. Oates. You are so deserving of this honor.

Charde Wilson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Oates is a great help! She is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that her teachers and colleagues have what they need to make sure their students succeed. I could be late letting her know I need something, and she still will respond in a timely manner and make it happen. She is definitely a life/game changer. She is very encouraging and motivating. I thank her enough for making sure I knew the WHY of why I was doing something.

Ashunti Posted 10 months ago

Yeah Mrs. Oates. You are so great. You showed me love when I didn't know what love was. You were much more than my 4th grade teacher, you were someone I looked up to. Even when I call you now, you make time for me. You don't make excuses why you can't, you just do it even if its for 15 minutes. I love you so much.

Kim Romain Posted 10 months ago

LaDonna is a dedicated colleague. It's evident that she takes her job seriously through the passion she displays daily. She's committed to excellence from herself as well as expects it in others. The most important thing about her where her work is concerned is that she truly cares about the students that are in her life. She's direct in her interactions and displays a deep sense of integrity. I'm glad to call her a trusted colleague.

Helen Holloway Posted 10 months ago

So very proud of Mrs.Oates! She has always been a person who cares for students and work hard to make sure they succeed. She does whatever it takes to make sure that students & teachers work for the goal they seek. Kudos and cont'd success in the future!

Clifton Woodley Posted 10 months ago

I am very pleased to know that LaDonna Oates is not only a "Lifechanger of the Year", but an excellent educator. She has truly been a blessing to Carver and myself (as the building principal) to help me be strategic in the implementation of the math plan at my school for all teachers and students. Additionally, Mrs. Oates seeks ways to incorporate best practices and how to address students' needs, as well as, build the capacities of the teachers. I know she is so deserving of this honor and so much more because of what she has to offer to students, staff, and other stakeholders. Mrs. Oates is an asset to Carver and all of the organizations that she is a part of. We appreciate you, and I hope that you continue to build and strive to the top - you are awesome!

Linda Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations LaDonna! This is a well deserved nomination. I have always known you would go on to do great things. You are following in the footsteps of your dad and I know he would be proud. You have always been sure of your presence and the influence you have on your students and colleagues. You have a natural ability to get students to see the best in themselves. They know the structure you provide for them is so that they will become their best selves. I have watched you take risk because of your TRUE assignment in this world. I've heard you say several times that what you do is bigger than you. I have watched you be your BEST self when you are in your element, volunteer tutoring in the community and in the classroom. You have such a natural relationship with students that even with everything students bring, you rise to the challenge daily. For that I thank you.

Helen Holloway Posted 10 months ago

I am so proud of the woman, mother, and accomplished educator you've become! Continue to work toward inspiring, equipping and educating our young people. May the Lord bless you and crown your efforts w/ success! You make me so-o-o proud as your mom.

Sabreen Al-Uqdah Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Oates has now spread her wings to reach more students than just the ones in her former classrooms. With her current position, as one of LRSD's Math Instructional Facilitators, she is able to share her knowledge with other classroom teachers. She is now impacting the masses. :-) Students all over our district get the opportunity to experience her greatness!! As her co-worker and friend, I want to say CONGRATULTIONS & that I am PROUD of you!! This is well deserved!! Continue being GREAT!! :-)

Thaddeus Abir Ben Israel Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations for being a great inspiration to the students that get the chance to be in your presence. You have touched so many people young and of age. Just being nominated is truly the acknowledgement that you well deserve. You're our MVP! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

ANTHONY OATES Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations! Well deserve. Keep giving to those who truly need the love and compassion that you produce. You are a great inspiration to the young minds of this generation and those to come. All praise to the Most High.

Thaddeus Abir Ben Israel Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations for being a great inspiration to the students that get the chance to be in your presence. You have touched so many people young and of age. Just being nominated is truly the acknowledgement that you well deserve. Your our MVP! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Gilecia Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Oates exudes some much eagerness with her students and her fellow teachers. Students are excited to share their day with her and learn. She always makes sure she is prepared to tackle each task the day may bring. She always has a smile on her face and professional attitude! The students gravitate towards her and feel eager to make her proud of them. In return, she makes sure she shows appreciation for their efforts! She is an invaluable assest to the students and profession as a whole!