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Pamela Gray

Position: Special Education Director
School: Central Office
School District: Benton County School District
City, State: Ashland, MS

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Pamela Gray was nominated by a colleauge who wishes to remain anonymous.

In 2016, after many years in the classroom, Ms. Gray became the Special Education Director for Benton County School District. Special Education is a particularly demanding field due to the specific laws and regulations involved, as well as the personal and emotional issues that can be encountered. Through it all, Ms. Gray demonstrates compassion, knowledge, dedication and a creative spirit that she shares with teachers and students to help provide every child with the best possible education for their needs and abilities.

She is diligent in providing her teachers with the tools, equipment, and training they need to meet the needs of every student - from the gifted child who excels easily to the minimally functioning student who struggles through even basic tasks. She has made improvements to the self-contained classroom; built relationships with students, parents, and outside agencies that offer additional services; provided an additional teacher to one school without creating a negative impact on her budget; and developed a Behavioral Interventionist position to assist with discipline issues that can be unique and challenging in certain students.

"I recently had the opportunity to be with Ms. Gray when she ran into a former student in public. The young lady's face lit up with a smile, and she hugged Ms. Gray with genuine affection, which was immediately reciprocated. Even new students are instantly drawn to her nurturing, loving personality," the nominator said. "She is the epitome of a Life Changer, in every way!" 

Pamela Gray In The News:
Gray, Sanders nominated for LifeChanger of the Year award  

Comments (5)

Sherrie Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gray is very deserving of this award. She cares about our students and seeing to it that they get what they need. She amazing.

Renee Fortner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gray is very professional in every way. She is pleasant and genuinely concerned with those she works with. She works long hours and travels all over the county to meetings and professional developments. I really enjoy working with her.

Kerri Clemmer Posted over a year ago

I agree that Pam Gray is the best addition to Benton County schools. She supports our teachers and loves our students. She is committed to the teachers and students!

Glossie Terry Posted over a year ago

Mrs Gray is well deserving of this honor. She makes a difference in the lives of our students in Benton County.

LaKimberly Hobson Posted over a year ago

This nomination is truly well placed. Mrs. Pam Gray is not only an AMAZING leader, she is also a visionary. She understand that, if is only through change that we have butterflies.