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Scott Clark

Position: Sixth Grade ELA Teacher
School: South Hills Middle School
School District: Twin Falls School District
City, State: Twin Falls, ID

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Scott Clark was nominated by two anonymous students. The following profile contains text from both nominations.

Mr. Clark is a very efficient, hard-working teacher. When students come to class, he has his entire day planned out and schedule with every individual student. He puts in extra time for students who don't work well with others, as well as those who are struggling. You can visit him at lunch to get extra help or simply talk about things going on in your life. He also listens to students' opinions and uses them. Mr. Clark makes his school a better place every day by spreading a positive attitude to his peers and students.

Mr. Clark's job is to work with students and teach them about writing, reading, and listening to key details in auditory assignments. He makes sixth grade a wonderful experience for students by making sure they feel like they have someone to talk to. Everyday, Mr. Clark takes his job seriously and takes on hard challenges very easily.

"He had a wall in his classroom that had big letters cut out, and it said "Wall of Epic Failures!,'" said one of his nominators. "When I was in his class, we were doing a passion project. Mine was to bake caramel apples. I had failed to bake them so many times and was really nervous about posting a picture of them on my website, but I noticed all the pictures on the wall and asked him what it was about. I ended up emailing him a picture of my epic fail of a caramel apple and laughed about it with my friends later on that year.  Mr. Clark made me realize that mistakes are something you can truly and really grow from. And some mistakes are really, really funny."

"Mr. Clark enjoys making the people around him happy," said his other nominator. "I felt like no matter what I was going through, I was able to talk to him without any sort of judgment. "Mr. Clark has morals that make him a perfect LifeChanger."