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Launa Baas

Position: Title Support Services
School: W.F. Morrison Elementary School
School District: Troy School District
City, State: Troy, MT

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Launa Baas was nominated by her principal, Jacob Francom.

Ms. Baas has been a paraprofessional for over 25 years at Troy School District. She has helped generations of students learn how to read and succeed in school. She is a mentor to many of the new staff members and is always so kind to all the students. Ms. Baas is a leader and excellent example to everyone, both in and out of school. She is an integral part of the school, district, and community. Her influence and impact is felt not only throughout the community of Troy, but through the students she has worked with, who are making a difference throughout the world. 

"Launa is an integral part of establishing and maintaining a positive and nurturing school environment," said Francom. "She is always looking for ways to help and praise others. She is committed to the students of W.F. Morrison Elementary School and has an impact that will have lasting effects and results. Launa is such an amazing person to everyone she comes in contact with. She has influenced all of us, and we all appreciate her!"

Comments (32)

MaggieANDERSON Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Launa! One of my favorite things about you is you inability to talk about the kids you love without crying! Your love for children is authentic and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for giving your tender heart, your kindness, your humor, and your stories! I love hearing kids talk about you.... you are a precious jewel.... and we - they - us... are blessed to have you as part of our community - speaking into the lives of kids. Thanks for all you do. <3

Kyla Grose Posted 9 months ago

Launa is the perfect example of genuine and kind. Launa was one of the first people I met when I moved to Troy and she tirelessly helped me transition into my new career as a 2nd grade teacher. Launa puts so much effort into her job and I am so lucky that I get to have her in my room every single day. She is someone that takes her job seriously and makes every effort to make sure each student she works with has the tools they need to be successful in the regular education classroom. She instills a love of reading to each studnets and the students she works with look forward to their daily read aloud. She has a knack for establishing personal relationships with each student in the school and she is someone that the students look to when they need to be cheered up. She embodies life changer with her positive attitude, go getter mentality, kindness, patience, grace, empathy, and work ethic. I am so proud to call her a coworker and most importantly, friend.

Diane Rewerts Posted 9 months ago

Launa Baas is truly one in a million. She brings positive energy to the learning environment because she loves kids. She is willing to do anything and everything to improve the lives of children. She is a valuable staff member and great human being. Her heart is enormous and it shows in her interactions with children, staff and community members. In addition to having a big heart, she has a wonderful sense of humor that helps others find joy in daily interactions.

Kayleen Randall Posted 9 months ago

Whoop! Whoop! Launa! You are amazing in all that you do for our students. You have a true heart for kids and you wear it on your sleeve. Thank you for all that you do - in and out of the classroom!

Wendie.tompkins Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Launa!! So proud of you!! Couldn’t be a more deserving person. You’re the best!!

Sarah Hines Posted 9 months ago

Launa your a great role model. Your always willing to help and do it with a smile! Thanks for all the help and support, you most definitely deserve this!

jennifer funk Posted 9 months ago

Launa you are so deserving of this award. You are amazing and a great lady to work with.

Tracy Vranizan Posted 9 months ago

Launa, you are so deserving of this award. You make our school whole with your amazing dedication to the kids and staff.

Shinae Whitfield Posted 9 months ago

Launa is such a wonderful person and has done so much for the students. Launa is so kind and amazing with the kids.

Sue Coleman Posted 9 months ago

Launa has worn more different "hats" than anyone at our school. Whenever there has been a special need or event that is not a particular job of any staff member, Launa has been the one to step in. She has always taken on her different roles graciously and worked tirelessly to support both the students and staff of Morrison Elementary.

Diane More Posted 9 months ago

I am so happy Launa has been nominated for the Life Changer of the Year Award. I loved having Launa in my high school English classes. She was bright and an active participant. Launa's sense of humor and positive attitude encouraged everyone to get involved in class activities. I'm thrilled to hear she is now working with kids.

Brenda Borders Posted 9 months ago

I have known you since you were about 7 years old. You have always been a caring and giving person.

Brenda Borders Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations, Launa!

Colleen Hansen Posted 9 months ago

Kindness is the key to all learning. Congratulations on being recognized for your enormous contribution to your students and their families.

Heather McDougall Posted 9 months ago

I have not witnessed Launa in the school setting for a long time, but I have seen her in the community. Her commitment to the children does not stop at the school doors. This is where one shows his/her true selflessness!! Children run up to her and she happily gives them a hug. She always takes time from her day to have a conversation with them and her nonjudgment demeanor is welcoming to children. She is always smiling and laughing. Her generosity has been life long! She coached softball while she was in high school and has continued to volunteer countless hours since then. Walter F. Morrison Elementary, Troy and its surrounding community is very lucky to have Launa as part of its community.

Lillian Lang Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Launa!!! You definitely deserve the nomination. Your dedication to your community, students and friends is one of your best qualities. It make me so happy that other people also recognize what an AMAZING person you are. Love you friend forever!!!??????????

Crystal Posted 9 months ago

Launa is such a wonderful and fun lady! She brings so much love and laughter to our school and her bulletin boards are the best! I literally wouldn’t be teaching if it weren’t for her!

Linda Rodriguez Posted 9 months ago

Launa, you are such an amazing person to everyone and the students look up to you!! You are appreciated and so deserving of this awesome recognition. Congratulations !! ???????????????

Bonnie C Melcher Posted 9 months ago

Couldn't have nominated a better human with a bigger heart. <3 Well deserved!

Tracey Stewart Posted 9 months ago

I have Known Launa my whole Life. Her infectious smile, generosity, and wonderful sense of humor makes being her friend a great joy. She has spent her life dedicated to the children of Troy and her community! Troy should be proud to have such a wonderful member to represent your community!

K Posted 9 months ago

Congrats! So nice to be recognized for your life’s work. I too am a reading teacher- volunteer for over 40 years.

Sylvia Maffit Posted 9 months ago

Launa! I am thrilled that you have been recognized appropriately! You are so deserving of this honor! Good for you!!?? ????

Richard Posted 9 months ago

A beautiful soul, inside and out. The field she works in has changed so much over the past 25 years, and she has adapted and flourished and continued being a person these kids can always, always depend on.

Francesca Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Launa! You have had a huge impact on so many people, you are so caring and kind...but most of all patient! I can't imagine how you do it, from the school room to the playground, to after school program. You still find time to be creative and have fun with your students! So proud of you!!!

Jen bonifas Posted 9 months ago

Launa, if anyone deserves this, it is you. You are truly an inspiration to our kids and community. Love you friend, and I miss your face.

Christina Posted 9 months ago

He couldn't have nominated a better person! Launa, I hope you know how much you have impacted the lives of the students in our district. You are amazing!

Brittany Savage Posted 9 months ago

Launa is such a beautiful person, inside and out!! I love you.

Nicole Garrison Posted 9 months ago

Launa is truly an inspiration to this school through her hard work, dedication, and kindness to staff and students alike. She is a joy to work with, and has been very supportive in helping me in my new role this year. It's so nice to know there is someone so experienced and willing to help if there is anything I'm not sure about. I see her everyday teach her students with competence, grace, and patience, and think what a gift she is to those students. You can also tell how much they love and adore her for everything she gives to them. What an honor for such an amazing person!

Roy Posted 9 months ago

Launa, this is such well-deserved recognition! Your years of service and dedication to Troy's students have helped hundreds of kids succeed in ways that are beyond measure. Thanks for your patience, perseverance, and caring so much for all of the students you work with!

Louise Roberts Posted 9 months ago

Launa is a wonderful, kind and generous person. She works tirelessly with the students to ensure they are successfully. What I love about Launa is her dedication to her students, staff and the community. She is such an inspiration to us all.

Anita Winslow Posted 9 months ago

Launa is one of the most selfless people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her dedication to this district and to the children of Troy is remarkable. For most of her adult life, she has worked tirelessly to serve and help the students of W.F. Morrison Elementary. I couldn't be more happier about this nomination; she definitely deserves it.

Jennifer Higgins Posted 9 months ago

Launa is AMAZING! The kids love her and so do the staff. She makes learning fun!