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Sterling Frederick

Position: Chorus Director
School: Boynton Beach Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Boynton Beach, FL

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Jullysa Tomas-Reinozo Posted 7 months ago

Mr.Frederick Has Such A Big Heart.He has helped me with so many aspects in my life.I thank him For being such a great part of my life.And I'm happy with my experience with Dh it has helped me transition on to college knowing that i wanted to purse my music degree.He taught us so much about music and There is no other teacher like him.

Desery Collins Posted 7 months ago

The best teacher mentor I could ever ask for 10yrs later and he only gets better with time nobody is more deserving then Mr. Fredrick

Christina Posted 7 months ago

Amazing role model. He inspired me to always follow my dreams and to be the best me. He is a second father to many.

Chelsey Collins Posted 7 months ago

Mr.Frederick is an amazing person and teacher. Being apart of Dimensional Harmony made my high school experience way better than it ever would have been. I met amazing people, learned so much about music, and truly got to express myself on a daily basis.

Kethia Pierre Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Fred is someone who has impacted so many lives of students and families in the community. Being one of his students and a part of DH was something that I’ll always cherish forever. I have made memories and successes beyond compare. If anyone deserves this award it is him. He is an amazing teacher and support system for students and staff that he comes in contact with. The Boynton community is blessed to have him.

Martiele Posted 7 months ago

Mr.Fredrick is the most amazing teacher i ever met in my 12 years of going to school, he make us know that care and love one another equally also he treat us all like family and he go beyond out his way to get stuff we need he should get the best teacher award

Allayshia Banks Posted 7 months ago

Mr FREDERICK, What can I say? This comment box does not allow enough characters, to amount to the many ways you have changed my life. I joined Dimensional harmony as an incoming Sophomore in the Fall of 2008. During the Summer of 2008, my dad passed away from colon cancer, and i felt completely empty. I had sad thoughts daily, and I felt quite insignificant to the world around me. Then I met Mr. Frederick, from that moment I learned the true meaning of being apart of an organization. I spent the rest of my High School career in his room (outside of academics), trying to learn everything he had to offer, I loved how he engaged others, and i loved that he was never looking for repayment, he just genuinely has an amazing heart. I know that if it wasn't for him stepping in and having this program, i would probably have lost my mind. I needed an absorption of the pain and Mr Fred provided that through performing and singing. I always loved singing but I never thought of singing in the ways Mr. Frederick had pushed for. We didn't just sing, we competed, and we won! Though, it didn't matter if we won or lost, it was imprinted that we needed to do our utter best, through practice and dedication. His teaching was/is engaging, humorous, encouraging, and inspiring. I tell him all the time he can can transform dozens of students who have never sang a note and make them award winning song birds. His abilities surpass the expectations of thousands. Mr Fred has taught me and has instilled , PROFEESIONALISM, punctuality, grace, elegance, discipline, organization, and the list can go on. His teaching goes well beyond the concept of musicality and notes, he's taught stage presence. His class has been benficial in all aspects of life. I use his teachings at home, at work, at school, during presentations, and pretty much through all aspects of life. I truly feel all teachers should go through the Sterling Frederick Training Camp to learn all of what he does and we would see a significant difference in the improvement of classrooms. I have watched Mr Frederick deal with kids facing the biggest challenges, throwing every opposition at him, and by the time the student leaves his class either for the semester or the year, they have become respectful, well mannered, and educated on the subject. He is a miraculous teacher that deserves every accolade known to educators. I just want to say thank you for everything. Please never stop teaching! Your 2011 President

Queen latifah nakabiri Posted 7 months ago

Mr Frederick is the most super awesome teacher i have in all my teachers hes class is the only class i enter and i feel like heaven .

Carla Pierre Posted 7 months ago

Mr.Fredrick is not only a teacher to me, but he is like a mentor and he shows that he cares for his students. He will also take time individually to help his students out if there is something that isn't understood. He is a really great teacher.

Yvrose Castin Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Frederick makes learning fun .

donny le Posted 7 months ago

To me Mr. Fred is more than a teacher he is a role model and mentor and to some of us he is a father figure, one of the thing that he taught me is how to have fun and work hard at the same time and have discipline, also to never give up on your passion. Mr. Fred is more than a choir director to his students and he will always be more than that.

Paul McGee Posted 7 months ago

just as outstanding and remarkable teacher/director he makes it fun to come to school and even more fun to be involved and learning has never been easier

Treicy Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Fred is a good teacher, he teaches us how to behave like a family. When i am in his class i feel comfortable. I appreciate Mr. Fred a lot, his class is my favorite. I love you Mr. Fred.

Sofia Villegas Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Frederick is the most skilled teacher I have ever encountered. He teaches us about music while at the same time teaches us about life. I have learned many valuable lessons from his teachings in and outside the classroom. Mr. Frederick genuinely cares about his students and that is something very rare nowadays. His teaching has made me a better student, person, and singer. If a teacher worthy of an award is what you're looking for then look no further.

Alisha lee Posted 7 months ago

he is an amazing teacher and He pushes us to be the best Verison of us

Aaliyah Tarte Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Fred is my favorite teacher at Boynton Beach Community High School. He makes every day worth coming to school. He is so fun, exciting, and relatable.

Kialyn Talvo Posted 7 months ago

Mr.Fredrick has been an immense inspiration to all his students including his alumni. Students who come from different backgrounds and ethnicities all find such joy and comfort in being in Mr.Fredrick's classroom and it is almost as if it becomes a second home. In all my 4 years of knowing Mr.Fred, I have learned that he is someone who will prepare you for life in the real world through musical discipline and traveling experiences. Mr.Fred is the best music teacher and the best mentor I have ever met in my life and when graduation hits,I'll surely miss hsi crazy, humorous and energetic teachings.

juguens silencieux Posted 7 months ago

Mr.frederick is the best teacher I ever met in my life he makes me laugh he encourages the kid to care about music. he teaches us very well cool stuff we don't know.

Sir Ayce Davis Posted 7 months ago

Mr. Fred is the best teacher I've had and he's so far been making my freshman year at Boynton Beach Highschool very worthwhile. He cares for us and wants the absolute best while also pushing us to work hard. When we're in his room we are all family and treated as one. I was originally planning on spending just my freshman year at Boynton but thanks to Mr. Fred I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my Highschool time in his classroom learning as much as I can about music. He truly is the light of our choir group.

Isabella Hanson Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fred is a phenomenal teacher. He encourages us to care and spot each other and as a result we treat each other as a family. He does his very best to go in depth in the music to bring the best out of us because he knows we can be better. He jokes, tells stories, and makes us laugh to pay attention and ease ourselves. He works so hard every day, He's non-stop with signing us up to contests, or do plays, or do anything to sing outside of school. He cares for every single one us and gets to know us just for the sake of singing. He teaches manners and how to professional. Not only that, but teaches us hard work.

Ashley louisdor Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fred is very passionate about his craft and very creative

Reina Booker Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fred is one of the best teachers at Boynton high in our community. He believes in us and is one of the best chorus teacher's I've ever had and he shares his gift with us. I appreciate how he believes in our talents and gives us a chance to showcase them. I just wanna thank Mr. Fred for all he's done and I feel he's one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Darian Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fred is a great chorus teacher. He makes jokes while teaching music and rhythms so we can enjoy the class more. He motivates us to reach our goals. He doesn't give up on us even when we are struggling to memorize or get the correct pitch to the music and rythms. He also gives us a lot of opportunity to perform. He makes everyone feel as if we are all one big musical family.

Rodjana Mesius Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fredrick He is the best teacher I"ve ever met, helps me when I need his help always here to listen I appreciate everything you do for me since the begin of high school thank you for being there, you are my hero thank for being helpful

Chasya English Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Frederick is such a caring soul. Everyday he does everything he can to make lives happier, and just better all together. He has the power to brighten up your day with just a simple, short sentence. In addition, he is such a hardworking person, who shows that good things will come out from working hard, and staying dedicated. He is a great role model. There are not enough words to describe him.

Daphney Camy Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fredrick is a very creative person. He always adds his twist to music and it always comes out perfect. He always gives his all when it comes to music and he cares about others.

Karl D. Auguste Posted 8 months ago

Mr.Frederick is one of the best role models I've had in my life. He has inspired me in many different ways. I've currently been with Mr.Frederick for almost 3 years now and he has never failed to amaze me. all of the times we have gone to compete we have gotten superior plus and or choir of distinction. Mr.Fred pushes us not only to be better for ourselves but for the group. Our dynamic and co-operation is phenomenal because of him. He personally shows me all the ways to become better than I currently am. He also treats us as his equals and doesn't act superior. Which is why we respect him and his authority so much. He is very hardworking and trustworthy. He has worked EXTREMELY hard for the group to have the reputation it has today. All around Mr.Fred is a great man not only for our school but for our community.

Caleb Fann Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fred is one of the best teachers I have ever known he is not just a choir director, he is a father figure/mentor.

Jason Guzman Posted 8 months ago

My teacher Mr.Fredrick is such an exuberant person who inspires everyone he teaches and i'm so grateful to have him as a chorus teacher i wouldn't want anyone else teaching me how to sing.

Daphney Cadeus Posted 8 months ago

He is a phenomenal teacher and creative with his teaching.

Ruth Posted 8 months ago

Mr Fred is the most reliable most caring teacher that I have ever met. There are so many things that he does for us that we do not deserve that is amazing. He really takes a role of a teacher, when you think of a teacher you think of someone who just teaches. With Mr Fred it is different because he does more then what is in his job description, he gives us advice he teaches us life lessons he teaches us to be our best selves. He honestly makes coming to school better, knowing that a teacher really wants the best for you is an amazing feeling.

Shukeal Sutton Posted 8 months ago

Not only is Mr. Fredrick caring but he is also welcoming to everyone no matter what. Mr. Fredrick is a great teacher that wants to see everyone succeed

Alexiss Brockman Posted 8 months ago

My gratitude for Sterling Fredrick is beyond words. As a teacher, he has made an effort to go above his title and become a father figure, a mentor, a friend. He has helped so many with life struggles, leadership skills, music especially. Mr. Fredrick is very trusting and forgiving when it comes to sharing his dream. Which he has allowed to us all to be apart of. Through DH (Dimensional Harmony) all musicians are able to step out and make friends, "family", and we get tons of exposure in the music world. Mr. Fredrick has paved the way for all of us without even knowing and for these things, I am truly thankful. He's the best!

Ashley Deshommes Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Frederick is an amazing leader. Mr. Frederick really brings up the spirit in the class and even in the school. He guides us into the right direction and makes sure every single one of us is okay. He doesn't only care about our grades but he also cares about our well being. In this day in age i feel like that is what most of the kids at the school need. Knowing that someone is there for you, checking on you, and making sure that your on tracks and helps you get back on track if you fall of. All i can say is Mr. Frederick deserves everything and more.

Aaliyah J DeNunzio Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Frederick is an amazing teacher, he works hard to make us successful, and not only in chorus but in life. He works us hard, he pushes us to a make sure we work to the best of our ability. He gives us advice and points us in the the right direction. He deserves the best.

Shanaya Delice Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fredrick is an absolutely amazing choir director. He has taught me many valuable things, not only for musical performance but also for life in general. I'm glad that this opportunity has entered into my life, where I could share wonderful experiences with people who share the passion for singing, ultimately becoming a family. All of this wouldn't be possible without the love shown by Mr. Fredrick for his work.

zariah jones Posted 8 months ago

The heart of Boynton High is Mr.fred, he's an amazing teacher, remarkable person, and very passionate musical genius. Mr.fred takes kids in as his own and changes their life for the better I'm blessed to call him my teacher and truly honored that I got to meet such a humble human being; it makes me believe that it is in fact still REAL people living on earth.

Tamia Sherman Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Fredrick is the most amazing man I met. He has been a father figure to all of the students he has come across. He has changed my life for the better. He has changed me from a student who didn't care about school to a child who can't wait to come to school just to see him, just to come to his class. He makes every student feel special and wanted. His heart makes you want to work hard and makes you want to do good. Mr. Fredrick is the best thing that we have to offer at Boynton High. In fact he is the only reason I'm still at this school.

Serenity Caldwell Posted 8 months ago

Mr.Sterling Frederick is a very wonderful person. He is always working hard for his students. His attitude is always positive and never gloomy. Again Mr.frederick is a wonderful person, teacher, mentor and most of all friend.

Marc-Charles.C Posted 8 months ago

Sterling, Frederick is a very enthusiastic man! He should be praised for the wonders he works with his students. He cares and praises students for their good qualities, and even worse their qualities!

Gannon Baran Posted 8 months ago

Mr.Frederick is an inspiration to me and many others. he leads his choirs with passion and love but also with a hardworking mindset so we can be the best that we can be. He has helped me through many things regarding both my personal life and with Dimensional Harmony. Mr.Frederick is my role model and i would not be the person i am today without him

Prince Vergara Posted 8 months ago

Fred has one of the most welcoming and "familial-charm" that very few people have, which allows him to exhibit a positive atmosphere wherever he steps foot. His influence always holds some sort of positive impact on all the students he interacts with and just brings joy and a spectacular array of qualities hidden in oneself and brings them up and encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Raymond Vo Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Frederick has changed my life forever, to say bluntly. I never had a favorite teacher in my four years of high school, yet ever since I came into his class, I finally have an answer to the question of "Who is your favorite teacher?" Not only is he incredibly fun and full of humor but he really knows how to teach and how to create a loving environment. I can genuinely say that I am a musician and I have a second family which is this chorus. I was am loner who only cared about my academics, I had inspiration for science and math, but Mr. Frederick has made me an avid learner of choral music and music theory. I am motivated to learn about music because of my music teacher and I'm eternally grateful and to say that he is my favorite teacher is an understatement. He is one of my favorite existences in the world and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about Mr. Frederick.

Zamir A Pitts Posted 8 months ago

He Has The Most Positive Energy I've ever come into contact with and Its Amazing because if you are ever feeling sad he can cheer you up

Jonathan Augustin Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Frederick is someone who is very helpful and supportive; no matter the situation or time he'll always be there to help and be a mentor in your life. He is hard on you because all he wants is nothing but good things for you, Mr. Frederick has taught me so much about life and singing. I am nothing but grateful and happy to have a director like Mr. Fred.