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Sandra Leopold

Position: ENLACE, Computer Science, and Technology Teacher
School: Las Montanas Charter School
School District: Las Cruces Public Schools
City, State: Las Cruces, NM

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Sandy Leopold was nominated by a colleague, Christopher Adams.

Ms. Leopold is a graduate of NMSU and proud to be an “Aggie”. She believes that every student has a unique quest for knowledge and that a good teacher plays an important role in facilitating the learning process by creating a diverse environment where students are free to explore their thoughts and ideas without fear.

Ms. Leopold is a caring, compassionate teacher who provides students with opportunities to create and apply their knowledge, skills, and leadership. In her classroom, students regularly engage in thoughtful reflection and research on problems and issues in their community. She inspires her students toward discovery and possibility, and encourages them to harness the power of knowledge and action in ways that have potential to improve the quality and well-being of their community.

Ms. Leopold is a wonderful teacher/leader who exemplifies all the best qualities of excellent teachers. She is trustworthy, dedicated, and a wonderful person to work with. She is most definitely a LifeChanger!

Comments (18)

Damien Magallanes Posted over a year ago

Honestly I think she a wonderful teacher she not just a teacher she like my school mother because she understand and asks how we are doing and if she see that we in a bad place she can speak to us about it and tell us that we should keep looking forward to the bad things that are going through but that's the reason why she's one of my favorite teacher-damien

Charie Leopold Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Sandy! That is amazing! We are proud of you! Sending our love!

Isaac A. Bonner Posted over a year ago

When i first met Mrs. Leopold she seemed like a pretty nice teacher. As soon as she started introducing her self and how her class works i was immediately interested. What really caught my eye was the interesting projects she was having us doing. After awhile i started warming up to Mrs. Leopold. She is very intelligent, fun, focused, and organized. She also knows how to have a great time. Mrs. Leopold is not only a great Teacher but she is a great person in general. She is their to help people with their problems and when they need someone to talk. Mrs. Leopold can also help provide opportunities for students who have hidden talent to become successful in the real world. She can be very understanding. These are only a few of the reasons why i nominate Mrs. Leopold.

Ibraham Apodaca Posted over a year ago

Mrs Leopold is a great inspiring teacher and helps us to get working hard. She encourages us to try new thins and to join the clubs hear at Las Montanans Charter High School. She is a fun caring teacher and will help us when we need it theirs lots of fun in her classroom.

David Navarro Posted over a year ago

shes the best teacher iv'e had helps me on my work and wont let me leave her desk until she knows i get it. ms. leopold gets along with every staff and even students i haven't seen a teacher that gets along with every single student not one student gives her a hard time or attitude. and the reason why is because she is a ''life changer''.

Myztique Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Leopold has helped me to be a better person. She has taught me how to be more patient and how to understand that I can be anything that I put my mind to. I feel like she understands me better than I do myself. I am truly grateful to have her as a teacher 2 years in a row. I would definitely a LifeChanger!!

christian garcia Posted over a year ago

she is one of the best teachers in the world not only i'm saying that because i got showed to put this message but that i'm taking my time and day to put this message why she should be nominated for the award. She/Mrs.Leopold is the nicest most helpful teacher with any subject or topic that a student will need help in. She would ask when she sees something different in a student if there having any problems in there day at school or at home and try to make there day any better. Not only that she helps with students attitudes she also does with homework and if the student needs anything.

Estrella Alarcon Posted over a year ago

Ms.Leopold is a life changer shes helped me so much in so many ways and made an impact in my life. She is Probably The Best teacher you will ever have and the one you would wish for. If you ever had her you know that at least once shes made you see things differently in such a good way. She explains everything in away you'll understand it right away and so clearly. Shes not only a good teacher but also a good counselor and a good person with a huge heart. I love her she means so much to me. My life wouldn't be the same right now if it wasn't for her.

Jacob Anthony Valenzuela Posted over a year ago

I've been here at Las Montanas for about 2 years, i didn't have ms Leopold when i first came, but now i have her this year and just within the 1st 9 weeks she has taught me so much, not just about technology and about class, but about life. In a way she has taught me to be stronger, she taught me to think better of myself and how to get through life.

gabe marquez Posted over a year ago

ms. Leopold is a caring person she always helps you when you need help, i have had her for enlance last year and this year i have smart lab tech and i'am very grateful to have a teacher who always keeps a smile on your face when you walk into class.

Nelson Arriaga Posted over a year ago

Ms. Leopold is one of the best teachers that I've ever had. She has helped me in many different ways. She's given me great advice and the advice she gives me always works out. It makes me so happy that she got this chance to be the life changer of the year because she really deserves it after all she has done for every student that she has had.

anthony coca Posted over a year ago

Ms. Leopold you're an amazing teacher everyone here at Las Montanas Charter High School loves you we are glad you are our teacher and we appreciate everything you do for us in STEM and in ENLACE we love you very much Ms. Leopold.

ALexis Posted over a year ago

mrs.leoppold is by far one of the bestest teachers ive had in all my high school years and /to me she just tops off all the teachers ive had in all my school years because for one she is really helpful with advice ,she also provides and helps me including all or any of her other students with good inspiration with different my opinion she is a very sweet woman (teacher) who you can go to with anything and shell be there 100%with support and advice.if you are dealing with something a problem out of school or in school she is the one to go to or even in her class ,shell help you in whatever way she can.

Naihma hernandez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Leopold is been a great teacher, shes been here for people that need to talk about their problems and shes giving us good advice she has give me good advice, she has pushing people to graduate and have a future. Her words when i talk to her had definitely change my mind Mrs. Leopold is just a great teacher

Anna Corte Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Leopold has been the best teacher I had in my high school life. When I left middle school, I was very very shy, I did't talk to anyone or join any club until I came to Las Montanas High School and I was in a class Enlace. I have been in Enlace in my middle class but again in middle school no one asked my opinion untill Las Montanas Charter High School. I found out that Mrs.Leopold was teaching that but I still didn't talk, so she began making me talk and presenting projects in front of the class and the Enlace conference we would go two times the school year. i started to open up a bit more and by 10th grade, I was talking to people and presenting in front of people with more or less no problems. I thank her for being the one to come to me and starting to talk and making me feel like my voice matter.I been with her since 9th grade and still with her now that I am a 11th grader. I also thank the school for helping me and pushing me in what i am now. I believe Mrs.Leopold is a amazing LifeChanger!!!!!!!

Crystal Valles Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Leopold Is An Amazing And Outstanding Person! She Motivates Us As Students To Keep Doing Good And Pushes Us To Strive Better. She Has Truly Made An Impact On My Life Since My Freshman Year I Have Grown A Bond With Mrs. Leopold And She Is My Favorite Person. I Don't See Mrs.Leopold As Just A Teacher I See Her As Like A Second Mom! I Walk Into Her Classroom And Its Nothing But Good Vibes Around Mrs.Leopold. Even At Times When I Am Feeling Low She Always Has Something To Say That Brings Me Right Back Up. I Also Know That I Can Count On Her To Tell Her Personal Things About What Is Happening In My Life And She Comforts Me And Helps Me Get Through It. I Am Very Lucky To Have Mrs.Leopold As Not Only A Teacher, But A Friend And Go-To. Thank You Mrs.Leopold For Being Someone I Can Depend On To Always Talk To And For Just Being Kind To Me And Being My Friend.

Jadelyn Boldon Posted over a year ago

My name Is Jade Boldon, I have Mrs. Leopold For Enlace and Computer Science and Business. She is such an wonderful teacher. She helps all her students, she honestly doesn't treat us as students instead she treats us like her own children. She takes care of us like her own kids. She is and amazing teacher/woman. My Personally thought of Mrs. Leopold, is that she is so compassionate about what she does. She is so nice and caring, I come to her class room every period when I finish my work from other classes. Mrs. Leopold has done so much for me, She tries her best to help me and other students in need. The first day I came to Las Montanas I was walking down the hallway and she said "Hello" out of the blue, She is honestly the first teacher that i know that tries to get to know the students. She is just a amazing person, and if she doesn't win this award it will be alright, because she is the the life changer in my life. Thank you Mrs. Leopold you will always be the 0g (Original Geek) Leopold!

andrew Posted over a year ago

Hi my name is Andrew Castilllo im in Mrs.leopold Enlace class. I think my teacher should get this award because she is always there for me she always helps me out and she is pretty cool