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Luz Rivera

Position: School Security
School: Miami Lakes Middle School
School District: Miami-Dade County Public Schools
City, State: Miami Lakes, FL

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Luz Rivera received two nominations from a family member, Lucy Rivera, and her neighbor, Tanya Williams. The following profile contains text from both nominations.

Ms. Rivera has given 29 years to Miami-Dade County Public Schools. She has always had a passion for her work, and she ensures that children make it to school safely. She is the kind of person to always give 110% at her job.

"Luz has worked at the same middle school since before I went there as a student, until long after I've graduated and became an adult," said Lucy. "Her ultimate goal is to ensure she does the best job she can."

Her work ethic carries over into her personal life, as she is a full time wife and mother of four children. She has worked so hard in her life that she has inspired her own children to be the best people they can be and work just as hard. She's not only a security guard, but someone who builds relationships with the parents and makes them feel good to drop their kids off at school knowing someone is watching over them.

"Luz has been close with my family and has supported us in all of our family endeavors, as well as our deepest times of despair," said Williams. "A little over two years ago, my husband has a massive stroke stemming from his brain and nearly died during a major hurricane. She and her husband were at our side to console us and offer counsel for us. Luz brought food, water and clothing back and forth between our house and the hospital for weeks at a time and made sure we had everything we needed. Before and after Hurricane Irma hit us in Miami, while I was still in the hospital with my husband, Luz and her husband helped install storm shutters in my house and other houses in the neighborhood. They also helped clear the debris in the aftermath of the storm."

"Her next door neighbor, Carol, whose mother passed away while she was a teenager, was helped and guided by Luz into adulthood," said Williams. "It touched me to see how she took Carol under her wings. Many times, Luz has bought cakes, donuts and drinks for me and other neighbors because she feels like cakes and donuts make people happy. Luz comes to my house at least three times a week to show me love and give me the motivation to keep going. She has been the epitome of a model citizen, neighbor and a friend. My life would not be the same had I never met her. I appreciate all that she does and love her dearly."

Comments (2)

Marie Parker Posted 7 months ago

Congratulation Luz. You deserve this wonderful award and recognition. You are a hard-worker and have a selfless nature. I am truly proud of you and wish you through best.

Kirenia Alonso Posted 7 months ago

Good Luck Luz!!!!