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Cara Marbury

Position: Intermediate Autism - Special Education Teacher
School: Beers Elementary School
School District: District of Colombia Public Schools
City, State: Washington, DC

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Cara Marbury was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Marbury has been teaching students with autism for over 11 years, and her methods are amazing to watch. The nominator said that Ms. Marbury is the best teacher they have ever worked with.

"I respect her morals when it comes to teaching this population of students because she wasn't always a teacher. She started out as an aide for a well-known non-public school to work her way through college. Once she graduated, she was appointed her own classroom," the nominator said. 

Ms. Marbury is well trained and has taught her nominator almost everything they needed to know about autism and working with children. Her classroom is always inviting, as she accepts other students into her classroom for her own version of reverse inclusion. She stands up for her students when they are left out, or just need someone to vouch for them.

"She is so connected with the families of her students, she occasionally babysits for them on weekends. If that is isn't pure love for the success of her students I don't know what is," the nominator said.