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Eugene Parson

Position: Discipline Secretary
School: Colony Middle School
School District: MatSu Borough School District
City, State: Palmer, AK

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Eugene Parson was nominated by his principal, Mary McMahon.

Mr. Parson has worked as a discipline secretary at Colony Middle School for over a decade. During his time, he has influenced so many lives in his community. He works with students who are experiencing extreme life difficulties, and he has a trauma-sensitive approach when dealing with them.

"I believe with all my heart that he has actually saved many lives," McMahon said.

Mr. Parson was previously in the military and has light sensitivity as a result of his service, so he wears glasses all the time. Students want to know how it happened, so he shares his story so they can feel more connected to him. He holds students to high standards and takes the time to speak with them on a personal level when they are experiencing life challenges. Many students go back after middle school to see him, and some students even write a personal memoir about him and the positive impact he has made on their lives.

He begins each morning on traffic duty. While he's outside on some of the coldest days in Alaska, you can still hear him singing and welcoming students to the school. They happily walk into school as a result of their first contact with him at 7:00 am. He has strong faith and shares it through the way he treats others every single day.

"Mr. Parson has an influence on everyone who crosses his path. He radiates love, kindness, compassion and humility in all that he does," McMahon said.

Comments (13)

Selena Fischer Posted over a year ago

I love being greeted every morning with a warm smile, a kind greeting, and a knuckle bump. Mr. Parson is a humble, genuine, caring, and upbeat person who is an absolute joy to work with on a daily basis. He is an uplifting and life-changing support for past and present CMS students, and a real blessing to all who encounter him. He truly deserves this recognition for all the lives he's touched, blessed, and changed!

Heather Korynt Posted over a year ago

He not only starts the students day off Good, he brightens the day of every parent at drop off!

Brenda Gumminger Posted over a year ago

As a parent who volunteered at Colony Middle School for 6 years, I was able to see Mr. Parson interact with the students. He always greeted everyone with a smile and made them feel that they mattered. He was very well liked and respected throughout the school despite the fact that he was the person in charge of discipline. Glad to see Mr. Parson being recognized this way.

Robbin Swenson Posted over a year ago

You are AMAZING!!!! You are truly the LIGHT in the dark places of the students you work with.. I enjoyed working with you the 3 years we worked together!!! May you be blessed beyond measure. Yo you owe me $10..... lol

Alyssia JONES Posted over a year ago

I'll always know that when my kids see your positive attitude first thing in the morning that they are going to have a great day at school. Always so great to see someone so fresh, upbeat, and happy first thing.

Teresa Belotti Posted over a year ago

Mr Parsons, I want to thank you for being you. I look forward to dropping my kids off at school so I can give you a big smile and a wave as I passed by. You are always so happy and encouraging to all those children that pass by you in the crosswalk to enter school, giving them a high-five, fist bump or singing something and maybe some Dancing. You are very deserving of this award! Again thank you for being you!

Melody Mann Posted over a year ago

Mr. Parsons rules the school!

Sherry Whitstine Posted over a year ago

Dear Mr P, Congratulations on this prestigious award. You have indeed been a life changer! You were there when my children were in school! You were there as a great support for me when we were working together and then became a friend. Mr. Parsons, the love of the LORD shows through as you go about your day dealing with students. You are we'll deserving of this recognition. Enjoy and be blessed! With love Sherry W

Kelley Geagel Posted over a year ago

He is the heartbeat of our school!!

Kim Stephens Posted over a year ago

He plays such an important role in the lives of students because he uses every encounter as an opportunity to teach a life lesson. He brings light into dark situations. Can always count on him to be uplifting and life changing.

Aleshia Quennell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Parson goes out of his way to ensure that students are cared for and welcome within our school. He has been able to take students who are not connected with positive role models and form a supportive relationship with them. When students see Mr. Parson they run up to him, beaming and share with him their life events. He is able to draw students out and absolutely changes their lives.

Sarah Gaul Posted over a year ago

My son has autism and severe anxiety, one of the medications he was on for a while caused him to have suicidal ideations and Mr Parson was one of the few people he would talk to and open up with about what was going on. I believe that Mr Parson helped save his life by being there while he was struggling with everything going on in his mind. Thank you Mr Parson for being there for our son and all the other students at Colony Middle School.

Stephen Young Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Eugene for 15 years and I can say without hesitation that he is the kindest, hardest working, most compassionate man I have ever met. Thanks Eugene!