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LeaAnn Buckwell

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Christ the King Christian Academy
School District: Christ the King Christian Academy
City, State: New London, NC

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LeaAnn Buckwell was nominated by Pamela Hatley, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Buckwell is a wonderful example of what every teacher should aspire to be and the kind of teacher every student needs in their life.  Her life isn't dedicated to her career, but to her students' success.  Mrs. Buckwell teaches, leads, and lives by example, not by theory.

Mrs. Buckwell understands every child learns in different ways and at different paces. For this reason, her students excel under her.  She is always willing to take the extra time to sit down with her students one on one to make sure no one is left behind, even if it's after school. She doesn’t give up on her children, and she doesn’t allow them to give up on themselves.

Mrs. Buckwell also nurtures her students.  Every parent can trust she will treat each of her students with the same love, dedication and determination she would with her own children.  She loves her job, and for this reason, she makes a difference in each of her students' lives.  She is an asset to her students, their parents, and her co-workers.

Mrs. Buckwell makes learning as fun and painless as possible for her students.  If one of her students starts falling behind, she will find a new way to teach the material until the student understands.  She advocates for her children, and in the ever-changing world of education, that is one of the most important qualities a teacher can have besides loving what they do.

"A great teacher can erase apprehension and anxiety that appears in a student’s life as they are trying to learn. This is truly what sets Mrs. Buckwell apart," said Hatley. "She deserves to be recognized for her dedication to making a difference in her students' lives.

Comments (12)

Sarah Roberts Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Buckwell is absolutely amazing! My son moved into her class when changing schools mid-year and she made the transition smooth and easy for him. She is kind, compassionate, and cares about her students. My son has a love of school that he’s never had before and it’s solely attributable to Mrs. Buckwell!

Sadie Britto Posted 10 months ago

There honestly couldn’t be a better nominee for this award! She is the teacher to one of my children and I have also had the pleasure of working under her. She is my mentor and someone I aspire to be. Speaking as a parent she goes above and beyond for her students. She loves them fiercely while helping them learn and exceed their own expectations. She creates and environment where children on different paths of learning are able to learn and grasp what is set before them. As someone who works under her she is one of the most hardworking women I have ever met. Her heart and soul goes into everything that she does. She will fight for any child even when they stop fighting for themselves. She will show them how special they are and teach them to continue to fight for themselves because God made them in His image and that alone is worth fighting for. I have watched her this year with a student in particular who she has guided and helped find a new academic confidence and a personal confidence that the student himself didn’t think was possible. She is an inspiration to me, her students, and her coworkers.

Kiana Posted 10 months ago

LeeAnn is a loving an caring person.

Meredith Posted 10 months ago

Wonderful Lady!

Christy Nichols Posted 10 months ago

I met LeeAnn about 18 years ago at church. She was so warm and welcoming I knew she was special. We found out she was my husband’s 3rd cousin and have gotten to know her through the years. She is one of the sweetest women I know and she deserves this award!!

Darrell Nichols Posted 10 months ago

LeaAnn would never ask this for herself as she is a humble lady and is very deserving of this recognition! Please join me in showing LeaAnn support! Thanks

Joan Buchannon Posted 10 months ago

Mrs Leeann buckwell definitely goes above and beyond. My son was in a head on collision and was home bound to a wheelchair for 2 months and Mrs Leeann Buckwell went so far above and beyond being a teacher and became a friend and family member to our family. Her love and support was amazing. She drove so far out of her way to bring his school work to him several times per week to make sure he stayed caught up. She brought him a cheesecake for his birthday that she made herself. Mrs Leeann Buckwell and her husband Randy are amazing Godly loving people that I cannot say enough about. Thank you so much Mrs Leeann Buckwell.

Terri Barringer Posted 10 months ago

She is the most supportive person I’ve ever had the honor to know. She has supported the Bible program at MPHS for years. When I would feel like things were not going well LeeAnn would stand in support working and helping out in every way she could. She is always positive being there when your in need. If I had one word to describe LeaAnn it would have to be Love.

John Collins Posted 10 months ago

I am so proud of my big sister, she has devoted her life to teaching children and is very good at it! She definitely deserves this recognition, even though she would be the last one to seek it out! Love ya Lea Ann!

Amanda Frick Posted 10 months ago

There aren't enough word for me to express my gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Buckwell. I have cried tears with this wonderful woman hugged her and shared my family's life issues not all people would understand but she did. She loved and cared and fought for my children she never gave up on my children especially my middle child who wasnt the easiest to handle but she seen through what some people seen as a burden and problem she fought for him prayed for and over him. I have never encountered a teacher who TRULY loved my children like she did and does . I can go on and on how she truly deserves this and how amazing she is. We love you Mrs.Buckwell

Jacob Amerson Posted 10 months ago

As her child... i can attest that this is all true. She loves teaching children. She loves seeing children leaen even more than she loves teaching them. She works to teach children to learn to teach themselves. She deserves recognition from someone other than her family. Shes earned that recognition in more ways than one.

Tari Parsons Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Buckwell is an excellent choice for a LifeChanger award. She continually goes above and beyond to help her students, and other students as well. Christ the King Christian Academy is fortunate to have this amazing woman on their staff.