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Kimberly Whitehead

Position: STEM Teacher
School: Howard B. Stroud Elementary School
School District: Clarke County School District
City, State: Athens, GA

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Kimberly Whitehead was nominated by her colleague, Cheryl Mattox.

Ms. Whitehead is an innovative, creative educator, a role model, and a leader for her school. She has led and directed several projects at her school, including:

Stroud STEM Night - an event that allows for students and parents to observe and participate in science exhibits and games. Many of these activities are happening in her class.

Stroud Day of Service - a day where the students are able to learn about community helpers and show their appreciation by performing service projects in the community.

Stroud Green Day - a project where students, staff, and volunteers beautified the school with trees and gardens. Ms. Whitehead chose the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail as the theme for this project. Her efforts have created a positive school atmosphere by nurturing the school community while benefiting the lives of students and teachers.

Ms. Whitehead has served as team leader for the second grade, as well as for her specials team. She leads by example as a role model while projecting the highest moral and ethical standards. In addition, she write grants and solicits sponsors within the community for all of the aforementioned projects.

Finally, Ms. Whitehead goes beyond the call of duty to instruct the staff on how to utilize any acquired knowledge that will promote students' learning. She ensures teachers are exposed to any knowledge she acquires, and she constantly collaborates with teachers in an effort to share knowledge in the areas of science and technology.

"Kim is constantly changing lives here at Howard B. Stroud Elementary School," said Mattox. "She is a LifeChanger!"

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