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Bonnie Laughlin

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Zamorano Elementary School
School District: San Diego Unified
City, State: San Diego, CA

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Bonnie Laughlin was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Laughlin is full of life! She greets every student as they come through the school doors in the morning. She may not know everyone's name, but she knows quite a few. Her smile is warm and bright, and she welcomes students and staff with a big hug. She is kind and sincere in everything she says. Her presence lights up the room, and she is always there to help others, even when she may be going through personal issues of her own. She makes every child, parent, teacher and staff member feel welcome at Zamorano Elementary School. While many staff members are struggling to wake up or get organized for the day; Laughlin is full of life, greeting the day and everyone in it.  

Ms. Laughlin makes a difference, not only in her students' lives, but in all students' lives at her school. She brings a positive atmosphere to Zamorano, and even though she hasn't been there for very long, she is the school's number one cheerleader.

"I know first hand how nurturing she is to students, and I have taught her class when she was busy or at a meeting. She wants her students to feel comfortable and to feel safe to express their opinions. She also had some students who would get low blood sugar, so she wanted to make sure they had the energy they needed to learn," the nominator said.

When Ms. Laughlin needed to be out of her class for more than a day, the nominator taught her class and incorporated a few ideas of her own to help things run more smoothly in her absence.  

The reason why Ms. Laughlin stands out is because she isn't just a teacher. She cares about her students and her school, and everyone knows it. No one needs to ask if she cares about her students, because it is evident and obvious in everything she does.

"I do not know where she gets her energy," the nominator remarked. "What I do know is that Mrs. Bonnie Laughlin is one of a kind. One in a million. She brings Sunshine to Zamorano, every day."

Comments (8)

Susan Clark Posted 12 months ago

I can't think of a more appropriate nomination for Bonnie Laughlin! Before becoming my next door neighbor teacher, Bonnie was a sub at our school. She knows everyone! She truly knows how to turn that frown upside down when she sees someone in need. Several years ago, I broke my leg, and had to miss 6 weeks of school. Bonnie subbed for me. She put my mind at ease, took over, and became my threat! She was amazing with my students and my classroom. I knew I needed to get back quick before I lost my job to her! My classroom was decorated in beautiful charts that created no doubt in anyone's mind just what kind of learning was going on her classroom! Later, she became my teammate and next door neighbor teacher. She has my back, at all times. I am so happy to see such a deserving person nominated for this award! She has truly been a life changer for so many of us at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy!

Randy Perez Posted over a year ago

Bonnie is well loved here at Zamorano, she is a hard worker and has a great big heart!!!!! She will bend backwards to help one out when there is a need . She is a cheerleader and backs her cheers with love and understanding!!!!! She is a dear friend and team player. She truly deserves to be recognized as a life changer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Randall Perez 3rd Grade Teacher Zamorano Elementary School

John Taculad Posted over a year ago

Bonnie is a great teacher who helps her students develop not only as students but also people. I've never met a teacher that was so good at helping her students build on their strengths and focus on their areas of improvement. Bonnie is not just involved with her students but the parents as well keeping them update with their child progress.

Jeanne Taculad Posted over a year ago

She is a wonderful teacher who is very engaging with a fun and caring spirit! She sees the abilities and strengths in my child(that i myself is still learning to see) and gives her the praise and recondition she deserves!

Leslie Posted over a year ago

I loved hearing that Bonnie was being recognized as a Life Changer because she lives life humbly and unconditionally serving others. Bonnie naturally recognizes the needs of others and seems to know just what to do to meet those needs. She is a team player through and through, extending herself to help everyone, even when not asked. It is such a comfort knowing that Bonnie can be counted on for any reason. I first noticed Bonnie's work ethic when she was a substitute, and that energy and dedication has not faded the slightest. Bonnie consistently finds new resources to help all of the learners in her classroom, and makes every minute of the day count for her kids. When the bell rings at the end of the school day, Bonnie continues to hold class to support her students' academics, as well as their emotional needs. Bonnie loves and encourages everyone in her life. This Life Changer nomination is a great way to thank Bonnie for her service to all those in our Zamorano Community.

Kellie Frazer Posted over a year ago

This does not surprise me at all. Bonnie is my neighbor and we constantly talk about her days in and preparing for the classroom and each and every time I think to myself what a blessing she is to those students, fellow staff, and parents. This just confirms what I knew to be true. Love this woman and so proud and happy to see she is being honored !

John Posted over a year ago

I have watched Mrs. Laughlin grow as an educator for many years. She started teaching as a second career and the schools she has taught at are glad she waited to become a teacher. She took all of her life experiences and have incorporated those lessons to be passed on to her students and other teachers. Her commitment to the teaching profession make her a team player and she makes learning fun and enjoyable for all who either work with her or have sat in on her classroom. She changed my life.

Dayna Posted over a year ago

This is the most wonderful, caring, hardworking human I have ever had the great opportunity to know. Her dedication to her students is inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work Mrs. Laughlin!