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Amanda Valdalez

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Sunrise Park Elementary School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Boca Raton, FL

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Amanda Valdalez was nominated by her colleague, Anna Young.

Mrs. Valdalez is a one-of-a-kind teacher! She exemplifies the complete definition of a dedicated, hardworking teacher who spends countless hours preparing to meet the needs of her students. Mrs. Valdalez has come across many struggling students in her class over the last two years. She has managed to differentiate her instruction for these kids and increase their academic achievement and learning gains! Mrs. Valdalez cares deeply about her students and colleagues. She goes above and beyond every single day and is a true asset to the Sunrise Park community.

"I can speak for our entire staff, parents, and students at SPES when I say that Mrs Valdalez is a LifeChanger...and an irreplaceable teacher on our third grade team," said Young.

Comments (31)

Carin Gregory Posted 4 months ago

I am in Ms. Valdalez’s class everyday, as I work one-on-one with a student currently in her class. It is an absolute pleasure to be in the presence of this mastermind of a teacher! She has a natural talent to know exactly what her students need to understand the lessons that she teaches. She’ll come up with fun and engaging activities to give them that “ah ha!” moment, all on her own! Ms. Valdalez is also amazing at handling all kinds of behaviors and situations with all of her students. She’s great at motivating the kids and helping them think of themselves as someone who can achieve anything! Congratulations to you, Ms. V, on your well deserved recognition! I love working alongside with you!

Anna Young Posted 4 months ago

Mrs Valdalez has changed the lives of so many struggling readers who enter her classroom. I am so truly proud of her and the amount of effort she puts into differentiating for her kids every single day. She is an incredible role model for her kids and goes above and beyond at Sunrise Park :) congratulations Amanda!!!

rachael allen Posted 5 months ago

Ms Valdalez is an amazing teacher. Her motivation and enthusiasm for learning are contagious. Our daughter had a wobbly start to grade 3 but with Ms Valdalez’s encouragement and support she had a fantastic year with great academic results and social skills. Ms Valdalez has a unique ability to educate kids by building their trust and respect balanced with a love and warmth that the kids want to be her friend. My daughter, now in 4th grade still visits Ms Valdalez for a hug and a chat whenever she can!

Rosie Presas Posted 7 months ago

Throughout my teaching career I’ve come across many new teachers that just don’t even come close to what Ms. Valdalez exudes. Ms. Valdalez has the keen instinct to know what her students need and a strong relationship with colleagues working towards a common goal - helping all her students succeed. I’m honored to work alongside her and learn from her. Her energy is captivating and transpires to her students as well. I’m so fortunate to have her on my 3rd grade team as she is always willing to brainstorm ideas and collaborating with her is inspiring! I’m so blessed to not only have her as a faithful, reliable, hardworking colleague, but a beautiful friend too!

Nichelle Tran Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations to Mrs. Valdalez! She is such an amazing teacher and a wonderful co-worker. The kids love her, and her passion for teaching is evident in all that she does. It's an honor to work with such a shining star!

Gracia Moyano Posted 7 months ago

She is the best teacher. She is always willing to help her students, and she gives us all the necessary information so that we can participate in the education of our children.

Lauren Susman Posted 7 months ago

As a parent, it is a frustrating time to watch so many teachers struggle to find a way to make up for lacking materials, classroom participation from parents and student willingness to want to learn. When you see Ms. Valdalez in action, those struggles become a challenge she has easily overcome. Her classroom is lively and entertaining due to her spending evenings decorating to keep learning fun for her kids. Activities are well planned and far outside the learning curriculum box, giving excitement to those that are taught by her each day. Parents are just as encouraged to participate as the students and also become excited for what their kids are doing. It takes a unicorn to overcome this frustrating times and there is no better example of that than Ms. Valdalez. Her students grades, parental and peers feedback and her overall sunny disposition speak volumes to it!

Alicia Steiger Posted 7 months ago

So proud of Ms. Valdalez. As her principal for the past 2 years I have seen the tremendous amount of dedication that she commits to her students each and every year. Relationships are at the core of everything that Amanda does. Whether it is her weekly “fam bam” where her student community rallies around the student of the week or attending athletic events to support her students, Amanda understands and values the power of relationships. She has transformed her classroom into a fall festival and operating room to make learning fun and engaging for her kids. She is one of those individuals who was “born to be a teacher.” Her intentional planning and emphasis on different learning styles ensures that her students get exactly what they need, both in whole and small group. Love having this rockstar on my team and in grade 3. Super proud principal right here! Amanda is for sure a difference maker!

Gayle Denney Posted 7 months ago

Way to go! We love Ms V! She truly is a life changer. She’s helped my daughter Alexis more than I can describe in words. She’s an angel here on earth.

Mike Marrero Posted 7 months ago

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. Mrs, Valdalez brings excellence to her classroom every single day by making learning fun for her children. Her keen ability to bring excitement and wonder into education makes her stand out above the rest. She truly changes the lives of her children for the better, and deserves to be recognized for it. Give her the Award!!!

Veronica syler Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is truly a life changer for kids!! Not only is she a hard worker but also the love and care that she has for each of her students is unique.

Carlos Rincon Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is a great teacher!! She is dedicated and efficient with the education of our young one's! Best teacher no doubt

María serrano Posted 7 months ago

Beautifully person, very kind y and a really sweet person with kids. Dedicated and passionate with her teaching job. The best

Tyler Haage Posted 7 months ago

Ms.Valdalez has been a very good and knowledgeable teacher. She explains really well and my daughter is able to adapt easily thanks to her. We highly recommend her.

Jerry Grove Posted 7 months ago

Such a happy loving person. Very passionate about every single thing she does no matter big or small. She is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with. I am so happy for her nomination it is well deserved! She is loved.

Amy Pouliot Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is such a great educator. I have known her from her even being an intern going through undergraduate and masters studies. She has a passion to help her students. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Her goal is to reach every child to help them learn in whatever way they require. She goes above and beyond. It’s what makes her an amazing teacher and amazing person. She is changing the lives of our young people one young mind at a time and I am privileged to know her.

Amy Pouliot Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is such a great educator. I have known her from her even being an intern going through undergraduate and masters studies. She has a passion to help her students. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Her goal is to reach every child to help them learn in whatever way they require. She goes above and beyond. It’s what makes her an amazing teacher and amazing person. She is changing the lives of our young people one young mind at a time and I am privileged to know her.

Melissa Clark Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is the most dedicated teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As her ESE support facilitator, we spend countless hours planning and figuring out the best approach for our students. To say Amanda goes above and beyond would be an understatement. Amanda pours her heart and soul into those babies and their parents. The knowledge she instills in them is beyond description. Seeing the growth of her students from the moment they walk into her classroom to the moment they exit at the end of the year is something quite spectacular. She has moved students from reading at a kindergarten level to scoring a 4 on the FSA. She has welcomed babies with anxiety, dealing with anger issues, reading deficits, etc. with open arms and changed them into successful students by the end of the year. Getting to watch her every day, twice a day, and have a first hand experience of seeing her babies change throughout the year is something of a miracle. She is a true life changer for these babes!

Brett Morreale Posted 7 months ago

Amanda Valdalez is extremely deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year. I’ve never seen someone more dedicated to changing lives. Amanda’s passion is making sure her kids are the most prepared for what life throws at them. She spends countless hours customizing lesson plans to really meet her kids needs. The most important thing is the environment she creates for them. She makes everything about being a family and everyone supporting each other. She transforms her classrooms several times a year to really drive home core points in the curriculum in fun and creative way. She makes learning FUN! Her approach is exactly what changes lives. Children leave her room after the year with the drive and passion for education. That’s the definition of a child’s LIFE being changed!

Nancy Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is a hard working teacher! She devotes her time during school and after hours thinking of ways to help her students succeed in school. She differentiates her lesson based on her students needs, in order for each child to understand the material. She is loved by her students which shows that she takes the time to know and care for each one. My child was excited to attend school each day to learn and this was because she knew her teacher cared about her. She make class fun with creative lessons to reach all different types of learning levels. She is an amazing teacher I can't say enough!!

Katie Buckholz Posted 7 months ago

Oh my goodness~ Ms.Valdalez is the most amazing, dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and wonderful educator!!! As a member of the Sunrise Park support staff, I adore being in her classroom and watching her creativity unfold daily in the most unique and exciting ways! She is truly unlike any other teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Ms.Valdalez has high expectations for all her students, regardless of ability levels, and they each know that she is always available to support and motivate every step of the way. Her intensity, passion and genuine kindness, along with her love for helping students succeed is unparalleled! Ms. Valdalez deserves this award without a doubt!!

Brittany Smith Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Valdalez is truly the definition of an amazing teacher! I admire her hard work, dedication, and determination in meeting the needs of her students! She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and is an advocate for all of her students! I couldn’t ask for a better teammate! She motivates us all to do our best!

Nicole Clifford Posted 7 months ago

Getting to work with Amanda was such a blessing! I was able to learn so much from her professionally, like how to make my lessons more engaging and beneficial for my students. She is truly an unique teacher that always preserves to meet her goals. She never stops striving to better her instruction just to ensure her students are getting the best education they could get! Thank you for being an amazing leader and mentor to your colleagues and your students!

Eric Paul Posted 7 months ago

Ms Valdalez is one of a kind! I have never seen a teacher go above and beyond for their students like Ms Valdalez. She even came to my son's football game to watch him play because she knew how important it was to him. She is definitely a LifeChanger!

Jamie Paul Posted 7 months ago

We were lucky enough to have Ms Valdalez as my son’s 3rd grade teacher last year. She truly goes above and beyond for each and every one of her students giving them the tools they need to be successful. I cannot think of someone more deserving for the title LifeChanger!!!

Janet maggio Posted 7 months ago

Most impressed with her dedication to her students all the time it’s a rarity She is always researching ways to better herself & most of all her students.

BonitaValdalez Posted 7 months ago

Amanda Valdalez has always been an energetic bright compassionate person who cares deeply about getting people to be the best they can be .She has always encouraged and brought her own personal touch to help people strive to be better than they ever thought possible.People who know her love her honesty ,integrity and determination.We are blessed to be her parents Bonita and Anthony Valdalez

Julie Scardino Posted 7 months ago

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Amanda Valdalez for two years, at two different schools. In both settings, Amanda was a dynamic educator! As a first year teacher, I knew she had something special when I saw the countless hours she spent reflecting on each day’s lessons, grading her students’ work, and modifying and tweaking her next day’s plans based on how they performed that day. She is the true definition of a flexible and responsive teacher! She cares about every single student in her class and works hard to keep them engaged and excited about their learning. I can’t think of a more deserving teacher for this award than Amanda Valdalez. She is truly missed at our school and the impact she made on her students is lasting. Julie Scardino, Principal Egypt Lake Elementary School Tampa, Florida

AnneMarie Rowe Posted 7 months ago

Amanda is a stellar example of a teacher we all want for our kids. She challenges them, pushes them and inspires them! She taught my daughter dance for many years. She expected the best and worked with them to take personal pride in their own accomplishments. I love knowing her genuine heart and diligent work ethic. She is certainly someone the precious young people of today need and will always remember.

Laura Visinski Posted 7 months ago

I first met Amanda at orientation day at the University of South Florida. She was my very first friend in the program and I was immediately drawn to her witty and caring personality. She was always positive- no matter what the situation was- you would always leave the conversation feeling better about. Amanda was one of the hardest working people in the USF graduate program. She was not only putting herself through grad school but always the ‘take charge’ and leader of our cohort. She jumped at the opportunity to teach at a school that was notoriously known for being a hard school- especially for a studeworknt teacher. She was so driven and would after school hours on her lesson plans and finding creative ways to teach her students. She treated them with respect and kindness. She got involved in her school transforming her classroom into various themes and creating Harry Potter themed houses for each grade. Every time she would talk about one of her students she would have a gleam in her eyes- you could just see how passionate she was. Amanda is a hard worker and very driven at teaching- but she also holds a character that is very rare- she is truly gifted at what she does. She has a talent that cannot be taught or learned- she just naturally has her ways of dealing with all sorts of students and situations. It’s hard to explain but anyone who has taught with Amanda will know exactly what I am talking about. As a student teacher she had experienced teachers coming to her for advice and tricks. I know Amanda has motivated me to be a better teacher and is always the person I call when I have a tricky situation. She’s a rare gem in a profession that is very understated and never easy.

Kristy Haage Posted 7 months ago

Where do I begin?!?! Life changer could not be any more accurate!! Miss Valdalez has done JUST THAT for our daughter! Taylor lost her uncle this year and Miss Valdalez had Taylor come in 45 minutes early every day when she returned to give her the extra help that she needed from missing days in order to be with her family, Taylor had the flu and Miss Valdalez, AGAIN gave her those accommodations when she was well. Miss Valdalez offers open lines of communication with parents, and as for me.. that is EVERYTHING! Miss Valdalez has been our daughters biggest advocate to help her thrive in her 3rd grade year, she believes in children, she makes learning fun, and has compassion. She’s not only changing our daughters life, but ours! Our daughters self confidence has soared at home when it comes to her assignments!! I say it all of the time, we hit the lottery this year by having this Life Changer!!