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Cameron Prather

Position: Health and Physical Education Teacher
School: Ballard Hudson Middle School
School District: Bibb County School District
City, State: Macon, GA

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Cameron Prather was nominated by his mother, Cheryl Mattox.

Mr. Prather is a LifeChanger because of his continued dedication to the students, staff, and parents at Ballard Hudson Middle School. His mission has been to change the culture in his school, and he strives to make a difference in the students' lives in multiple ways.

Mr. Prather serves dual roles in his school: athletic director and head coach for football, baseball, and wrestling. He teaches his students athletic skills while instilling positive mindsets that will influence the students for life. Winning a game is great, but for Mr. Prather, winning in life is much more important. He has formed relationships with students and their parents. He will provide transportation for students whose parents cannot bring them to games. Mr. Prather will provide meals and haircuts for students. He also serves as a mentor, and the students trust him and respond positively to his leadership.

Mr. Prather continues to support and mentor students well into high school. He enlisted the assistance of another staff member to provide temporary guardianship for a student so that he could complete his school year when the family relocated out of state. He attends their sporting events and monitors their academics to ensure continued success.

Mr. Prather spends a tremendous amount of his time and effort with students while pursuing a master's degree, working full-time, and coaching. The staff at his school often call upon him to assist with students' behavior concerns due to his nurturing and caring attitude towards students. He was voted Teacher of the Year this past year, which further demonstrates his dedication and commitment to his school and community.

"Cameron continues to strive to improve the overall atmosphere and culture of his school," said Mattox. "He is a LifeChanger and role model to both students and teachers alike."

Comments (10)

Mrs. McRae Posted 6 months ago

Coach Prather ROCKS! He is a great role-model for our students. He works hard to motivate and guide our students. He is a great colleague, and I love working with him. I support is nomination with all my heart and soul.

Ebony Dyson Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations Cameron! You have our vote!

Glyn T Posted 6 months ago

One of the best teachers at Ballard-Hudson. He's our current teacher of the year and he is definitely changing the lives of our student athletes.

Charles Baima Posted 6 months ago

Coach Prather is the epitome of what a coach is and should be. He looks at the athlete as a person, not a win/loss statistic. He takes his students (both male and female) from an inner-city setting and exposes them to experiences to enrich their lives. Last year alone, he took students from our school to the University of Georgia G-Day Game (spring scrimmage). He took time out of his busy schedule to share his love for collegiate sports with his students. This also allowed him to show our students his passion for life-long learning. He motivates the students at Ballard Hudson Middle School to be the best they can be on a constant basis whether it's on the field or in the classroom. He develops and cultivates relationships not only with the students at our school, he also reaches out to the faculty/staff, parents and community members to ensure our students have the best. He is constantly checking on students (whether they are athletes or not) to ensure they give 100% in what they do. Coach Prather also includes our students with disabilities in our school’s athletic program. He ensures they have the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. Currently we have twelve special needs students participating in our school’s athletic program. He encourages these students as well to give their best effort in everything they attempt.

Mingxin Shi Posted 6 months ago

Couldn't agree more! He is one of the most responsible teacher who love and care his students so much!! When they had the emergency situation, he stayed very late at school to ensure every student was safe and fine. Cameron is really a awesome teacher!

Paige Andrews Posted 6 months ago

Coach Prather is passionate and reliable of his services to the youth and the community. He does an outstanding job as a coach and persevere even when things can be chaotic. Always, he holds it together and influences a positive outlook and is a great role model for the students and staff. Truly he has a heart of gold and his influence to any individual is essential with positive outcomes.

Lee Posted 6 months ago

100% true! This man gives all he's got to those kids and they freaking ADORE him! He is making a difference in those children's lives, and in their future babies' lives!

Valeria Williams Posted 6 months ago

Coach Prather is the epitome of a passionate educator! He consistently goes above and beyond by working 12 hours per day at least four days per week. Not only is he involved with the sports aspect of our school, he supports Career Technical Student Organizations, such as FBLA and FCCLA. He assists club members with financial hardships, assist with competitive events, and transports members to leadership conferences. When teachers are off during holiday breaks, he takes time to conduct events at the school for student athletes that do not have something constructive to do while they are out of school. Lastly, he takes students to collegiate events in an effort to provide them with an insight of what their futures could entail. Coach Prather embodies the qualities of a true life changer!

SFC Charles Jackson Posted 6 months ago

I have known Cameron Prather for a little over a year as a member of the teaching staff and personally.Knowing him as a coach at the middle school Coach Prather is an excellent role model for our younger generation but what is so special he is a young man himself. Showing respect to others, helping others whenever he can, and at times putting others first. I don't believe he is at the school for only a check, like some others may say but to impact young lives in a positive way. I get to talk to Coach Prather on a personal level at times but when we talk about our lives he hasn't let hurdles stop him. Being in the military and having gone through years of training and deployments. Coach Prather is a person I would be proud to stand next to and call a brother. What I would like you to do in your selection, look at the persons heart and believe me Coach Prather has a Big Heart for people.

Ebony Dyson Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations Cameron! You have our vote!