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Brian Gallagher

Position: Instrumental Music Director
School: Ramona High School
School District: Riverside Unified School District
City, State: Riverside, CA

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Comments (10)

Jovanny pacheco Posted over a year ago

Mr Gallagher has been much more than a band director. He has brought so many people together and offered classes for those considered minorities in our area. He has taken risks no other teacher has taken for the improvement of his student’s life. Personally, he has served as a counselor when I was down and I am glad to have had such an amazing band director. He always keeps you motivated not only in music but in life. Apart from that, he has a charisma and humor that is contagious when you’re around him and no matter how you may be feeling, it lifts you spirits every time. I have not met any teacher not deserving of life changer of the year than Mr Gallagher is!!

Hakker family Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Martha Mott Posted over a year ago

Not only does Mr. Gallagher teach music he also teaches life skills. To get a position of leadership in the band you have to go through an interview process. When my grandson applied for a job and had to do a face to face interview he was able to stay poised, answer the question, and look the interviewer right in the eyes. This helped him land his first job. He also taught him to be on time to practices and this continues this habit with his job.

Heather Alexander Posted over a year ago

Mr. Gallagher has been a great leader for the high school marching band my son has been in for the past 3 years. My son has grown and done so well in this band under his direction. He really loves being the band and has a great group of people to be around while doing it. I'm so thankfully for Mr. Gallagher's wonderful leadership.

Keven Golightley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Gallagher became the band director my daughters senior year. The students and parents loved and respected him day one. As the booster President he made my job 100% easier. His vision and goals for the program were the same as mine and the whole booster club. Mr Gallagher is the best Band Director I personally had the pleasure working with.

Duane Posted over a year ago

He brings a outgoing spirit & amazing talent to the school & as alumni, I am proud of him for his world record breaking accomplishments

Dawn Gardner Posted over a year ago

Mr Gallagher has given my son many opportunities to learn different instruments, types of music, experience in performing for the community and gave them once in a lifetime trip experiences. My daughter is now in band and learning how to play the violin. She is now understanding how all the students love being Mr G’s class and seeing the results when the squeaks turn into music. We thank you Mr Gallagher for your dedication and patience for all the students. We appreciate you!

Lisa Arteaga Posted over a year ago

Mr. Gallagher is so deserving of this nomination. He helps his students achieve excellence in music as well as leadership skills. He is a mentor to all his students including my son. . My son learned so much from him and has been inspired my Mr. G in more ways than just music. He is truly a life changer in our school and our community, giving students once in a lifetime opportunities through music. Thank you Mr. Gallagher.

Martha Oliva Posted over a year ago

My son with special needs has been fully included at the mariachi band by Mr Gallagher. This is impacting positively on my son's self confidence and school grades. Thank you Mr Gallagher for all you do for our kids.

Karen Thompson Posted over a year ago

Mr. G had a huge impact on both of my kids. They have gone on to pursue careers in music performance and music education. We will be forever thankful for all the time and dedication he shows to his students. He thinks out side the box and challenges his kids to do more than they think they can and helps them to succeed in whatever they choose to do. Thanks Mr. G! Best of luck!