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Sharon Mitchell

Position: Special Services Facilitator
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Sharon Mitchell was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Mitchell is such an incredible woman. She works hard all the time to keep things in order around the middle school for her special needs students, and she rarely sits down during the day.

"Every time I see her in the halls, she has a smile on her face and she always says hello," said her nominator. "She is so kind to our kiddos and shows them incredible amounts of respect. Working in a middle school can be difficult...but Sharon is a tremendous leader of such a hard-working and dedicated team of teachers. She's an exemplary role model to our students and guides them through any situations they are dealing with."

"I have leaned on her a couple times to help me with certain situations," her nominator concluded. "Although she is a busy woman, she stopped to take the time to help me and has always reminded me that she's here for anything I need. I am so proud to work with Sharon, and I know our kids love her, too."

Comments (9)

Amy Beams Posted over a year ago

Sharon is like a ray of light that has a positive impact on those around her every single day. She has a passion for helping students reach their full potential and get all that they can out of their school life. She works tirelessly outside of school hours to help students participate in Partners Club and Special Olympics. If you know this lady, then you know without a doubt she is a life changer!

Jon Donna Lackey Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing leader and teacher. She always has time to help us and our students! I know there are many of us that couldn't make it without such an amazing women!

Rhonda Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell, Yukon Middle School is so blessed to have you! You are an amazing, loving and caring person. You care about your students and your coworkers. I am so happy to call you my boss and friend.

Emily Nave Posted over a year ago

Sharon Mitchell is so deserving of this award. She not only supports our students in various ways but, she is such a great leader to all of us. She is always lending a helping hand to help me and others when issues arise. She is always looking out for the best interest of our students. I could not be more proud to be apart of Yukon Public Schools. Mrs. Mitchell has gone out of her way to help me in any capacity with my job. She is one of many who loves our students at Yukon. I can’t thank her enough for being such a wonderful person to work with.

Angela Kolander Posted over a year ago

Sharon is truly amazing. She does wonderful things for our special friends and is always available for any and all questions I have brought to her for my first year as a teacher. She’s a wonderful asset to our school! She works with such grace and always has a smile!

Kimberly Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mitchell goes above and beyond to work with her special needs kids everyday. Yukon Middle School is extremely lucky to have her!

Donna Stamp Posted over a year ago

Sharon is the rock to our special education group. She is am amazong lady and I appreciate her daily!!!!

Janis Jordahl Posted over a year ago

So blessed to have you! Congratulations Sharon for your dedication and hard work!

Marci Posted over a year ago

I could not agree more with Sharon’s nominator. She is a wonderful colleague and friend!