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Jason Hammett

Position: Seventh Grade Science Teacher
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Jason Hammett was nominated by the parent of a student, Holly Demuth-Jackson, as well as two anonymous students.

"Coach Hammett's lessons have helped my son, Brody, develop a love for science," said Demuth-Jackson.

"Coach Hammett is the best science teacher I have ever had," said a student. "He makes science fun and is still able to make his point. He makes learning more enjoyable for the entire class, and we all feel smarter just for being in his class."

Comments (33)

Nicole Posted over a year ago

Coach Hammet has both taught my daughter and coached her for 2 years. He goes the extra mile for his students both in the classroom and on the court. In fact my older son remembers Jason substitute teaching at the middle school 5 years ago and loved when he was their sub even then. Mr. Hammet puts the best interests of his students first and it shows in the way they perform and live him.

Bryan Posted over a year ago

Jason is a great teacher and coach. He alway there to help his students and players in whatever they need. Keep up the good work coach!!!!

Arielle Posted over a year ago

Mr.Hammett makes science class so much more fun. HE also is very funny. If i'm having a bad day he cheers me up everytime .

jacob guilbeau Posted over a year ago

he is very nice and donates alot to the school

Julia Wilhite Posted over a year ago

Coach Hammett is an excellent example of what a great teacher is all about. He truly exemplifies the characteristics of a caring and motivating teacher. He is passionate about teaching and and has the rare gift of imparting the love of learning to his students.

Holly Posted over a year ago

Jason is a great Christian brother with a song in his heart, a smile on his face and an inspirational spirit that drives us all to be better.

Carl Battles Posted over a year ago

Jason is a very enthusiastic leader in our church. His love and dedication for teaching and helping others is surely an inspiration.

Doris Schaefer Posted over a year ago

Very outgoing personality. He is a song leader for our congregationwith so much enthusiasm and talent!

Linda Posted over a year ago

Jason has a love for God, family and teaching. He is an excellent song leader at our church and encourages everyone to learn new songs. I am sure all of these qualities carry over Into his classroom. He is an encourager in life and the world needs more .en like Jason.

Tracy Watson Posted over a year ago

Jason is a positive roll model for everyone around him. He volunteers his abilities in music at church and is actively involved with our youth both as a mentor and friend. Jason is a fine example of a good Christian, positive and motivated leader and a Godly Man.

Marge and Jim Morton Posted over a year ago

Jason is a leader in our church family in charge of our singing program. He does a fantastic job leading our acapella singing. He works with a team of song directors. He works with our teenagers and has great rapport with the entire congregation.

GLEN EARLEY Posted over a year ago

Jason is a great song leader at our church. He leads songs that youth enjoy and everyone appreciates his song leadership.

Sue Deason Posted over a year ago

I have the honor of attending Church with Jason Hammer. He is one of our song directors and his energy when leading is contagious. Jason is a great mentor to his students and truly cares for each and every one of them.

Nathan Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jason for several years. He truly makes an impact on his students & the community of Yukon as well. He’s got a great belief of being a mentor first & a teacher second & I think that’s the best way to go into teaching & I commend Jason for it

Nathan Posted over a year ago

After knowing Jason for several years he truly makes an impact on his students & to all those around him in school & around Yukon. He’s an awesome friend & goes at everything with a mentor first & teacher second & I really commend you for it brother

JoAn Burcham Posted over a year ago

I taught with Jason for a short period of time and he is an amazing teacher. He truly loves his kids and his job. Not only is Jason a great teacher but he is also the 1st one to step if a colleague needs some help. Jason is so deserving of this honor

Kathy Rogers Posted over a year ago

Jason has worked hard to make his classroom a safe and comfortable place for his and all students. He’s caring, compassionate, and is a positive mentor to his students.

Earl Parsons Posted over a year ago

Awesome:: only way to describe Jason both in and out of the classroom

Linda Hammett Posted over a year ago

I know that Jason loves his students. He is very creative and tries to make the learning experience fun and interesting for his classes. He truly cares about the kids and wants them all to succeed.

Rhonda Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hammett truly wants his students to learn. He makes Science fun for his students. He teaches his students to set goals and go for them. I enjoy working with him.

JoAn Burcham Posted over a year ago

I taught with Jason over the last 2-3 years. When a colleague needs help with anything Jason is the 1st person to step in ready to help. He is great with 6 grade students. They all love him. He is duly deserving of this honor.

SHANNON TRUELOVE Posted over a year ago

Jason Hammett is one of the best educators I've worked with. I think one of the reasons he's so effective is because he's dedicated to doing what it takes to engage his students, and he's never been one to sit back and take the easy road. The respect his students and coworkers have for him is a reflection of his work ethic and character. Jason absolutely deserves the Life Changer of the Year nomination.

Patty Mills Posted over a year ago

Jason, you are an amazing leader and mentor to your players and so proud to have you part of the Premier family. Your passion for what you do is what makes you an amazing coach and person.

Krist Pendleton Posted over a year ago

Jason is an excellent teacher. He provides opportunities for students to learn in creative ways to keep them engaged and curious about science. This is our second year with Mr. Hammett. He is a stellar educator.

Steve Scott Posted over a year ago

Jason, you are a true champion for those that you encounter everyday! I’m glad you chose to put up with me all the time on the Field. You add a great impact on the players we had and that leadership you modeled and challenged them with was nothing but awesome to watch. I’m so glad I’m able to call you friend and a coach that I’ve been able to work with!

Brandy Whitw Posted over a year ago

Jason is great!!

Mandi Shirey Posted over a year ago

Jason is a fantastic person. He truly loves every student that comes through his classroom. He try's really hard to make science fun and educational.

rilynn burke Posted over a year ago

I’ve heard many good things about his class and how good of a teacher he is, sadly I didn’t have him in class. But I was lucky enough to have him as a school coach last season, and have him for my club coach this season! He’s an amazing coach with a great sense of humor but he never fails to teach us beyond our ability and has made me the player I am today. He continues to rise my level of confidence in myself and I am overall very thankful for him!

Angela Kolander Posted over a year ago

Jason is a great leader, and takes his roles as teacher and coach seriously. Not only do his students learn from him, but so his co-workers are able to as well!

Sheryl Underhill Posted over a year ago

Coach Hammett has only been coaching our daughter in volleyball for a short time; however, in that amount of time it is evident how passionate he is about helping these girls grow. He is an excellent influence on the girls.

Clayton Canon Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hammett for a few years. I have seen the impact that he has on his students and the adults who are engaged in his school community. I look up to him is many ways and count myself as a blessed man to call him my colleague and friend.

meriecha gaines Posted over a year ago

Mr Hammett has been an amazing influence on my children’s lives. My daughter has been lucky enough to not only be taught by him but also coached. He sees the strengths in each child and ensures they reach the maximum potential in all they do. Science has never been her favorite subject until she got to his class. Learning from him is fun and exciting for her. He is much appreciated by parents and students alike.

Mike clark Posted over a year ago

Jason does a great job with the student athletes at Yukon Schools.