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Kenyada Davis

Position: Seventh Grade Typing Teaher
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Kenyada Davis was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mr. Davis has changed my life by showing us it's ok to make mistakes," said his nominator. "He always jokes around, and he will always your best friend! He loves to call you out and laugh with you."

Comments (9)

Sabrina Maxwell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Kenyada Davis has always been a extraordinary person even as a child. He is hard working, caring, thoughtful, giving and above all a Christian. He is a wonderful son, brother, husband, father and teacher. Mentor/Roll model are two words that describe him perfectly ??????.

Larrissa Lockwood Posted over a year ago

Kenyada is a selfless leader, whether coaching or teaching, he leads his students by example and is someone you can count on!

Latwana Lewis Posted over a year ago

Ken is a very humble,friendly, kindhearted human being that I have ever known....I felt the love he has in his heart for people through his hug....He is definitely the right person for this award...

Cheri Stanfield Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised that Ken Davis has been nominated for this award. You may ask, how can I say this about someone that I have never met. My reasons are, I know his wife Chelsea and watching their relationship grow into this beautiful union I have witness the Love that he has for God, his wife and children. I see in Ken a strong Man that has a huge heart and loves people. I would definitely vote for him. He deserves it. ??

Genesis Edwards Posted over a year ago

Mr. Davis has a heart of gold. His love for kids and family makes him a treasure. He is always there to lend a helping hand and to guide and direct when needed. There is no better candidate this award can be presented to.

Erick Byrd Posted over a year ago

I've known Coach Davis since our time together at Southwestern College in 2002, where he served as my position coach. Coach Davis was a coach on and off the field, providing life skills to young athletes. The advise and tools he provided young men were essential to our development as student athletes and as men. I'm thankful for his leadership and he is a model to emulate.

Tiffany Rivers Posted over a year ago

Wow! I want to congratulate you on your achievement! This here says enough and May God continue to use you to bless these kids... They need it. Ken I know so many more blessings are and will fall in your lap. You have a Heart of Gold! Congratulations again to my bro! Love ya!

Cleeta Johnson Posted over a year ago

Kenyada is an all around good guy. Growing up with him, he never ceases to amaze me. He is a great mentor, father, husband, friend and brother. He goes above and beyond to help others and always has a smile on his face. This nomination is suitable for his character! He deserves this and more. Keep giving back!

Janis Jordahl Posted over a year ago

I´ve had the privilige to work with you outside the classroom. During this time I´ve witnessed your roll as a menitor to numerous students whom are struggling with home life as well as school. Your one amazing guy whom I respect!