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Marcia Heitzman

Position: Special Education Aide
School: Yukon BRIDGES Academy
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Marcia Heitzman was nominated by her colleague, Donalda Crane.

Ms. Heitzman has been in the educational field for 13 years. She is an amazing aide in the special education classroom. Ms. Heitzman is always cheerful and eager to help each student succeed. There is an air of excitement she brings into the classroom which is contagious for her students.

Ms. Heitzman is very involved in community activities and is on the pulse of what may affect her students. She has made sure students got on the Backpack for Kids program to ensure they were getting their needs met at home. The community has a program that provides Christmas presents and clothing for families. Ms. Heitzman made sure informational fliers about the program were handed out to the student's families.

"She is very thoughtful in meeting the needs of our students and helping in any way she can," said Crane. "Marcia keeps me organized in the classroom and will pull together whatever we need to make a lesson come together. I rely on her to help with student work, classroom procedures, academic tasks, supply pickup and delivery. She's truly an amazing partner in the classroom."

Ms. Heitzman is also a great mom who goes above and beyond to provide for her children. She works part-time to make sure her daughter can take dance lessons and her son can attend college. Ms. Heitzman works to make sure everyone around her is happy and successful on all levels: personally and professionally.

Comments (12)

Mary Bondi Posted over a year ago

Marcia is such an amazing loving person She has a big heart and is always positive we are blessed to be able to say she family. We Love her

Sophia McCollum Posted over a year ago

Marcia is loving and kind. She is a great person and the best friend anyone would be luck to have. I’m lucky. You are a life changer.

Jalonda Bengs Posted over a year ago

Marcia is a huge part of the success of the students she works with daily. Her care and concern for the students is evident and she goes the extra mile to make sure that the students get what they need. She is always positive and calm, which has a huge impact on those she serves.

Megan Hunter Posted over a year ago

I've only had the pleasure of working with Marcia for about one year now, but she is one of the most patient and kind hearted people I have ever met. I watch her put our student's needs above her own on a daily basis. Watching her interact with the students keeps me grounded on the best and worst days. Marcia is genuine in every act and is a major reason why I see improvement in our students.

Amy Beams Posted over a year ago

Marcia is amazIng! She has worked in several different capacities in our school district. It doesn't matter what role she is taking on, Marcia can always be counted on to do what is right for students and their families. The positive impact she has on all of those around her is undeniable. She is a Life Changer for sure!!!

John E. Moore Jr. Posted over a year ago

Marcia is simply AMAZING!! Watching her work with our kids in the Program daily is a treat. She is patient, consistent, kind, and loving to each child.

Lance Haggard Posted over a year ago

Marcia truly has a passion for education and is an amazing advocate for all students! She is always willing to exceed all expectations for her students and fellow colleagues. Marcia is a tremendous asset to Yukon Public Schools.

Robin Lacy Posted over a year ago

Mrs Heitzman goes above and beyond in everything. The love she has for children and their emotional, spiritual.and educational needs are untouchable. her heart is wide open to whatever they need. She will always put them first. She is an inspiration to to everyone around her. Mrs. Heitzman draws children to her. They feel her compassion, love and trust. She is loved by everyone. She is always positive and brings joy to this world.

Lynette Thompson Posted over a year ago

Marcia Heitzman is a phenomenal person and has touched so many lives. She is truly amazing!!!!!!

Nita Wilson Posted over a year ago

Yes, I agree, Marcia is a great mom and will be biased as she is married to my son. So congratulations on her nomination!

Dad Posted over a year ago

Proud of you.

Cristy Spencer Posted over a year ago

Marcia is a crucial part of our team. She is ALWAYS the calm in a storm, a great motivator, and an inspiration to our students. She is constantly looking for ways to help students and their families. Truly one of a kind.