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Pam Campbell

Position: School Counselor/ Social Worker
School: Helena Middle School
School District: Helena Public Schools
City, State: Helena, MT

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Pam Campbell was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Campbell is a valued asset to her district, school, and overall community. She is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by being an effective, compassionate and professional leader in the school and community.

As a leader, Ms. Campbell is empathetic, open and supportive to anybody who comes to her for assistance. She's a professional who always considers the ethics of her profession as an educator and social worker during her decision making. While consulting on difficult cases, Ms. Campbell is amazing at validating and lending confidence to others about their work. In meetings, she brings valuable insight to students, their families and the community.

Ms. Campbell has strong connections in the community, with a vast knowledge about available resources. This allows her to better connect with students and families in need by helping them secure basic needs such as food and shelter. She also shares her time educating other professionals in the school district about how to help students and families living in poverty, the homeless population in Helena, and the resources that are available to them.

Ms. Campbell came to Helena Middle School after spending nearly three decades in one of her district's most needy elementary schools. She has a plethora of resources, tools, knowledge, skills, and expertise built from her experiences. She shares this wisdom openly and is always willing to collaborate with other professionals and families.

"Helena Middle School has been profoundly fortunate to have Pam in our building," said her nominator. "She brings a warm and authentic presence that helps make a difference in the lives of students and staff alike. With her seasoned experience, her knowledge of the community, her professionalism and her overall authenticity as a person, there is no doubt that Pam is a LifeChanger!"

Comments (25)

Maureen Kloker Posted 6 months ago

Pam is truly remarkable. She is kind and caring and is an invaluable resource for the school district and the Helena community. We are so lucky to have her! Congratulations Pam!

Joan Janhunen Posted 6 months ago

Congrats Pam, for this well deserved award. I have heard so many wonderful compliments about your commitment to your students and their needs over the years. You make a difference every day. Congrats again.

Stephanie Mullen Posted 6 months ago

I had the pleasure of working with Pam in the elementary setting for over twenty years. She is an outstanding professional as well as a good friend. Thank you for all you've done for staff, students, and families. You certainly are a "Life Changer!"

Russ Van Hook Posted 6 months ago

Pam Campbell and I worked together at Bryant Elementary School for 18 years. I was the Bryant school administrator. She always put our students and their families first in her service. Pam made connections to community agencies that enriched our students and families. She was not afraid to work outside the normal channels to do what was best. Thanks to Pam our school had a direct connection to services that benefited our clientele that was not part of services other schools in the community appreciated. Pam worked with the Friendship Center, safe housing for those fleeing domestic abuse; she wrote and saw the implementation of the Helena School District Homeless Grant for many years and always participated in helping procure school supplies and food for our families. Her energy and ideas to assist Helena families had no limits. I was proud and personally enriched to work with Pam.

Elizabeth Grev Posted 6 months ago

Pam goes above and beyond for our students, staff and community. She fosters calm in difficult situations while using her breadth of knowledge and experience to help students and their families navigate mental, social and socioeconomic problems. She has an amazing way of connecting with our HMS students. I feel fortunate to know Pam. She is well deserving of this award!

Russ Van Hook Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations to Pam. She is truly a "life changer". I had the privilege of working with Pam at Bryant Elementary for 18 years. She was instrumental in starting many of the programs that benefited our clientele. Pam was always willing to work outside the "school responsibility box" to help students and parents. She took on goals and projects that not only benefited Bryant School and Helena Public Schools but was beneficial to the entire Helena community at large. I always felt like I benefited as a person just working with her.

Kevin Flatow Posted 6 months ago

Pam, we have been so blessed to have you the last 3 years in our department and building! Not only have you have helped so many kids in your time, but also you have mentored, helped and supported my growth as a Professional School Counselor as well. Our kids have been better off, and I’m a better Counselor because of you. Thank you for everything!!

Kari Wald Posted 6 months ago

I have had the privilege to work with Pam. She has impacted the life’s of students, parents, staff , and the community of Helena. She always has the best interest of the student, and uses her expertise knowledge to guide the team in a positive direction. She is very compassionate and has an open ear to listen to any problems. Pam has given me tools to succeed with teaching students and in my own life. This Award would solidify all the accomplishments Pam has achieved throughout her years in Education!

Hope Morrison Posted 6 months ago

Well deserved! HMS is so lucky to have you as an advocate and support for students and families. Thanks for all that you do! - Hope Morrison, HMS Librarian

John Lewis Posted 6 months ago

Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Pam for a few years now. Pam is generous, caring and tremendously skilled in her profession. She handles crisis situations with unmatched expertise and tact. Our community and HMS students, parents and faculty are lucky to have Pam Campbell in our corner of the world.

Melissa Lewis Posted 6 months ago

Pam Campbell was instrumental in helping our family navigate a new world when we opened our home to a teenage foster daughter. Pam is so generous with her time and attention. She goes the extra mile for students and families in our community, including providing a safe and nurturing home environment to children in need. What we love most about Pam is her ability to calmly handle difficult situations with grace and respect for all involved. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know, Pam! Helena is a better place for children and families because of you.

Doug Baker Posted 6 months ago

Pam, I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you in getting our CICO program up and running at Rossiter this year. You are an invaluable asset and resource for best practices in meeti9ng the socio-emotional needs of children. Thanks for the impact you have made! Doug Baker

Wanda Rumley Posted 6 months ago

For years Pan Campbell has worked quietly behind the scenes supporting students, families and staff members. For 16 years, I was fortunate to work with Pam. Her expertise and support was life changing for me. Pam shared her expertise with staff, enabling many others to change lives. She made sure our students had access to social services. She found resources for students needing warm clothing for our Montana winters. She listened to staff members frustrations. Pam Campbell, you are Life Changer extraordinaire!

Erin Finstad Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations, Pam! You are so deserving of this recognition!! Thanks for all that you do for our students!!

Sherryl Martin Posted 6 months ago

Pam is such an amazing part of our HMS Community. On a daily basis, she is out helping students become more successful or helping those who struggle work through problems. There is never a time she doesn't help when asked. Our students have come to depend on her insightful and thoughtful counsel. Not only do the students care for Pam, but the staff truly enjoys working with such a kind, caring, thoughtful coworker.

Jonna Mandeville Posted 6 months ago

Pam is an asset to HMS! I am so glad she came to us after her decades of experience. She always looks for what is best for the students she is working with and for our community as a whole. She truly works to change lives one life at a time.

Amy Friez Posted 6 months ago

Well deserved Pam! You are such a caring and thoughtful person and I appreciate all that you do for our HMS students!

Joice Franzen Posted 6 months ago

Thank you for all you have done for students, staff and our community! I am so grateful for all you have taught me over the years. Congratulations on this well deserved recognition for a lifetime of caring.

Monica Glueckert Posted 6 months ago

Way to go Pam! I'm fortunate to have had time working with you! I have learned so much! Thank-you!

Sherryl Martin Posted 6 months ago

Pam is such an amazing part of our HMS Community. On a daily basis, she is out helping students become more successful or helping those who struggle work through problems. There is never a time she doesn't help when asked. Our students have come to depend on her insightful and thoughtful counsel. Not only do the students care for Pam, but the staff truly enjoys working with such a kind, caring, thoughtful coworker.

Dawn Rowling Posted 6 months ago

Pam, You always put your students first. We are so proud and grateful for you. No one is more deserving. Thank you for everything you do!!! Dawn Rowling

Patty white Posted 6 months ago

I worked with Pam on many different topics, from Bullying to Self COMPASSION ! I was a counselor for 35 years in Helena, and I believe pam is the best Life changer I have ever met!

Lori Smith Posted 6 months ago

Pam, you are a gem! You selflessly and warmly give your all to the children and staff at HMS. Your presence at HMS makes a HUGE positive difference. We are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all you do!

Kelle Laree McMahon Posted 6 months ago

Great job, Pam! You are so deserving of this award! Thank you for making such a positive difference for our students.

Cal Boyle Posted 6 months ago

Pam has added an amazing resource to our middle school. Her guidance for students in crisis and families in need is unsurpassed. She walks the walk when it comes to helping others. Giving her time and personal resources to benefit those in need. Thank You Pam! Cal Boyle Principal HMS