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Janis Jordahl

Position: Paraprofessional
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Janis Jordahl was nominated by her colleague of five years, Clayton Canon.

"My first year at Yukon Middle School was overwhelming; I went from a building with 600 students to one with triple that number," said Canon. "Janis is the type of person who is able to see individuals in the numbers, and she took me under her wing and help me make it that first year. She acts like this, not only towards her colleagues, but towards all of the students at our school."

As a special education paraprofessional, Ms. Jordahl's responsibilities are vast. In some classes, she is present to help students who may need text read to them. During other periods, she is there to assist students who struggle with anxiety. In every case, she is a safe adult and friendly face for all students, particularly those who have been put in her charge.

Ms. Jordahl goes out of her way to enhance and improve the culture of her school. Every morning, she shouts "Morning Mr. C" as she scurries to her next assignment.  This is the same demeanor she employs with every student and staff member in her building. For years, she has volunteered to help students with homework after school, monitor students in the gym as they anticipate the start of the day, and spend her lunch-time with students who desire an environment more peaceful than a busy cafeteria. Ms. Jordahl sacrifices her own resources to make sure students have a bite to eat throughout the day. She is often the first person in the building and one of the last people out.

"Janis is an invaluable member of our team and proof that the role of paraprofessional is so necessary," said Canon. "Yukon Middle School values Mrs. Jordahl, and we know that we could never make it without her!"

Comments (8)

Kay Williams Posted over a year ago

Janis has always been my rock. I would not be the teacher I am today without Janis by my side. Our students are blessed to have such a caring and amazing woman working with them each day.

Lori D Phillips Posted over a year ago

Janis is great! She deserves this.

Jackie Posted over a year ago

She is amazing! Always saying good morning and strives forward! Could not ask for a beautiful person! Always there for everyone. We love you and appreciate you ??

Sharon Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Janis is the glue that helps hold our special services team together! She is at school early and always willing to help teachers with last minute preparations. Janis consistently goes above and beyond to reach and help every single student that she comes into contact with, whether they are “hers” or not. She is so deserving of this recognition and so much more!

Bryan Jarrett Posted over a year ago

The accolades for Miss Janis are many! I have had the privilege of having her co-teach with me in my science class for multiple years. She amazed me on a daily basis in various ways. She continually had the patience of a saint. She was able to calm students so many times when they became flustered or upset, which happened on multiple occasions when they felt they weren't getting the idea or concept of a lesson. She would work them one-on-one until they did, often reading and rereading each question and answer. She followed up daily on any missing work or assignments and kept each student she was assigned in check. She was sweet and kind while still holding them accountable for their own actions. I don't know of any students she was involved with who didn't love and respect her. It was such a blessing to have her in class as I think she made me better and not just the kids. She probable won't know truly what a difference she has made until years later when her students make a special trip to see her and thank her for what she did for them. She is a bright spot in the lives of all those around her!

Gina Blankinship Posted over a year ago

Janis is an amazing Paraprofessional. I was blessed to work with her during my first year at Yukon Middle School. She is dedicated to both her students and her colleagues. Janis exhibits patience and compassionate even with the most difficult situations. She is an invaluable asset to our Special Ed team and students.

Kenyada Davis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jordahl is a great person. She is always kind and helpful. She does a great job with our students and the students love being around and interacting with her.. I am glad I get the opportunity to work with such a great individual.

Donna Stamp Posted over a year ago

Janis is so valuable to my students, my classroom, and me. I believe she is one of the reasons YMS is a great place to learn for the students and teachers she touches. THANK YOU Janis!!!!