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Erin Lucas

Position: Eleventh Grade English Teacher
School: Yukon High School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Erin Lucas was nominated by her former student, Havynne Jones.

Ms. Lucas is one of a kind! She is an amazing mentor and someone who all people should look up to! She has a heart of gold and a true passion for teaching. Ms. Lucas truly cares about the success of her students in and outside of the classroom. She never complains about putting in the extra hours to make sure her students succeed, whether it's before school, after class or during her lunch. She has a lot on her plate, but she still has an incredibly bright spirit.

"Ms. Lucas is an amazing teacher, and I am honored that I got to be in her class," said Jones. "She motivates students to be their best selves and makes sure everyone feels like they have a purpose. By watching her teach, you can tell she has a burning passion to build young minds. She was there for me during my worst times and always made sure I knew I was enough and I was going to make it. She was also our senior class sponsor. On graduation day, what felt like the biggest day of our lives, she hugged almost every single one of us and made sure we knew she was proud of us! She cried during the ceremony, and every time I saw her for the next few days, she was so proud of us and wished us all well! I think that Ms. Lucas should win this because she is so deserving and passionate about what she does, which is hard to find!"

Comments (31)

Nora Bustamante Posted over a year ago

Ms.Lucas is an outstanding teacher. She is very inspirational, kind, and caring. I know she truly cares about her students. I am so greatful I got Ms.Lucas this year. In her class I have only thrived and gained valuable knowledge about education and life. Ms.Lucas really puts in all her effort to help her students and makes sure that they succeed.

Roslyn Patrick Posted over a year ago

Erin Lucas embodies the label of "life changer," and her students year after year are a testament to her powerful impact on them. She helps students be aware of what is happening in the world outside of their small hometown and empowers them to participate in it. She wants to create change-makers and never balks at the challenge. I think she's so adept at inspiring her students because she has had to muster the courage to be a life-changer for herself. She's open about the struggles she's faced, and she shows how changing lives starts within by examining her life, her beliefs, her behavior, and course correcting whenever necessary to make life and the world better. I hear constantly from former students who've gone on to be students of Ms. Lucas, and they are effusive in their respect of her. They know from early on how much they mean to her and how hard she works for them. Students are lucky to be in her class and I'm lucky to work with her!

Vicky kesler Posted over a year ago

Erin is a phenomenal teacher and person!!! She cares about all her students. She’s their biggest advocate and loudest cheerleader! The love that Erin has for teaching is like no other. We at Yukon are extremely lucky to have her!

Lisa Megli Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas inspires students to achieve more than they dreamed when they walk into her class. She makes sure every student knows that they have someone on their side. She continues to find different strategies to keep English exciting and fun. She is an amazing team player and a great asset to our staff.

Jasmine Amey Posted over a year ago

I love Ms.Lucas she's an amazing teacher and cares a lot about her students. I'm very grateful I got to be in her class this year she's a very understanding teacher who works her hardest to make sure her students succeed.

Kimberly Moore Posted over a year ago

Where do I even start!! Erin Lucas is the BEST teacher. She takes teaching and the meaning of being a teacher to a whole other level. She teaches, she listens, she gives, she loves, she spreads positivity. She teaches not just because it is her job, she does it because it is her passion. She is there for her students through triumphs and hardships. No matter what Erin Lucas is going through, she comes to school with a smile on her face and a passion to change lives. She deserves the world and more:)

Kaitlyn Rapoport Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas is the most outstanding and impactful teacher I have ever had in my life. I have never had a teacher who is so passionate about what they do until I met Ms. Lucas. My view of learning has been forever changed because of her. I have evolved as a student who is eager to learn, to be better, and to try harder because of Ms. Lucas. Another thing that makes Ms. Lucas so incredible, is she cares about her students on a personal level too. She wants her students to find success in the classroom, and in life. Ms. Lucas will always be there to help her students with anything they need whether it be educational or personal. I can sit here today and say Ms. Lucas has changed my life in a way I never knew I needed. Ms. Lucas is the biggest life-changer because of her passion for education, her loving heart, and her eagerness to make a difference.

Micaa Houston Posted over a year ago

Ms.Erin has a heart of gold. She really cares about her students and their education. She will go above and beyond for them. She has helped me in so many ways with my education and just life in general. She definitely deserves this award!

Alexandra Schradle Posted over a year ago

Erin’s love for her students and the work that she does in the classroom is incredibly important. She is someone who thinks about the whole student—not just the academic side of her kids. Erin’s passion and commitment to see that all students grow and develop as better people make her a unique and invaluable educator. Beyond her role as a teacher, she is also an amazing colleague. She has the ability to stretch her team to grow professionally. At the same time, she creates a supportive and encouraging environment. Of all people, Erin is most deserving of this award.

Savanah Dirickson Posted over a year ago

Erin has a tremendous impact on every student she has in class. I can tell from conversations I've observed her having both with and about her students that she cares deeply for every one of them. She does everything she can to make sure her students are prepared for their future as well as feel special and cared for. Erin is a fantastic colleague and is always coming up with new ideas on how to add creativity and rigor to classroom instruction. She is supportive of all those around her and is SO deserving of this award!

Elayna Botchlet Posted over a year ago

Never in my whole life have I ever had a teacher who truly cared about my education, and me as an individual, like Ms. Lucas. Last year she was my English teacher, and this year she is my film studies teacher. As graduation approaches for my classmates and I, she continues to show more support and love than any adult in the entire school of Yukon. She has been the only teacher to make me feel like I could accomplish things and be something. She changed my life and my perspective. I am grateful to have met this wonderful human. She not only teaches the whole class academic lessons, but she teaches us all life lessons. All who cross her path are permanently affected by her positivity and kindness. She has been the only adult in my life to make me feel like I am my own person and that my success and education matters. Ms. Lucas deserves this award because she has gone above and beyond her job as a teacher and been a mentor to me and my classmates.

David arteaga Posted over a year ago

I’m actually vary glad that I meet mis Lucas it’s my first year and actually I’ve learned so much like it’s is amazing because she’s so awesome and she makes learning fun and because of her I love poetry and now I make some in the short time that I I’ve known her she’s done so much for me I like her class best time of the day

Melissa Barlow Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas is an outstanding educator! Her overwhelming compassion for kids is evident in the enthusiastic, instructional learning opportunities she provides for her students. Ms. Lucas' energetic personality creates a contagious excitement for learning. Yukon High School is blessed to have Ms. Lucas on our team!

Katie Ward Posted over a year ago

Ms. Erin Lucas is one of my closest dearest friends. Although I have never been an “official” student of Ms. Lucas, she has changed my life from the very moment we met. The things I have learned from Erin are deep and profound. She teaches with her heart. She is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I’ve had the opportunity to work and know many educated and bright people (I’m engaged to a geologist), but it is the WAY I have learned from my best friend that is extremely special. Erin allows and often offers up a calm, shameless space for curiosity. A call for the sometimes forgettable option to see things in a different way. To find the answers you’re looking for by proposing different views that one may or may not have ever known were there. That Special way allows one to give themselves the credit and confidence that some educators could take for themselves. As I see it, Ms. Lucas has always been a student and a teacher. Even while she’s being a best friend to many. That’s a very important and very rare gift. I have never in my life see a humans soul through their work, but I see it with my best friend. Even when she is overwhelmed because she thinks she’s taken on too much, it’s never the reward that she’s going for. It’s always been in the work. That overwhelmed feeling is “Am I doing enough?” The fact that she asks herself that question, and that question alone means the answer is: YES.

Logan J Duncan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lucas is the most supportive teacher anyone could ask for. She is always pushing us to do the very best we can, whether it be in class or just being a good human being overall. She is the best person that I know personally, she is intelligent, caring, and sympathetic. I believe that she should, and will win this award.

Austin “Ray” Warren Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Lucas is absolutely amazing, she actually makes me interested in learning about English, but also provides an amazing class environment and makes learning fun but thoughtful. Also she has given her all into helping her students get a good education on just about anything students need or want to know. Overall I rate her an outstanding 1000/10.

Kristin Murphy Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Lucas’ nomination. She pours her heart and soul into making a difference daily and succeeds at doing so. There is no better teacher, student of life, or encourager.

Jody Bradley Posted over a year ago

MsErin has my respect. She inspires me to be a better person. When I am having a challenging day, she is my first responder! As a teacher, I know she could teach anywhere in this country, but because of her love of family she has made the decision to stay here in our great state to empower our children with knowledge, common sense and kindness. Erin is one of a kind and I thank her for all she does.

Matt Posted over a year ago

Ms Lucas is my favorite! She makes everything so much more fun. Also, I enjoy hearing her profound and wise words.

Haylee Fowler Posted over a year ago

Erin Lucas is the best of the best. She’s someone who puts everyone’s lives, feelings, thoughts, and about any other thing into consideration. She can give the best advice possible for about any situation in life. She impacted me so much when I was her student. She has this way of making you think differently. She really helped me grow as a person. Her class isn’t just a class you go to and learn about English. Life lessons and other things are taught in the class.

Jessica Nosek Posted over a year ago

I have many sisters. Five, to be exact. (Also, one brother, but be barely counts) All of them are great, but one of them is truly exceptional: Erin Lucas. You might be reading this and rolling your eyes because OF COURSE I’m going to say wildly amazing things about Erin. Let’s consider the source, however. I’m Erin’s OLDER sister who hates people with the intensity of a thousand suns. I, the oldest, look up to her. I, the oldest, go to her for sage advice. I, the oldest, admire my little sister and thank whatever Gods are in the Heavens that I am lucky enough to be related to her. Am I the black sheep that never did anything with her life, hence looking to anyone and everyone? Nope. I’m a successful entrepreneur and publisher. Still, it is my little sister, Erin, that I look to for wisdom. She’s brilliant. Even better, she takes her brilliance and uses it to inspire, educate, and entertain everyone around her. She loves learning and rallies everyone around her to love learning, too. Okay, so, sure, I’m her big sister. Spend thirty seconds with her and you’ll see why I choose to also be her friend. Her passion is infectious. She’s amazing and deserves all the accolades.

Kyle B. Wasson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas is one in a million. Her dedication to her students is unmatched. She strives to help challenge them to learn, by using creative and engaging techniques of teaching. Her commitment to her student’s success is inspiring.

Taylor Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas is awesome! She definitely deserves this!!

Avery Fullbright Posted over a year ago

I wish Ms. Lucas was my teacher!

Alan Fullbright Posted over a year ago

We’ve talked about moving so our kids could be taught by Ms. Lucas!

James Lucas Posted over a year ago

What can I say....... Probably too much. I’ve watched Erin change the lives of children for so long. Not just students, but her baby sister. What an incredible influence. I’ve watched her do the same with grown women. Her advice and counseling has helped so many more than just her students, it is truly incredible. Love her!

Amanda Fullbright Posted over a year ago

Erin is the teacher you dream about for your children and wish you had growing up!

Rebecca Reape Posted over a year ago

Erin Lucas is a phenomenal teacher. She brings so much energy and enthusiasm into every single class. Her drive to change the world through education is felt instantly upon meeting her. She is a colleague that I go to for inspiration and advice. Erin makes every one feel welcomed and cared about including students, teachers, administrators, parents, custodians, and office staff (anyone who walks into the building). It is a privilege to work with Ms. Lucas

Rachel E Brown Posted over a year ago

Erin is a wonderful friend and colleague. Her passion towards public education and life in general is contagious. I love seeing her interact with her students. She is a bright light in our campus--she is loved by her students and colleagues alike. I have worked with Erin for a few years now, and I can honestly say that working with her has made me a better teacher. Thank you, Erin, for all of your contributions. I am proud to have you as a colleague and friend.

addison wimmer Posted over a year ago

I have Mrs. Lucas as a teacher this year she has truly impacted my life as a person and as a student. I have learned so much from her this year in English. I enjoy coming into her class everyday because she is such a happy person. Mrs. Lucas is definitely someone who loves her job and I do not see many people who are like her. She cares for every one of her students more than she cares about herself. She makes everyone feel like family even when some people do not have that. Mrs. Lucas has changed so many kids life in tremendous ways.

Colby Baker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lucas is an awesome person! She is not only a great teacher but an great person as well! She inspires me every day to better myself and have a positive impact on others.