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Becky Simants

Position: K-6 Guidance Counselor / Title 1 Teacher
School: Brady Public Schools
School District: Brady Public Schools
City, State: Brady, NE

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Becky Simants was nominated by her colleague, Stephanie Wolf.

Mrs. Simants is not only a genuinely caring, thoughtful person, but a LifeChanger. She has had cancer for over 10 years and has never let that be an excuse to hold her back. The medication she takes to keep the cancer in remission causes side effects, such as severe pain in her extremities. Despite the pain, she is at school every day for the students, giving them her best. At home, she is the mother to three children, including one who had a kidney transplant as a fifth grade and is in need of another.  She is also a loving grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters. Her management of the adversities in her personal life is admirable, but what's most amazing is her generous, kind soul. She offers her spirit to students and staff through smiles, hugs, encouraging words, and a listening ear. 

Mrs. Simants has served the students of Brady School District for 22 years. She joined the staff as the K-12 Special Education Teacher, touching the lives of both elementary and secondary students and teachers. After completing her Master’s degree in school counseling, she worked as the K-12 counselor for several years. Currently, she serves a dual role in the elementary school as K-6 Counselor and Title I teacher. These combined positions provide her the opportunity to be in daily contact with students.

Another one of the many roles Mrs. Simants has played in her years of service is the part of junior class sponsor. This created one more opportunity for her to create unique, meaningful relationships with students. During her years of serving as junior class sponsor, she was even awarded The Friend of the Fire Department award in Brady for all of her volunteer hours. 

Mrs. Simants is an asset to students in the classroom.  She is helpful, not only in resolving conflict with the skills she gained from her counseling degree, but with making sure all students are achieving at their highest levels.  She has the uncanny ability to reach all students, even those who seem like they cannot be reached. Mrs. Simants believes all students are capable of great things and expects them to perform as such.  She pushes students in a firm, but loving way. Her growth mindset is something she works hard each day to share with students and staff. 

Mrs. Simants has been on many committees throughout her time at Brady Public Schools. Her latest committee work is the School Improvement Committee, where she gives insight into what it may look like for special education students to help with the Targeted Improvement Goal. She is also on the Student Assistance Team, where again, she is looked at for questions pertaining to special education.  Mrs. Simants is the leader of her district's MTSS meetings, as well. In this role, she helps with determining which students are placed in interventions and completing data collection through progress monitoring and benchmarking. She is also the coordinator of activities for high ability learners at Brady Public Schools. While many would feel overwhelmed at having to undertake a position that requires such creative thinking, Mrs. Simants takes on the challenge with great joy and excitement.  She lives to challenge students each day!

Many students feel comfortable talking to Mrs. Simants. She gives the students the opportunity to talk and helps them problem-solve through issues, no matter what they may be. If students need any other type of information, Mrs. Simants is the person they turn to in all sorts of situations. She is often the one to have difficult conversations with students. Her ability to tell it like it is in a gracious way has helped her gain the respect of many students, young and old. She speaks to students like the intelligent and competent individuals they are.  Mrs. Simants lets every child she comes into contact with each day know they are loved and cared about if they are with her. She asks them questions about their day and has a genuine interest in the happenings of their lives, both in and out of school.

Mrs. Simants is someone who has strong faith and enjoys being a part of her church, but doesn't push this upon others. She expects everyone around her to adhere to the rules set by the administration. She has high expectations for all and a strong belief that we are all capable of meeting those expectations. Mrs. Simants wants everyone to follow policies, including herself. She would never ask someone to do something that she is not willing to do herself as well.  As a special education teacher, she has always been held to a higher standard considering that Education Plans are legal documents one must follow. She always holds herself accountable to these documents. 

"Without Becky, I would be lost. As a new special education teacher, she is a great mentor to me," said Wolf. "She helps keep me apprised of what I need to know, but still gives me the opportunity to learn and grow from my mistakes. She is a wonderful, caring person who never seems to let anything get her down, even when she is in a lot of pain.  Becky is a great resource to us all and has many years of experience and ideas to share. Becky attempts to answer whatever questions we ask or solve whatever problems we throw at her. As a staff, we are thankful for Becky and everything she does and gives to us all."

Comments (59)

Harry E. Haythorn Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants thank you for working here and teaching everybody empathy. You are very nice to everybody. You help everybody when time gets rough. I really hope you get that award and thank you for being there when people need you.

Carlee Tillman Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants has helped me when I first came to school here in third grade and with my friend drama and other stuff at school. She has also helped me when I had hard times at home and at school and other places. I hope she gets the award. She is one of the best counselors that I have ever had!!

Canin Golter Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants has helped me with getting along with people and when she comes in for guidance she always makes me laugh and does awesome games and she teaches us how to calm down when we get mad.

Andrew Robison Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is such a nice person she helped me be better with people. She also helped my brother control his anger and cooperate with others so I think she deserves this award.

Kyron Vanherwyn Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants has been my extra heart and soul.She has been the kindest person I know. Without her I would be so lost and confused. Asking her has been so straight and easy at the same time.She should get the "Kind and Thoughtful"award.I enjoy being with her!

Ryker Bierschenk Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants, she is a very loving human being , she takes care of us all. Even in personal problems she still finds a way to make us feel better. She brings a spark to the room and makes everyone happy. I think she is one of the loving person ever and if you're reading this thank you.

Kennedi Cook Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants is helping my class to she who we are so i can she me personalty . You can tell her a problem and she will help you with it. She is so trustworthy you can tell her every thing and she will not say nothing to anyone at any time. Mrs.Simants has a good sents of hummer she makes ever happy. She is the most nicest person you will ever meet.

brett Posted 1 days ago

I enjoy when Mrs.Simants comes in and does guidance lessons and it is alot of fun to me. Mrs. Simants your great!!!!

Kianna Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants has helped me through hard times and helped keep as all save,and cares about all of us and helps in ever way she can. She is good whit explaining things to. She is one of my favorite teachers.

Benjamin Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is the most loving person I know.She solves all sorts of problems and is a great guidance teacher. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

lillian Ryan Wee Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants has given me so much good advice. She has always had a open door to listen and actually listen. There has been no time that she couldn't help or fix a situation. She is a very good teacher she has taught me thang about me I didnt even know. Even just walking by her in the halls is a sign a relief that there is someone here to talk to and listen. You are one of my favorite teachers you have done so much for all of the kids. So thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

Mataiya Smith Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is one of my favorite teachers she is kind and she helps me and other people with there problems. she is super nice and loving and strong.

Torean Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is a nice person she helps out a lot of people by talking to them and making people laugh.She lets people talk to her about whats going on and let people and tell them about stuff and makes people laugh she has helped people with motivating words. Mrs. Simants listens to what people have to say and talks with about whats been you have been going through Thank you. mrs. Simants

Abigail Robison Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants has helped me and my friends work through problems. She is an amazing guidance counselor and a great person to talk to. Mrs. Simants has had cancer for ten years and that still doesn't stop her. She is amazing at her job and a very great person in general. I don't really think I would be where I am right now without her. She truly is an awesome teacher, helper, and counselor. I would really choose Mrs. Simants of all people to go to if I was having troubles or problems. She also does not make things seem uncomfortable to talk about. I love you Mrs. Simants!!

Addyson Christner Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants was my guidance counselor all through elementary she helped me through a lot of tough times with out her I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Kelcie Motsinger Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is helpful in many ways. Mrs. Simants is my favorite teacher because she is humorous and she loves to listen to stories. She is friendly and is helpful to anyone in need. She is respectful and cares to do anything for anyone. She tries to find time to do something if someone asks her.I thank Mrs. Simants for coming to our school to be a part of.

Ava Vaughn Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is an awesome guidance counselor. She taught me so much she works very hard with other students. But most of all she is my favorite teacher. She is also very nice, friendly, and caring. In guidance she talks about things that we need to know about ourselves. She will cheer me up if i'm feeling down or any of my classmates are feeling down. If I had a problem i was able to go and talk to her. Me and my classmates love her so much for being an awesome teacher and guidance counselor.

hallie johnson Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is one of the most inspirational people that I have ever met. She is kind and generous and the best guidance councilors anybody could ever dream of having. She has helped out threw thick and thin even though I don't like to share my feelings. She has something different about her, she makes you feel safe and comforted. If anybody deserves this award it's without a doubt her. I just want to say thank you Mrs. Simants, I don't know what I would do without you!

Zoe Johnson Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants helped me to be nicer to my brother when I am mad or frustrated with him at home. She tells me to try to compromise and use our guidance skills to help calm both of us down so we don't fight.

Payton Stienike Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants helped me learn more about my self and helped resolve any drama in are class. She nice and caring and the best guidance counselor ever.

Joel Miller Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is a guidance counselor in my school. She has always been there for me when I needed her. When my mom was in high school she had me. My mom would bring me in with her to class. She would watch me when my mom was in class. when my brother was in the hospital when he was born she was there for me when that was going on.

Jessica Schrad Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants was my guidance counselor in high school and now I have the honor of being her coworker and friend! Throughout high school she was a great mentor. Now as my coworker and friend I turn to her for advice on teaching and life. She also works with my daughter. She has helped my daughter open up in school! Mrs. Simants is always willing to help and listen to anyone who needs it even when she's dealing with her own problems. She deserves the honor of being a life changer because she truly is one!

Ella Lydic Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is a great guidance concealer she helps a lot of people she is just great. Mrs. Simants helped me learn more about myself. She is great at working at the school.

Lydia McGown Posted 1 days ago

You really helped me and made me who I am, whenever I needed help I came to you and you helped me I don't know what I would do without you.

Shyann McConville Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is one of the best teachers I know. She makes me feel like I can do anything. I love being in her guidance class because, I can trust her with anything I say. She never show when shes down or when shes even having a horrible day. I have learned so much from her and I hope one day I can be just like her and treat and see people just like she does. Thanks for being a great teacher to me.

Lydia McGown Posted 1 days ago

You really helped me and made me who I am, whenever I needed help I came to you and you helped me I don't know what I would do without you.

Jeralyn Callahan Posted 1 days ago

Becky puts a lot of time and effort into teaching my students character education, especially conflict resolution. If any of them has a problem, she will drop what she is doing to assist them through his or her difficult time. She truly puts her heart and soul into her job to be a strong pillar for our students at Brady!

Tracey Porter Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants has made so much impact on all of my boys. I have 4 boys who all went to Brady Public Schools and graduate one having a harder time she was always there to help and make sure each one was successful in their own ways. She always goes beyond her duties and has an extreme desire to help all students and I belief staff. She more then just a counselor she believes in everyone. She is well deserving of this award!

Noah Jurjens Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants and I have worked a together a lot this year in helping kids in all sorts of ways. In the beginning of my senior year, she approached me to discuss about helping a child that is struggling to find a place. She asked if I would be willing to read with this kid and take him under my wing for 2 days out of the week. I was excited that I was even considered to do this job. I said absolutely and we can say without a doubt this activity has made a significant influence in his life. Mrs. Simants cares so much about every child she works with and she so desperately want them to become something great. Every kid that walks in her door walks out with a lesson learned and a better person. Those kids and even high school studentsfeel like Mrs. Simants is someone you can talk to and she will be on your side and get you through it. She is a big reason why I am considering going into education and the education system in Nebraska needs more people like Mrs. Simants. I could not imagine a person more deserving of this award than the great Mrs. Simants.

Kenlee Fattig Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is always been kind to me.She has helped me a lot.She has always been there for us. She helps us in guidance and we learn new tools every Wednesday. She is really fun to work with.When ever she walks past me she always greets me and says hello or how is your day going. I've know her for 5 years straight and has always been kind. She helps us when we need help. Thank you Mrs. Simants.

Marlee Seamann Posted 1 days ago

When I was just starting school in kindergarten I did not know much about the school or the people in it, she was my only friend . But in the end she encouraged me to make more friends, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Andrew Karchner Posted 1 days ago

Mrs .Simants has helped me with a lot of things. When I get upset with people at school, she helped me calm down. She has been working with me to learn how to control my anger. I know that if I am feeling upset I can talk to Mrs. Simants and get it out so I won't be upset anymore. When I was sad about my favorite high schoolers graduating, Mrs. Simants talked to me and made me feel better. When I feel like I can't do anything right or feel upset in class, I go and talk to Mrs. Simants and she makes me feel better. She helps me figure out a better way to handle things when I want to argue with people. Thank you for being a lifechanger for me.

Loren Posted 1 days ago

Becky is an awesome woman with a great sense of humor. She always makes me feel comfortable when I interact with her for my children's sakes. She always has a smile and a positive thing to say. She loves the students and I'm glad my kids have her to help them through anything that comes their way.

Dallas Hobbs Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is good at teaching Empathy. People get inspired by her teaching. Thank you Mrs. Simants.

Thomas Most Posted 1 days ago

When I was in Elementary Mrs. Simants would always provide an opportunity to smile and feel comforted. She works extremely hard, but always has time to care for others and resolve conflict with kids and show them the best way to deal with conflict.

Brennan Donner Posted 1 days ago

Congrats on being nominated. You help me a lot at Brady schools. When I first went to this school she helped me a lot by telling me where stuff is. She introduced me to my new classmates. It made me happy. Thank you, Mrs. Simants.

Reanna Davis Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is a wonderful teacher. She has taught me a lot of things in guidance. I got to go to High Ability Learners workshop this year with Mrs. Simants.

kai smith Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants helped me be with Noah, my high school mentor. You and Noah are the best! Thank you.

Braylon McBride Posted 1 days ago

Congrats! You have helped everybody and whenever I'm feeling bad you cheer me up. When I first came to the school I was nervous. Then you told me who my classmates are and not to be shy because lots of them would be my friend. Thank you for your help.

Robert Posted 1 days ago

Congrats! Mrs.Simants is the best life changer like when when I first came here I was really scared and I went to her and she helped me not get so scared.

Cauy Golter Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants has helped me through out the years, from kindergarten all the way to Senior year. She has always made me feel loved and part of the group. She also always made us laugh while we practiced reading in elementary.

Cash Griffiths Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants is a kind soul to us elementary students. She makes me happy even when I am sad. She also helps me calm down and she also makes me laugh.

Abby Brown Posted 1 days ago

I knew Mrs. Simants for many years, she was my guidance counselor in elementary school and I used to go and do testing with her when I was young. I am now her student aid and everyday I watch her help many students and even teachers. Not only does she help students everyday but she is also a very strong mother and does everything she can for her kids. I watch her everyday change students lives, I know that she has to go through a lot of stress with her job, but she pushes through and every kid in the elementary and every teen in high school that knew her will know that Mrs. Simants gives a lot of love to every student in school. Mrs. Simants finds the joy in many things and it makes me proud to have such a great person in the school and community.

Emily Spurgin Posted 1 days ago

I don't know Becky very well, but I have hear great thing about her and I'm glad the she is getting the nominee.

Breck Jobman Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is a very inspirational person that has always been someone you can count on at our school. She was always kind and helpful to me in elementary school.

Tad Grasz Posted 1 days ago

Becky has been a great support of me and my family. When things were hard my 5th grade year, she was there to support me and help me with many things. She has a great influence on all the kids that attend Brady Public Schools. We love you Mrs. Simants. Congratulations on your nomination.

Megan Lusk Posted 1 days ago

Mrs.Simants helped me all throughout elementary school. She was good friends with my mom when she taught here. She wasn't around me as much as some other kids, but I know she made such a big impact on them. She would come in my moms room and talk to her a lot. I could just tell that she was such a kind-hearted person. I don't see her as much anymore, but everytime I do, I know she deserves so much appreciation. Congratulations Mrs.Simants.

Ashton TroBaugh Posted 1 days ago

Mrs. Simants is the best guidance counselor, she has helped so many students, and she very kind. She is a very funny, amazing, weird, loving and caring person. I am very proud she was elected to be a life changing experience. I consider her a mother, and a lot of students here at BPS. She's a very friendly, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. Nobody she be afraid to approach her, she will do anything she can to help anyone, no matter the situation.

Lucas Simmons Posted 1 days ago

I am very proud to go to school with a LifeChanger nominee!

Connie Hansen Posted 2 days ago

Great job Mrs. Simants and well deserved!! Thank you for all of the help you have given to our grandchildren!

Chevas Shaw Posted 3 days ago

Mrs. Simants was my guidance counselor in high school. We also used her room to take online college courses. Mrs. Simants remains one of my favorite teachers. No one I knew had been to law school, but I had the confidence to apply partly because of Mrs. Simants's guidance, specifically, that just because I hadn't seen someone do something or pursue something that doesn't mean that I couldn't be the first to try. I still seek Mrs. Simants out whenever I'm back home and am proud to call her a friend.

Susan Golter Posted 3 days ago

Congratulations for being nominated for this achievement award! Mrs. Wolf really did an outstanding job of recognizing all of the areas both at school and in your personal life that makes you so deserving of winning. You go above and beyond in everything you do and it is always for others!

Tonja Shaw Posted 3 days ago

I have had the privilege of teaching alongside Mrs. Simants for 21 years! Becky has a wonderful ability to make everyone she comes into contact with feel special, appreciated, and loved! She truly has been a Life Changer to so many and continues positively impact others despite the adversities she faces in her own life! Love you Mrs. Simants!

Yentle Dyas Posted 3 days ago

Becky has been a lifechanger for my children. I have three little girls who go to Brady. One has problems with reading and her anxiety and Becky always calms her. She has nothing but wonderful things to say about my girls. She has always been positive and is willing to fight for her students. She loves all of the students and shows them that, which children need especially when they don't get that at home. Becky is a loving and amazing woman and I can attest that she is an easy choice for lifechanger of the year.

Deb Paulman Posted 16 days ago

Congratulations Becky. Well deserved! You are such a blessing to the students, staff and families of the Brady community.

Kimberly Mohlman (Land) Posted 17 days ago

Becky was my Guidance counselor and my Sped ed teacher. Today I begin my journey on to get my Bachelor's in Human services Family and Child Administration. I work as a Family support worker and I owe the Motivation to help and Teach others due to this wounderful women!! Thank You Becky!!!

Bridget Rossman Posted 17 days ago

Becky and I both started at Brady the same year. As a teacher I have found her to be an invaluable resource that I can always depend on, both as a colleague and a friend! ??

Angela Johnson Posted 17 days ago

We are so very blessed to have Mrs. Simants as a member of our staff. She always goes above and beyond when it comes to the students in our school and is one of the most persevering individuals I have ever met. She takes on adversity with grace. Mrs. Simants is an asset to the staff and students at Brady Public Schools.

Stephanie Wolf Posted 1 months ago

Becky is such a wonderful person! Having a team of teachers who were willing to help write this nomination shows Becky is one of the best we have at Brady Public Schools.