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Todd Sasser

Position: Agriculture Teacher
School: Pitkin High School
School District: Vernon Parish School Board
City, State: Pitkin, LA

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Todd Sasser was nominated by his friend, James Britt.

Mr. Sasser, also known as "Mr. Todd," is an outstanding man and educator who has, and is, making a difference in the lives of his students and in his community. Former students think so much of him that they often come back after graduating just to visit Mr. Todd and check in with their mentor. The school utilizes his expertise to take care of many jobs and repairs around the school and in the town itself.

Due to his organization and ability to get jobs done, he and his "Ag boys" are responsible for decorating the town for the annual Christmas celebrations, as well as the highly-anticipated yearly Christmas parade. Then, when all of the celebrations are over and a new year arrives, they remove all of the decorations and store them until the next year. When the Christmas season comes around again, Mr. Todd and "his boys" repair, repaint, and add to the decorations for another year.

While progressing through a constant "to-do" school list, Mr. Todd helps get his students ready for the world of work. His classroom is where students learn skills they will need in their chosen professions. He provides opportunities for students to receive safety certifications and other certificates demonstrating their job-readiness while still in high school to give them a "leg-up" in the working world.

In his vocational shop, students practice hands-on skills that will help them become successful contributors to society. The course content he offers affords the students a wide range of experiences.  He instills a sense of community service in "his boys" by having them work on a variety of projects, including:

  • Building playground equipment for three-year-olds;
  • Repairing school desks;
  • Building a ramp for a wheelchair-bound student so she could access the stage at graduation;
  • Constructing platforms so the elementary students could reach the Activeboards to answer questions with the special pens, and;
  • Welding to repair various pieces of equipment for community members, and other such jobs that always seem to need doing or that people cannot do for themselves.

Mr. Todd is serving his community by being active in his church and with the youth ministry. He has also been known to coach baseball when needed.

Additionally, Mr. Todd performs all of these tasks from a wheelchair. As a young man, he was a bronc rider until his life was changed one night, when he became entangled in the ropes and had an accident. From that night on, Mr. Todd never walked again, but he never let this incident define his life.  He completed college, got married, and had a son. He continues to get up and go to work every day to the most physically-demanding job on campus.  By simply getting up and coming to work each day, Mr. Todd teaches students much more than the curriculum. He teaches all of the students, his fellow teachers, and his community that limitations do not have to limit your life. People are not defined by what they can't do, but by what they will do.

"LifeChangers make a difference in how a person lives their life. Todd Sasser makes a difference in his entire community and in anyone who meets him," said Britt.

Comments (103)

Pam Carroll Posted 8 months ago

Todd, thank you for being a LIFECHANGER.You have been and continue to be a great influence in the life of my son. Even though he graduated 4 years ago you still encourage and support him more than you will ever know. If the world was filled with more men like you it would definitely be a better place. God has truly blessed you with a special talent and thank you for stepping up and doing his will.

Chelsea Johnson Posted 8 months ago

There isn’t a student who hasn’t walked down the halls of Pitkin High who hasn’t connect with Mr.Todd in some kind of way. He is someone we all looked forward to seeing on our bad days. He is a great example of a leader and Christian man. I love him very much and thankful for my fun high school memories in AG shop. He is a blessing to our school!

Shae Wetzel Posted 8 months ago

You’ve truly changed what I have thought about Ag. I used to think that I wouldn’t get to do/learn anything, but you gave me a chance and have taught me so much. Thank you.

Caitlin Thetford Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is such a great teacher that is so deserving of this award. He is such a huge inspiration to all of us. We appreciate him beyond words.

Lauryn Longino Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd deserves everything! He has so much love and care for his students. I have definitely learned a lot. i’m very inspired by him.

isabella willis Posted 8 months ago

I think Mr. Todd is a great person who has taught us many things throughout high school

Ashton Iber Posted 8 months ago

Thank you Mr. Todd for always making our class fun and letting us get breakfast every day in 10th grade. :)

Alize Garza Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is a big part of our school's community.Thank you for being such a huge inspiration for us and teaching us while helping us laugh and learn along the way. We love you and you really deserve this award! We appreciate you beyond words! :) <3

Dylan Duncan Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd has well deserved this. As expressed by the other people that are supporting him, they all know all well as I do that he is a great man inside and out of school.

nathan doyle Posted 8 months ago

MR. Todd is a very helpful person. He teaches you real-life things you have to do for a job.

Levi Savercool Posted 8 months ago

Your an influential teacher I often look to when I need help with anything. No matter what your always willing to help anybody who desires to learn. I could not think of any teacher more deserving of being a life changer, thank you.

Megan Smith Posted 8 months ago

I took Ag 1 & Ag 2 with Mr. Todd. I can most definitely say those were on my list of top favorite high school classes. When in Mr. Todd's, you had the ability to achieve so many things. Though i just cleaned the Ag shop a lot, I still gained the knowledge of worksman skills. Mr. Todd cares for his students like no other. I've seen many people accomplish great things through the help of him. There's never been a time that I've passed him in the hallway and he's not smiling. Mr. Todd deserves this award, and so much more. I'm rooting for him!!!

Laila Salas Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is a great teacher at Pitkin High School. He is always helping his fellow students and all of the staff. He is very kind and always tries to make everyone feel welcome. When you need to ask someone for a favor, Mr. Todd is the guy to turn to. He will do to work very quick and give you amazing results. We all love and appreciate Mr. Todd as a teacher, colleague, and a friend.

Allie Willis Posted 8 months ago

I have only had Mr. Todd as a teacher for one year, last year. However, in that one year, I have seen his work ethic and determination. I saw my friends take on different projects the year before I joined. He always helped them get different tools and repair parts. I decided to join since my dad told me that Ag was important. Not only did I learn a lot about different things such as woodworking and how to diagnose a problem in a machine, but I had fun while doing so. We got to help the community by doing things such as maintain baseball fields, help with the parade and graduation, and help the lunch ladies and janitors. I gain the important skill of training for different jobs. I was also allowed to create my own personal projects in this class when we had downtime such as a Christmas gift I made for my mawmaw out of wood, with the help of my friends in their second year of taking this class.

Alicen Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is a great teacher, he teaches things people may need in everyday life. He is always there to help people, any way he can. He is such a great role model for all of us.

Laila Salas Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is a great teacher at Pitkin High School. He is always helping his fellow students and all of the staff. He is very kind and always tries to make everyone feel welcome. When you need to ask someone for a favor, Mr. Todd is the guy to turn to. He will do to work very quick and give you amazing results. We all love and appreciate Mr. Todd as a teacher, colleague, and a friend.

TannerJohnson Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd has been such a great mentor to all of us as students and he will help you when in need if it and he we teach you what you want to learn . Congratulations Mr. Todd !!

Gage T Posted 8 months ago

Thanks for teaching me how to weld.

Emily Milton Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is the best teacher that a student could ask for, he always has a positive attitude and always is a very supportive teacher. He puts a smile on your face when you are feeling down, he never lets your day go on without making your day a little better. Mr. Todd is my Ag II teacher, and he always has something new for us to learn each and every day, from book work, to helping him in the shop and learning how to weld and keep the shop clean. Finally, Mr. Todd is the best teacher that an Ag II student could ask for and no one would be able to replace him, and the way he has changed the lives of many of his students, and teach us new things like he does.

Daisy Rhame Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd was not only one of my favorite teachers he is one of the best people I ever meet. There has been many days when just a talk with him could clam me down and get my mind off of so many things. He was been there for me when I needed him the most. He is definitely a life changer.

Colt Bryant Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd you are a life changer! Your the best Ag teacher. THANKS for being inspiration to everyone at Pitkin High School

Aubrey Reed Posted 8 months ago

Thank you for everything you have done. Everyone appreciates you.

Sara Posted 8 months ago

He's a great teacher. He helps everything with whatever they need help on. He has showed me alot in ag.

Autumn Kennedy Posted 8 months ago

You deserve it Mr. Todd! Thank you for everything you do for our school, and thanks for being a super cool AG teacher. Congrats! You're such an amazing influence on this school, and thanks for always putting me to work in the shop.

Bryce Angulo Posted 8 months ago

Dear Mr Todd Even though I do not have your class this year I think that you are a very good educator in the ag department. You teach kids important skills that can help them in life with various things. Thank you very much for you work. -Bryce Angulo

Hailey Posted 8 months ago

You are the one of the best teachers in Pitkin HIgh School congratulations!

Aaron Powell Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is not just a teacher, but he is also a role model. Mr. Todd has taught me many things that i could use in life like how to do carpenter work or mechanic work. Overall Mr. Todd is a very kind hearted person and I hope he wins this award.

Connor Goleman Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Todd on your nomination. Mr. Todd is truly a life changer. He is such a good example for the students of Pitkin High School. It's a well deserved nomination for a well deserving person.

Dalton Maricle Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd has taught me skills in my life that I would not have figured if it wasn't for him. The activities that we have partaken in Ag class is something that a person will never forget. Mr. Todd has taught us things from Welding to changing the oil in a truck. Mr. Todd is a positive a motivational person throughout the whole Pitkin community.

Jayce Thompson Posted 8 months ago

As seen in the previous comments, Mr.Todd deserves the world. Not only is Mr.Todd good for the community, he is also a great example for the younger students flowing through Pitkin High School. As a student, Mr.Todd has influenced my life dramatically. Throughout my personal experiences and life lessons taught by Mr.Todd, he would make a great leader and deserves to be called "Life Changer of the Year".

Payton Midkiff Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations! Thank you for being such a positive influence on our students and faculty! Thank you for your positivity and willingness to help us all in any way possible!

Dyllan Young Posted 8 months ago

Mr.Todd is my AG teacher and has really inspired me and taught me well. He has shown me how to weld, use the torch, and also build carpentry for things at school. Congrats on being nominated for LCOY. You're already a winner in my book. :)

Makenzie Reed Posted 8 months ago

Such a great teacher and inspiration !

Jared Hicks Posted 8 months ago

As one of one students for 3 years I can definitely say that this is true he has taught all of his classes with skills they can use in life and he is always willing to lend a hand in school if someone needs something done. He is a great teacher who always show respect and teaches what we need to know. Congrats Mr.Todd thanks for everything you do.

Sarah Calmes Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is an outstanding mentor and teacher, as a former student in his classroom, I can very well say he treats all of us as his own. Though I am still enrolled in Pitkin High, I have completed Mr. Todd's classes and regularly see Mr. Todd in the halls, he keeps his amazing attitude and witty sense of humor throughout the day. I don't think I could recall a day Mr. Todd hasn't been chipper, the constant uplifting mood keeps all of us happy, even on our bad days, and the days we sit a tornado out in the halls. I'm sure I haven't had a greater time cleaning, then in his classroom odd as that sounds, Mr. Todd made grueling tasks as fun as a game. I know the countless stories he had for us, a different one each day, each as interesting as the last one. Mr. Todd's class was a class I looked forward to, and miss. I can say, out of our staff, Mr. Sasser deserves this beyond belief.

Dakota and TIffany Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Todd on being nominated! You really deserve this, especially with all the hard work you do.

Tai Turnage Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is a vary positive person and deserves this.

Jordan Sanders Posted 8 months ago

He is a very talented teacher, as well as a man with a great deal of will.

Sabrina Maricle Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is an amazing teacher! He's always supporting the students in everything they do.

Nicole Purtiman Posted 8 months ago

No words can express the appreciation I have for Mr. Todd’s well earned respected contribution on our students’ perspective on not only education, but also life! Mr. Todd is a highly influential educator that helps all students to be ahead of the curve when it comes to real-life readiness. As the teacher next door, I love to peek in on their projects (welds, cuts, and all their talented custom builds), and I proudly display my hall passes/welcome gifts made by a couple of his students. One of those lucky Ag students of his is my oldest son, Evan, who I raise as a single mother. He loves Mr. Todd! Everybody does! Mr. Todd not only provides valued educational opportunities through his teachings and projects, but is an exceptional male role model in the class and out! THANK YOU FOR BEING A LIFE CHANGER! -Nicole Purtiman

Tiffany Holt Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Todd is an exceptional human being as well as a great teacher. He is constantly working on school and community projects. The community depends on him to take care of many events. Many times, Mr. Todd has been a "crying shoulder" for me to lean on. He has been a great friend to me in my times of need. He is truly deserving of this award.

Heidi (Brister) Spivey Posted 8 months ago

I unfortunately never took one of Mr. Todd's famous Ag or shop classes, but everyone (including my 3 siblings and my husband) who did always seemed truly changed by being there. Students got involved in the clubs and events that they would have never even dreamed they would be good at. When you walked in his class for anything, he was always so kind and welcoming. He has the best personality for his career. He gives students much more than I'm sure he even realizes. From hands-on skills they can use later on in life, to just how you should act towards others, Mr. Todd is definitely changing lives for the best.

Connie Britt Posted 8 months ago

As Todd's friend growing up, fellow teacher, and now as his principal, I can say that I've known Todd his entire life. This man who has been through so much keeps a smile on his face and a "can-do" attitude in his heart. Nothing stops him. He is active in his church; he is a crucial part of our school; he is active in the Future Farmers of America (having attended their national conventions in other states, for example); he is the 4-H sponsor; he takes students on tours of factories and companies. What can't this man do! He and his wife also went through the stress of having a premature baby years ago and had to spend a long time in the NICU. Throughout his life, his faith and goodness have held strong. These setbacks have been just that for him--setbacks....not catastrophic events as would be with most people, I imagine. I hold him up as an example to the students who are habitually tardy or absent--if Mr. Todd can get up every day, get dressed, get into his vehicle, drive 11 miles to school, and run an ag. dept. and welding shop from a wheelchair, then they can get out of bed and come to school, too. His attitude and fortitude reinforce to many of our students that if Mr. Todd can do what he does, then they can reach out and achieve what they want, also. Todd Sasser is truly a "Lifechanger" not only for our school, but also for other schools around the state, for industries in which he interacts in surrounding states, and for the communities in which he visits and is known.

Rosemary Carroll Posted 9 months ago

Mr Todd is a man that doesn’t say NO !!! It’s either let me think about it and I’ll get back with you or, and when do you need this ?? He always has a kind word and a smile, and willing to help at any time with anything. Love you Mr Todd,thanks for helping and putting up with me...

Madeleine Lewis Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations! Thank you for being such a positive influence on our students and faculty! Thank you for your positivity and willingness to help us all in any way possible!

Angela Johnson Posted 9 months ago

Mr Todd is a winner! He is a very caring person always helping to all and with anything you ask. He cares about the students and helps to lead them in the right direction.

Jeanette P. Woods Posted 9 months ago

Congratulation Mr. Todd on being nominated as a LCOY. A well deserved nomination for a wonderful person.

Christina Bloodsworth Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Todd. Thank you for all you do both in school and out.

Kaleb Longino Posted 9 months ago

All I can say is your so kind to everybody.

Allyson Busby Posted 9 months ago

He is a good teacher. He is very helpful to all students.

Kevin Bayham Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd is nice. He does a really good job.

Charley Vidrine Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd is well deserving of this nomination. He is truly is a life changer. I have known Mr. Todd as a teacher and now as a colleague. Not only does he go above and beyond to help anyone at school with odd jobs or fixing things, but he is an excellent role model for his students. He teaches them about actual life skills that will benefit them in the real world when they leave high school and start working. He also helps them earn certifications for school/employment opportunities. He is there for the students that may struggle in the core classes, but flourish in the hands on environment. I have witnessed students over the years come back to visit him, ask him for advice, or simply let him know how they are doing after graduation. He has a great impact on his students, his co-workers, and his community. Besides helping in the school and community, he sends out students to become productive members of the community. He truly is a live changer.

Sherri Sweat-Doyle Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd is one of my heroes! He inspires me daily with his love for Jesus and his servant's heart. Despite his overwhelming challenges, he is always willing to lend a helping hand. "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then "Mr. Todd" said, Here am I; send me." (Isaiah 6:8) ...Mr. Todd truly gives his ALL to glorify the Lord!

Dedra Morrison Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd Sasser is the most selfless human being, that I have ever known. He plays the role of mentor, father and teacher to many of our students. He encourages by example , kindness, gratitude and hard work to his students. He never lets his disability stop him from going above and beyond to help his co-workers, students and community. When there is a job to be done, Mr. Todd is the man to call. He works tirelessly and gets the job done efficiently. When I think of Mr. Todd, I don't think of a man in a wheelchair. I think of a man who never gives up and never lets anything stop him from giving his all to help others. He lights our town up every Christmas and brings joy to all in our community. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. His former students always come back to see him and talk about what an impact he had on their lives. He is a true life changer!

Tiffany Iber Posted 9 months ago

Your quick smile and constantly positive and laid back attitude is infectious to everyone up at the school. Your willingness to help by any means possible for all the teacher "emergencies" that happen up at the school, as well as being so willing to come any time there is a need around the community is greatly appreciated. Your kind and caring attitude, love for life, and love and respect for others radiates off of you. It is practically impossible to have a bad day when you are around! Thank you for all you do as a teacher at Pitkin High School, a valued person of the community, and as a friend to all. Well-deserved honor for a well-deserving person! Congratulations!

Jeanice Lambright Posted 9 months ago

Todd has always been a very happy helpful person. Congratulations on the nomination,so deserving.

Brooke Maddox Posted 9 months ago

This nomination is well deserving so congratulations!! Mr. Todd does an amazing job working with the students and teaching them real-life skills! Keep up and the good work! He deserves this award!

Missy Wetzel Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd has been an amazing role model for my daughter and she now loves AG class and Mr. Todd. Thank you for caring and being and you.

Joni Robinson Posted 9 months ago

Always willing to help out. I don't know what our school would do without him.

Kelley Stewart Posted 9 months ago

All I can say is “Thank you, Mr.Todd”. Love you and so glad to call you my friend. Always always has a helping hand.

Carolyn Cook Posted 9 months ago

He is the greatest person,he always supports others first. I am truly amazed at the way he gets everything done.

Ora Lee Miller Posted 9 months ago

Good luck on your nomination Mr.Todd. You are a fellow that wears many hats. If you need a job to be done call on Mr. Todd and his crew. Keep up the good work.

Liliabecerra Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd is a great teacher at Pitkin. He is always looking for ways to support every staff and student in the school. If you ask him a favor he'll do it right away. Not to mention he is also very kind to everyone around him. Congratulations to Mr. Todd for his nomination.

Shaunda West Posted 9 months ago

What a wonderful nominee! Mr Todd and i have worked together at Pitkin High School for many years! He is such a hard worker who goes above and beyond his expectations as simply an ah teacher! He believes in teaching many old school skills from welding to changing flats for teachers! Mr Todd has definitely been a life changer at Pitkin High School and for the community of Pitkin, LA!

Montana Powell Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Todd! You deserve it!

Tracy Posted 9 months ago

A genuine all around good human being that is Mr. Todd. He is the type of person who will do what he can to help and if he can’t he will find someone who can. I am so glad that I have got the privilege to know and work with him.

Betty Afeman Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Britts comments are all so true about Mr. Todd. He is such an inspiration to everyone that knows him. He’s an awesome teacher, husband,father and a true friend. He goes above and beyond to teach kids the importance of changing a tire are checking the oil all the little things that they need to know. Thanks MR.Todd for all you do for everyone!! Your a true example of what God created a good man to be always putting someone above yourself!

Caitlin Robinson Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd has been a family friend for years, we've attended the same church for a number of years, and for the past two years, he's been a coworker if mine. He's the one you talk to when you need a smile, because he's usually laughing at something. He's the one you go to when things need fixed, he's a handy man to have around, for more than one reason. I'm glad to know Mr. Todd. Congratulations!

Shelly Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Todd is one of a kind! We are blessed to have him at our school. He is a true inspiration to everyone who knows him. Well deserved nomination!

Jessie Roshong Posted 9 months ago

Such an awesome person that is so deserving of this award! My kids absolutely love him

Deborah johnson Posted 9 months ago

Congrats you do a great job keep it up.

Pamela Willis Posted 9 months ago

Everything that has already been spoken of Mr Todd is true and well said. As School Counselor, I have had the opportunity to work beside him in many stressful events. He always stays calm and helps me out when I get too stressed. One day, my car wouldn’t start. He and I were the last ones still at school. As he was leaving he saw me stranded and came to my rescue. My daddy came but he wasn’t physically able. He has trained his son to jumpstart a car. I was so amazed how he knew how to do everything. I believe it was his son’s birthday that day, but they still took time out for me. When the job was finished the cables were neatly rolled up for the next rescue. I was sooo impressed. There are many other stories just like this one that I could tell. Mr. Todd is a true inspiration to all of us. He never complains just keeps smiling thru all the pain. Our students are blessed beyond measure to have known him personally.

Whitnie Perkins Posted 9 months ago

Todd Sasser is an excellent coworker, teacher, and parent to work alongside. As a fellow coworker, Todd never hesitates to help with an "ag" or "shop" issue. He helps with the school garden, which is very important in educating young learners. He also is a lifesaver when a desk or anything else needs fixed. As a teacher, Todd goes above and beyond to prepare students for the real world. Today's world often lacks in students being taught anything about life at home. Todd helps his boys.. and girls, learn and master everyday skills they will use forever. Finally, Todd is an excellent parent to his young son. I had the pleasure of working with the Sasser family when I taught their son in Kindergarten. Todd is a patient father. He encourages his son to be kind and always try his hardest. The world needs more Life Changers like Mr. Todd Sasser! =)

Norma J Carroll Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations ?? Mr Todd is one of the most well deserved persons for this nomination....he is AMAZING! Such a kind hearted person, always a smile on his face and a friend to anyone and daughter had him as a teacher and " she thought the world of him" and still does (drops by to see him too from time to time). With all that he has been through, he took it and made the best of it and created something great, being a teacher, mentor and inspiration to MANY of our children (followed behind his Mom with this, Sweet Lady) ...I could never say Thank You enough....for being a great role model to my daughter and now my smaller grandchildren who "look up to him" as well ..GOD BLESS you Mr Todd. ??

Hannah Johnson Posted 10 months ago

As a former student, I can say Mr. Todd has made an impact on my life. He taught me that what ever hand you’re dealt with in life, it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you please. I never go into the school without stopping by and seeing how my favorite teacher is. He always has a smile, and is the kindest man. He deserved this award more than any other teacher.

Melissa Callais Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations Todd on your nomination for #LCOY. Todd has always been a phenomenal man in his family, church, community and especially in the lives of children! Very deserving!

Jen Posted 10 months ago

I’m really not sure where to begin. Todd has always helped us in our classroom. He has repaired our playground equipment, bought brand new swings for the playground (FFA club), repaired my school bus which kept me from having to take it to the shop, and has also repaired the gate to the playground without being asked to do so!! He is a wonderful, godly man whom I am so proud to call my friend. He is very deserving for this award!

Rebecca Hoskins Posted 10 months ago

I have not had Todd as a teacher but had his mother as my 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Sasser was hands down my favorite from my 12 years at Pitkin and to this day, 50+ years later, still think of her often. Congratulations on your nomination.

Madison McDonald Posted 10 months ago

I consider myself lucky to have had the privilege to have been one of Mr. Todd’s students. He was, and still is an inspiration, an encourager, and a light for Christ in my life!! I’m convinced there isn’t a more selfless, hardworking, deserving educator for this award!!

SHERRY JETER Posted 10 months ago

Pitkin High School and the Community is very proud of you Mr. Todd You are an Inspiration to me and have always carried a Hugh smile on your face. May God continue to Bless You and Your Family ??

Shirley Schysm Posted 10 months ago

Great guy, great teacher, great mentor and he had a great mother that was also all of the above. Yes we need more teachers like Todd Sasser.

Brenda Carroll Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Todd Sasser is a top notch educator, mentor, and community leader. Our world would be a better place if we had more men like Todd mentoring our young people!

Jessica Reed Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Todd, Thank you for your gentle spirit and willingness to help. You made me feel very welcome my first year at Pitkin High School. You let me vent about frustrations and just kept smiling. You teach students real life skills, like gardening, changing tires, charging batteries, etc. Thank you for allowing students to build shelves for my classrooms. Also, I enjoyed the tomato plants from your green house. You are definitely an inspiration because you never make excuses to avoid any assignments or responsibilities. I am forever grateful that God allowed our paths to cross!

Betty Afeman Posted 10 months ago

Todd is definitely one of a kind. If I need anything done all you have to do is tell him and he’s students will be on the job. He teaches them skills that most would never be taught. The kids love him he is an amazing man! The school is lucky to have him!

Trenton Johnson Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Todd has definitely been a mentor and positive influence in our children's lives. I know several young men that still stay in contact and hear about them stopping in and visiting him. Thank you Mr. Todd for all you do.

Lawanda cooley Posted 11 months ago

Awesome teacher. Congratulations

Sharon McCullough Posted 11 months ago

I just want to say everything Mr. Britt said is so true. Mr. Todd Sasser is a fantastic person and teacher. Thank you for what you do for Pitkin.

Ashleigh Menard Posted 11 months ago

I never had the privilege of being in Mr. Todd's class, but he was my 4H leader. He always went above and beyond to help us get our animals and projects ready, to help us be successful. Mr. Todd continues to be a friend and someone I look up to today.

Shelby Kadrovich Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Todd is so supportive of his students! As the only girl in my graduating class to be interested in agriculture Mr. Todd always made sure I was involved and didn’t treat me any different from the boys in class. I have been graduated for 10 years now and Mr. Todd always takes time to say hello and checks in on how his former students are doing. When my grandfather passed away a couple years ago, he loaded up his “ag boys” and they went to help my grandma complete task that my grandfather had always took care. He is much more than a teacher in our community he is a role model!

Larry Miller Posted 11 months ago

Todd is an individual, that has the ability to inspire the young people to excel in any task that they are given , which gives them a foundation for any career they chose Larry

Monica Vernier Posted 11 months ago

As my brother in law I'm a little partial. Todd is wonderful and a blessing to everyone he comes into contact with. We love him beyond words.

Kavaan Griffin Posted 11 months ago

I would like to thank Mr. James Britt for this nomination. Todd Sasser is the perfect candidate for this award. Todd is the most determined person I know. The relationship he has with his students is amazing. These students will work their heart out for Todd. Todd instills good work ethics in his students by his example. Todd has a big loving heart for his family, students and friends. I am proud to call him my friend.

Gail Merchant Posted 11 months ago

We have the pleasure of getting to really know Todd through Little league all stars. It is awesome to see the way He interacts with the boys. What a fantastic role model for our children. Always a smile and a kind word for everyone!!

Autumntate Posted 11 months ago

As being a past student of Pitkin. I walked the halls and talked mr.Todd everyday. He’s and amazing teacher and very deserving of this

Patricia Roberts Posted 11 months ago

Todd also pays forward and gives back by volunteering may ways with the Pitkin High School Alumni Association. He and his students are ever ready to help in any way necessary to ensure we have successful reunions each year.

Melissa rhame Posted 11 months ago

Thanks for all your hard souled and all the long hours you put in. The time you take to make sure all your to do’s and everyone eles are done!! You are such a inspiration to my girls!! Love your rhame girls

Patricia Posted 11 months ago

Such a kind and generous soul! Mr. Todd was one of my 4h leaders and now my son plays ball with his son. He is always there to offer encouragement to all of the boys! I can’t think of a better person for this honor!

Ashley Hayes Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Todd is so deserving of this award. He his an awesome Dad, Husband, and Teacher. My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Todd and his family through baseball over the years. Nicest man you will meet.

Andrea Sasser Posted 11 months ago

Thank you Mt. Britt for nominating Todd, for your friendship with our family and your role in our community! Todd is all of the things you’ve mentioned here and is also the best husband and daddy around!

Albert Kennison Posted 11 months ago

I don't personally know Todd Sasser, but I know of his good work. Everyone in the Pitkin community can see his work in the community during the holiday season. Mr. Sasser and his students are committed making our small town shine for Christmas, and we are very appreciative of their hard work. THANK ALL OF Y'ALL FOR YOUR HARD WORK!

Ramona West Posted 11 months ago

I have had the privileged of knowing Mr. Sasser for many years. His attitude, knowledge, humility and talent are praised by all who know him. To know the impact this young man has made to the entire community is unmatched and heartwarming. The good ones never realize the impact they make, but we all see. Although I no longer live in the area, I remain impressed by this man's works within the community and his ability to shape the students he teaches.

Jared Lucht Posted 11 months ago

As on of Mr. Todd’s former students he taught me so much more than how to work he taught me life lessons. Mr. Todd told me about his incident and how he was depressed so he started reading. He learned that he could look at each day as a gift. He taught me that every day is a good day and has been an inspiration in my life since the first time we met. Mr. Todd is truly a life changer.

Penny Collums Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Todd sounds like a great person. I'm sure he is appreciated.