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Griselda Escobedo

Position: Counselor
School: Twin Falls High School
School District: Twin Falls School District
City, State: Twin Falls, ID

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Griselda Escobedo was nominated by her colleague of several years, Jessica Mathes.

Mrs. Escobedo transferred to Twin Falls High School from one of the local middle schools.  She is an outstanding member of the faculty.  As one of three school counselors, she makes a beneficial difference in the lives of students every single day.  

"I have heard students say over and over again that Mrs. Escobedo cares," said Mathes. "Students feel that they can go to her with any issue they are having - whether it be academic, emotional, or mental - and she will help them somehow.  I see her make a difference in our students' lives firsthand. She definitely adds positively to the lives of all students who come in contact with her, as well as the school staff.  She is so welcoming, helpful, and friendly every day. Mrs. Escobedo is a positive, caring influence on everyone around her."

In addition to her school duties, Mrs. Escobedo runs a private counseling practice. She also serves in several additional capacities at the school. For example, she is a member of the Senior Project Committee and the Grade Level Facilitator Committee.  She is so committed to students and staff in every possible way. 

"Griselda adheres to high moral and ethical standards in her duties as a counselor here," said Mathes. "In my capacity as an English teacher, I occasionally have students write troubling things, such as that they are dealing with abuse or depression. I have found that when I report these things, Griselda handles the issues immediately and effectively.  Further, if students are having trouble academically, Griselda not only calls the students in and speaks to them directly, but she also calls the parents and makes sure they are aware of their student's struggles and what we can all do as a team to help.  She always keeps the students' confidentiality and privacy in mind, and she does an amazing job of handling each circumstance in a caring way."

"In essence...Griselda is a Life Changer in my eyes, without a doubt," said Mathes. "Her caring and commitment to students and colleagues is unparalleled, in my experience."