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Mary Huffman

Position: Fifth Grade ELA/Social Studies Teacher
School: Carolina Park Elementary School
School District: Charleston County School District
City, State: Mount Pleasant, SC

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Mary Huffman was nominated by her colleague, Dimitrios Matsoukas.

"I had the opportunity to work with Mary at two teacher's conferences for the Korean War Legacy Foundation in Charleston, SC and in Athens, Greece," said Matsoukas. "I have not met such an energetic person in my life. As we say in Greece, she was the 'soul' of both conferences."

In 2015, Ms. Huffman earned the National History Teacher of the Year Award from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. She shares her passion for teaching through professional development as a Master Teacher Fellow for the Gilder Lehrman Institute, as a senior Fellow for the Korean War Legacy Foundation, and a 2019 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow. In all of her presentations, she reminds participants that history is a living, breathing entity that should always be taught through primary/secondary sources, simulations, community service projects, and project-based learning.

"I am very proud to know this brilliant teacher and human being," said Matsoukas.

Comments (72)

Sanjana Gangaraju Posted 4 days ago

Mrs.Huffman was my 5th grade teacher last year and I had a blast! We always did these fun simulations and by far my favorite one was the Holocaust simulation. Mrs. Huffman has always helped me when I needed it and because if that I think she really does deserve this award. I would really recommend her as a teacher to the kids that go to Carolina Park Elementary. She really explained things in a very good way. I really understood everything! I am going to Thank her for her amazing teaching and I am going to tell her to continue what she does cause she does know what she is doing. Thank You Mrs.Huffman !

Kyle Smalls Posted 4 days ago

I served as Mrs. Huffman's Assistant Principal for 3 years at Carolina Park Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. While working together, Mrs. Huffman was one of the most dedicated teachers that I had ever worked with during my career. Teaching is just not a job to Mary, it is her passion. Mary lived at least 40 minutes away from our school, but was always the first to arrive and the last teacher to leave. Mrs. Huffman uses every minute of her professional and free time thinking and developing creative lessons for her students. Having students re-create historical facts from events that have happened throughout the world to making historical cross curricular connections to literature to allowing her students to experience curriculum outside of the four walls of her classroom, has given her students an immense educational experience that they will never forget. On top of providing these opportunities to students, Mary consistently conducts presentations to many educational and historical organizations across the world. Mary's fervor for the education profession is one of a kind. The immeasurable impact that Mary Huffman has had on her students and community, makes her worthy of the Lifechanger of the Year Award!

Claire Bidgood Posted 5 days ago

Mrs.Huffman changed my life! My happiest ,memories are in her class.

William J Posted 5 days ago

I want to keep writing lol, Mrs. Huffman really brings lessons to life, before her class, I hated social studies because all we did was read textbooks and answer questions. In Mrs.Huffman's class, I was excited to learn, I am very happy to have been her student last year and I hope she wins this, I remember commenting here last year as well.

William J Posted 5 days ago

An add to my comment, Mrs. Huffman also was an amazing teacher in virtual learning, we still did awesome activities and yeah, it was my favorite grade so far.

William J Posted 5 days ago

HI! I was Mrs. Huffman's student last year, and she was the best and coolest teacher EVER! We did so many cool projects, learned about awesome things, and even got to see real artifacts and go on awesome field trips! I really hope she wins, she is the best social studies teacher ever!

Imogen Irwin Posted 5 days ago

She is amazing! I miss here very much. Mrs. Huffman is the reason why I love Social Studies! She was very interactive with these simulations she did but our year got cut sort but even though zoom she was amazing! I loved dressing up and doing interactive stuff with the point though history! I still love this class! I hope whatever she is doing now she will make it so much better!

Ruth McCormack Posted 5 days ago

I had the privilege of working with Mary in creating three courses for the Online History School program at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Mary's enthusiasm is infectious, and she brings an interactive take to online learning that engages students in an impressive way.

Kyrie Atwood Posted 5 days ago

Mrs.Huffman was my 5th grade writing, reading and SS teacher, and she was definitely one of my favorite teachers i loved to do social studies with her it was so much fun. We did so many fun simulations like dressing up for certain time periods of history like the women's rights movement, the native Americans and so many more! <3

Madeline Welsh Posted 5 days ago

Mrs. Huffman Is the best teacher ever. She makes Social studies come to life and has the best activities for us. I just wanted to say THANK YOU MRS. HUFFMAN FOR EVERYTHING. I want her to become a life changer of the year because she has really CHANGED MY LIFE. So please vote for MRS HUFFMAN.????

Madeline Welsh Posted 5 days ago

Mrs. Huffman Is the best teacher ever. She makes Social studies come to life and has the best activities for us. I just wanted to say THANK YOU MRS. HUFFMAN FOR EVERYTHING. I want her to become a life changer of the year because she has really CHANGED MY LIFE. So please vote for MRS HUFFMAN.????

Jillian G. Posted 5 days ago

Ms. Hoffman is my favorite teacher I've ever had :)

Stacey Shoecraft Posted 6 days ago

I have worked closely with Mary Huffman for ten years and the longer I know her, the more I am awed by her work ethic and passion for teaching our students. The amount of knowledge she has for history is like nothing I have ever seen before. She is a team player and always willing to teach coworkers, as well as students. She just loves history that much! Her kids learn so much through simulation and it makes learning come alive. She taught me how to teach share cropping in such an interactive way that the students instantly "got it" and that was a teachable moment for students as well as for me. Mary Huffman is most definitely deserving of this award. She IS a life changer and I am blessed to call her peer, colleague, and friend!

Claire Bidgood Posted 6 days ago

Ms.Huffman is extraordinary! She does awesome simulations with us like Ellis Island, where we got to dress up and see how wonderfully decorated the school is to look like Ellis Island. Her classroom is so cool with the posters, artifacts, and military uniforms. It is like a mini-museum. She also brought Holocaust survivors to speak to our class and their stories are sad but inspirational. Ms.Huffman is also a great person because she is kind, especially during this global pandemic. I was in her class when it started. Life felt like it would never be the same, but it was still fun in Ms.Huffman's SS class, including the awesome Dancing through the Decades week when we got to dress up and learn what life was like in the olden days. She also partnered with gilder Lehrman for two awesome Zoom webinar camps. Kids all over the US participated! Another awesome thing is that one of her students last year created an awesome project about an unsung hero that won him 1,000 dollars, thanks to Ms.Huffman's constant help and support. I do not know how you could do that in the middle of a Global Pandemic, but Ms.Huffman and the student made it happen! I am also happy that some of her current students are enjoying her class! They will soon understand why I wanted to have Ms.Huffman FOREVER!

Maya Anderson Posted 7 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is my SS, writing, and reading teacher. Ever since i was in 3rd grade, i wanted her as my 5th teacher because her and her class would do all thing fun things like do pretend protest in the halls, they would dress up, and more. And now i'm in her class which is like a dream!!! The other day, we made pretend inventions and got "money" for them. Then with the "money" we got to buy real things like candy, toys, and drinks. I'm just going sum it up and say she is the best teacher EVER!!! :3

Tray McCune Posted 11 days ago

Ms. Huffman is the most amazing teacher. Each day my daughter comes home, the first thing she talks about is what they did today in Ms. Huffmans class. She has changed my daughters view of history and how it impacts our lives. Amazing, amazing teacher.

Amy Ingram Posted 12 days ago

Mary has taught our oldest son and is now teaching our middle son in fifth grade. She taught with such joy and passion that it was carried into our home and shared with the siblings. Her enthusiasm for teaching, coupled with her creativity and hands on learning style really makes an impression on the kids. She makes the students live, feel and immerse themselves in the topics so they not only remember the subject matter but also come away with more compassion and empathy. We are so grateful to have her as a teacher!!!

Bennett Posted 12 days ago

Mary Huffman is a great teacher and what is cool is that i am one of her students.Mrs Huffman is a great teacher she helps out kids when they need help.Also she teaches social studies,writing and reading she can help out anyone she knows she is a great teacher and she should be know as one.She helps out in any sanitation with a student for what i know she is the best teacher.

Emry Posted 12 days ago

Mrs.Huffman is the best teacher I ever had my sister would agree because she had her to. Mrs. Huffman has a rocking class room with veterans jackets hung on the wall and real artifacts. She gives out the best prizes when you get a 100 on your test for example I got a real railroad spike because it made me want to work harder on the test. She also marches around school wearing the coolest outfits and saying funny and amazing things/quotes. For example she painted herself green and dressed up like lady liberty. She also does bake sails and we got to mold native american house. These are some of the reasons that I nominate Mary Huffman for being an amazing teacher.

Katie Drucker Posted 13 days ago

I've had the privilege to work with Mary in her role as Master Teacher for the Gilder Lehrman Institute as she has offered online classes for our students, facilitated professional learning for teachers across the country, and developed robust assessments of history content knowledge. In all of my interactions with her, Mary has brought enthusiasm, ingenuity, and a strong pedagogical lens. She's made tremendous contributions to our organization and had an impact on the many students and teachers we serve.

Larry Kinard Posted 14 days ago

I am a Korean War Veteran and have worked with Mary on two Teachers Conferences. I was also National President of the Korean War Veterans Association 2013-2016 and the National Tell America Chairman for 9 years. My personal mission and commitment since I retired from full time employment is to help perpetuate the Legacy of those who served during the Korean War. Mary Huffman is helping to fulfill that mission. There is no one that I know whose enthusiasm, energy and skill at teaching matches Mary Huffman. Her imagination and skill combined create programs the children enjoy and remember when she is done. Thank you Mary for what you are doing for Korean War Veterans in teaching them that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and that someone paid the price for the freedom we enjoy today.

Kathrine Mott Posted 14 days ago

Mary is an extraordinary teacher who brings energy and empathy to all that she does. In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Gilder Lehrman asked Mary to create a 'pop-up' history course for elementary school students. Within days Mary had designed a series of compelling and informative lessons that she delivered online to great acclaim from parents and students. Mary's ability to immediately engage a group of students from across the country in a virtual environment was impressive. She made learning about history interactive and fun. It's always a pleasure to work with Mary!

Kristen Smith Posted 14 days ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary for three years. I have never experienced, as a parent, a teacher, or a student, anyone who brings history to life the way Mary does. Her students experience first-hand, through role-playing and simulations as well as through exploration of primary sources, not only the meaning of events in history but also the sight, sound, taste and feel of them. Mary is beyond energetic and enthusiastic. She really is a treasure.

lacey white Posted 14 days ago

mrs.huffman is so cool her classroom is like an museim it is so fun. mrs huffman deseves to win we dress up evrey 2-4 weeks and make artafacts like boom towns and we make are own stuff she aways lets us chose what we want to do i couldent wis for a better teacher

Andria R Atwood Posted 14 days ago

Mrs. Huffman has by far been the most entertaining teacher my daughter has ever had. We have compared her class to Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus! She brings the lessons to life in a way no other teacher has done in my experience or my children's. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the interactive experiences and still talks about her class. The amount of effort, energy, enthusiasm she has put into teaching children goes above and beyond. If anyone deserves an award, it is certainly Mrs. Huffman. She is outstanding!!!!

Joseph Patrick Colucci Posted 14 days ago

We are blessed to have Mrs. Huffman as our son Joseph's History 5th Grade History Teacher at Carolina Park Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, SC. History can sometimes be deemed "boring" by children at this age, but Mrs. Huffman will have NOTHING to do with that. Her enthusiasm for this subject is second to none, and as a result it brings the energy out on the children. I can speak fluently on this topic, as a former High School History teacher on Long Island, NY. She not only teaches the children the importance of historical events, but more importantly makes the children truly think about the actions, setting and ramifications involved in each. She's the epitome of a teacher that relays her passion into the subject, and as a direct result the students are 100% engaged. Amazing teacher!

Susan O'Malley Posted 14 days ago

Mary is an educator that truly goes above and beyond for her students. Not only is her classroom decked out in military memorabilia creating an atmosphere of civic duty and reverence for the past, throughout the year her students travel through history to truly embody the people and times they are studying. Her students remember these experiences for years to come. She has high expectations for her students and supports them in achieving their goals. Not only does she want them to succeed academically but she strives to provide vital character education as she challenges her students to step into the shoes of others. She is a holistic teacher in the truest sense.

Jennifer Paul Posted 15 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is my daughter’s teacher this year and has impressed me with her passion for teaching and compassion for her students. I had heard previously about her creative teaching style, and had seen her dressed up as historical figures regularly around the school. But with the challenging times and starting off the school year with virtual learning I wondered how that would translate. Somehow she still manages to put together engaging lessons and comes to work with enthusiasm despite the additional challenges presented in 2020. She has also been kind and accommodating in discussing concerns I had with the plan to transition back to school. I feel blessed my daughter has the opportunity to learn from such an amazing teacher.

James (Demetrios) Siotas Posted 15 days ago

Mrs. Mary Huffner's coordination of the KWLF in Athens, Greece, conference was extremely efficient, the speakers' qualifications were superbly stated thanking them with praising comments. On the meantime she cheerfully came around us Korean War veterans and kneeling next to us she interviewed one-by-one taking our pictures simultaneously, for which all felt gratified. I strongly endorse her selection.

Jamie Marcus Posted 15 days ago

In 2015, Mary was named the National History Teacher of the Year. Over the past 4 years at GLI, I've worked closely with Mary in her role as a Master Teacher. Mary is one of the most passionate and energetic teachers I've ever worked with, and I consult with her on projects whenever I get the chance!

Ashley Posted 15 days ago

Mary Huffman brings an incredible energy to the classroom and helps students learn in a unique and engaging way. From the daily costumes to re-creating history within the classroom, her lessons were a favorite topic at our dinner table. Any student who is able to work with Mrs. Huffman is incredibly lucky and blessed. She leaves a positive impact on each person, student and family she touches.

Barry G Hayes Posted 15 days ago

Mary Huffman is the definition of commitment to changing lives for the better. With a passion and drive to understand the world and its people more, Mary brings enthusiasm and kindness to working with students, veterans, and fellow educators. She has brought her brand of sunshine and academic rigor to the world, blending her skills of teaching, empathy, and research to further education initiatives globally. Traveling around the many states of America as well as internationally, Mary is a professional educator who is dedicated to bringing the world closer together. She embodies everything that a Life Changer should be. Working with Mary for many years in many of these locations around the world, I have seen the effect and brightness she brings to every person she encounters. I thoroughly recommend her for this designation; she is wholly deserving and will be an outstanding exemplary representative.

Diane Kelly Posted 15 days ago

Mary Huffman was born to be an educator. Her passion, dedication, and creativity make a big impact not just on her students, but her colleagues as well. Mary leads by example professionally and personally and is the perfect nominee for this award. I wish I had a teacher that made history come alive when I was in elementary school, just like Mary does each and every day.

Robert A Cortis Posted 15 days ago

We have had the pleasure-privilege of Mrs. Huffman teaching two of our daughters. To hear and see the excitement in their voices, and expressions on their faces recapping the time spent in class is incredible. She truly brings history to life! Her passion for teaching our girls was demonstrated through countless reenactments. Our oldest daughter is fifteen, and still tells the story of her character during the holocaust. Our youngest daughter dressed as numerous characters ( a slave, holocaust prisoner, native American, flapper girl, disco girl ect...). Not only is her teaching style unique to no one but her, she also preparer's the students for the future unlike any other teacher we have ever had.

Katherine Posted 15 days ago

I have had the good fortune of working with Mary for a couple years on both in-person and online professional development programs for teachers. Mostly recently, we worked together on two online seminars for K-12 educators, where she served as the Master Teacher. Mary's energy and enthusiasm are truly outstanding. Working with her is truly delightful and her passion for history education is an inspiration to colleagues and teachers alike.

K Randolph Posted 15 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is an amazing teacher. She brings history to life with her elaborately decorated classroom and historical simulations. The students learn history in an innovative and active manner instead of simply memorizing facts. When the challenge of remote learning came along she rose to the occasion. Her classes online remained interactive and engaging. Mrs. Huffman is a dedicated teacher who is truly passionate about her profession.

Corey Posted 15 days ago

Growing up, both of my parent's were teachers so I have always had an appreciation for and understanding of the hard work and dedication that is required to be a great teacher. I also know the impact that a great teacher's passion and enthusiasm can have on the lives of so many students. Two of my daughters have now had the honor of being in Mrs. Huffman's class and she has had a tremendous impact on both of them. Her passion for teaching and her ability to bring any subject matter to life is truly remarkable. Mrs. Huffman exemplifies the qualities of a LifeChanger. She has a special gift for engaging and challenging the minds of her students. Our family is cheering for you Mrs. Huffman. Well deserved nomination!

Sophia Bluemner Posted 15 days ago

Mrs.Huffman is the best! She puts so much effort into her assignments and activities. Even in online learning, Mrs.Huffman continued to work hard to make her students happy. I wish I would've been in-person the whole year but she still did an amazing job helping her students learn. Last year we did so many fun activities like turning our school into Ellis Island and pouring baby pouter on us! She made me an honors student and I couldn't have done it without her. She is truly the best teacher ever.

Julie Allan Posted 15 days ago

As a fellow teacher I have been able to see Mary in action with her classes of children. Her room has the feel of a curated military museum room. She dresses up as figures from history as she teaches, bringing these figures to life. Her projects give students opportunities to become immersed in history beyond the facts, to try and step into a soldier's or an immigrant's shoes and experience what they felt/thought. She inspires students to see history as living and continuing.

Jongwoo Han Posted 15 days ago

Mary has worked with my foundation since 2016 and has been central in our enormous successes with social studies teachers not only in the US but also many countries that participated in the Korean War including Greece, Canada, United Kingdom, and South Korea. My foundation, The Korean War Legacy Foundation ( has about 1,600 KWV interviews from all 21 countries participated in the Korean War and has published curricular resources with National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), so far 4 curriculum books, about 200 pages each. Mary was selected as foundation's "Teachers Fellows" listening all those interviews and participating in the production of all those curriculum books. She has also actively involved in hosting conferences and developing professional programs for foundation. WIth one word, She is essential, trustworthy, and does deliver what she commits and is assigned. I have the highest recommendation for Mary Huffman. Pls don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or concerns on her participation in my foundation's successes. Jongwoo Han President, Korean War Legacy Foundation

Jonathan Posted 16 days ago

This teacher is the best teacher in the world! She's really funny and supportive! She's really smart and one of my personal favorite's about her is that she is so supportive and she helps us when we need her. Mrs. Huffman never ignores the questions we have or comments. She doesn't let us down when we need her, so we have the closest trust in her. Every day when we enter our zoom classes, she gives us a warm welcome and we start the day with a fun reading activity. Then after that, we get a break until we do a writing activity such as analyzing Native American tribal music or writing letters to tribal chiefs. For social studies, some of our cool activities include dressing up, building the West with sticks, Play dough, and dirt, and playing social studies bingo. last but not least is that she LOVES ALL HER STUDENTS!!

Dawn Franken Posted 16 days ago

Ms. Huffman is an amazing teacher. She has unique and innovative ways of teaching children. My fifth grade son loves her classes. She is spectacular. She uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching, including historical costumes and objects. Ms. Huffman knows how to make learning fun and interesting. My son is always looking forward to her class.

Jen Skovron Posted 16 days ago

Mary is a one of a kind educator. The children who enter her classroom get to experience time travel and learn about and recreate historic events. As the theater teacher in the school, I can honestly say that her students not only learn about history but become part of it. They use costumes, props and acting skills to emerge themselves into the time period. There is not one child who hasn’t enjoyed learning from her. She is a gem!

Michelle L Thorp Posted 16 days ago

It is easy to see that Mrs. Huffman cares about her students! She has established herself in the heart of many children throughout her years of teaching, not simply because she makes learning fun, but because she pours herself into the content! History comes to life in her classroom! I would vote for her any day!

Karlie Miller Posted 16 days ago

Mrs.Huffman is the best teacher. She is my social studies and reading teacher and ELA.She is so enthusiastic and amazing. She so far is the best teacher I have ever had, this year has been so easy having her as my teacher!!!!! She is just so much fun. You will definitely not be let down by this nominee.

David Gorman Posted 19 days ago

I have served as Mary's dissertation coach and editor for the last 15 months, and Mary has distinguished herself by exhibiting a tireless work ethic, an unrelenting desire to grow as both an educator and a scholar, and an infectious exuberance for even the most mundane tasks. I marvel at her ability to maintain her zeal for her teaching job while raising a family and completing the requirements for her doctoral degree. "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The second sentence of the aforementioned proverb applies to Mary as by striving for excellence in everything she does and encouraging those within her scope of influence to do the same, Mary teaches others across various contexts how to fish each day.

Isaac Posted 19 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is a very good teacher. She plans lots of fun activities and has many papers and signs of the past all along the classroom. She is a hard worker and I bet a strong solider. She is funny and nice. She is the right and well deserved person for this nominee. You will not be disappointed in this nominee.

Joseph Colucci Posted 19 days ago

My name is Joseph Colucci and Mrs. Huffman is my reading, writing, ELA, and social studies teacher. Mrs. Huffman is a great teacher to have especially because I love social studies. She has an online class and an in-person class. In class we are learning about the Industrial Revolution and new inventions that were made back then. Please vote for Mrs. Huffman!

Mason Oblinger Posted 19 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is my 5th-grade teacher and I like her as a history teacher cause she doesn't just give us a book and tell us to read it or give us a worksheet. Mrs. Huffman is very into it and that is a good thing because you can remember a lot more stuff when it's fun. My favorite activity we do is whatever we are learning like last week we were learning about the westward expansion and every two weeks we can dress up on what subject we were learning and in this instance we got to dress up as anything that has to do with the westward expansion and I dressed up as the pony express. Another example that she is a good teacher is she got my older brother to like social studies and let me tell you this you either have to have some type of superpower to get my brother to like things or you're the best history teacher named Mrs. Huffman. All in all Mrs. Huffman is the best teacher in the world.

Malachi Johnson Posted 19 days ago

I am Malachi Johnson and I am a student of Mrs.Huffman who is one of the best teachers i have ever had.when in her class you can have so much fun one of my personal favorite things to do is dress up as old time roles. I also like the simulations that we do during social studies to help us understand better plus she makes really funny jokes.she has really cool artifacts of old times and she hands them out to people who get good grades. she is just one of the best and i´m glad to have her as a teacher

Isabella Ruocco Posted 19 days ago

Hi! my name is Isabella Ruocco, Mrs Huffman is one of the BEST teachers I have ever had! She defenetly deservs this award. Socail Studys used to be the WORST subject for me untill I came into her class. In 4th grade if you pass her class room you atomaticly want her as a teacher! Sometimes you come into school and you see people dressed up as native americans, farmers, coyboys and others and you think that person must be in Mrs Huffmans class! If you ever come to this school and see her class you know she is a BIG fan of the army, the Hollacost and any thing that has to do with history.If you need help or get something worng she is here to help with it and if you dont finish something she is nice anof to let you finish. Mrs Huffman defenely changed my life so she is perfect for this award!!! Thank You:)

Josie Reed Posted 19 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is a amazing teacher. Heres why, I never really understood social studies but this year i do she is an amazing teacher and I love how she teaches makes thing come alive and makes history so much more interesting. i hop she wins this year because she deserves it.

Kaellyn Holmes Posted 19 days ago

I just love Mrs. Huffman, she is one of my favorite teachers! I've never liked to go to school until she made learning fun. We got to dress up, do fun projects, listen to cool songs, write letters to Native Americans, and uncover secret information. It was so fun! When we get to do something fun, i always feel grateful. I'm just sad that i'm going to middle school soon, knowing she won't be my teacher next year. Mrs. Huffman is super fun and if you get her for 5th grade, you will be super happy.

Cambyll McCune Posted 19 days ago

HI, my name is Cambyll McCune.This is my teacher Mary Huffman she is incredible she is 100% the best teacher I have ever had.She is inspiring and has changed my life.This is my first year at this school and she was so welcoming.She is accomplishing so much in life and is taking huge step.I love her with all my heart.She makes school so much fun like this one time we did a Native American tribal day and she let us make our own costume and were them in class.I love you Mrs Huffman.

Eilish curry Posted 19 days ago

My teacher is a amazing teacher I have learned so much from the time i came to history decorated classroom. I felt a spark when I saw her classroom, Mary Huffman and i talk about history or other subjects at lunch.Not so long ago we played would you rather with a fellow class mate. she makes sure to go all out to learn about history we make costumes of Indians to Irish immigrants . She makes every project hands on Mary Huffman is a great teacher this is why she should be nominated.

Joshua Thorp Posted 19 days ago

Ever since 3rd grade social studies was´t fun but when Mrs Huffman taught me I loved it we have been dressing up,making corn husk dolls.If we get a 100 on our quizzes we get a artifact. Every 2-4 weeks we make fun models of what were studying like boom towns. Usually when we eat lunch we watch Mr Bets meme story or Donald duck serving in the military.I couldn't remember school being so fun until Mrs Huffman taught us. She even lets us touch her artifacts and her room makes you feel like your in a mus am.

Mason rsech Posted 19 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is a fun teacher and she loves her job. I used to not like social studies but now i love it thanks to Mrs. Huffman. she is a great ELA teacher. you picked a great nominee that is incredible at her job. Im looking forward to many fun things to do this year. MRS.Huffman is the one of the best teacher i have ever met.

Jr franken Posted 19 days ago

Mary Huffman is the best teacher because she dresses up and makes us go back in time and she teaches us about history she makes my sad rainbow into a happy rainbow. Mary Huffman let's us dress up she has so much amazing world war 1 to world war 2.

Briley Posted 19 days ago

Mrs.Huffman you are the greatest teacher I have had! You are so sweet I love how you let our class dress up every two weeks. I am so excited to be in her class it is a pleader she is always here when some is hurt, sad, or even when you just need a hug. Every so often to help our grades she talks out assignments with us. Sometimes days are hard but try to guess what happens after 5 minutes, she comes to give you a big warm hug. Thank you Mrs. Huffman you are awesome!!! Briley

graham hooks Posted 20 days ago

yay cool

Julianne Dunning Posted 20 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is my daughter's 5th grade teacher this year. It's been a challenge this first part of the year trying to get the hang of temporary remote learning, but Mrs. Huffman has been so wonderful and understanding of everyone since the beginning of the school year. She's been great about keeping us up to date on what's going on and making my daughter, Taylor feel like she's still a part of the class even though she's Zooming in every day. Taylor has never liked social studies but has told me over and over again how much she loves it now thanks to Mrs. Huffman's teaching. She says she comes up with new and fun ways of learning the material that makes it much more interesting and easier to understand. I truly appreciate Mrs. Huffman for finding a way to really engage Taylor and make her love learning again! It's obvious to everyone who knows her that she loves what she does and is passionate about teaching. Taylor cannot wait to get back to in-person learning next week so she can see Mrs. Huffman in person!

James Malm Posted 22 days ago

My name is James Malm and Mrs.Huffman is my Reading, Social Studies, and Writing teacher. Mrs. Huffman is a great teacher teacher she goes above and beyond her expectations. This year has been very tough because of covid but I have had a lot of fun even though I am learning online and cannot experience the real thing. She has a very good sense of humor and that is what every teacher needs. She even dresses up. I can tell she loves her job and her students. Mrs. Huffman is a great teacher so please I am begging you to vote for Mrs. Huffman. She deserves this award .

makenna paul Posted 22 days ago

Mrs. Huffman is an amazing teacher. social studies was my least favorite and was hardest for me until I was in this class and it all started to connect it feels a lot easier than any other year. she makes it really fun and she's so creative.I look forward to waking up to to see what she has planned for us the next day.she gives us challenging assignments but they're always incredibly fun. she's funny and she does a lot for us. she plans every day like it's the last day of the school year that's why Mrs. Huffman is an amazing teacher.

Taylor Dunning Posted 25 days ago

My name is Taylor Dunning and Mrs Huffman is my teacher. She is the best teacher ever! I used to not like social studies, but because of her, it is really fun. Sometimes, people come to teach us for a day from the time period that we are learning about from a time machine. It really helps me remember things. We also listen to cool songs about our units. She is the best teacher I could ask for. Thanks Mrs. Huffman!!

Sydney Parent Posted 26 days ago

I am the chair of Mary's EdD committee. She is as energetic and enthusiastic as the nominator, Matsoukas, wrote! She is a marvelous woman!! Sydney

Isabella K Posted 26 days ago

My name is Isabella Kahalehoe, and I have Mrs. Huffman as my homeroom teacher this year, and she is amazing. I always am excited when she dresses up into crazy outfits to teach us about our lessons. She is funny and teaches super well. She loves her job, and her students, I love how she teaches and so unique. I love Mrs. Huffman and she is my favorite teacher! I like her songs she teaches and the raps. She is so awesome!!!!!! I love Mrs. Huffman

Madison Ginger Posted 28 days ago

My name is Madison Ginger and Mrs. Huffman was my ELA and History teacher last year in 5th grade. She is the best teacher I've ever had. Mrs. Huffman loves her job and to make everybody she meets happy. She knows to balance being strict and fun. She will tell you when you are doing something wrong but will definitely compliment you and how great you are doing when you achieve something. I was only in Mrs. Huffman's class for 3 months because I moved to SC in January 2020, but I learned so much from her. She jammed facts of the past into our heads with fun remix songs, dress-ups, and super fun simulations. She was an awesome Social Studies teacher and also a pretty good ELA teacher as well. Mrs. Huffman works so hard at her job, and loves her children [students] to the bone.

Madeline Smythe Posted 28 days ago

My name is Madeline Smythe and I had Mrs.Huffman last year for fith grade history and ELA. She is by far the best teacher that I have ever had. She goes out of her way to do extra activities with her students and makes sure that everyone is learning and having fun at the same time. She is extremely dedicated to all of her work. When I had her last year we went through World War Two and the houlocuast. I learned so much from some of the extra activities that me and my peers got to do. Mrs.Huffman is so caring and hardworking. She deserves this award more than any other teacher i've had.

Kelsey Arthur Posted 29 days ago

Mary Huffman is so good at what she does! She's able to help her students excel in their learning ability's even through a pandemic. She does so many things to help her students understand what they are taught. I should know - I was one. She does so many fun things to help struggling students through the year. She does simulations, dress up days, and so much more. Mary is the most passionate person I know, and is willing to do anything for her students. But it doesn't stop there. I was so proud to be her student and will forever have a place in my heart for her. Mary: I would never of made it to who I am today if it wasn't for you. Thank you for helping me from the bottom all the way to middle school! You change the lives of other!

Elsie Posted 29 days ago

She is passionate about her teaching. She truly loves her kids and wants them to learn. She brings life to her history lessons. She was teacher of the yr for history, she works with Korean War veterans, and so many more . She truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Heather Broigham-Cook Posted 1 months ago

I met Mary on a conference about Korea which she has chaired in Charleston SC. I was amazed at her energy and kindness to all delegates. She has since been supportive of my requests for help on lessons, I attended Gilder Lehrman summer program for children as an observer teacher and she knocked it out of the park. One of e kindest people I know and by far an outstanding teacher.

Rosie Silberman Posted 3 months ago

Congratulations on this nomination! Well deserved. :-)