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James Butterfield

Position: Retiring Science Teacher & Dept Head
School: Monadnock Regional High School
School District: Monadnock SAU 93
City, State: Swanzey, NH

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James Butterfield was nominated by his former student, Amy Ballou.

Mr. Butterfield will be retiring at the end of this academic year. He has been a teacher, science department head, principal, National Honor Society advisor, graduation speaker, and tennis coach. No matter what role he's in, he does an amazing job!

A lot has changed over the many years he has been teaching, but he always keeps his students’ needs a priority. Yes, he teaches science classes, but he also recognizes that many of his students need life skills (i.e, time management, accountability, respect, and responsibility). He ensures students have good study habits and test taking skills so they're prepared for the rigors of college academics. He challenges students to be the best they can be, no matter what path they choose to take after high school. Mr. Butterfield makes himself available to his students, coming in early and staying late. He is personable, approachable, and always willing to help his students. He is non-judgmental and communicates well with parents, community members, students, teachers, and other staff.

"I took both his anatomy and physiology and physics classes," said Ballou. "Mr. Butterfield was innovative and creative in his teaching methods, and he accommodated a variety of learning styles. He always went over and above to bring items into the classroom to enhance our learning environment. He also worked with the community so his students could experience how his subject material was applied in a variety of work fields."

"I am a teacher now, and I respect and appreciate all he did for me and his other students over his many years in education," said Ballou. "I have a learning disability. His calm demeanor and patience for my many questions and need for additional help gave me the confidence to succeed in his classes. I'm also friends with his three daughters. In addition to being a great teacher, he is an amazing husband and father."

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Michael Morrison Posted 8 months ago

Jed is the best principal, department head, curriculum specialist that I have ever worked for. He encourages, inspires and makes sure there is fun. All the best Mr. Butterfield.

Susan Romano Posted 8 months ago

Susan wrote this letter and I am sharing it here: Dear Jed, Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate you. It’s impossible for any of us to get a complete picture of everything you’ve accomplished in education but if each one of us contributes a snapshot, an emergent essence appears. Twenty-four years ago, you, the principal, hired me, an unknown variable, as an educator for Thayer High School. For nearly six years, you continued to provide unmatched support and encouragement until your job took you to Monadnock Regional HS. From there, you counseled and eventually hired me onto your staff – again – and I remained with you at Monadnock for 6 additional years. Thank you for your example of integrity, patience, and fortitude. Thank you for honoring the value of student engagement, the significance of professional growth, and the absolute value of collegiality and collaboration. Although this letter is from a single educator that you’ve mentored, let it highlight aspects of you that deserve recognition and celebration. I have no doubt that you will pursue future endeavors with the same wisdom, strength, and compassion, and I wish you the absolute best. With gratitude and respect, Susan (Romano)

Megan Butterfield Posted 8 months ago

We are so proud that my Dad was recognized this year by Monadnock Regional High School with their yearbook dedication! Here is what was written in the yearbook: This year the students of Monadnock Regional High School have chosen to honor a person who has made an impact on not oly the student body, but also the greater MRSD community at large. He is often seen brightening everyone's day when he is standing in the halls greeting students with a smile. He has always led by example in "doing the right thing." And though his classes are often described as rigorous, Jed Butterfield's students always have fun, are engaged, and know that he will always be available to help them. He challenges his students to achieve their best abilities, while making a genuine effort to connect with all of them, maintaining relationships even after they have left his class. He strives to show his students how his subjects can be applied to a variety of different work fields. Mr. Butterfield's teaching methods have been innovative and creative, accommodating a variety of different learning styles. He always keeps the best interest of his students and fellow staff in mind. To his peers, Mr. Butterfield is truly inspiring. As the science chair, he set the tone for the entire department and encouraged the view of using science as a tool to evaluate everything. During his time as the principal of Monadnock, he was never afraid to challenge the community, the teachers, and the school board to take actions based on what would be good for the students. He has always had a great deal of PRIDE in being a Husky, and he will be missed throughout the Monadnock community. With that, the student body of Monadnock Regional High School is proud and honored to dedicate the 2020 Pandorian yearbook to James "Jed" Butterfield. Included in the yearbook was another message about him as a retiree that is worth sharing: Students and staff have been very grateful for the dedication, commitment and PRIDE that Mr. Butterfield has brought to the school. His mission here at MRHS was to find a niche where he could help other people. He ended up helping students find a perspective larger than themselves and his colleagues to think deeper about their profession. His overall experience here at Monadnock has provided meaning and a purpose for his life. He enjoys the interaction he has with students as well as sharing his love and enthusiasm to help find their passion.

Kristen Butterfield Posted 8 months ago

Posted by Emily Carter Stewart (on facebook) Emily Stewart I second and third those who have said they went into the medical field because of Mr. Butterfield’s HAP class! I consider him one of the most impactful teachers I have had in my (overly-) long and winding school journey :). Besides making the content interesting enough that I still remember nuggets of it 15 (!!!) years later, the studying and test-taking that I learned in his class still help me today. What a well deserved recognition ??

Kristen Butterfield Posted 8 months ago

From Keegan Brosseau (on facebook) Keegan Brosseau Yeah! Mr. B is one of the few teachers I've ever had who actually gets it. He actually wants you to learn and doesnt try to lord his tests or grades over you as a form of fear tactic like some teachers are guilty of. He never used homework as a way to make your life miserable either. All about teaching those who want to learn, the way it should be.

Kristen Butterfield Posted 8 months ago

This is a post I shared on facebook about my dad, which led to the comments that are shared below. It is 1 post, but there are 68 unique comments from different people in that post, students and teachers expressing how Mr. Butterfield has impacted them. Please take each of these into consideration separately. Thank you! My father, Jed Butterfield, who will never see this because he doesn't 'do facebook', has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. (thank you Amy Ballou!) For over 30 years he has dedicated his life and heart to educating students. He not only teaches Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology, but he teaches students about how to challenge themselves, rise to those challenges, believe in themselves, and follow their dreams and make the choices to fulfill them. He lives by the quote 'if we don't model what we teach, we are teaching something else' and has this posted in his office to remind him that as a leader and educator, one must live by the principles they expect in others. He never, never gives up on someone, always believing in a students' potential, even when they weren't ready to see it in themselves. I'm so proud of my dad and his years of dedication to public education, because through all the ups and downs (and there have been some...) he steadfastly believes, that if it were implemented right, with the right resources, education really should be a path to equal access for all- a way for anyone and everyone to find their bliss, their passion and live a life fulfilled. I'm writing today, and shamelessly tagging any MRHS alumni I can, to ask that if you had Mr. Butterfield as a teacher, and you feel compelled or inspired, please consider writing him a message on the link below. This is his nomination page, and in his words, (and true Mr. Butterfield fashion) winning would be great, but he would most love to hear from former students about how they're doing and how high school science classes might have led them to where they are today :) Some of you may know that he is retiring this year, so while simply reconnecting is enough- it would be pretty cool if he would win, too. Thank you, LifeChanger, for providing the opportunity for my dad to hear from so many people in his life on the eve of his retirement. With this strange time, the last few months of remote learning have meant fewer goodbyes and sendoffs, and all of this has helped ease the loss of a traditional farewell.

Kristen Butterfield Posted 9 months ago

Cassie (Barber) Cyr Posted 3 months ago It's been 15 years since I was in Mr. Butterfield's Human Anatomy and Physiology class at MRHS. Regardless of the time that has passed, I still regard him as the most motivational and inspirational teacher I ever had. Because of Mr. Butterfield, I wanted to succeed, and I did. He pushed his students to apply themselves, not for his good, but for their own. He motivated every student who entered his classroom. H.A.P. was the first class I had that introduced me to medicine and I went on to make it my career. Thank you Mr. Butterfield! Olivia Stanley Posted 4 months ago I had Mr. Butterfield for both biology and anatomy and physiology. They were some of my favorite classes. Mr. Butterield was always so enthusiastic about every topic he was teaching and extremely supportive whenever we needed help. I believe he is part of the reason that drove my passion for science. I am now a freshman and UVM and I completed my first semester with a 4.0 GPA, and I believe I have to thank Mr. Butterfield for a large portion of that. He is one of the most beloved teachers at Monadnock and will always hold a special place in my heart. Dane Badders Posted 4 months ago I have known Jed Butterfield for over twenty years. During that time he has been my principal, my department chair, my colleague, and most importantly my friend. He has assisted and supported me through both personal and professional challenges. His rapport with all members of our school community is exemplary and he is respected by all stakeholders for his knowledge, insights, and integrity. In my rapidly approaching thirty years in education, I can think of no one more worthy of recognition. I just hope someday he will pass on his overhead projector to me or consider having it on permanent display at the American Museum of Educational Excellence. Julie Farhm Posted 4 months ago Jed Butterfield is the reason I took this job at Monadnock High School over 7 years ago. He was principal when I was hired, and it was his optimism, his visions for making our school a better place, and his rapport with both students and teachers that encouraged me to accept the position. Jed has changed so many students' lives, but also he has helped me in innumerable ways as a professional and as a person. A knowledgeable and super-qualified science educator, Jed sees past the state and national competencies in science (though he covers those just fine!) He teaches and helps students experience the beauty and wonder of science, the patterns that repeat throughout the natural world, and the process of science as a way to answer the questions of curious minds. As my colleague and friend, he helps me see what is important about what I do. We all try to improve our lessons and strategies in teaching, and Jed is always a good sounding board for me to discuss my thoughts. Jed knows the challenges of being a teacher and a parent, and he helps me put things into perspective, and how to maintain excellence as a teacher, as a parent, and as a balanced and happy person. I am a better teacher for working with Jed, and I am grateful for his leadership, his guidance, and his friendship. Troy Chaput Posted 4 months ago I am so happy to see that Mr. Butterfield was nominated for this award...a life changer he is! My enrollment into Human Anatomy and Physiology class was greatly based on the fact that I had heard so many great things about not only the class but the teacher as well, along with having other fellow seniors that I knew electing to take this class as well. In all honesty, Mr. Butterfield proved to be, likely, my biggest life changer. I will admit that I, regretfully, was not your pinnacle student in the sense that I had a significant amount of growing up to do! However, he saw me differently and he proved it so many times throughout the year. Frankly, it gives me goosebumps as I write this because I am reminded of how much of a great impact he has had on me and my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do "when I grew up" as I entered my senior year of high school. That, in itself, was scary enough. As part of Mr. Butterfield's class, he had everyone do a job shadow in a medically driven field. I had a cousin that was in Pharmacy school so I thought that I would give that a try, it went terribly. He could sense and here my significant discontent with this job shadow so he took the extra effort to get me set up with another. I ended up shadowing Dr. Kip Mackenzie, one of the OBGYN Physicians in Keene at the time. This was an amazing experience. So much so, Mr. Butterfield arranged for me to have a second job shadow in the same department. I ended up shadowing Dr. Tim Fisher. Again, it was a fantastic experience. It was at this time that I decided that I wanted to be in the medical profession. I knew his daughter, Rachael, was going to go to nursing school and I had another friend that was taking that road as well. I often think back to that failed job shadow and the efforts made to ensure I had a good experience. That extra effort is what drove me to go to nursing school, meet my now wife, and drive the career train that I am currently on. I, one-hundred percent, believe that it was Mr. Butterfield that got my life moving down the road it is now. He respected me as the pain in the butt student that I was but still saw great potential and he solicited that from me. To say that he was my favorite teacher would be an understatement. He was my life-changing teacher in the greatest of ways. He was the most supportive and encouraging teacher. He was always willing to provide the help or resources that you may need, at the same time encouraging you to put the effort into achieving the goal! I hold onto an immeasurable amount of gratitude for this man and teacher. Thank you for changing my life! Allison (Lane) Huggins Posted 5 months ago Mr. Butterfield is one of my favorite teachers. He had a way of both empowering you and inspiring you to do better. His class and his teaching really set me up for confidence as I moved on to study nursing in college. I remembered his lessons fondly as I sat through my college lectures. I was lucky enough to be one of the alumni he invited back to speak to his classes about pursuing the sciences in college. As much as he did this to benefit his current students I felt very proud that he thought I could be a positive example for students who wanted to follow the same path. He was always caring, respectful, and considerate of his students, teachers, and staff alike. He was always quick to congratulate you on an accomplishment, acknowledge hard work, and build students up if they may have fallen short of their goals. He worked hard to instill a sense of respect and pride both as a teacher and when he took on the role as principle. Mr. Butterfield has had a lasting impact on me and countless members of the MRHS community and is very deserving of the life changer award! Marisa Imon Posted 5 months ago I actually never had Mr. Butterfield as my teacher but always wished I did as word around the school was that he was a teacher everyone loved to have! Even though I wasn’t in his classes he always made me feel supported and I knew I could go to him if I needed anything. He is so deserving of this award and I appreciate all he’s done for his students over the years!!! Rachael (Butterfield) Hancock Posted 5 months ago I was very skeptical and hesitant to take Human anatomy and physiology my senior hear of high school, mostly because it meant I had to have my dad as a teacher. Although I had only heard great things about the course- "You'll learn so much!" "cool dissections, Mr. B is a great teacher!" - as a teenager I just thought it would be weird and awkward. But, I did it anyway because I loved science and there weren't many other electives offered at the time. First day of class, I was amazed at how my dad was transformed and transformed a classroom. His passion and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge about all topics science and life was palpable. His very first lesson was about how incredible it is that life exists on earth and the uniqueness and importance of each human being. This is one example of how he integrates values and ethics for how to live a full and rich life as a productive citizen into the assigned course material. As others have mentioned, he is extremely organized and clear in his expectations for students and what the course will entail. He emphasizes that if you put in the time to do the assignments and work hard, get help as needed, you can and will succeed. He made sure that no student was left behind, staying after school or coming in early to support them. I had the opportunity to job shadow in the ICU at the local hospital (we did a project and everyone got to shadow in a relevant field) which is when and where I decided to pursue nursing. I completed my BSN, RN at UNH and am now continuing on to get a Master's in Nursing Education. The foundational knowledge I learned about anatomy and physiology made my college course so much easier and the study habits I developed have stuck with me. This is a similar experience as many of my friends whose lives were positively impacted and nurtured by Mr. Butterfield to pursue professions in health care. One of his favorite mottos is " If we don't model what we teach, we are teaching something else." He truly embodies this. In reflecting on the experience of having my dad as a teacher, I'm so grateful. He treated me the same as everyone else. He was respectful, called me out for talking when I shouldn't be, praised me when I got something right, and I am so thankful I had the experience of witnessing my dad living his passion and how impactful it is/was to the students in his class. Luiza Bicalho Posted 5 months ago My respect and admiration for you as a teacher cannot be expressed in words. You make an impact on the lives of the students in your class, and they will remember you for many years to come. Thank you for being the positive change our lives. I miss you! He is the nicest teacher I have ever had! Ashley (Simpson) Burdick Posted 5 months ago My husband and I both had Mr. Butterfield for HAP in high school. He was an amazing teacher! We knew he cared about us — not just as students, but as people. Nearly ten years ago, I became an educator myself, and I can only hope my students know I care about them in this way, too. Mr. Butterfield is the kind of educator I aspire to be. He is incredibly deserving of this award, and I feel so privileged to be able to write this on his behalf. Thank you, Jed, for all your years of dedication. Kristen Butterfield Posted 5 months ago Comment from Kyle Callendar: I can't think of a better person for such an award. Your father (Mr. Butterfield) had an amazing impact on my life and I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am in life without him (and Mr. P). While I didn't pursue science as a career, his teaching about problem solving and logic have stuck with me my entire life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the impact he had on me and the countless other students whose lives he touched. Kristen Butterfield Posted 5 months ago This comment from Caitlin Croteau Windsor: He was one of my favorite teachers at MRHS and inspired me to go into the health care field because HAP! He was an interactive and supportive teacher and encouraged us to be our best selves! Elizabeth Priest Posted 5 months ago Maya Angelou said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". It has been almost twenty years since I was in Mr. Butterfield's classroom, but I remember falling in love with anatomy and physiology, which lead me to a degree in Exercise Science, and a successful career in sports. He was new to the school at the time, and stands out as one of my favorite teachers and mentors. Mr. Butterfield is a calm, consistent, thoughtful, and caring leader, who goes above and beyond for his students, adapting to their learning styles, learning what motivates and inspires them. I am so pleased to hear of his nomination, and grateful for my time spent in his classroom. He is an exceptional role model and a legacy for MRHS. Keri L Wolfe Posted 5 months ago I had the pleasure of taking both Human Anatomy & Physiology and Physics with Mr. Butterfield. I remember three things clearly from those classes: first, Mr. Butterfield was the first teacher I had who planned his work so thoroughly that it was obvious as a student just how much prep he had put in. We always knew when a snow day had thrown off his entire year's curriculum plans - a diligence I admired when I later taught myself. Second, Mr. Butterfield cared deeply about our success. He always had time to support his students, and he cared about our progress in his courses as well as our development and success outside of the classroom. Finally, Mr. Butterfield was the first teacher who really inspired me to push myself a little bit further, to study a few extra minutes, to build better note-taking systems, to think more critically about information and how I might process and retain it. These skills and this inner drive served me well in college and beyond. Because of how hard I worked in his classes, I still remember much more about the human body than I've ever needed to use! I remember those classes fondly, and I am grateful to still be dear friends with his daughter and to hear about his work now. This recognition couldn't be bestowed on a more deserving educator. Samantha (Smith) Rowland Posted 5 months ago Mr. Butterfield was an amazing, inspirational teacher who made learning fun and intriguing and always left you wanting to know more at the end of each class. There could not be a more deserving person to receive this recognition! Plus, high school wouldn't have been the same without all of those HAP study groups!! Amanda Lockwood (Bemis) Posted 5 months ago I learned A LOT in HAP, but perhaps more important than the subject matter I was taught that I mattered. Jeb was thoughtful, attentive, approachable and kind. He helped shape my study habits that I carried into my college education. And more than anything, he taught me I was capable of learning things I had assumed were too difficult or challenging to master. He taught me to stop underestimating myself and do the damn work. I am forever grateful to have been his student. Laura VanBrocklin Posted 5 months ago Mr. Butterfield was the nudge I needed. As a student in his Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as his Physics courses my senior year, I could have easily felt like I bit off more than I could chew. He was steady as a teacher in both classes and a constant positive figure throughout my high school experience. He truly believed in the potential of his students to become the future of society, and promoted an insightful evaluation of the world around us. In reality, he gave a sense of organization to the physical and human world around his students, which for myself, helped ease the chaos of heading toward my next steps into adulthood. I was lucky to not only know Mr. Butterfield in the school environment, but I also knew his amazing family through the community. I can not think of a teacher that effected my career path and life choices more than Mr. Butterfield. When I entered into my Doctoral program he was one of the first people I wrote to; thanking him for the support and influence on my life trajectory and his work in promoting critical and analytical thinking in young people. Best of luck Mr. Butterfield, you and your family have already won. Maureen Gillespie, PhD Posted 5 months ago I cannot think of a more deserving nominee of the Life Changer of the Year award. Mr. Butterfield was my HAP teacher and independent study supervisor while I was a student MRHS in the late-1990s and early-2000s. He was a leader in a truly fantastic science department in a school that faced its fair share of challenging situations. Mr. Butterfield was always fair, organized, and commanded respect in a quiet and reserved way. He was a teacher that taught me the importance of hard work, time management, and setting priorities. I was a naturally talented student who had a strong interest in the topics he taught, but was going through a mix of personal issues that really brought out my teenage angst when he was my teacher. He was the first instructor I had that actually held me accountable for missing deadlines - I had to earn every grade in his classes and couldn't get by just because I was usually a good student. Mr. Butterfield instilled a sense of personal responsibility in me at a time when I could have easily taken a different path. In 2011, I earned my PhD in Experimental Psychology with a focus on cognitive factors that underlie language processing. In my dissertation dedication, I thank Mr. Butterfield and many of his colleagues from the MRHS science department for the strong foundation they provided for me. I am now a professor at UNH and I often think about how lucky I was to have such a kind and dedicated teacher like Mr Butterfield to serve as a model for my own teaching style. I think back to his amazing spreadsheets that clearly outlined progress and the way to calculate your final grade in the course. He taught me that you can have extremely high expectations for your students as long as you clearly outline those expectations. He also taught me that you can help guide students on path to success, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to take charge of their own education. Mr. Butterfield definitely played a huge role in my education and I could not be more thankful to have crossed paths with him in the classroom. Felicia Howard-Olmstead Posted 5 months ago I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Butterfield since the third grade when they moved to Richmond from Ohio. He is the epitome of what every educator should strive to be. He has a supreme understanding (thanks to raising his intelligent girls) of what kids need from a teacher. He has a way of combining education with fun yet always was intune with the material and what each student needed. I took his HAP class and it was there that I knew my destiny was in the medical field of some sort. Flash forward to this day, where I am working full time as a paramedic. Even years and years later, I still think back to HAP and apply my knowledge in the field. I get to save lives and not many people can say they’ve done that and in a way, Mr. Butterfield is a part of that experience too. Not only did I have him for a teacher, but my relationship with his daughters has given me the privilege of knowing him on a personal level too. We went to church together for many many years and he always had a presence where ever he went and with whomever he spoke with. His ability to connect with people on a professional and personal level at the same time is one that incredibly admirable. If there is one person in this world that deserves to be recognized for his talents as a teacher, it is him. Emily Morenz Posted 5 months ago I was thrilled to find out Mr. Butterfield was nominated for an award that is more than well deserved. He was my principal at Monadnock for my first three years there, and lucky for me, was my anatomy and physiology teacher my senior year. I went on to UNH to major in exercise science, and took anatomy and physiology my first year. I am confident the reason I excelled in that course was because of the foundation Mr. Butterfield gave me my senior year at Monadnock. Besides being an outstanding teacher, he was always there for his students through challenges they may have been facing in their personal lives, and was always there to support the huskies on the field, court, and stage. An award such as this one would be a great representation of the many lives he has changed for the better. Emily Bialek Posted 5 months ago I was so pleased to see that Jed Butterfield had been nominated for the title of Life Changer of the year. In my opinion, he embodies everything that a teacher ought to be. Jed has been a colleague of mine for the last twelve years. In that time, he has demonstrated so many noteworthy characteristics. What stands out first and foremost is his incredibly amiable disposition. He is such a kindhearted soul with only the best of intentions. Even if he disagrees with you, he does so with grace and kindness. Jed is fair, thoughtful and always respectful to both staff and students. He goes out of his way to be part of the school community. Jed spends time talking with students outside of the walls of his classroom, and fosters friendships with his colleagues. I have heard from students over the years that Jed's classes are challenging yet fun. He has high expectations for his students but spends quality time with them so that they meet those expectations. They want to succeed in his class. Jed Butterfield makes them want to be better students, and myself, a better teacher. I only wish my own children would have had the chance to learn from him. He is a real gem of a fella. It will be a sad day for Monadnock when he leaves. Jeannine Leclerc Posted 5 months ago I write these words with bittersweet feelings for my friend and colleague. Jed has weaved his humor, expertise, love of learning, science, students and family throughout the Monadnock Region. He has a firm and friendly manner as a leader and teacher. As a professional and personal friend he has an empathetic heart and willing ear. I am thrilled to see and be a part of the next chapter in Jed's career and life! Linda and Scott Minickiello Posted 5 months ago We could think of no one better to honor with the title of LIFE CHANGER than our friend and Monadnock Regional Middle-High School colleague Jed Butterfield. We have known Jed for many years and greatly appreciate his service to the Monadnock community in every capacity. Whether he was guiding district curriculum and instruction, our school, or a classroom, Jed led by example, always conscientious, thoughtful, open to new ideas, and, most importantly, always guided by what he believed to be best for students. Jed is an individual who expects quite a lot from those around him, but it is no more than he expects of himself. When Jed challenges you to do or see something a new way, you're ready to grapple with the challenge because he believes you capable, and if you falter, he's there to pick you up, dust you off, and set you on your way once again. While this is certainly something we have heard from students, it will ring true for everyone who has had the good fortune to know Jed. Thank you, Jed, for all the love you have given to the Monadnock community. It loves you right back. Cathryn Vaine Posted 5 months ago Jed Betterfield is an awesome teacher and a great principal in two schools he is professional and yet he is a friend to students and to the people he works with It has been an honor to work with Jed I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the award . Maureen Kavanagh Posted 5 months ago I have read all the comments and thoughts about Jed and I smile and fully agree. He is truly one of a kind. How incredible to see all of the heart felt reflections. I have never worked with or known a better, kinder or more humble human being. Such an important and special gift to our educational community. I am blessed to call Jed a friend and colleague. Maureen Kavanagh Mike Thieme Posted 5 months ago Jed Butterfield is a true professional. He is one of the most respected and admired teachers in the Monadnock community.It is my honor to call him my friend and co-worker. Rachael (Dille) DiCenso Posted 5 months ago Mr. Butterfield was one of my favorite professors and extremely dedicated to helping them learn - while keeping it fun and providing a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. He truly cares about his students, the school, and the community. He is so very deserving of this recognition! Eli Posted 5 months ago Mr. Butterfield had a huge impact on my education and my life in general. I only took his HAP class in high school, but his commitment to continuous learning had a much larger impact on me than just one class. Mr. Butterfield was a dedicated teacher who truly put students first. As is to be expected, anatomy and physiology required a lot of memorization. Mr. Butterfield did not make the class easy, constantly challenged his students to be better, and was always willing to work hard alongside his students to insure they achieved their potential in his class. Mr. Butterfield challenged me and helped me to develop study habits that were essential to my success in college and beyond. Mr. Butterfield's presence was also essential in creating a science department at MRHS that truly prepared students for a lifetime of scientific thinking. I did not study a natural science in college and I do not work in a scientific field, but my understanding of science, primarily from the MRHS science department, shapes the way I understand the world around me. As the department chair, Mr. Butterfield helped set the tone for the entire department and encouraged the view of science as a useful tool to evaluate everything. I am extremely grateful to all the teachers from MRHS for the educational foundation that they provided, but Mr. Butterfield is at the top of the list of teachers who truly influenced who I am today. Pam Bielunis Posted 5 months ago I am the parent of one of his students, a professional in his student co-op program, a neighbor, and a friend. Mr. Butterfield has impacted so many lives, his family, his children, the community, and so many students. As he moves into his retirement, he will leave an enormous void. Patient, kind, respectful, intelligent, intuitive, and flexible—always modifying and adapting to his students needs. He gives them knowledge of the subject matter and as important, knowledge of many life skills. Mr. Butterfield is truly a life changer! Brad Moffitt Posted 5 months ago I had the honor of being a fellow rookie teacher with Jed Butterfield... way back in '83. I remember distinctly that he was Hi-Impact from day 1. Dr. Harry Wong defined the "Four Stages of Teaching": 1) Fantasy. 2)Survival. 3)Mastery. 4)Impact. Mr. Butterfield skipped the first 3 stages... and propelled himself to "Impact" the day he entered the classroom. It was one of my life's honors to serve with him at Ridgedale High School in Marion County Ohio. Maggie Posted 5 months ago A wonderful guy! Great principle! Great teacher ! Cassy Ricker Posted 5 months ago I had Mr. Butterfield as a anatomy and physiology teacher in high school. He always took the time to make sure everyone understood the subjects being covered. He made extra time on Many occasions to help go over the materials so that I was able to be successful in his class. Trevor Lippincott Posted 5 months ago An amazing teacher who's skills I still use today. He taught me the foundation of human anatomy. Everything I remember about it I attribute to him. I have taken more advanced level courses throughout my career and I still say that his teaching was the most helpful to my success. An amazing teacher and person around, raising three successful children. Not only does he teach in the classroom but he is able to bring those skills home to his children. He has helped them become successful adults. An amazing, joyful person who I think has changed countless lives! Charlie Castonguay Posted 5 months ago Jed has always been an outstanding leader for MRHS. He has had an incredible impact on his school and community through his passion for education. I remember as a student he was always warm and confident. There were always classmates that tried to find creative ways to test his patience (that’s putting it mildly) and he always found ways to treat students and colleagues with the utmost respect. Thank you for being such an impactful educator and leader for our community! Anne L. O'Bryant Posted 6 months ago Jed was a leader who was passionate about his role as principal and teacher. I feel so fortunate that I had an opportunity to work with Jed. There is no individual who has more integrity than Jed. He supported his students, teachers and parents with respect and commitment to do the right thing. At times Jed would challenge the school board if decisions negatively impacted what was best for students. Jed went back to the classroom when he felt he could continue to educate students at a higher level preparing them for fields of study in science. Students and staff who were lucky enough to have known Jed experienced a man of true character and commitment. Jed Butterfield changed the lives of those he interacted With through his positive, caring and commitment to humanity. Jerry Babonis Posted 6 months ago It is my pleasure to enthusiastically support this nomination. I worked with Jed for most of my teaching career. He was my department head and principal during my time at MHRS. In those years I came to know Jed as a dedicated, clear thinking professional who put students and their learning above all else. As a teacher he strove to bring the very best out of his students. As a leader, he did the same with the teachers he supervised. He is the kind of teacher and person who doesn't "leave it behind" when he leaves the school. His mind gravitates to his career and his mission all the time. Jed epitomizes what it means to be a lifechanger. Raelene Rust Posted 6 months ago I highly Support Jed Butterfield for the Lifechanger of the year award. I had the pleasure of working with Jed as a science teacher at MRHS. He was an amazing Science Department Superviser. He worked hard to help guide and support all our needs. He has wonderful rapport with people and his ability to connect with his students is superior. Lorna Watkins-Barth Posted 6 months ago I have worked with Jed Butterfield for thirty years. During this tenure he has served in many roles from District Curriculum Coordinator, Department Chairperson, Principal and Teacher. In all these roles he helped students and staff to be the best that they can be. He leads by example and believes in "doing the right thing". He is fair honest and shows no judgement. His presense is calming and encouraging. He wants his students and staff to work as a team to make our school the best. He has tireless energy and is always giving his time and attention to others. Not one to pat himself on the back, he would prefer that his students and staff take the credit for his accomplishments. He knows when to lead and when to follow. His students know that he genuinely cares about their well being and learning. He is a life long learner, always seeking improvement for himself and others. When the school or district is in crisis, he is the glue that holds everyone together. Many students have been successful in college and in the medical field because of his teaching and guidance. Students and staff stay in contact with him long after they graduate or leave the district. It is hard to find an educator or leader like him that gives so unselfishly of themselve. I am proud to call him my firend. Robert Fleming Posted 6 months ago In my 29 years of teaching I have been blessed to have worked with three wonderful science department chairs. It was a pleasure to have had Jed Butterfield as my last supervisor. Jed was one of those rare department chairs who respected his staff, supported their advancement, and applauded their achievements yet could give honest evaluation and criticism without losing the respect of his subordinates. He provided guidance and leadership for all of our staff during some truly turbulent times and he was our “rock” in many ways. And always, he had the best interests of his students and fellow teachers in mind. I am proud to have worked for and with Jed Butterfield. I believe he is one of the most genuinely professional educators I have had the good fortune to know. Through his many years as a teacher and administrator he was a finer educator and leader than any of his titular superiors. Rick Willhite Posted 6 months ago I’ve known Jed for over 30 years. We met in the town in north-central Ohio where Jed and his family attended the church I served as Pastor. Very early in our relationship, Jed stood out as a man whose values and decisions reflected his deep faith. Especially notable, Jed demonstrated a particular interest in members of our church family who were, for one reason or another, marginal in the wider community. Far from showing a paternalistic or pitying attitude toward those folks, Jed extended himself as a fellow human with respect, interest, shared good humor and a true generosity of heart. Jed was elected to the governing board of our congregation. An excellent team player, he made a real effort to understand those who took positions different from his own. Jed always showed respect for others and unmistakable kindness. Jed gave freely of his time to others in the congregation who occasionally needed help. He was known as a man who could be counted upon, a man of honor and nobility of spirit who never forgot his share in common humanity. I know that he has remained active in a wide array of community-building efforts that go beyond his professional responsibilities. Early on, Jed and I realized that we shared many interests. Our families became good friends who continued to stay in touch with regular visits and communications through the years. Despite several moves by both our families, the miles have not weakened our friendship. Over the years, our connections have deepened. At a point of difficulty in my own life, Jed and Kate were there for me in ways that made much difference for the better. Jed and Kate are the picture of Steadfast Friends. I feel honored and blessed to have known Jed all these years as friend, fellow traveler, spiritual brother. Our relationship has certainly added much richness to my life. Jed is a man of profound integrity who models both wisdom and compassion. He is one of my models. I stand in a long line of those whose lives have truly been made richer and better for walking in the company of Jed Butterfield. There are none better. Kayla Blair Posted 6 months ago Although I never had Mr. Butterfield as a teacher, I can without a doubt say that I never had a negative interaction with him. Whether it be questions regarding policies and programs around the school, or just stopping by to stay hello on a given day, he was always available with a smile on his face. He had such impactful advice, that resonates with me to this day as I am a Senior in college. All my classmates that took his classes boasted about the amount of information they learned. They were without a doubt challenged, but it was totally worth everything they took from it in the end. One of my biggest regrets would have to be not taking introductory Anatomy and Physiology with Mr. Butterfield. I cannot say enough how deserving he is of this award and I wish him nothing but the best with it all. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do Mr. Butterfield! Malorie Smith Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield is so much more than all these kind words already posted could explain. He has worn many hats in my life, my friend’s father, my Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher, colleague, Principal, my team’s bus driver, unofficial mentor, my role model, my inspiration for my own teaching and coaching career and so much more. Mr. Butter challenges his students to find a deep inner strength they may not have known they had inside them. He encourages his students to push further because if he took the time to believe in you, and he truly cared for each of his students, then you should believe in you too. After I graduated from MRHS in 2001 I attended St Joseph’s University majoring in Chemistry and Biology (due to a science interest sparked by Mr. Butter), minoring in dance. As a graduation gift Mr. Butter, his wife, and their three daughters all wrote words of sincere encouragement in a beautiful book illustrating the lyrics of “I hope you Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. I took that book with me to college and revisited those words when I needed a confidence boost. It meant so much to me that they all supported me as a person with my own interests and goals. There were several times my college friends and I reached out to Mr. Butter for help explained a potassium pump’s purpose. He was always there. Later on I returned to MRHS as a mathematics teacher and coach. I turned to him for professional collaboration and even taught him a few new tricks to pull away from the Elmo projector! When he applied for the role of Principal, I wrote him a “I hope you don’t get it” card. I didn’t want him to leave the classroom. I know how much I have truly benefited from having him as my teacher. He has shaped so much of my professional career without even probably realizing it. Mr. Butter is influencing and teaching students he hasn’t ever met. My HAP binder is in my classroom affectionately and known as the HAP Bible. Not a week goes by that I don’t have students walking in my classroom asking if this is where the HAP Bible is. The notes he delivered, the diagrams, the dissections... his passion leaps off the pages all these years later helping all kinds of new students find passion and confidence. To this day I bet I could still ace a test labeling all 206 bones in the human body! My students quiz me trying to beat me and they always walk away saying, “Mr. Butter has done it again!” His lessons stuck with me because he increased my confidence so the learning wasn’t temporary. We all have numerous stories and memories about this remarkable man, I feel honored and blessed to know such a kind spirited, humble, patient, educationally passionate, remarkable human. This world needs more Mr. Butters but in the mean time, let’s all enjoy the celebration of the one and only Mr. Butter! He deserves all this recognition and so much more. He has inspired so many, changed so many lives and sparked such a life long love for learning for so many. Enjoy you’re well deserved retirement, Mr. Butter. You are the educational unicorn! Go Bucks!! June Donegan Posted 6 months ago Whether or not Jed Butterfield wins the Lifechanger of the Year Award, he has definitely been a life changer for so many students, teachers, school staff, and community members with whom he has worked throughout his years in education. I taught in the science department at Monadnock Regional School (grades 7-12) for a total of 22 years, during the last 12 years of which Jed was my department chair before I retired in 2008. Jed was very popular and respected by his students because he was respectful of them, teaching to a variety of learning styles and ability levels and expecting the best that each could produce. Jed didn't just love science, he loved teaching his students, giving them his time after school whenever they needed it, and he helped them realize their potential and worth as people as well as students. Jed was also able to establish a comfortable and professional rapport with the parents of his students and often the parents of students of the teachers in the science department, often defusing very uncomfortable situations. Everyone in the building, from custodians and kitchen help to teachers in other departments had great respect and affection for Mr.Butterfield, and many felt comfortable going to him for professional advice. Our school district and our school underwent much political turmoil and numerous changes in educational philosophical and educational practices during many of the final years that Jed was the science department chair; however, Jed's calm, supportive, and positive leadership style boosted our morale, and with his often one-on-one assistance we all rose to the challenges. Teachers in other departments in our school often told us that they wished that they were in our department because we had so much fun together while accomplishing so much in our department meetings, and because Jed was as patient and helpful with us as he was with his students. I began working on my Masters Degree in Education Leadership when Jed Butterfield was my department chair. He was very encouraging and supportive of my efforts and offered me opportunities to broaden my experiences beyond the classroom: he saw to it that I was assigned to chair the administration evaluation team as our school prepared for our NEASC Certification visit and evaluation, and he made me part of a team that evaluated a high school science department in Massachusetts. As with his students, Jed helped me realize my potential through his encouragement and help. Ray Dunn Posted 6 months ago It’s fabulous that a teacher like Jed Butterfield has been nominated for this award. As an educator, I worked with Jed for many of my 35 years in education. Jed is the consummate professional. He has always treated students and staff with the utmost respect and concern. As a teacher, he is always prepared and pushes students and staff beyond their expectations by his dedication and by modeling expectations. As a leader, Jed worked diligently to include everyone in the daily operation of the educational facility. From the custodians to the teachers all were recognized for their efforts in assisting successful student outcomes. As a friend, Jed is always there to listen and support you. He is always learning and isn’t afraid to share his own challenges and learning style with others. It is with great pleasure that I throughly endorse this nomination. Enjoy your retirement Jed, you have earned it and know that you have left an indelible mark on all of us. June Donegan Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield was my science department chairman for approximately 15 years, and during much of that time the school and school district in which we worked underwent a great deal of turmoil and multiple changes in educational philosophies and practices. Mr. Butterfield always offered help and encouragement to the teachers in our science department whenever moral was low. Jed's evaluations of our teaching techniques and practices were invaluable due to positive comments and constructive suggestions and examples offered when necessary. Our department meetings were the envy of the rest of the school because we had so much fun while accomplishing so much, thanks to Jed's skills as a leader. While working on my Masters Degree I had the good fortune to observe Jed teaching his Human Anatomy and Physiology classes and he was a master of accomodation, variety, patience, and humor as teachng tools, while also modeling the characteristics of good citizenship and character. Jamie (Page) Rivas Posted 6 months ago What an incredible educator! I was in Mr. Butterfield’s Human Anatomy class over 20 ago and still remember feeling valued and heard in class. His approaches to the subject were varied which allowed all of us to reach the content. Thank you for being part of such a positive experience for me! John Hann Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield leads by example. I have known him well for about 25 years. Thoughtful, intentional, compassionate and caring in matters large and small, he is an inspiration to me and others. His many interactions with me in church, town, reading group, and individual discussions invariably prompt me to look deeper and think broadly. VICKI L MERCIER Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield is, without a doubt, one of the greatest science teachers in Monadnock history. My children were privileged enough to have him in class when they were in high school. All of them benefited from Mr. Butterfield's teachings. He is an inspiration to all his students. Jerry Kuhn Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield has always been someone who is easy to work with, talk to, and think with. These first two are qualities easy to understand: we all have people in our lives who are sociable. Jed adds the dimension of not allowing you to be lazy: he can handle small talk about sports, hobbies etc. But when you get into the "meat" of what we are really trying to do with and for our students, Jed will be laser sharp about keeping you honest about what we're supposed to be doing. As a true scientist, he doesn't do this just to win arguments. He does it to search for truth. And in the case of trying to figure out what's best for our kids (and, by extension, our community), Jed has always, to my knowledge, been a true seeker regardless of the direction his professional life has taken. He's not a "my way or the highway" kind of guy. And he questions himself as rigorously as he'll question me. It always come down to a shared search for what is good and true. It has always been my honor to work for and with Jed Butterfield, and I will miss him when he leaves Monadnock. Sherry Page Posted 6 months ago I have worked with Jed Butterfield for 20+ years. He has shown consistently what every teacher should be. . . smart, confident, caring and professional. I have seen him both as a parent and a coworker - as he taught my daughter Human Anatomy and Physiology. As you have heard from many, Mr. Butterfield cares and works for each student. He finds the best in them and has a way of bringing it out. As a co-worker, I can tell you that I have never heard a negative word from him regarding any student - his outlook is positive and his expectation is always for their success. He has changed lives - there is no doubt. He deserves this award. Pam Bigelow Posted 6 months ago James (Jed) Butterfield is a remarkable human being and educator. I first came to know him as a colleague, when he was principal of the high school in the district where I taught. He had followed a principal of great public notoriety, and we all wondered how he would manage to follow in those footsteps. We needn’t have worried. Jed is not a follower, but quickly established his own path, always placing the students’ needs above all. My children were students in the high school at the time, and knew they could go to Mr. Butterfield with any issue. Clearly he supported his staff as well, but amazed me as a parent when he didn’t worry about that delicate balance between supporting either a staff member or a parent when there is a student concern. His focus was on the student! After Jed left our school district to go on to his current school, we remained friends. I saw him as a mentor and called on him for interviews and support as I pursued first my master’s degree, and then my principal certification. He was a role model and inspiration to me when I became a new administrator. And finally, as a fellow community member, I have witnessed firsthand Jed’s many contributions to our church and the greater community. James Butterfield personifies the Lifechanger of the Year award! Jason Pellettieri Posted 6 months ago There are not many people who truly live up to the title "Life Changer", but Jed is one of them. I've been fortunate to work with him and his students for the past several years doing an annual science outreach project sponsored by the National Science Foundation. As others have noted, he treats his students with kindness and respect, while also holding them to high expectations so that they are able to realize their full potential. The affection and esteem both his students and colleagues have for him is a testament to his professional excellence and personal character. He is a true inspiration for those of us in the education field, and I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of this honor. Congratulations on your retirement, my friend, and thank you for all you've done for our community throughout your career. Cheryl Bayless Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield is a great teacher who deserves this award! I worked with Jed in his early teaching career at Ridgedale HS in Ohio! He was a colleague I respected who also shared with me his superior ideas on organization and lesson plans! Always willing to help students as well as staff, Jed was outstanding in the field of education back then! Congratulations on your retirement! I know you will enjoy it!! Becca Copeland Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield is inspiring, kind, patient...and just a truly awesome educator! His passion for teaching and ability to connect with students was evident in each lesson, activity or presentation. He challenges others to think critically and to have confidence in their abilities. I am forever grateful to have had a teacher like Mr. Butterfield. Whenever I'm asked who my favorite teachers were...he's ALWAYS on my list! Katelyn Ahern (Sheaff) Posted 6 months ago The absolute best! You were so influential in sparking the fire in me to love the medical field...all the way back in H&P class! Well deserved! Gary Kornfield Posted 6 months ago I whole heartedly support the nomination of Jed Butterfield for this honor. I worked with Jed for many years as a fellow Department Chair, friend, and doubles partner in tennis! Jed is an honorable man and a teacher who is not only expert in his field but deeply cares about the students in his charge and his ability to impact their lives in a positive and enduring way. Jed is truly an educator at heart and I know that he has made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many students simply by his presence and his caring spirit. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor. Peg Richmond Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield has demonstrated his commitment to Monadnock High School as exemplified by his enthusiastic and conscientious contributions as a teacher in the classroom and his many other commitments to the community. His knowledge and love of teaching is one of his greatest gifts. I hear from graduates that have gone on to higher education say they owe their success in college level human anatomy to Mr. Butterfield. They felt much more prepared than most of their peers from other high schools. There are far too many positive things I could say about Jed Butterfield. He is an excellent candidate for this award. He has strong interpersonal skills, is adept at communicating with individuals from all areas and is respectful in his interactions with those of diverse opinions. He has always carefully and respectfully considered suggestions for improvement to the school and has consistently kept the interests of the students at the forefront. Mr. Butterfield works well with various constituencies which make up the Monadnock community.....a community which he loves. Jed is an excellent educator and I have so much respect for him. He has been and will always continue to be a very strong and loyal member of the community even post retirement. I am so grateful for opportunities such as this to honor those who have truly made a difference in the lives of our children. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and enjoy the next journey!!!! Jim Ciampa Posted 6 months ago I speak as a co worker of Jed but more important to me a friend of the man I call Uncle Jed. We worked together about 15 years and you could not find a better friend or co worker. Jed always put the needs of his students ahead of anything. I do not remember one day that he was not the best role model for any who knew him. I was so happy when he took the job of principal, we had talked about this many times before he was appointed to that post. I wish that he could have stayed in that job longer the school would have been a much better place of learning. All the best to you my good friend in your retirement and may you get this award to as a very small token of what you have given. Best of luck. Jim Ciampa Talee Messenger Posted 6 months ago One of the MOST inspiring teachers I have ever had the chance to work with. He makes a genuine effort to connect with his students and will maintain that relationship even when you are no longer in his class. He is a kind and giving person who has provided so much time and dedication to the Monadnock community. Andrew Peters Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield is an amazing teacher and an amazing man, he helped me pass all of his classes no matter what, always putting myself and other students before his own needs. I was in his classroom studying every single day of senior year and he always made sure he checked in and helped me when I needed it. Mr. Butterfield is the kind of role model I want my children have to look up to some day. Madison Ricr Posted 6 months ago I first met Jed when he was my cooperating teacher for methods one. Being paired with a man who had worn so many hats (teaching multiple content classes, principal, department head, etc.) I was definitely intimidated. Jed has a way of making you recognize the best in yourself and bringing out your inner confidence. He teaches with a passion I have yet to see in any other teacher. He’s been teaching for decades but he’s still the first one at school and one of the last to leave. Every year he is revamping his curriculum and going out of his way to know about all his kids personal lives. He’s a part of the community and a part of most of the Swanzey’s families seeing as he’s had entire generations worth of children for some families. Jed took me on for methods two and even accepted me as his first ever student teacher. He helped me get my first teaching job and coached me along my entire first year. I consider him to be a second father due to the support and generosity he has shown me. I’ve had the privilege of being Jed’s student, colleague, and friend and I can confidently say there are very few educators with his credentials, passion, knowledge, and commitment. If you’re lucky enough to learn from Jed, you’re lucky enough. J. Lenny Sciuto, CDR, USCG, retired Posted 6 months ago My wife Susan and I met Mr. Jed Butterfield for the first time at the beginning of school year 1989-1990. Susan was hired as a Chemistry instructor and worked for Jed when he was the Chemistry department head. They worked together as a team for 9 years until my wife was forced to retire to due cancer. After the first week o f school in 1989, Susan told me that she was working for a man who was extraordinary. I have never forgotten her words that day. She never wanted to leave Monadnock High School. There were times when the school board made things difficult for all of the educators but they all persevered. The glue holding things together was the man named Jed Butterfield.. His calmness under fire, his demeanor when working with children and his patience when being confronted by aggravated parents set the tone and the example for the rest of the Chemistry Department. Jed was there for both Susan and I as she fought cancer for all those years. He, Kate, his wife and his three girls are an exemplary family as they all have the same attributes and qualities of caring, helping and reaching out to others. When Susan passed away in 2009 from the cancer, Jed agreed to read her Eulogy at her funeral. He did a fantastic job projecting Susan's intelligence, character, humor and of course her professionalism. He and I are still in contact with each other even though I am now living in Florida. He is an integral part of our Scholarship team for Susan's scholarship fund. If I had to sum up Jed Butterfield in one sentence here is what I would say: If I had the choice of choosing one teacher out of a million teachers in this world it would be Jed Butterfield because he is the epitome of who a teacher should be professionally, academically and without bias. I am proud to have known him and work with him. My prayers,best wishes, sincerest congratulations on his retirement from teaching. He is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed. May God bless Jed Butterfield and all of us and these Unties States. With Fondness, Respect and Admiration. J. Lenny Sciuto Cheryl Patty Posted 6 months ago Jed Butterfield deserves this award! He is the most inspirational educator that I have ever met. I was fortunate to have had the pleasure to work with him at Monadnock Regional High School and witnessed his pure dedication and tireless drive for continuous improvement. He is and should be the perfect role model for all educators. It's time to acknowledge his years of service to all that have been blessed to have him as a teacher! Sarah Harkins Posted 6 months ago Actual conversation on the drive home this evening with my daughter, she stayed after school to take her HAP test with extra time. While struggling to understand a question on the exam, she asked Mr. Butterfield for help. In her words, he started to explain in a way that brought the entire class lesson back in her mind and made the exam less intimidating. How talking it over made her recall what she already knew. As a parent, having a teacher that provides the extra time and accommodates all learning styles is a gift. The confidence he has given my child and the way he has helped her to understand how she retains information is something she will take with her beyond high school. Thank you. Mylynda Gill Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield was an amazing teacher and principal when my sisters and I were his students. He cared for his students and wanted only the best for them. He will be missed when he retires. Julio Posted 6 months ago Mr Butterield has been an exceptional teacher. I was a foreign student at monadnock at the 2018 promotion, and his classes were the very best, not only because of his touch and relation with his students also because he is always willing to help and explain the best way to each student. In my case, due to my language problems and being new in a completely strange place he helped me and treated me like one of his own. I wish him the very best during his retiring and I apreciate his love for teaching. Lots of wishes and regards, Julio. Mackenzie Hopkins Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He truly cares about his students and wants us all to succeed, not only in class, but in life. He makes his class fun and makes sure we are all engaged and understanding the material. Mr. Butterfield has helped so many people at Monadnock Regional High School and he will be missed so much when he retires. I can’t thank him enough for all of his dedication, patience, and for just being an amazing teacher. Mackenzie Day Posted 6 months ago Mr. Butterfield is with no doubt my favorite science teachers I've ever had. He has made me grow as a student and individual of society through his teaching. My love for science has also grown from Mr. Butterfield and I've gained an appreciation for the miracle of life. Years beyond my time at Monadnock Regional High School I will always remember how much fun I had in his classes and will be thankful for the patience, dedication, and humor Mr. Butterfield had brought me. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without Mr. Butterfield and I truly believe that he is deserving of the Lifechanger of the Year award.

Gianna Cialdea Posted 9 months ago

I had Mr. Butterfield as both my principal and biology teacher. Now as I graduate college as an educator myself, I realize the immense work he put in to support students during the day and well after after the last bell had rung. His passion for teaching shined through his interactive lessons that I still remember today, and went beyond some of the curriculum I was taught in college. He exemplified what it meant to be a Husky and was always a prominent smiling figure you could approach in the halls. He was so well loved that even though he was not principal for my senior year, he was still chosen to be the ones who shook our hands.

Michael Morrison Posted 9 months ago

Jed was the best principal, department head, curriculum designer I have ever worked with.

Pam Bielunis Posted 9 months ago

I am the parent of one of his students, a professional in his student co-op program, a neighbor, and a friend. Mr. Butterfield has impacted so many lives, his family, his children, the community, and so many students. As he moves into his retirement, he will leave an enormous void. Patient, kind, respectful, intelligent, intuitive, and flexible—always modifying and adapting to his students needs. He gives them knowledge of the subject matter and as important, knowledge of many life skills. Mr. Butterfield is truly a life changer!