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Ashley Rumfelt

Position: Receptionist
School: Jackson River Technical Center
School District: Jackson River Technical Center
City, State: Covington, VA

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Ashley Rumfelt was nominated by her colleague, Shannon Fogus.

Ms. Rumfelt spends countless hours working with students on essays and other work. She has implemented modern technology in an outdated CTE school. She makes sure all students have what they need and are treated fairly. Ms. Rumfelt has truly been an inspiration to so many students!

"I don't know how to pay her back other than to recommend her for honors like this," said Fogus. "Ashley has helped so many kids graduate. I have about 20 students in mind who might not have made it without her help. She has changed their lives. She has made the lives of teachers better, and she is deserving of so much. A true LifeChanger!"

Comments (7)

Pam Williamson Posted 11 months ago

No better person for sure! Such a pure heart !

Teresa Reed Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Rumfelt lives the way we all should strive to daily. The students not only appreciate her for the help, but she is an amazing mentor. She is always there for anyone in need. Her positive approach and beautiful heart shine through to us all!

Corey Bowles Posted 11 months ago

Ashley is an amazing cheer coach, teacher and mentor. When she left AHS It was a HUGE loss for us but a GIGANTIC gain for JRTC! Can’t think of anyone more deserving ??

Lori Parris Posted 11 months ago

WTG Ashley - what an honor to be nominated and your work with those kids to be recognized. Congrats!

Kari Bowser Posted 11 months ago

Anchor for Students and Humbly a Life Changer! Eminence? Yes

Mary Beth Posted 11 months ago

Ashley has been a true blessing to my son Brian and my family. She cares so much for our kids and helps without thinking twice. Brian has so much respect for her and all she does for others. If Brian has ever needed help she was always the one he went to and she never said no I’m busy blah blah blah. She was like sure whatever you need. So glad she is so caring and put ours kids first.

Patricia Posted 11 months ago

Ashley is awesome. Everyone loves her !!!!