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Marie Szymcik

Position: Retiring Sixth Grade Teacher
School: Cutler Elementary School
School District: Monadnock Regional School District SAU 93
City, State: Swanzey, NH

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Marie Szymcik was nominated by her principal, Audrey Salzmann.

Mrs. Szymcik has dedicated over 30 years to the Monadnock Regional School District. In this time, she has filled many roles. She has worked as a technology integrationist and classroom teacher. She has also served as president of the Monadnock District Education Association.

In the classroom, Mrs. Szymcik supported her school when they when to a 1:1 Chromebook program for students. She takes the initiative to learn new programs and tools, and she shares her expertise with her colleagues. She is willing to help anyone who needs the support. 

Over the years, Mrs. Szymcik has supported numerous pre-service teachers with course work and student teaching. She is a strong, professional mentor for college students. 

Mrs. Szymcik has taken the lead on numerous contract negotiations. She works to keep everyone informed and considers all aspects. She speaks for what she believes is in the best interest of students, staff, and the district. 

Mrs. Szymcik gave up her entire Memorial Day weekend for over 20 years to support students in the New Hampshire Dance Institute. She also worked with the program each week to help students prepare for the show. She helped design and make costumes. This extra-curricular opportunity is the highlight of the year for many students.

"Marie often finds herself in situation that require confidence. She can always be counted on," said Salzmann. "Most importantly, Marie works to build relationships with all stakeholders to do what is best for our school district."

Comments (5)

Jennifer Stone Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Szymcik was one of my favorite teachers growing up. I remember being overjoyed when I learned I'd be in her 5th-grade classroom. As a teacher, she was challenging, engaging, and pushed students to do their best; yet she was also warm and nurturing, and created a classroom climate in which I truly thrived as a learner. Thanks for being one of the great ones, Mrs. Szymcik, and congrats on your retirement! All the best!

Joanne Marchand Posted 9 months ago

Marie is well deserving of this award. I taught with Marie for many years at Cutler. We served on many committees together and were involved in MDEA together. She has never been afraid to “take the wheel.”

SandieRose Wallis Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Szymcik is one of the best! I had her for 5th grade Science when we were in Mrs Bobbin's class, my brother had her as a 5th grade teacher, my oldest son, Dominick, had her for a 6th grade teacher and my middle son, Zacaria, wanted to be in her class for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you!!

Ronda Abrams Peate Posted 9 months ago

I had Mrs.Szymcik as a fifth grade teacher at Cutler well over 30 years ago. She was an absolutely wonderful teacher. Mrs.Szymcik was compassionate and energetic in the classroom. She was engaging with her students, I remember her playing a competitive game of kickball at recess with us and then returning to the classroom for spelling making that just as fun as kickball. I am not surprised that she would be nominated for Life Changer of the Year. I was a student in her class in the 80's and still remember my fifth grade year fondly. She made an impact in my life because she cared. The world could use more teachers like she. Plus I always thought she was cool because she drove Jeeps!

Angella Joslyn Posted 9 months ago

She will leave a whole in Cutler. She’s gone above and beyond through the years my kids have gone to Cutler. She’s a strong leader and will be missed dearly.