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Kristy Hollenbeck

Position: Science Teacher
School: Estelline High School
School District: Estelline School District 28-2
City, State: Estelline, SD

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Kristy Hollenbeck was nominated by a student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Hollenbeck is an amazing teacher who really cares about her students. She takes time out of her day to have one on one time with students who are struggling. Mrs. Hollenbeck doesn't freak out if students don't understand what is being taught. If they fail a test or quiz, for example, she doesn't make them feel bad about it. She simply explains to students what they did wrong and what they could do next time instead.

"Mrs. Hollenbeck has made a difference in my life because she never gave up on me when I gave up on myself," her nominator said. "She gave me the confidence to really want to come to school just for her class, not only because she's my favorite teacher but because she would be there for me if something goes wrong."