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Fran Fremin

Position: Retiring Physical Education Teacher
School: Pecan Park Elementary School
School District: Ocean Springs School District
City, State: Ocean Springs, MS

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Fran Fremin was nominated by her colleague, Heather Jackson.

Mrs. Fremin taught for 23 years in Mississippi and Louisiana. She recently retired after 12 years of teaching at Pecan Park Elementary School as a physical education teacher. Teaching was a lifelong passion of hers, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She inspired her students to push themselves to improve by showing them ways to become stronger and healthier. She planted a seed in students that they carried with them from kindergarten all the way to graduation. Most of her students played sports, danced, or cheered in high school. When those students visited Pecan Park, they would tell Mrs. Fremin how much her encouragement inspired them to try out for sports. She meant the world to these students because she talked to them. She hugged them and prayed for them.

You would always find Mrs. Fremin standing outside her door, ready to greet her students with a smile. Her smile is absolutely infectious. She knew the name of every student in the whole school, and she never forgot them years after they moved on. She remembered the stories they told her like they were her own cherished memories. If you asked her if she remembered a student from years ago, you could see her looking off with a smile, as if she was thinking of a time so long ago that it made her tear up with happiness. You could tell she really enjoyed teaching. 

Mrs. Fremin was not only a colleague, but a wonderful friend. She truly cared about others and would check up on them when things weren't going so well. She would put her arm around you in comfort and speak kind words. Mrs. Fremin would pray with you. It was nice to know you had a friend and confidant at work to help you when you were feeling low. 

"How do replace someone so energetic, so warm, so understanding, and full of life as she is? I will tell you that you can't," said Jackson. "Fran will be missed in so many ways. I know that her students will miss her, too. I hope she has a wonderful retirement with her husband and that they live their lives to the fullest.  The last thing she said when she left was, 'remember your tennis shoes!'"

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