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Ginny Dulin

Position: Retiring Second Grade Teacher
School: Locust Grove Primary School
School District: Orange County Public Schools
City, State: Locust Grove, VA

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Ginny Dulin was nominated by her principal, Lee Finger.

Ms. Dulin is a dedicated educator who has been sharing her talent and gift of teaching for 37 years.  Ms. Dulin is a loyal, caring teacher who has spent her entire career serving students in Orange County, Virginia.  She has shown her dedication by being open and willing to continue to grow as a professional.  She willingly considers new ideas and approaches while also instilling tried and true teaching methods with other teachers on her team.

Ms. Dulin has a history of supporting excellence in her classroom, and her students show growth in their academics.  Ms. Dulin has supported the social and emotional practices in her school by holding morning meetings each day.  Morning meetings are an important part of building a positive atmosphere in the classroom and the school. Ms. Dulin holds her students to high academic and moral standards, and she understands that the interruptions that occur throughout the day are a major part of the work in nurturing and teaching students.

"While Ms. Dulin is retiring, I am confident that her legacy will live on in the continued growth and achievement of her students and families," said Finger.