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Jennifer Brown

Position: Cafeteria Manager
School: Locust Grove Primary School
School District: Orange County Public Schools
City, State: Locust Grove, VA

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Jennifer Brown was nominated by her principal, Lee Finger.

Ms. Brown has been a life-long, dedicated employee of Orange County Public Schools. Ms. Brown has served in the Locust Grove Primary cafeteria for at least 30 years providing support and care for her students' tummies and souls. She has shown loyalty to her school by serving the students and staff of her school throughout her career.

Ms. Brown shows a deep love and care for her students by supporting a clean, healthy atmosphere. Time and time again, the LGPS kitchen staff have received exemplary health reviews under Ms. Brown's leadership.  It is not uncommon to find Ms. Brown talking to students and working with them through the struggles of the day. She is a great listener and encourager.  She is positive and uplifting.

"For 30 years, Ms. Brown has fed the hearts, minds, and souls of staff and students.  She is an excellent example of someone who has been dedicated to the mission of our school," said Finger. "She tirelessly reported to work each day believing that she makes a difference in the lives she touches each day.  Employees like Jennifer are the backbone of a school, not only because of the important work they accomplish each day, but because of the character and dedication that is represented to our students and staff."