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Nancy Tisor

Position: Retiring School Counselor
School: Ed Clapp Elementary School
School District: Fargo Public Schools
City, State: Fargo, ND

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Nancy Tisor was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

For 39 years, Ms. Tisor has been loyal to students and staff as a refuge, a resource, and an advocate. As a classroom educator turned elementary counselor, Ms. Tisor's passion, dedication, and genuine joy for humankind is a legacy that has left a profound impact on many hearts across the state of North Dakota. She will be retiring from Fargo Public Schools after spending 29 of those years as an elementary school counselor.

Ms. Tisor has consistently been a leader in her school building and district; she teaches students the missing skills they need to regulate emotions and increase their success at school. She has consistently provided whole-class lessons, skills and social groups, and individual counseling and goal setting meetings. Her professionalism and keen sensitivity for students and adults have allowed her to build personal and professional relationships. These relationships provided opportunities for celebrations, honest conversations, and community resource connections for students, families, and staff. She is selfless, and always willing to give her time, training, and expertise. She maintains a focus on the individual child while encouraging and fostering district-wide evolution.

With a dedication to trauma-informed practices, Ms. Tisor has cultivated a welcoming environment for learners and their families of all cultures and socioeconomic positions. She has been dedicated to training, deliberating, and advocating for the culture of poverty. This has allowed staff to better understand students and families, improving communication, education, and connection of students within her school and across the district.

Ms. Tisor has been instrumental in teaching and promoting the integration of social-emotional learning throughout the school day. Before SEL became a school district initiative, Ms. Tisor facilitated and coached teachers on proactive circles as an opportunity to build a positive classroom community. Students report excitement and confidence when they work with her in large and small groups and individual sessions. Educational research is at the heart of her understanding of best practices in education, and she willingly collaborates and introduces strategies and skills in a desirable, approachable manner.

Educators do not do this job alone, and Ms. Tisor has recognized the importance of building strong community connections to support the whole child. She is recognized as a critical fellow in securing connections with local medical providers, faith communities, and business and community organizations. These partnerships support students with mentors, advocates, and physical and mental health providers whose aim is to increase attitudes toward school and, therefore, increase academic achievement.

"Nancy Tisor, with deep regard for moral and ethical standards, has regularly dedicated herself to improving the lives of all learners," said her nominator. "Her selfless commitment to students, their families, and her colleagues has stimulated repeated opportunities for self-reflection and personal development. We're indebted to Nancy Tisor and her passionate commitment for being a LifeChanger over nearly three decades."

Comments (12)

Judy Piersol Posted 2 months ago

Nancy, Totally agree with this awarding title for you! ?? Appreciate the years we rubbed elbows at Lincoln. First hand saw such a big heart and devotion you had for students and staff. Blessed to know You! Enjoy this next stage of the 'journey'. Take Care ?

Jen Sahr Posted 2 months ago

Even as you knock on retirement's door, Ms. Tisor, you continue to impact the students and staff in Fargo. You have been at every distribution opportunity, you have continued to connect students to services for the summer, and you have facilitated planning decisions for the fall - leaving a legacy of love and aspiration to do better, grow, and provide comfort. For 29 years you have profoundly impacted thousands of students and hundreds of staff across the district. You have changed our lives forever, and as a result, we can impact the lives of others. Your reach is great. We love you and will miss you deeply, Ms. Tisor! Congratulations on your retirement. For the rest of my career, I'll continue to strive to be just a little more Nancy each day. I love you!

Jonas Bundy Posted 2 months ago

To you, Nancy - Congratulations on a job well done! Your legacy will live through the generations of children and colleagues you've influenced. Your faithfulness, joy, and inspiration will be missed. As a parent, Nancy has been one of the most welcoming advocates for our children. Her heart for families and children shines bright through her work. Ms. Tisor is a hero to our children. She is their advocate, friend, and one more adult who was cheering them on through their years of elementary school. She will be dearly missed by our entire family. As a community partner, I could not have asked for a better colleague. Together, we were able to partner to bring resources from the community to benefit the families of the school. With Nancy on the team, our events and efforts were regularly met with success. Her passion, creativity, and professionalism made working with Ed Clapp School and easy "yes." I'm grateful for the five years we've been able to serve together.

Marcia Posted 2 months ago

Nancy's passion for her job was evident every day as she did absolutely everything she could to advocate for students and support teachers in any way she could. She went above and beyond in all she did! It was an absolute privilege and honor to work with her.

Laura Sokolofsky Posted 2 months ago

Nancy, you truly are a life changer! You have changed the life of school counseling in your FPS years. You have changed the lives of students and impacted the school climate of each school You’ve been a part of. You have mentored many in our profession, including me. Thank you is never enough repayment for all you have given and how you have shared your gifts and leadership with us all. You have left a legacy of positive relationships. Congratulations and thank you!

Cassie Larson Posted 2 months ago

Nancy literally changed my life: first as a supervisor, then as a colleague. Her belief in me has made me a better counselor and in turn, person. I am certain she has changed the lives of thousands of others, from students to staff of the Fargo Public Schools.

Michele Posted 2 months ago

Nancy was a life changer when she was my advisor in college. I could not have persevered without her words of encouragement, understanding and support. I always knew I could count on her to help steer me in the right direction. She was instrumental in my becoming a teacher at FPS for 25yrs. Thank you Nancy!

Bonnie Leier Posted 3 months ago

Nancy’s passion and commitment in assisting all, parents, students and staff is truly amazing.

Jen Posted 3 months ago

As the guidance counselor for Ed Clapp, she works closely with students, parents, and staff members. Her expertise was critical to the success of our building initiative related to developing students' social emotional skills. Her past experience and knowledge, along with her commitment to continuous learning in this area, has been integral to our success at both the school and district level for expanding the SEL initiatives. She serves as a leader among the counselor group and is regularly sought out as a resource for the district. In addition to our own district, she has served as a resource for other districts and community organizations such as sharing information regarding the Excellence Academy. She designed the Excellence Academy for students who were struggling to be successful at recess. She recognized that students want to do well and when they aren't, it is because they are missing the skills they need to do better. She committed to building students' skills and this transformed their ability to interact positively at recess with the added benefit of improving their whole school day. In addition to her work with staff, Ms. Tisor does whole group, small group and individual lessons with students. She regularly serves as a model for teachers with her ability to positively manage the classroom while emphasizing the target skill for the lesson. With her retirement, she will be greatly missed, but there is so much to celebrate. It would be easier to count the stars in the sky than to count the number of students, staff, families, and community organizations she has positively impacted during her time as an educator.

Amber Posted 3 months ago

I have had the privilege and blessing of working with Nancy Tisor for the past 19 years. Nancy has excellent rapport with staff, students and parents throughout the Fargo Public School District, and the community at large. She is greatly appreciated for her professionalism, sincerity and commitment. Nancy is an excellent listener, communicator and encourager. She is an amazing School Counselor and friend who will be missed greatly. Congratulations Nancy!

Katrina Strande Posted 3 months ago

Ms. Tisor you are an amazing individual and your love for the children you work with at Ed Clapp really shows. With your help of helping my daughter transition from a scared kindergarten into a social beautiful. Just talking to you helped me feel like it was going to be ok even when I was not so sure. You will be truly missed by not only my daughter and me as well. I don't think any once could fill your shoes. Have a great retirement and hope to see you in the future at events that my daughters and your granddaughters take part in.

Kristi Heupel Posted 3 months ago

Ms. Tisor has been a life safer for my family. My son has severe anxiety and some learning disabilities and she was there every step of the way while we were trying to get him diagnosed. She would drop everything if we ever needed anything. She was at every meeting advocating for my son and helping us through all the paperwork. She never made us feel bad and was always on my son's side. We could not have done it without her. She is a wonderful person and will be greatly missed. My son would not be where he is today without her advocacy and help.