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Billie Smith

Position: Resource Teacher
School: Barnwell High School
School District: Barnwell School District 45
City, State: Barnwell , SC

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Billie Smith was nominated by Amber Still, the parent of a student.

"Ms. Smith is the most compassionate, caring, selfless, encouraging teacher I have ever dealt with," said Still. "My son has been blessed to have her for two years of his high school career. She would stay after school to help him with projects. She genuinely cares and thrives at getting her students through tough classes or whatever they're facing. Ms. Smith is there for them in any aspect needed: as a teacher, friend, and encourager. We love her like she is a family member! There will never be another Billie Smith!"

Comments (12)

Betsy Antley Posted 2 months ago

I have worked with Billie for over 16 years and known her for over 20. She has always been my "go to" person when I needed help or support. She has been a "life changer" for hundreds in her 38 years of teaching, even me. She helped me get my teaching job at Barnwell High School. Even in retirement, I am sure she will continue to change people's lives. She is my #1 life changer!

Stephanie Frazier Posted 2 months ago

Billie Smith is most definitely a life changer. She is the most loving, selfless, caring person I know and it’s evident in everything she does. ??

Carol Massengale Posted 2 months ago

Very special teacher. Many words could be used to describe Billie but the one that comes to mind is compassionate. I know she has touched the lives of many students and will be missed as she retires.

Garnette Alexander Posted 2 months ago

Billie is the definition of a life changer. She loves and encourages each of her students. There is no doubt teaching was her calling. She is second to none!

Anna Moore Posted 2 months ago

Mrs. Smith is truly a life changer! She is a role model for teachers just starting out, like myself! She makes everybody feel like somebody and is a blessing to everyone she meets!

Tammy English Posted 2 months ago

Billie Smith is not only my sister but my Best Friend! She is the one person that has always been there for me and the person I can always depend on. She is retiring this year after teaching Special Ed after 38 years! In addition to doing teaching, she has helped kids obtain jobs, took kids to jobs, doctor appointments, Etc.. went and picked up kids to rescue them from bad home environments, for years had headed up the county’s Special Olympics, Cheerleading coach -this is just to name a few! If anybody ever was deserving of this award this would be Billie Gilley Smith!

Gillie Smith Posted 2 months ago

My momma loves her students as her own! I’m sure each student would say, in some way she has changed their lives for the better- I know as her daughter, my life would not be the same without her influence!

Trina Burt Posted 2 months ago

She looks out for her students with a very loving heart in all aspects of life even when it means sacrificing her own time! She is willing go above and beyond to care for them. Her students love her and look to her for guidance.

MaryAnn Scott Posted 2 months ago

Billie Smith is one AMAZING lady! She definitely was a life changer in 2009 and 2010 for my son. She helped not only him, but me as a mom with a struggling son with his difficult classes. She deserves this Award and so many more for loving us all!

Bet Sanders Posted 2 months ago

Billie is not only a great teacher but a great person! She loves many more children than just her own! She meant so much to us when my daughter was on home bound her senior year??

Kim Tyner Posted 2 months ago

Billie Smith is definitely a life changer! She loves her students and they love her!! She is the best of the best!!!!

Kathy Googe Posted 2 months ago

Ms. Smith is the best!!. She loved my Grace like her own. She helped Grace get through difficult subjects, and inspired her to be the best she can be. Grace had trouble in college, and Ms. Billie stepped in and helped.. She believed in her, and loved her. Ms. Billie loves all her students, and does not do it for a reward, but she sure deserves one.